Impact Return

October 25th, 2020

Leonard Fournette made a quite a comeback today, even registering a major hidden play of the day in the walloping of the Raiders.

It sparked Joe to have wild dreams of a two-headed Bucs rushing attack not seen since Doug Martin and Charles Sims combined for 1,931 yards on the ground in 2015.

Ronald Jones didn’t have it today and, as usual, his K-Y hands showed up in the passing game.

Not a problem.

Fournette stepped into the third-down back role and caught 6-of-7 balls thrown his way for 47 yards, including a key 13-yard catch-and-finish on a 3rd-and-13 early in the fourth quarter with the Bucs leading 31-20 on their 30 yard line.

The Raiders literally never recovered.

Fournette led the Bucs with 11 carries for 50 yards. And like he often does when he gets that many carries, Fournette busted a 24-yard run. He got his touches early and made the most of them.

Strong return for Fournette after a long layoff with a bad ankle. Man, the Bucs’ offensive depth is mind-blowing.

29 Responses to “Impact Return”

  1. the_end Says:

    Agreed @Joes. And finally I can say, the legendary menace known as Weenie Arm is finally no more. Times within the realm are truly wonderful and glorious.

  2. tickrdr Says:

    I still think Fournette will win the starting gig before the season is over.


  3. SB Says:

    We couldn’t have a successful rush attack last yr with a QB that will give the ball away 35 times a yr.

    Our Current QB has 18 TDs to only 4 turnovers.
    Defense is finally getting a rest after giving the Offense back the ball.
    Balance? Ball security?
    Pffft say all the Winston huggers.

  4. JimmyJack Says:

    Wow Joe I was waiting for your article about RBs so I could bring up that monster yac play by Fournette on 3rd&13. You beat me to it!!

    And Ive noticed this team has a couple players who have that uncanny ability to know where the sticks are and find a way to convert 1st downs……..Godwin might be the best in the league at it. McCoy has it and Im loving what Im seeing from Scotty Miller……I think these guys are helping Miller develope the same ability.

  5. ModHairKen Says:

    Steve McLendon.

  6. 813bucboi Says:



  7. 813bucboi Says:




  8. rrsrq Says:

    Wait til AB gets here and teaches Scooter how to run routes, get more separation and YAC

  9. 813bucboi Says:

    Mom is a Steelers fan….lol…

    She told me she think it’ll be Steelers vs Bucs in the SB….

    She ain’t coming in my house with a Big Ben Jersey lol


  10. Rod Munch Says:

    How can Jones regress this much on pass catching, it’s kind of unbelievable. But hey, you know who else couldn’t catch anything, AD, Adrian Peterson, he had hands of stone — maybe not a Rojo level, but still pretty bad. So having no ability to catch shouldn’t eliminate you from the game, except Brady hates seeing his completion percentage hurt by a guy who is dropping stuff like this.

    Fournette had, I believe, 77 catches last year. Said it all year but ideally Fournette would be out there on 3rd down as the pass catching back since it certainly seems McCoy has lost a step. Otherwise you can rotate Fournette and Ronnie and just see who gets hot, but of course both seem to get better with the more carries they get, so you end up with the possibility that neither get hot.

  11. JimmyJack Says:

    Munch I dont think Jones regressed at catching. Hes never been good at it.

    Nothing to sweat really. Ronald and Leonard both bring different things to the table. Its a really nice tadem to have.

  12. 813bucboi Says:


    You crying over nothing….

    We just put up 40+….STFU



  13. Of course Says:

    ROD MUNCH and NDONGY hold hands while sitting down to pee

  14. JimmyJack Says:

    813 PREACH BRO


    Fair if you wanna argue Gruden but Byron got the nod IMO

  15. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    You guys know that this is effectively managing players right?

    Rojo had to carry a massive load these last 3 weeks. Fournette is good he gets to rest. I don’t get what is so hard about that to understand.

  16. Rio de Janeiro Bucs Fan Says:

    Where ‘s “Bucs Realisto”?
    We, ”The sheep”, need his supreme wisdom to figure out how the Bucs are 5-2 and blasting teams with winning records.

  17. Coburn Says:

    I feel Rojo was actually running fairly well early then just shut him down. yeah there were some first downs where it was way too predictable and they were in the backfield before he even started… I felt when Fournette came in he was going down on first contact too easily but got warmer as game continued

  18. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    They used them both pretty well today!! Would have liked to have seen a few more Rojo right up the gut but all in all it was good usage!! And YES, Rojo possibly has A BIG gain if he wasn’t SOOOO bad at catching!!! I mean c’mon man just make sure you secure it before you run!!! … He will get it tho!! Catching isn’t a hard thing to do and Rojo has shown he can adapt and get better!!

  19. Of course Says:

    NDONGY and ROD MUNCH hold hands

  20. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Rojo was benched after dropping that pass…….Fournette did a great job…..but both RBs were stopped on 1st down……we need to play action more on 1st down..especially in the red zone….we are still too predictable….at least we tried play action a couple of times with success today….we need to do more….defenses are stuffing our 1st down runs…

    Sorry, folks…..but the better Fournette plays, the more un-affordable he will be next year….we simply won’t have the money…..need to take care of Godwin & LVD first…….

  21. JimmyJack Says:

    Coburn you are right RoJo was running well……..But of you look at howthat game played out we were getting great matchups and our RBs were wide open all day for Brady to target for easy yards. Was a great decision by Byron to keep running the backs across the middle and take advantage. The Raiders never really adjusted and Byron/Brady just took advantage all day.

    Given the way the game played out it was a good choice to keep Fournette out there more.

    Next week those easy passes may not be there and we use RoJo more…….Point is look at is as a great thing. We have two different types of backs that Byron can use for different game plans. Noting at all to complain about with todays results!!

  22. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Seems to me they were trying so hard to keep RoJo from getting a 4th 100 yard game they pretty much forgot about Brady! He had ice in his veins 🥶🥶🥶!Man did he make them pay for making themselves one dimensional! Was so happy we ran up the score, that last pass to Godwin down to the one was beautiful. The most complete game ever!

  23. Rod Munch Says:

    JimmyJack – Rojo wasn’t that bad catching passes last year, and certainly could make simple catches, this year he can’t catch anything.

    As for complaining? Who is complaining? Some idiot thinks BL is the best OC in the history of the world and doesn’t think he’s completely predictable – meanwhile teams are run blitzing up the gut on nearly every first down because they know what is coming.

    As for BL being the best OC in team history? That’s a very low bar to overcome. Also there’s the whole issue that BL is just running Arians playbook. When Leftwich gets to become a HC at some point, we’ll see him running the BL playbook, ie the Mike Shula 1999 playbook. Just wait and see.

    But in any case I’m not complaining about him this week – just can’t stand the mongoloids who think running up the gut in predictable situations over and over and over again is somehow brilliant because you have Tom Brady to get you a 1st down on 2nd and 9 or 3rd and 13.

  24. JimmyJack Says:

    Munch….Ill admitt to overpraising Byron and Im doing it on purpose because the man deserves a ton of credit yet for some oddball reason he is a scapegoat….For what? I have no idea.

    I am here to tell you that if you dont think Byron is a goid OC you just simply dont know what you are talking about……..And I remember having this discussion with you lastweek telling you how he is consistenly scheeming wide ass open recievers……If you did not see Gronk running wide ass open all day today then I dont know what to tell you except youneed to rewatch the game more closely. A perfect screen play design set up for a huge play…..Setting up big gash runs when we hit them on the edge……Exploiting the middle all day with Fournette for easy yards…..all phenominal play calling.

    And also pay attention to the draw plays. Byron is masterful at using them…….Our draw play works in pivitol momemts consistently and those plays only ever works under great playcalling where you know exactually when and wear to use it.

    We were absolutely perect in the redzone today. Unstoppable. How many freaking TDs was that? 9 TDs? I lost track.

    If you dont think Byron is doing a good job then you really have no idea what you are talking about. And ypu might be stupid.

  25. Brandon Says:

    Not sure McCoy had a snap nor should he have.

    Fournette is probably the best 3rd down RB we have. Those that think he’s better than Rojo are mistaken. Fournette is big and fast but he doesn’t run with power. Rojo does. He’s the better runner though it is great to have both of them. McCoy adds little to nothing. Dare was better.

  26. Rod Munch Says:

    JimmyJack – How do you taken deserved criticism and turn it into complaining and being a scapegoat? I want BL to do a better job on first down, that’s literally the entirety of my criticism. It’s deserved criticism, he’s too predictable on 1st down, he just plows it up the middle over and over and over again. If he just mixed it up a little the offense would perform even better. Overall I think he’s doing a good job, it just drives me nuts that people think running into a run blitz on 1st down, because the defense knows what is coming, is good playcalling. If he mixed it up a bit teams wouldn’t sit on the run blitz — he can still do his Mike Shula impression, but do it on 2nd down sometimes, hell even on 3rd down, just not all the time on 1st down. That would mean a lot less 2nd and 9s. We want to win a SB right? I want them to – and I think they help their chances by not being so predictable on 1st down.

  27. JimmyJack Says:

    Rod Munch to be fair you did not specifically say Byron is a bad OC…..Yes my comment was directed at you but I was mainly using your post to call out all those who been saying BL is trash. For thosd who think that they dont know what they ard talking about. And they also are stupid.

    You critism is duely noted. Personally I dont get too bent up over first down play calls. If Im talking OC Im more worried about money down and redzone efficiency. Thats where they make their money IMO.

    But if you wanna nitpick as a fan I got no problems with that

  28. JimmyJack Says:

    And the narritive that BL sucks does not come from Joes podcast. But it does come from 3 or four other bad Bucs podcasts hosted by Bucs fans that have no idea what they are talking about.

    Bucs fans hear it and just believe anything they hear. These podcasters are so bad I literally once heard one of them say “Byron is starting to understand” while describing a playcall they liked…….So the moron who said that basically said he knows more then Byron and Byron finalky understands as much as himself?? Get outta here with this nonsense.

    I could call out that awful podcaster by name if I wanted. But that arent mh thang…..Hes a goid Bucs fans just trying to give us content. I can respect that…… But his opinions….P.U.

  29. EEK Says:

    Fournette is really good.
    It’s shocking he was released by the Jags.
    This win was amazing.

    AB for punt returns?
    Not sure there are enough balls to throw him.