Blame Godwin And Evans

October 17th, 2020

Look no further, says former Bucs GM Mark Dominik.

Former Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik shared a take on his beloved Buccaneers during his weekly co-hosting duties on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

The Bucs offense has been a bizarre roller coaster ride this season. Fans were told in spring and summer that the swap of The Goat, Tom Brady, for the the goat, Jameis Winston, would make all the difference. Turnovers would disappear, consistency would emerge and the points would flow.

That hasn’t happened and Dominik says to look no further than Chris Godwin and Mike Evans. Godwin has missed three games and Evans has been slowed by multiple injuries.

Simply stated: Dominik said Evans and Godwin are that good. Damn good. So there should be no confusion why the Bucs haven’t been humming offensively.

Last year, the Bucs were without both Godwin and Evans in the final two games. Jameis promptly threw four interceptions against Houston and couldn’t score a touchdown in the second half of that game. A week later, Jameis struggled with two picks and just 201 yards passing against a nothing special Falcons team in the season finale.

Yes, bad things happen when Godwin and Evans are injured. Dominik made it very simple and Joe agrees.

Joe expects Evans to be full strength on Sunday, or damn close to it. Godwin is expected to play through his sore hamstring, but Joe really isn’t expecting much from Godwin. Still, the Bucs should have enough to take care of the Packers.

82 Responses to “Blame Godwin And Evans”

  1. TOM Says:

    Still the Bucs should have enough to take care of Packers. Are you kidding me? WTF

  2. WiscoJoe Says:

    Joe’s hearing you guys pick the Bucs over Packers was such a surprise but it gave me a boost of confidence. Also, what people don’t realize is every single opponent the Packers have played this year they were without their number 1 or deep threat (I know Thielen week 1 but to me he’s a solid number 2). Those opponents are also something like 4-12 this year. Rodgers is great but just like last year their schedule is pretty easy. Fire the cannons baby!!!

  3. Mike C Says:

    Now joe don’t you dare talk about (or bring up disparaging stats about) “you know who” like that! N pup will not like that!

  4. Darin Says:

    Yes Tom. Bucs at home in the heat against a Packers team with less talent than the Bucs. Turnovers and penalties again tho and Pack will win. Pretty simple yet not so

  5. Goforthwface30 Says:

    Interesting take, since Evans is the one that’s a game time decision and Godwin was practicing in full. What am I missing? Don’t believe everything you hear. –Joe Someone please tell me. If Godwin is sore, is a step slow (whatever) then he isn’t a full participant period point blank. I expect AJ Brown level impact who had the same inju and was out the same amount of time

  6. Ivan The Insider Says:

    This team should be 4-1. Anyone that watched the Bears game knows that the BS call against Shaq on that 3rd and 17 that gave the Bears new life late in the game decided the game.

    Should be 4-1 AND the Offense has yet to play with no one hurt. They’ll be fine.

  7. bojim Says:

    Very positive of you darin.

  8. james west Says:

    i have learned since 76′ any given sunday, any given opponent, don’t get cocky it’s a bucs life, as always go bucs

  9. Buc1987 Says:

    Would be a grrrreat win for the Bucs if so.


  10. Swampbuc Says:

    Mark Dominik – primary architect and overseer of the lost decade. I’m surprised anyone listens to his football takes.

  11. BigMacAttack Says:

    If the Bucs win it will have to be the Defense that does it and stops the Pack. We’re going to score but they can’t let Rodgers go up and down the field. The key to the game will be 3’rd down defense. Stop them and win, don’t and lose.

  12. BigMacAttack Says:

    Bucs 35, Packers 31

  13. Cobraboy Says:

    I agree with Ivan: that bullspit 3rd-and-17 roughing call on Barrett totally changed the game.

    I am surprised folks didn’t know injuries to Evans and Godwin would badly hurt this offense.

  14. Mike Johnson Says:

    of course nothing is Brady’s fault ever. its hard to place blame on a 50 million dollar invetment. If the Bucs don’t make the superbowl with brady, that investment is a bust..period.

  15. Mirrormirroronthewall Says:

    Excuses! Evans was injured in four games in the 2019 season. He missed three games. Godwin missed two games. Jameis was playing with guys that they brought off the street. The offensive line was a lot more offensive. The defense was really bad. Did we mention the kicker? Where is Breshad Perriman? In New York with five catches and twenty-nine yards. You cannot compare the crap that Jameis played with to the much improved team Brady has. Any talentEd quarterback that plays with Belichick is going to be great. If Cam was not infected, a result of Trump’s pandemic, the Patriots would be 4-1. The Patriots has less talent this year than when Brady played. A lot of the Patriots’ players sat the year out. No excuses coming from the Patriots.

  16. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Just so I understand your post. Is it your contention that Jameis Winston is better than Tom Brady?

  17. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Haircut 100-lovin’ ex-GM Mark Dominik finally has a great point, but he went off to the right without saying good goodbye after he was the architect of the “lost decade” (and I’m not talking about the 80s). Where does he goes from here?

  18. Mike C Says:

    Mike Johnson, most teams have ALOT of money tied up in the QB position and don’t make the Superbowl…..

  19. Clean House Says:


  20. Mirrormirroronthewall Says:


    Not opinion driven; facts driven. If that is your position, so be it.

  21. Mike C Says:

    MMW, did you not see in the above article that JW had trash games when the top receivers were out???

  22. Youngbucs Says:

    Facts driven 😂😂

  23. JimmyJack Says:

    Mirror…..You cant compare Winston and Brady? Its the same freaking offense with the same exact players.

    I didnt read the rest of your comment after that. Im sure it had some other dumb stuff but boy that was a really dumb one.

  24. Buczilla Says:

    Very winnable game for us whether Godwin plays or not. Will we be disciplined enough to do it? I have my doubts since this coaching staff has yet to rid this team of its penchant for committing far too many dumb penalties, but it’s gotta happen some time right? I mean, if we can’t have our heads on straight for a huge game like this, then something is sorely lacking in this team other than just discipline.

  25. Ndog Says:

    Jimmy Jack there you go lying again. So you’re telling us that an undrafted free agent on his last legs in Dotson was as good as the first round pick in Whifrs even as a rookie? Are you saying that Howard is as good as effective blocker as a Gronkowski is? are you saying they actually haven’t changed the offense and have shorter routes for Brady compared to last year when the numbers flat out show that is a fact? Are you saying Jones isn’t a better player this year than he was at the beginning of last year, when he himself has said he’s a better player? Are you saying Miller as a second year player isn’t a better player than he was as a rookie? Are you saying Evans, Godwin the offensive line, Howard and Brate aren’t all better in the second year of an offense and than they were be in the first year of an offense?

    I’ll summarize quit lying!!!!

  26. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Oh look, more comparing the last qb to the present one in the comment section.

    “This bores me”


  27. Ndog Says:

    Well 951 what else is there to talk about as this team is BORING and has ZERO playmakers.

  28. El Buco Realisto Is a Dicko and NDogTurd is a Crybaby and TheBucsAnus and LovesJameisTighties are Trolls Says:

    NDogTurd, let’s get back to some facts that you seem to forget:

    1. #3 isn’t a buc anymore.
    2. #3 is never ever going to be a buc again.
    3. This is a Bucs site where we like to talk about players on the team now.
    4. Excluding you and your small #3 NutHugger Gang, no one here is interested in #3.
    5. You are a little crybaby biatch.

  29. Youngbucs Says:

    Yup ndog the great winston plYmaker for both teams consistently!!!

  30. JimmyJack Says:

    No Ndog what Im saying is that noth QBs play on the same team in the same system with the same players. Yeah sure there is a few changes….welcome to the NFL. Its that way for every team.

    So yeah what Brady does in this offense is pretty comparable.

    To be fair so far Id say its kinda close. Brady had one bad game week 1. And he ruined a game winning opportunity. He hasnt been overly impressive. But with many games left to go I think Brady will win a few of the big games on our schedule…..Will find a way to come though on game winning drives and will take us to the playoffs………Not to mention hes got us at 3-2 and tied for first already…..So hes already had some success thats been rare.

    But of course the bar is somewhat low with Winston because of his trademark meltdown games…….So long as Brady doesnt give us meltdown efforts we should be in every game with a chance to win and you could argue thats an upgrade…….Of course our goal is much higher then that……I will enjoy watching how the season plays out. 5 games in and I like our chances better ever then I ever did with Winston.

  31. BucEmUp Says:

    What about miller? What about Brate? 10 million dollar gronkowski. That rookie WR looked pretty good last week.

    I recall Brady making due with much less under good play calling and coaching in New England. Not one pass attempt for Miller last week. No moving him around to get him in position to make plays.

    Leftwich sucks and Arians sucks even more for allowing it to continue.

  32. Bucsfan951 Says:

    I bid farewell, fellas.



  33. Ndog Says:

    El Idiot then why is the name Jameis Winston in the article?

    I can answer that question.

    Because the REAL fans of this team want Jameis here and the only articles on this site that draw comments are ones that mention Jameis.

    BTW you don’t know that Jameis will never be back here. Heck hopefully after this year fails and blows up they fire the liying, backstabbing, POS coach and Licht and a coach with a brain looks to bring the better QB back and let’s him play in a modern offense not one from 1970’s.

  34. Ndog Says:

    JimmyJack we have 2 losses this year both on the QB, so that’s 2 already out of 5 not a great ratio and if you believe a 43 year QB is going to get better then you apparently don’t know how human beings work.

    Each of the last 3 years he has gotten worse as the season moved forward and that’s without getting hit as much as he has here. Sure he is going to get better late in the year, sureeeeeeee.

  35. Ndog Says:

    See ya 951!!!!

  36. Anonymous Says:

    Brady been there…but it’s over!!-

  37. JimmyJack Says:

    How human beings work? You alright over there?

    Well I understand how sports work and that they are unpredictable. There is no true way to measure how good Brady will be playing in 2 month…..We can all have our own opinions about it. Unlike you I care more about the team winning then my opinion being validated. The only reason I want my opinion to be right in Brady cause it means the Bucs will emerge as contenders.

    Its more then fair to point blame at Brady on them 2 losses. Hes expected to be better. But as stands he is leading a 3-2 team tomorrow. Despite the bad games and plays Brady has us setup to make a run. A win tomorrow puts us right on the fasttrack to the playoffs.

    Brady aint here to compile bigger stats then the last guy. He is here to win football games and get us to contend for titles. He does that then I dont care if hes better then Winston arguments. We aremt won a playoff game in 20 freaking years. Brady does it. It was the right move. Honestly is that simple.

  38. Youngbucs Says:

    Yea the better QB who’s thrown excessive ints in every system he’s been in 😂. Yea it’s coaching 🙄

  39. Youngbucs Says:

    I can’t blame ndog the Bucs lost so he’s gonna poke out his chest. That 3gm win streak was hard for him.

  40. El Buco Realisto Is a Dicko and NDogTurd is a Crybaby and TheBucsAnus and LovesJameisTighties are Trolls Says:

    “Because the REAL fans of this team want Jameis here”

    There you go Bucs fans, are you glad you have NDogTurd as your spokesperson?

  41. JimmyJack Says:

    Ndog is a REAL fan…… his own words “hopefully after this year fails and blows up”

  42. Bird Says:


    Ndog thinks Nole alumni are the real buc fans Now
    Cause its about 95 % of “fans” that want jameis here

    Liked how i used the quote


    Dem nuts are making you cray cray
    You cannot get them Out of your tiny little brain.

  43. Ndog Says:

    Yeah YoungBucs he’s been in two high TO offenses that were outdated 20 years ago and had zero support from a running game, defense, oline or kicker. Other than that it was a perfect situation.

    How do you people not see this??

  44. Bird Says:

    Jimmy jack …STFU you sick bastard



    Thats what jimmy jack said to me recently
    Cause jimmy jack thinks he is the leader or OG of this site or something
    His opinion matters you all
    Someone else making light of another’s crazy obsession is no bueno for jimmy jack. The guy thats probably never played a sport in his life

  45. JimmyJack Says:

    Sorry Bird. But you always talking about nuts it your posts. I just find it hard to read. But I guess Im the wierdo cause everybody else thinks its hysterical.

  46. Youngbucs Says:

    Ndog we see clearly because we don’t have rose colored shades on. Me personally I can judge Winston individually without the run gm defense kicker excuses. His gm is flawed and unless he gets tht fixed he’ll always be mediocre. How can you nut huggers not see that players get judged individually all the time it’s not rocket science. You sit here and blame the coach for winston not having a starting job😂. Yea because his play the past 5 years has nothing to do with tht right ndog take your shades off maybe you would then be a Real Bucs Fan.

  47. Youngbucs Says:

    I guarantee you guys when winston gets the opportunity and blows it(not say he will definitely do that) these same NutHuggers will say the saints are trash Sean Peyton sucks winston needs more blah blah. Dam hold the guy accountable some times.

  48. Ndog Says:

    I simply don’t understand how any true Bucs fan can cheer for a Brady led team.
    Any real fan has hated him for 19 YEARS!!!!

    How can you cheer for him now?

    To me it is simply unreal and the worst part is, is that he is simply not that good.

    He’s timid in the pocket.
    He can’t throw on the run.
    His arm is average at best.
    He makes stupid mistakes, like forgetting what down it is.
    He’s a little b!tch who cries all the time.

    The guy makes me sick and all of you kiss is a$$ when he has done nothing here.

    You worship what a guy has done for some body else, how pathetic is that?

  49. Steven007 Says:

    JJ, great posts today. Fan of the team, not any individual player. I was a JW fan until he got his walking papers. Now I’m a Brady fan because I’m a Bucs fan first. Pup, you said earlier that real fans want JW here. That’s demonstrably untrue. I’m as real a fan as it gets. I’ve been going to the games in the stadium longer than you have. I went to Chicago last week originally planning on going to the game. Because of the situation I ended up watching it in a bears bar in downtown. You can imagine how fun that was at the end. But it’s okay, that’s what real fans have to endure sometimes. Fan of the team. You might want to try that sometime.

  50. Ndog Says:

    Steven007 you have no idea how long I’ve been going to games. Your opinion is fine but you been to more games than me cause there’s a good bet you haven’t.

  51. Youngbucs Says:

    Ndog Winston has done nothing here whts your point his face couldn’t even stay on the stadium thts who your rooting for ?????????🤡

  52. Steven007 Says:

    You’ve mentioned it here several times. I’ve been going since 91. It really doesn’t matter anyways. I think we can both agree that time spent in the stadium going to games does not make anyone an expert. We do all have our opinions. I respect yours but vehemently disagree with them as you’ve seen here and in the past.

  53. Mike C Says:

    See Joe, I told you the pup wouldn’t like it.

  54. Mirrormirroronthewall Says:

    Mike C,

    Sun 12/29 vs ATL L 28-22 OT
    13 24 201 54.2 8.4 2 2 37 1 75.2 51.4

    Sat 12/21 vs HOU L 23-20
    25 48 335 52.1 7.0 1 4 31 3 46.8 40.2

    Neither Evans or Godwin played in the games above. Scotty Miller was out. Jameis was injured, his thumb on his throwing hand and a meniscus tear.

    Sun 12/15 @ DET W 38-17
    28 42 458 66.7 10.9 4 1 51 2 124.9 74.8

    Sun 12/8 vs IND W 38-35
    33 45 456 73.3 10.1 4 3 61 1 107.3 80.6

    The above stats are without Evans and Scotty. Godwin only played in the first half of the IND game.

  55. WhoCares Says:

    At least we get to watch two HOF QBs this week vs a HOFer and Sucker.

  56. Ndog Says:

    JimmyJack rip the band-aid off baby. The sooner these jacka$$es are gone the sooner we can start to build a TEAM!!!!

    Not cheering for somebody else’s QB who is basically a statue and a little bit(h all in one

  57. Youngbucs Says:

    The Bucs barely picked up his 5th year option and these fools heartbroken they didn’t give him 150 million. Real fans saw the writing on the wall. I feel bad for dirk they should’ve let him go out on his own terms he wanted to bench Winston. I respect BA if he gone get fired it’s gonna be with who he chooses not who’s forced on him. These clowns like Ndog expect winston to survive every regime hell no he got to go also thts the nfl mister expert.

  58. Mirrormirroronthewall Says:


    What did you read in my post that compared Winston to Brady? The team that Winston played for in 2019 was compared to the team that Brady plays for in 2020. What you did not read was supporting facts because you are a dummy, and I just proved it.

  59. Mirrormirroronthewall Says:

    NDOG!!!! Keep feeding them the truth! Pressure Brady! Beat the Buccaneers. Bruce and Tom are going to kill each if Brady does not start throwing the ball down field. Then the interceptions come. I am starting to think Bruce is senile.

  60. Bird Says:

    Jimmy jack

    Gotcha OG
    Nah. You are the cool guy.
    You run things here
    Thank you for putting me in my place

  61. WhoCares Says:

    Oh and for the record I was a sucker fan JAB83… Look it up…

    Bottom line… We are all tired of being fans of a team that sucks. Thank God we dont have to suck on double U’s any longer.

    You know…. Ugly Unicorns aka JW

  62. Bird Says:

    Now ndog is the biggest fan cause he has been to the most games Going way back to 1924. He is 137 years old

    Dont ever stop ndog.
    I am definitely entertained
    I think you are funny

  63. Ndog Says:

    Every regime?

    Hahahahahahaha you kill me.

    You mean the failed Lovie Smith?

    You mean the fired in college head coach Koetter?

    You mean the lying, backstabbing, POS who gets every QB he coaches killed them blames everyone else?

    You mean those great regimes?

    Bro you are a 🤡 show.

    Yes that is NFL in Tampa, where careers go to die. Jameis should have refused to play for this dumpster fire instead they runied his rep and screwed him over at the same time.
    In the meantime he did everything he could to help these losers and set NFL and franchise records in the meantime.

  64. Bird Says:


    And you guys try and talk sense to this lady. Why?
    That tells you everything you need to know

    Go noles!

  65. WhoCares Says:

    U know what better than rooting for the Bucs? Having the best QB of all time on your team…

    Check your sheet!!!!

    All you JW fans of suffering… If it helps you any, uber is offering the first 400miles free… So you can get to NO for free if you can manage to stay outta trouble.

  66. Ndog Says:

    Hey WhoCares let’s just sign Barry Sanders, Jerry Rice, Lawrence Taylor and bring double nickel back? If we’re simply going off of what players did in the past let’s just be happy about past glory. Who cares about actually WINNING now and having any kind of a future right.

    Again PATHETIC!!!

  67. El Buco Realisto Is a Dicko and NDogTurd is a Crybaby and TheBucsAnus and LovesJameisTighties are Trolls Says:

    Hey #3 NutHugger Gang, since you’re not Bucs fans, how about you do us all a favor and take your crybaby BS somewhere else. Like a or site, which is more your mindset.

  68. Ndog Says:

    Or they could just rename this site!!!

  69. Youngbucs Says:

    You’re the clown show I never said those are great regime’s. How bout you stop fronting like winston I s a great QB he’s just as much responsible for all the losing just like the coaches and players you love to rip. You can’t even give an unbiased opinion of Winston you never have.

  70. Youngbucs Says:

    Anybody ever seen a franchise QB who never been in a commercial can’t have his picture up. I mean the literally took his face down and still kept him. The Bucs owe him nothing other franchise’s would have cut the cord after the on. And off field BS. The only spoiled brat is winston getting away with crappy play and behavior and still got paid stop crying.

  71. Ndog Says:

    See this ⬆️ is what I’m talking about with fans. You people are so worried about who’s face is on a building or how much money they make you don’t even bother to understand how easily your being manipulated by these money-grubbing owners. They couldn’t care or less about winning or doing what’s best to win they did this to sell crap to the morons who would fall for it and they did hook line and sinker.

    This website comments section is proof of how people simply have no idea what they are watching.

  72. Youngbucs Says:

    See Ndog you’re the fool first and foremost the buccaneers are a business like all nfl teams. Winston was bad for business on and off the field of course the made a business decision. Winston was a bad investment for the beginning the had to pay millions just to investigate the 🤡before the draft him smh. Then the pay him millions without return on their investment. Then he embarrassed himself and the organization and they still payed him 20mil + hoping he could shine yea bad investment it was time for a different direction go ahead tell me I’m wrong and don’t know anything. You fools actually believe 2 gms determined his fate 😂. Winston lucky he got 5 years those other organizations you love to talk about would have cut the cord soon as he got suspended be realistic his play didn’t warrant the headache but the Bucs had no choice but to give him rope I guess thts what bad franchises do right.

  73. Usedtocould Says:

    Ndog, I understand your pain. The the excitement of watching Winston scramble out of the pocket, flailing the ball around, squinting his eyes, and ripping a pass was indescribable intensity. Knowing that pass was going to be a touchdown for one of the teams was a rush I’m sure can only be matched be playing Russian roulette while sky diving. However those days are behind us. You should go pick up a book called “over the rainbow bridge”.

  74. Youngbucs Says:

    Yea I’m talking facts not a bunch of if this if that 10 years from now this and that. Straight facts everything I just said 🤡

  75. Buckissd Says:

    Let’s remember those JW years and how the team, except for a few gave up on JW because he couldn’t stay out of trouble. You need your team to fight for you. He made himself a laughing stock by eating W’s and talking about cockroaches mating on his porch. He refused to wear a visor for the first few years when he really should’ve to help with his vision issues. I rooted for him, but when you lose your team, it’s time to move on. I wish him well and now we have Brady. Brady makes the team want to fight. He is a leader. Yeah, he was annoying in NE to us because why??? Oh yeah, he has won multiple super bowls and is a WINNER. We need winning culture here in Tampa. We can nit pick about the two but Brady has this team. We need to embrace that our team is finally going out there and wants to fight for the GOAT and live by his WINNING example.

  76. JimmyJack Says:

    Ndog you can talk about building a team all you want but you are thinking about one position. Calling one position building a team just makes you a jackass.

    The truth of the matter is you are wrong and oblivious to the fact thatthe team is being build before your own eyes.

    Proof is in the results.
    -Rushing offense…..improved.
    -Pass defense……improved

    Every player wears a Bucs jersey and part of what they built. Your choice to pick and decide which ones you will root for. You can say Brady is somebody elses player but you are factually wrong. Youre entilted to you opinion but not your own facts……Now sit down young man while the bandwagon rolls over top of you.

    WOOOO GO BUCS!!!!!
    -Rushing defense/Passing offense…..Already built.
    -Special Teams……improved. A good indication of improving depth.

  77. BigMacAttack Says:

    Ndog, you know if you could just get off the Jameis thing, you often have valid points. Dude, he’s not coming back and as a Buc fan you might want to let that one go.

  78. JimmyJack Says:

    Go freaking RAYS!!!!

    I feel totally comfy with the way Morton looks(always looks). Great to see the bats finally show up. We are seeing good pitches to hit. No reason not to dxtend this lead behind our great Morton!!!


  79. Dapostman Says:

    Sounds like an excuse to me. Brady didn’t have Evans or Godwin in 2019 for the Patriots and he went 12-4.

    There are no excuses left. Make the playoffs or YOU WILL BE GONE!

  80. Buc1987 Says:

    THEE dumbest thing to EVER get contemplated on this site is a 6 time SB Champion in Tom Brady vs Jameis Winston a has been 3rd stringer for another team.

    YET we do it every FRIGGIN day…thanks to Ndog and a few other assclowns.

    Sttttttttttttttttttttttttop comparing the GOAT to Jameis already.

    You look like fools to me, but hey that could just be me. Doubt it though.

  81. O'Neilbuc Says:

    He’s not lieing

  82. O'Neilbuc Says:

    Just because someone disagree with yall about a quarterback or any player is not a nut hugger !!! Yall siting here and defending Brady as if he’s been balling . Ndog and I have been telling yall this for the past 4 years . Brady has a better team than Jamies with the bucs . How come Brady gets a pass when Evans and Godwin go down but Jamies didn’t ?? I still rather have Jamies than Brady especially with this playbook because this is not the same play book . All we needed to do is give Jamies this same running game and we would have won 4 years in a row because we would have killed clock on a lot of those games . We wouldn’t have been one deminchnal on offense. But for any one of you to say Brady has the same team and playbook is blind .