“It Will Improve And It Has To Improve”

September 11th, 2020

Former Bucs tight end Anthony Becht says Tom Brady is no Jameis Winston.

Calm down, Jameis haters, it’s not what you think.

The Bucs ranked third in yards and third in points last season. Impressive! Bucs fans watched a lot of those plays come from extended plays, with Jameis buying time and running for his life to make things happen.

That’s not going to happen with Brady, Becht emphasized to the WDAE audience today.

Becht says the Bucs offensive line is going to have to do a better job protecting than it did for Jameis, and Brady is going to need a better running game to thrive.

“It will improve and it has to improve,” Becht said, expressing confidence on both fronts.

“Offensively, it’s just that the cohesiveness and the mesh of the line to go now. I think they can do it. Donovan Smith? More consistency but he can do it. Tristan Wirfs? Now he’ll have a few ups and down, but again, funneling everything and letting them run the hump, keep the pocket clean, don’t get beat inside. That should be easy work for a kid that primarily at Iowa could do all those things at a very high level in the Big 10.”

So there you have it, the Bucs need to step up to give Brady what they didn’t give Jameis. And Brady will return the favor with more accuracy, better decision-making and fewer turnovers.

It’s a simple formula. Hopefully.

30 Responses to ““It Will Improve And It Has To Improve””

  1. unbelievable Says:

    Yup, this isn’t really a big revelation.

    Brady making quicker decisions, and a commitment (hopefully) to an actual run game should help as well.

  2. Sport Says:

    Pretty damn excited about Sunday at 4:25. Wish I could be there with Big Irv and finally have a cold frosty one with the Mayor of this here site Joe Bucs Fan!!!

    Go Bucs!!!

    In BA I Trust!

  3. BigHog Says:

    This will be your problem to solve, running game, we must have one on a game to game basis, we must run the football, there will be turnovers if there is no run game…maybe not 30 but who cares if you are not winning!!! Almost time to check my Lotto tickets !!! HENNY AND HOG…get yo-self some!!

  4. JimmyJack Says:

    With Brady I think it just changes the whole offense. The difference in decisiveness between Tom and Jameis is massive….I think that changes a lot. Your lineman now can also be more decisive. Same with your skill positions.

    This is something you see all the time with elite Quaretbacks over history. They always seem to have a line that plays with authority. Almost robotic like. Every little thing those great lines is deliberate and precise…….Only a guess as to why that is but my opinion is it’s the way the QB commands the offense. When he’s calling out plays and is right all the time….When everybody knows how the play is gonna work and are all on the same page it just makes their jobs so much easier.

    Agree with the premise that our Line must play better and I think getting them to step up is one of the benefits you are getting with a great QB like Brady.

  5. StatGuy Says:

    Spot on again Jimmy

  6. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Big hog,

    Last year, Kc averaged 98 yards per game while the Bucs averaged 95

    Kc averaged 281 yards passing while the Bucs averaged 302.

    Want to know a big difference?

    Kc had 5 ints while the Bucs had 30!

    Want to compare defenses?

    Kc gave up an average of 19.25 points per game.

    Bucs gave up an average of 28 points.

    You want to take away the 121 points scored off of Winston turnovers?

    That averaged out to 20.5 points per game.

    Yes, turnovers make a huge difference!!!

    Crown and bacon is served!!!!

  7. Youngbucs Says:

    Yea because the only option is to run around like a chicken with the head cut off🙄. Yea the line can play better but being decisive and not hanging on deep reads so long will help. He’s right Brady is no jameis!!!!!

  8. Jeffbuc Says:

    Brady will make the line look great. His offensive line has been said to always be great in New England. But every big name guy they had that left for bigger paydays didn’t pan out with there new teams. And most were cut by year 2. Great quarterbacks that know what there doing and when to get rid of the ball help an offensive line. They are there best friend the ball os out quicker so they know they just have to hold there block for 2.5-3 seconds. Whereas the last qbs is the exact opposite. Makes the offensive line look worse than it is. Holds the ball way to long is indecisive and start looking like there running for there life when really they should have threw the ball 2 seconds ago. So the lineman know they have to hold there blocks forever because there is no telling when the off time throw is coming. And that’s why there were so many interceptions in my opinion. He was late on everything. Guys wide open and he sees it 2 seconds to late. Where Tom Brady trust the play and throws to the spot before the receiver is open. Because he knows he will be there and trust the play. So we will see the ball come out quick and precise and to the right place on Sunday. We are all going to see on Sunday just how bad the qb play has been for us the last 5 years. Some fans just see stats and think the last guy was great.

  9. SOEbuc Says:

    The run game must work to produce PA with Brady.

  10. Dapostman Says:

    So let me get this straight in order for the Bucs to be successful their OL & RB’s have to be better than they were for the last 5 years?

    This sounds familiar. What also sounds familiar is ‘that guy is who he is’. Now we expect the OL to be what they ain’t.

    As Nipsey Russel in Wildcats would say, riiiiiight….

  11. Buc1987 Says:

    Should be interesting to watch if that o-line can protect Brady long enough.

    I say they can and they will.

    No need for some long drawn out paragraph as to what my reasons are…

    I just think everything’s going to be alright and….. YES the Bucs beat the Saints this Sunday. BOOK IT!

  12. Cainishere Says:

    I swear You Jameis lovers kill me. Jameis SUCKS MOVE ON

  13. lambchop Says:

    With Brady’s style of offense, the OL will be fine, he is decisive and gets rid of the ball. But, with BAs style of long ball, it’s going to take a little more time to develop. But, I think having a running game will make the long ball develop faster since the D has to respect the run game. Play action will be more effective, the screen game will be more effective. Having Rojo, Fournette, and Shady will make the defense honest and respect the run and the pass.

  14. Cainishere Says:

    The man deliberately lost games out of anger. We all witnessed them. Too many times did we witness him lose it on the sidelines and then immediately go out and toss a pick or have a fumble. Take your jameass Winsnone happy platitudes and stick them up your arse. When you finish licking your poor poser’s lollipop I might post again. Sick of you blaming everyone except the sexual deviate. He had a chance to make it STUPID BLEW IT FACE IT

  15. lambchop Says:

    I hope McCoy can learn to keep the ball high and tight. I really can’t stand the way he holds the ball and to top it off he swings his arm wide. There’s going to be plenty of opportunities to punch the ball out of his hand. I’m not going to be pleased if he fumbles Sunday.

  16. David Says:

    This article fails to mention a few things.
    Winston panics in the pocket.
    He takes off running around too much as opposed to just moving slightly in the pocket – like Manning and Brady and Brees.
    He doesn’t go through his progressions quickly.
    He doesn’t always read defenses quickly.

    Yes the line can improve, every line always can, but he was not running around extending plays all the time because he had to. He was doing it because over his years in the NFL he got worse and worse in the pocket

  17. Rod Munch Says:

    The other option is to just call less deep ball plays. People bag on the o-line, or if we’re really stupid they’ll talk about Jameis holding the ball too long, but many of the sacks were based on the fact that the team passed more than anyone, and threw it way deeper than anyone (Winston had over 6486 intended air yards, nearly 1000 more than Dak who was 2nd) – that means the QB spends a lot more time in a position to be sacked.

    With that said the team was 1st in passing and 3rd in scoring – so what they were doing on offense worked. If the defense wasn’t the worst defense in team history in the first half of the season, and the kicker didn’t lose 2 games all on his own, then we’d have a completely different view of last year.

    With Brady I’d expect the shorter passing game to come into play, and hopefully Arians will use his collection of TEs, unlike last year when you had the awful Justin Watson starting, people you never heard of before as the #3 WR, meanwhile Brate and OJ were nothing but blockers (or worse, when they were passed the ball, say on 4th down, in Texans territory with 3mins left, they dropped it).

    However, in week 1, I think we’ll see plenty of growing pains. Which is fine – people will panic, but anyone with common sense shouldn’t expect a huge game. If it happens, then great, but you shouldn’t expect it.

  18. Clean House Says:


    Can’t argue with 3rd and 3rd league wide-
    Thank you Jameis for all of your upside and effort!!

  19. Cainishere Says:

    I hope to see the Buccaneers eat every second of time clock on offense that they can. The Bucs should aim for 1st in time clock. When you eat that clock it keeps your defense red hot and it keeps your enemy in control.
    Pressure Brees and eat the clock.
    That’s the keys to winning the game against the Saints

  20. Bird Says:

    Da postman

    Wildcats. A football classic 😂
    Welsey snipes and woody harrelson when they were young bucs
    Good call . Goldie Hawn full frontal wasnt terrible eIther.

    The best was the rap song at the end

    Huh huh huh Huh my name is finch and as you know i used to sit on the bench…money food …my necessities of life. Those are the things that keep me nice. But when i dont get em i go berserk and act just like a 400 pound jerk.

  21. Bird Says:


    With the head shot…just destroyed big hog. Good point.

    I honestly think big hog and ndog should start dating. I mean they even rhyme

    They would have a lot in common , a lot to talk about , and with how Much they loved jameis , like real deep down raw man love , i think it would be a match made in heaven.

  22. Pewter Power Says:

    No one got duped and baited into interceptions more than Winston who can’t see the field, read defenses well pre or post snap. For some reason people talk like the top 15 quarterbacks in the nfl are what they are because they have the best o line. Atlanta Falcons had a better o line than us? No there were one of the worst but didn’t stop them from having signature wins.

    This offensive line is good enough to get the job done, Brady game is reasons why he was a good fit and he wasn’t concerned about those guys when he came here. Long ball short ball whatever, the o line will be just fine

  23. m0j0 Says:

    Brady will benefit from an improved right side of the O line as Cappa has gotten stronger and more experienced and Wirfs is a talented and well prepared rookie. I expect a better run game, but not just because of the O Line. Brady is a master of checking into the best possible play against the defense, so I am sure there will be plenty of nice runs as a result of just getting the team into an optimal play.

  24. Hodad Says:

    Most pass plays attack all three levels of a defense. Deep, middle, safety valve. It’s not the deep pass plays that caused JW to hold onto the ball, it was his inability to know when to dump it off, or go for the middle throw. Watching film of the Bucs the last 5 years you could see plenty off times guys open in the flat, or across the middle, but JW would look for the deep pass that wasn’t there. Find who’s ever open quickly, and get them the ball. Brady has done that for 20 years, JW couldn’t do that for the last 5 years.

  25. gotbbucs Says:

    Winston had to run around because he didn’t go through progressions fast enough to get to his check down before the rush got there and Winston had a penchant to drift in the pocket instead of step up. It’s all relative.

  26. Clean House Says:


    Winston did so many good things for the Bucs. He did alot with a little in some areas.

  27. mark2001 Says:

    I do think Brady will see what is happening and either dump the ball or throw it away much faster. With a rookie RT, he may need to, especially early in the season as Wirfs adjusts to the speed of the league.

    Yes…Brate is correct…the line does have to play better. If Brady demands more accountability and they play harder and more consistently because he is the GOAT and demands it, does that makes Jameis less responsible for the 30 ints? I don’t see that. I see that as a positive for hiring Brady and a result of what Brady does and inspires as the GOAT..and demands. Jameis is nothing but history for Tampa Bay.

  28. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Brady will be easier to protect, because he reads defenses better, and gets the ball out a lot faster.
    I am still having a hard time believing New England allowed him to get away.

  29. Reach87 Says:

    Cain, re-read your post and check yourself. Deliberately threw picks? You talk about lollipop licking then call someone a deviant? Smh. Go Bucs!

  30. Jim Says:

    Pretty clean…