Halfway There Edition; Vasy’s Thievery, Unsung Heroes & Much More On The JoeBoltsFan Podcast

September 3rd, 2020
Oh, we’re halfway there, Bolts fans! A Bye Bye Boston edition of the JoeBoltsFan Podcast with Tom Lang ensues. On the midpoint of the playoffs, Tampa’s potential opponents, Vasy’s thievery and unsung heroes… the Butterflies are back! And so are the incredible savings at Bill Currie Ford!

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One Response to “Halfway There Edition; Vasy’s Thievery, Unsung Heroes & Much More On The JoeBoltsFan Podcast”

  1. Herb Says:

    Tom, your all-encompassing report touched on just about every aspect of this series. The only thing you left out was the joy I felt watching Mike Emrick and his bozo buddies on NBC react as their beloved Bruins got beat by the Lightning. Thank you, Tampa Bay, for making my day.

    I’m not sure what to do with Steven Stamkos. If he’s healthy should Cooper let him play? Why mess with the team’s chemistry when Stamkos could end up being a distraction. The amount of effort it takes to set him up in his “office” could take away from other valuable team resources.

    I look up and down the Lightning defensive roster and other than Victor Hedman I don’t see a stand-out guy who can bust through and help lead this team to Cup glory. Maybe that has something to do with playing the Bruins, but the inconsistencies they showed in this series have been there all year. Call it a lack of concentration or poor game planning but improvement is needed.

    Anyway, lets hope the puck keeps bouncing our way. Go Lightning!