Believe It

September 28th, 2020

NFL fans have a sick obsession with the comparison game.

This was never more evident 10 years ago when hater Bucs fans, still bitter that Chucky was fired in favor of Raheem Morris, bellowed that the 10-win, 2010 Bucs team was a fraud.

“They didn’t have a signature win. Who did they beat?” these fans screamed. “The Saints quit in the season finale after three quarters, so that didn’t count.”

It was an embarrassment, and Joe sometimes thinks the football gods punished Bucs fans for their lack of appreciation, and then blessed Tampa Bay with what became The Lost Decade.

The 2010 club was something to be admired, with 10 rookies making starts and a young offense coming together. But even when the 2011 Bucs opened 4-2 with wins against strong Saints and Falcons teams, too many Bucs fans were still calling the 2010 club a phony sham.

Regardless, Joe knows lots of fans cannot avoid the comparison game, meaning trying to figure out how good a team is based on final scores and who its opponents played previously. It’s a fun exercise, but one that’s especially foolish in September.

The 2020 Bucs have only beaten a dreadful and impotent Broncos team by three scores, as well as a punchless Carolina club that lost its best player in the midst of a second-half comeback in Tampa, and the Bucs fell to a 1-2 Saints team whose defense was shredded whenever it didn’t play Tampa Bay.

Reading that last paragraph, one could conclude that this Bucs team is an enigma and fans might want to wait before boasting and making playoff plans. But Joe advises weak-hearted Bucs fans to stop clinging to fear and embrace what’s obvious.

Joe and fellow fans can see that this Bucs team is dangerous on defense with an offense that can score 30 points on any team at any time. And the special teams look much improved. It’s a different team in 2020, and it doesn’t matter that Bucs opponents are a combined 2-7 this season.

Up next is a bad and beatable Chargers team. Joe can call them bad not because of their record, but because Joe watched their three games.

Joe felt compelled to write this because there are too many Bucs fans in disbelief today by the Bucs sitting alone in first place with a 2-1 record. They’re there because they deserve it. So go with it for a change.

Put The Lost Decade baggage down for a week.

93 Responses to “Believe It”

  1. Ali Says:

    I have faith go bucs

  2. Coburn Says:

    Yeah think rah wasn’t actually a bad coach. I did feel he lost discipline and order the next year.. he may just not have been quite ready.. was thrown in a bit too early but he knows football. If argue Schiano while being almost the opposite wasn’t a bad coach either. Gruden has always been a good coach, but many thought he more or less burned the team out. At that point NY memory might be failing me but think we were in playoffs every other year and just missing otherwise except his last season I think was worse. Many of us later wish we could return to that standard lol

  3. BucDan Says:

    Good points.

    Talking rookies: Tyler Johnson played this week and had one target – which hit his wide-open hands and he dropped. That particular set of downs was not extended further and I don’t think Tommy looked towards #18 for the rest of the game.

    Justin Watson doesn’t have anything to fear as of today.

    Other rookie observations:

    – Winfield Jr. looks great
    – Wirfs looks like the real deal
    – Vaughn is still waiting for his turn on the RB carousel

  4. ItzOK Says:

    I recall that race to 10 team. The comparison can’t be done until after the regular season. We will really know how the strength of the 2020 opponents were at the end.

    As for the race to 10 team, it was all smoke and mirrors as every team they beat that season had 4 or less wins and and I think two of them had 5 and only one win was 500 or better. Most people who pointed this out were proven right the following year as it all collapsed.

    That being said you can’t control the schedule but just show up and play and win the games you can. If the Brady lead Bucs make the playoffs and at the end , the panthers falcons, vikings, chargers, Raiders Etc or say 7 of those wins are against bad teams who cares.

    I think comparing that joke of a Raheem team to the talent on the current Bucs roster is Malpractice.

    Raheem was always a bad coach who got thrown the head Job too early. After his head coaching debacle nobody would even touch him for a Def Coordinator job. Now that he has become D coordinator after years of repairing his reputation. Loo at how well his Falcons Defense is playing. They have chocked away two unbelievable games, Raheem will be lucky to be a position coach in a few weeks.

  5. Alanbucsfan Says:

    If they play penalty free, no turnovers and execute, they can beat anybody-
    Of course, Superheroes, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes are the Equalizers.

  6. Mike Says:

    This defense is for real. The offense is a work in progress, but the hope is they start to dominate as well before too long. I am hoping by week 6 that the Bucs are really firing on all cylinders!

  7. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Good teams beat the teams they are supposed to beat. Past Buc teams would of lost to a backup QB yesterday. Keep pounding the rock.

  8. 813bucboi Says:

    lets make it 3 in a row!!!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  9. Jaymiss Pick6 Again Says:

    On point Joe but I take exception to, “And the special teams look much improved” We did have a 2nd quarter extra point blocked yesterday. I immediately started yelling “leaping!” But if I’m not mistaken, a leaping penalty is called if the “leeper” lands on somebody. And BTW – that was the second kick blocked in only three games.

  10. 813bucboi Says:


    i agree…right now, the only thing separating us from them is discipline football….we stop shooting our self in the foot and we’ll be an elite team… right now, we’re a very good team….

    GO BUCS!!!!

  11. Ivan The Insider Says:

    When is the last time the Bucs had the lead in each of the first 3 games of a season?

    This team showed yesterday they ‘could’ put up 45-50+ in a game if they were super aggressive and cut down on the penalties and miscues.

    We’re already outscoring last season’s per game scoring after 3 games.

    This team is a lot better than people give it credit for.

  12. BucBeliever Says:

    Preach Joe! Why can’t fans accept improvement, accept wins, a W is a W in my book. Football, its players, clubs and now even rules change year to year but us Buc fans have watched and waited for the wins to come. Now that they’re here I only stand in support, not criticism, we have more of a chance this year than previous years, so either walk the plank or get on the boat! Go Bucs!!!

  13. Pewter Power Says:

    Yes we have a couple weak opponents coming up but before we start celebrating I would take a look at the rest of the Saints schedule for the year. Us again and the chiefs and maybe they struggle with the falcons and 49ers. Their schedule is pretty easy compared to ours now but I truly enjoy watching them lose. We absolutely cannot afford to lose any “winnable” games and win the division

  14. Aceofaerospace Says:

    It starts with defending your home turf and beating the teams you are supposed to beat. Do that and you’re looking at 10-12 wins every season.

  15. Ivan The Insider Says:


    The Chiefs are considered the best offense in the NFL by most…

    Yet in their last game they scored only 23 points. We’ve averaged over 27+ points a game. (Yes, the Chiefs have scored more in total so far, that wasn’t the point.)

    As I said… this team is better than people realize. Even great Offenses don’t put up 30+ points every week.

    This team is only going to get better.

  16. SlyPirate541 Says:

    I LOVE the Bucs are able to win ugly while we form an identity. It’s great for our playoff chances and for moral.

    Go Bucs!

  17. Jason Says:

    1st game was pre-season basically.

  18. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    Great column. 🙂

  19. Coburn Says:

    Well if we win next game we are 3-1… If we could actually do that every quarter like the SB season we’d be 12-4.. which is more than enough.. as ace said earlier just need to win the games we should and hopefully get better as the season progresses. Playoffs have more teams this year so we have a good shot and if we can get hot at the right time it could go a long ways

  20. JoeFromWisco Says:

    Living in Packers country the last 12 years of not making the playoffs have been hell. I believe in this defense and I believe by Week 6 against GB the offense will be firing on all cylinders. I wholeheartedly believe we can beat anyone if we don’t beat ourselves. I’m excited for all of our games but the one against GB I have circled. I need them to win because my liver will only be able to handle so much Miller if we lose (can’t get Big Storm up here but would love to try it).

  21. Bucs Fan Since ‘76 Says:

    Glory be to G-d! Great column!

  22. LVMYBUCS Says:

    ITS ALL GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Turnovers, Penalties & Special Teams……that’s why we lost to New Orleans…our defense actually played quite well against them.

    Yes, Carolina & Denver were weaker teams… what? We were supposed to win and we did…..I believe we beat the spread in both games.

    If we can beat the Bears on the road and split at home with either GB or KC…..then, I’ll believe we are actually a good team.

  24. Nick2 Says:

    Its been too long since the Gruden era. This team has so much potential we just seem to be waiting for something bad to happen. I dont think we are in for it this time. This season is starting to look pretty special.

  25. bucsfan951 Says:

    tbbf is correct.

    turnovers, penalties, and special teams killed the saints game. that coupled with d smith blocking like a high schooler and the first time the offense went up against anything other than the bucs defense.

    i might have been a little too hard on the bucs after game one. i knew that that was their first game together but i still rode them pretty hard.

    anyways, here is game 4 and i hope the offense is able to continue to build on what they already have.

    the wife said i have to lay off the crown during the week so filet mignon and iced tea. come get yo self sum!!!

  26. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves. Any given Sunday and all. It would be a mistake to sleep on Chicago. They beat the crap out of us two years ago, and made Mitch Trubisky look like a Hall of Famer.

    One game at a time and keep improving.

  27. HeyItsAdam Says:

    That 10 win Buccaneers team was a sham. At one point they trailed the winless lions by 17 points. They never did play a complete game. They were inconsistent and they kind of lucked their way into 10 wins.

    I think we saw Morris’ colors the next season. Notice he didn’t last too long. Notice he hasn’t gotten her shot since. And also noticed no one is calling for him to get that shot.

  28. ocala Says:

    It’s clear this team has the potential to win the Super Bowl, but the Bucs must stay fortunate with injuries and continue to improve.

  29. Rod Munch Says:

    Based on the way the Chargers nearly beat the Chiefs, I wouldn’t be calling them a bad team. They’re a young team, but not a bad team, so don’t go pencilling in a W before the game even starts, that’s pretty dumb.

    The Bronocs however were a bad team, and the Bucs did what you should do against a bad team, and that is easily beat them. Good teams beat bad teams convincingly.

  30. Rod Munch Says:

    Also burn the white-on-white jerseys, they’re ugly and bad luck. Pewter pants, white top at home if it’s over 85 on the field, otherwise red jerseys. But no more white-on-white.

  31. bucsince79 aka bumaneer Says:

    2 & 1 is 2 & 1!!! O is getting better by the week. All teams are playing a lil sloppy sometimes…

  32. Casual Observer Says:

    The Bucs are doing very well. If the injury bug doesn’t slow us down, the team will just keep getting better and better. Enjoy the full season.

  33. geno711 Says:

    The last time the Buc’s beat two straight opponents by 14 points or more was in 2010.

    Let’s enjoy this. If we finish 10-6 and fans want to say it was a fraud 10-6. So be it. I will enjoy the season more than last years 7-9.

  34. Buc Bro Says:

    2-1 makes me happy I don’t care how it is done. This isn’t college with mythical championships where teams are crowned based off style or beauty points.

    Even if the Bucs beat all the beatable teams on their schedule (Chargers, Bears, Giants, Lions, Vikings Panthers, Falcons, Raiders) That puts them at 10 wins. Sweep the falcons and that’s 11.

    just win!!! I’m sick of the losing and mistake prone teams of years past. Let’s win and take our chances in the post season with the GOAT and an aggressive D

  35. Sumosam Says:

    I’ve been watching football a very long time. I’ve seen some of the best teams in history. This team has the opportunity to be one of the best ever. That’s not a far reach considering how much talent is on this team. For all of you naysayers, I say just sit back and watch.

  36. Rod Munch Says:

    I didn’t even notice until now that the Redskins are in 1st place at 1-2.

    Also the Bucs are the only team in the NFC South to have actually outscored their opponents. If Brees can’t get his noodle arm to throw it more than 5 yards downfield, how long until fans are demanding that Winston is starting? It’s something I dred personally. Brees is still Brees, but Winston starting for the Saints for the next 15-years putting up 40 points a game vs the Bucs was always my nightmare scenario, and that was before the Saints even signed him.

  37. geno711 Says:

    Not saying that Denver is good but
    Tennessee is 3-0 and beat Denver 16-14 on a field goal with 20 seconds left.

    Pittsburgh was home against Denver in the 2nd game.
    Pittsburgh is 3-0 and the Denver game was 17-14 going into the 4th quarter and Pittsburgh won 26-21.

    Sure we wanted to win bigger than 28-10 against Denver but we outgained both Pittsburgh and Tennessee in comparison to Denver.
    We allowed less yards to Denver than either Pittsburgh or Tennessee.

    Those two good teams did not beat Denver nearly as convincingly as the Bucs did.

  38. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Oh my goodness…… I agree with Munch on men’s football fashion.

    Anywho…… I might just be gay?

  39. geno711 Says:

    Defense stats —
    Bucs 2nd best in the NFL on yards per play allowed.
    Bucs 6th best in NFL in percentage of drives allowing an offensive score.
    Bucs 4th best in turnover percentage.

  40. mark2001 Says:

    Rod… I think Winston will always be inconsistent…a major risk taker. If he starts, we will be the guys waiting for him to throw a few up for grabs every game, and hopefully taking advantage of it to break the hearts of the faithful in N.O., instead of being the ones on the receiving end.

  41. Ron says Says:

    This team is still in transition so if we are fortunate to win against lesser teams as we develop that is only a plus. This year is to make it to the playoffs healthy, this is when we will be judged as a complete team cause I doubt very few think the team right now is playing at full compacity or have really established their identity. Very few teams are remembered for their regular season or even how they made it to the playoffs after everything is said and done. If the road seems easier now it will get harder but I believe this team will get better and more defined and more focused. This is what makes this team fun is when you don’t know what you have or how good it can be.

  42. orlbucfan Says:

    I’ve been following the Bucs for over 40 years so I made it through the Dark Ages following McKay and pre-Dungy. This team has the greatest amount of talented players scattered throughout its 3 parts. Bowles’ defense is getting better with every game. The Bucs are known for defense when they’ve been decent. I take no opponent for granted, that’s for sure! Go Mighty Bucs Defense Sunday!

  43. Don_RyJo(e) Says:

    I’m with you on this one, Joe(s) – the Bucs defense has looked downright ill-tempered the past two games.

  44. Buc1987 Says:

    After every win it should be a JBF rule that Realist gets banned for that week.

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!

  45. mark2001 Says:

    Some QB’s just can’t take the open man and move the chains consistently. That is one of Brady’s talents. Look at all the guys he threw to on Sunday. They grow tired of the lack of “excitement”, lock on to the primary big play guy, and throw it up for grabs. Sometimes they succeed, and sometimes they go down in flames with pick sixes and such. You guys really think Jameis has the patience to take the open man, and methodically move the ball down field, series after series if need be? I never saw that in him.

  46. TampaTown Says:

    It warms my heart to see you so happy and optimistic, especially since that’s the exact opposite of how you usually are. But do you see us making it past the Seahawks?

  47. mark2001 Says:

    Ron…that is the way I see it.

  48. Rod Munch Says:

    BTW, I said Brees won’t throw it more than 5 yards downfield, that was obviously just an insult. But looking at the advanced passing metrics, it looks like I gave him too much credit.

    Brees, intended air yards per attempt, #33 in the league (last) at 4.6 yards.
    Meanwhile, in YAC, Brees is #2 overall.

    Meaning he isn’t even throwing the ball 5 yards downfield and his yardage is coming on runs after the catch, likely mostly from Kamara.

    That is something. Last year Brees was last in intended air yards per attempt, at 6.4 – now he’s down to 4.6. Winston meanwhile was #1 in this category at 10.4 yards per attempt last year.

    Give credit to Sean Payton for getting the most out of noodle arm, when the guy isn’t even breaking 5 yards in the air per attempt, to have any type of production is pretty incredible.

  49. D1 Says:


    Excellent comparison!

    If I may add this point. The difference between the 2 is one is disciplined on and off the field. Discipline is a prerequisite for consistency both on and off the field.

    Brady plays with a disciplined approach to always take what the defense gives him. Risk taking isn’t necessary if the game is approached and executed along these tenets.

    I’ve always said that fans fall in love with the high risk player and hope said player can become less mistake prone. The player who keeps the offense on schedule and can exploit opportunities for big plays is the franchise player you build around. They don’t grow on trees thus the pool from which to find them is small. But it’s that type of player fans should recognize as the future. Not the high risk, inconsistent one which are easy to find as the media loves to build these players into legends prior to their actual results tested over time.
    Johnny Football , Jameis Winston.

  50. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Stick to your original prognostication Joe. This team needs time to truly gel, especially on offense. We weren’t sure if the defense needed more time but they are ready to rock!!! Winfield does not play like a rookie.

    We all knew the Offense needed time. And each week now it seems a new piece falls into place…last week Fournette in the running game and this week the total seal the deal in the connection between ME13 and TB12. And we had the return of Gronk and even OJ.

    This offense is getting better!!! If we can squeak another win in next week for a 3-1 start…then we can start getting serious!!!

  51. Phred Says:

    It’s all about the trend line: is the team improving each week? If so, there’s nothing about which to worry.

  52. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    When you look at Brady objectively, what makes him great is that he doesn’t get greedy. He’s satisfied to just throw it away and go to the next down.
    We saw this yesterday……he was under pressure and didn’t try to force the ball downfield. He simply threw it to the ground in the vicinity of a receiver.

    I also like that he protects the ball when hit.

    I’d like to see some play-action on 1st downs…….teams are expecting us to try to run and we don’t disappoint.

    We could play-action many times before an opposing defense gets wise to it.

  53. BillyBucFan Says:

    We SHOULD win the next 2 games!!!!! PERIOD.
    At 4-1 this team will be dangerous!

    Then a Prime Time game against Green Bay starts the REAL season.
    We beat them and this team could go 13 -3.

    I’m excited AF for what can happen if we stay HEALTHY.

    This team can absolutely WIN IT ALL

  54. August 1976 Buc Says:

    This team is a work in progress. The regular season is prep for the post season. It is fun to watch the Bucs win games period! But this team has great upside and has a chance to go deep into the playoffs. Who knows maybe even the big dance. We shall see, but again 2-1 is alot better then what has been going on for the last 17 years, and most of the years in the teams existance. GO BUCS!!!!

  55. Bucslife44 Says:

    Joe football gods really??? So you believe in the tooth fairy???

  56. Cobraboy Says:

    I wouldn’t get too pumped. Yet.

    The Sparks have only given up 49 points, a little over 16 a game…including only 23 to the Chiefs.

    Their defense is Top-5 stout. The DL is hurt, but do NOT let that fool you.

    And with Godwin out, it’ll be even tougher to move the ball.

    I expect this to be a very low-scoring game. This is also a game where a Bosa can school a Smith and damage a Brady.

  57. Ndog Says:

    Fingers crossed.

  58. Cobraboy Says:

    Ndog Says:

    Fingers crossed.

    For what?

    A damaged Brady?

  59. mark2001 Says:

    What I like about Brady is that you have to usually earn the right to have the ball thrown to you. How do you earn it? Run a good route, get open, and catch the ball. Don’t care who it is. If it is his old buddy RG, and he doesn’t get open, he doesn’t get the ball. It is a matter of trust, doing the right thing, and earning your catches. Many QB’s force it to the high profile guy, who of course, always claims to be open. Brady makes that decision…and does a good job at it.

  60. Buc4ever Says:

    We are still in preseason and hopefully by Chicago we will have the O-line playing penalty free, the running game working, and QB timing with receivers down.

    The defense is pretty much playing like everyone expected and we actually have a kicker that can make extra points. This team should be able to compete with anyone.

  61. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Back to your point about matriculation down the field. That’s a big reason the defense is playing well.

    Munch was saying with last years offense and this years defense…… but that’s not right. This offense makes them better, and they’re only getting started.

  62. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Oline… from your mouth to God’s (and DSmiths) ear. Donovan had another ole’ block yesterday.

  63. chris L Says:

    positivity!!! we have to keep it going. last year arians talked about stacking wins. well the time is now. this team needs to continue to go out and take care of business. one game at a time but something special is going on. just saying joe, 2002 we lost our first game to the saints (actually both that year unfortunately) but then won our next 5. we also played the NFC north that year which we do this year AND we played the rams in week 3 on monday night football which was part of the nfc west matchup and guess what, we do that again this year! defense carrying us to start the year in convincing and punishing fashion. time to keep it going baby

  64. SOEbuc Says:

    Keep the faith until the pick 6 in OT to end the season than start on the next season. You think Tom Brady is arguing in a blog with Acho and Kellerman? “Yeah dumbass. I know. Myself and my entire team is telling YOU we need get better.” I’m really hoping Godwin isn’t serious matter. Either way leave him on the bench till week six. That’s this silver tuna.

  65. REDZONE BA Fan Says:

    3-1 going into the Bears game. And should be 6-2 at home this year, as worst case scenario. Joe gets to change the Den of Depression moniker in 2020. Pick up road wins vs Falcons (even if they lead 28-3 in Q4) and Lions. 11 wins right there.

  66. JimmyJack Says:

    Thanks Joe. Good words. Wise words. In the immortal words of Bill Cower you are what your record says you are!!!

    Appreciate the boost!!!

    That said, I do wish for more then a winning or playoff team. I beg for a contender. We cannot proove our worth in that department until probably we play Green Bay on Sunday Night Football.

    GO BUCS!!!!

  67. mark2001 Says:

    Guys…these next games aren’t going to be easy. These guys are all professionals. But I do feel this team is starting to overall, reach a level of maturity, that will take every game seriously, and not take opponents for granted. Win the games we should…never surrender in the close ones…and play well well enough to get a couple upsets against excellent teams. That is the formula for a great season. And I think many of our vets know that as well.

  68. JimmyJack Says:

    GOOOO BOLTS!!!!! Fininsh this tonight!!

  69. REDZONE BA Fan Says:

    Mark – Yes …but… Chargers playing at 10am on body-clock time. With Rookie QB…vs Brady? Yeah …..Chalk up the W, Babe (Brady-speak).

  70. unbelievable Says:

    Tampabaybucfan Says:
    September 28th, 2020 at 4:23 pm
    Yes, Carolina & Denver were weaker teams… what? We were supposed to win and we did


    Exactly! The past 10+ years, we would hardly ever win these types of games.

    As has been echoed, by several posters – if we don’t beat ourselves, we can hang with anyone.

    That’s a big if, though.

  71. Greg Says:

    @D1. Great take!!!

  72. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I find it interesting all of the counting wins of future games…..for me, they don’t count until they are in the books…
    Now, do I expect us to win….yes……would I lay down a reasonable bet….yes….
    but, before we get to 10-6…..11-5…..I want to get to 3-1

  73. ModHairKen Says:

    “This was never more evident 10 years ago when hater Bucs fans, still bitter that Chucky was fired in favor of Raheem Morris, bellowed that the 10-win, 2010 Bucs team was a fraud.”

    Yep. Bitter that an unproven coach was hired out of fear he would leave and the only SB winning coach was dumped despite being 9-3 before injuries ruined a potential playoff team, and after the guy won with dog crap at QB.

    And who was right? Me or the owners? Well, I think Raheem turned out to be a complete loser on the field and off, totally unprepared and unwilling to prepare. Here we are ten years and how many head coaches and losing seasons since?

    So say what you will about bitter, Joe, but they bought a decade of losing with that stupid coaching decision. I may be to Gruden what Ndog is to Jameis, but I wear it well.

  74. DBS Says:

    LET’S GO BOLTS. 2-0 End of 2.

  75. Idahobucfan Says:

    We need more articles like this one! Go BUCD!

  76. Colonel Angus Says:

    1 more period Bolts, and then the party begins! ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

  77. Bush's Coke Spoon Says:

    REDZONE BA Fan Says:
    “Pick up road wins vs Falcons (even if they lead 28-3 in Q4) and Lions.”

    Nice zinger!

  78. Bush's Coke Spoon Says:

    Bolts penalty kill is on top of their game. They’re building that wall!!

  79. DBS Says:


  80. Ivan The Insider Says:



    (Then the Bucs)

  81. Ivan The Insider Says:

    Let’s do it, Tampa Bay! THE SPORTS TRIFECTA!

  82. Colonel Angus Says:


  83. Ndog Says:

    Stanley Cup Champions!!!!!

    A organization that sticks with it’s players, watches them grow together and sees the reward at the end.



  84. Ivan The Insider Says:

    LOL @ NDOG turning this into a Jameis Winston Grief Tour thread and can’t just celebrate the Stanley Cup!

    Free Agency is part of sports, dude. The Lightning signed and lost players in free agency during the past few years to build this team. It happens.

    You don’t “stick with” the highest salaried position on your NFL team, especially when their rookie deal is up and they’re commanding top dollar, when that player is so inconsistent and a RISKY GAMBLE.

    Are you honestly able to say that signing Winston to $15M+/year wasn’t a MAJOR RISK? Winston has plenty of great moments of play but his turnovers were a big problem. If you can’t truly admit that he was still a big RISK to bring back, regardless of his potential, then you’re lying to yourself.

  85. Ndog Says:



  86. Ivan The Insider Says:


    Just think of the “Return On Investment” that Tampa was going to get if they resigned Winston… there’s no way they were bringing him back unless he and his agent agreed to something close to $15M/year.

    Yet the Bucs decided against resigning him and THE MARKET determined his value… a measily $1.1M/year. OVER 90% LESS than the Bucs would have had to pay.

    The Bucs made the right move. 100%. Regardless of signing Brady.

  87. SKBucsFan Says:

    One down…two more to go! Go Rays! Go Bucs!

  88. Colonel Angus Says:

    Let’s stop with the Winston talk and enjoy Lord Stanley’s Cup coming back to Tampa!!! I get what Ndog is saying about watching these guys grow together, and I also understand you have better your team by adding talent. Takes a good mix of homegrown and FA’s to win in any league. Next up The Rays and The World Series tournament! Go Bolts⚡️Go Rays and fackin’ Go Bucs!!!

  89. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    It’s a new day in Tampa Bay!!! Go Bucs! Go Rays! Go Bolts!!!!!

  90. Beaner Says:

    The first step in winning is BELIEVING you can. That’s what Brady brings to the table I’ve watched him since his days in Michigan. He has never changed that mentality. It makes me so angry when I see BUCS FANS start the ‘wait until they go up against a real team’ crap. If you can’t be a part of the BELIEF that they will win, go home. I’mma stay right her and raise my flag and scream GO BUCS!!!! Cuz I BELIEVE they can win.

  91. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist - City of St Pete Says:


    Such a refreshing article, Thank you!


    We are going to get better and better throughout the season, and our final victory of the season will be a Superbowl win at RayJay.

    Believe it, bcuz it’s happening whether people believe it or not.

    Tom Brady and this team won’t be denied. Trust that. 💯

  92. GhostofSchiano Says:

    I like what I am seeing. I think the 4 preseason games might have helped iron out a few wrinkles. By mid October this team should be at full speed and mowing down some opponents. Wonder if the NFL will flex the chiefs game to Sunday night, looking more and more like the possible game of the season

  93. Cobraboy Says:

    So far, so good, but way too many Bucs fans are counting their proverbial chickens well before the eggs are laid.

    One game at a time…