“We’ll Find Out What He Does Know And What He Doesn’t Know”

August 13th, 2020

“Coach, I remember when you walked around training camp in Arizona in short shorts and those trademark high socks. You might need some TB12 supplements if you don’t think I’m prepared.”

Media won’t be allowed in to see it, but tomorrow is a big day at One Buc Palace for Tom Brady, the Buccaneers coaching staff and the Bucs defense.

The Friday practice session will the first time the Bucs offense works against the Tampa Bay defense. So far, it’s only been glorified conditioning at team headquarters. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s all been courtesy of The Sickness.

Bucco Bruce Arians today was asked about what this all means for Tom Brady and what he wants to see most from his new/old quarterback.

“Just playing fast, you know, looking like everybody else, [that] he knows what he’s doing,” Arians replied. “But now the speed of it’s going to pick up for the first time for him. So, yeah, just seeing how he processes the information that he thinks he knows and we’ll find out what he does know and what he doesn’t know — at a much higher pace. You know, we haven’t gone against our defense and we’re very complicated defensively. It’ll be a lot of fun for him.”

Man, Joe sure hopes Brady blows the coaches’ minds when it comes to what he knows and can process. Still Joe (unlike others) recognizes that Brady is human and will have a learning curve.

Literally, the Bucs are about 24 days from finalizing their game plan for the Saints — and then drilling it in practice during game week.

Tomorrow may not seem like a big day, but in this unique preseason time crunch, it sort of is.

71 Responses to ““We’ll Find Out What He Does Know And What He Doesn’t Know””

  1. Mort Says:

    Should expect some bumps in the road starting tomorrow. That’s part of learning is making mistakes. A good sign post on the way to a memorable season. For better and for worse.

  2. Ndog Says:

    Preview of the quotes from tommorow from Arains:

    He knew everything, every pass was perfect, he was telling everyone what to do, he knew our defense better than our defensive players know it.

    But yeah I’m cussed at him cause I’m BA.

  3. Clean House Says:

    Think there’s any chance he doesn’t know it? Isn’t picking it all up in a few weeks?
    Would the team ever admit that?

  4. Dewey Selmon Says:

    When Jameis threw interceptions in TC it made big news, imagine Brady throwing 4 tomorrow? It isn’t big deal in my mind, he has to work out the kinds of a new system. Go Bucs!!!

  5. Clean House Says:

    Would he?

  6. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    It will actually be nice to have a starting QB who can process information quickly, rather than have the deer in the headlights look.

  7. Bucsfan951 Says:

    My favorite Winston pre game speech:

    1,2,3 into the 4
    The Bucs q’s and C’s coming out dat door
    Now we don’t know how to do these rhymes
    We know about pancake blocks and throwing dimes
    Now the time has come for us to compete
    Now we gotta do it one way, one team, one heartbeat
    Now let’s go out here and have a great day
    And let’s kick some jag *ss, Tampa Bay

    Nothing screams lets go out there and kick some *ss like having to repeat this, every line, after my leader and captain (qb) says it…

    I guess it’s better than watching your qb eat his fingers 🤷🏻‍♂️

    I prefer my starting qbs to use yahoo instead of google

  8. Ndog Says:

    You know what I find funny the ones that hate Jameis the most are the ones that bring him up there most.

    Same ones every day, he lives rent free in their minds.

  9. Dave Pear Says:

    Why is it that only you and Ira are not live streaming you’re faces during the media interviews?
    Are you guys just sitting around in your boxers drinking Big Storm Beer?
    Asking for a friend.
    A) Ira often is seen on Zoom.
    B) If Joe was into video, then Joe would do video on this website.
    C) Why would Joe provide more fodder for the haters and screen shot trolls?
    D) Joe finds the person being asked the questions will listen more closely when there’s no face. And the whole point is to get the question answered.

  10. Mike Says:

    Good job predicting what BA will say N dog, wonder if anyone here can predict what you will say?

  11. Dave Pear Says:

    * your

    Auto correct can kiss my ask.

  12. Ndog Says:

    You never know Mike you never no. But one thing you know it will be the truth.

  13. Mike Says:

    The truth in your delusional world. Perception is reality Ndog and you have JW blinders on.

  14. Joe Says:

    Why is it that only you and Ira are not live streaming you’re faces during the media interviews?

    Mugs were not made for video.

  15. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Rent free in my head, rent free in your mouth. what ever you say, NPUPPY!

  16. Clean House Says:

    Let’s see if TB12 can top 5,109 and deliver a winning season, a playoff game.

  17. Leighroy Says:

    Who cares about 5109. The guy who threw 5109 couldn’t win more than 7 games. Couldn’t put together a win loss record better than .400 (LOSER!) and never smelled an NFL playoff game in his life. Go home and clean your apartment.

  18. VABucsfan Says:

    Clean house,

    Who cares about 5000+ passing yards. Drew Brees has done it like 4 or 5 times and has only been to 1 super bowl. Plus I didn’t know Jameis won a playoff game, when was that?

  19. SB Says:


  20. SB Says:

    Carolina chose Teddy Bridgewater over your boo.
    Indy chose a 38 year old int prone Phillip Rivers over your boo.
    Jacksonville chose Gardner Minshew ( 178th pick) over your boo.

    Idiots the lot of ’em eh!?

  21. SB Says:

    The Bears are most likely going to choose Nick Foles over your boo too.

    ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL of these teams had a shot at your boo but ONLY New Orleans thought he was worth a third string gig worth less than Ryan Griffin!!

    Taysom Hill is making FIVE TIMES what your boo is making.
    Hope you don’t have expensive tastes. 🙂

  22. webster Says:

    @ sb

    It was reported as soon as jameis signed with the saints that he turned down more lucrative offers from other teams in order to sign with the saints. A publication that covers the saints wrote an article about a week or so ago addressing that very topic. You have no idea if jacksonville pursued jameis or not. Why would jameis want to go to a team that is worst than the bucs? Jameis made a smart business move. One, he said it is an opportunity to learn from brees and payton. But dont think for a second he did not also take into consideration that brees may retire at the end of year. According to reports, coaches love winston in new orleans. Jameis is auditioning to possibly take over for brees if he does retire. Then he could be on a team where he has a kicker, a great running game, probowl olinemen, and a defense thats good from week one until the end of the season. Dont think this is far fetched.

  23. webster Says:


    Also winston’s pay from the saints has everything to do with their cap issue and not the monetary value they believe winston is worth. Why is that so hard to understand?

  24. webster Says:

    @ sb

    Look no further than shady mccoy. He too had other offers from teams for more than what the bucs paid and probably to a team where he might have had a larger role from day one. You dont think the money he received was due to the bucs poor cap situation? He chose the bucs and not for financial reasons. Players still do that you know. I guess you are aware of that only if you dont hate said player.

  25. SB Says:

    Webster are you trying to tell me that he turned down STARTING JOBS to sit third string?
    I know you are not Ndog so I ask this in all seriousness.

  26. SB Says:

    So Jameis turned down Starting Gigs to become one of the lowest paid clipboard holders in the League????

  27. Oneilbucs Says:

    SB again no other team wanted Brady why do you think that teams wanted him and he just chose us ? You have no proff of all these teams wanted Brady lol 😂 ???

  28. SB Says:

    ” According to reports, coaches love winston in new orleans. ”

    I perused at least 10 different articles on 3 different Saints sites last night and couldn’t find ONE positive comment about the acquisition of JW2 in the comment section by fans!

    All of this is irrelevant.
    Point being 31 other teams didn’t consider him STARTING MATERIAL.
    Sure he may have turned down more lucrative back up jobs………..pfffft

  29. danr Says:

    @ joes.

    you used to be into videos. I think how well video did for clicks has more to do with why there is no video on the website, less than what you are or are not ‘into’ lol

    Or maybe what you are into, has alot to do with what is popular. no idea. lol

  30. SB Says:

    ONeil ANSWER the Question!!!

    Stop fudging around if you have the balls then answer the QUESTION(s)!!!

  31. SB Says:

    Hey webster……….”According to reports” China didn’t know about the Covid until late January too. 🙂

    “According to reports” lol smdh

  32. webster Says:

    Again sb you are totally missing the point. YOU brought up his pay as if it was a reflection of his value. I simply pointed out that there were reports of more lucrative offers out there which he turned down. Again, why go play for jacksonville when that team is in worst shape than what the bucs were when jameis first got here? Just to be blamed for every lost when its obvious the entire team sucks? Jameis made a buisness decision for himself. Oh and i personally know some saints fan that are excited jameis is their backup. My vice presidentwho is a saints fan told me when it was rumored brady was coming here that he hoped the saints sign winston because he felt it would be a great pick up in the event brees retire. That was before winston was let go and before it was announced he signed with new orleans. And again, the coaches out there in new orleans love him.

  33. webster Says:

    @ sb

    Also i have seen saint fans on twitter that are happy with the pick up.

  34. SB Says:

    I just googled “What is the diagnosis for people who avoid questions?”

    First thing that popped up was this:
    Search Results
    Web results

    How to Spot a Liar or Just Someone Trying to Avoid the Truth …

    Aug 9, 2016 – It’s been said that everybody lies, but the question is when, to whom, … you may similarly try to avoid offending people you know don’t agree …

  35. SB Says:

    Yay Webster you are on twitter. Never had an account never will

    Since you are here why don’t you tell me why EVERY other team that was looking for a starting QB passed on JW2.

    Simple question. No need for a diatribe.

  36. Oneilbucs Says:

    SB And Brady is known to be a cheater him and his former team . He lied about deflated balls . Which help him win a lot of games he was suspended for 4 games that year and the Patriots still went 3 and 1 without Brady .

  37. SB Says:

    Simple question for you then webster.

    Why did every QB needy team pass on JW2?

  38. SB Says:

    Why did every QB needy team pass on JW2?

  39. SB Says:

    Oneil answer the question.

  40. SB Says:

    Ndog, webster, somebody please answer me.

  41. SB Says:

    REALLY JOE………….6 words and it is in moderation?

  42. SB Says:

    smdh joes. You seriously need to upgrade your filters. I could lend you a grand or two if necessary.

  43. SB Says:

    Oneil……I ask you questions about JW and you come back with stuff about Brady???

    You must have done bad in school if you can’t answer questions

  44. SB Says:

    “Why oh Why is JW not a starting QB in the NFL after being the First Overall pick in the draft??”

  45. SB Says:

    Per BSPN

    “Last year, quarterback Jameis Winston struggled against Todd Bowles’ aggressive defense early in training camp, throwing a high number of interceptions. But Brady has seen this defense before, going 8-1 against Bowles when he was head coach of the New York Jets and when he was the interim head coach of the Miami Dolphins.

  46. REDZONE BA Fan Says:

    @SB – I will take a shot at answering your question “Why did 31 other teams pass on JW?” I get your point, but your is question is flawed. There were not 31 viable options for either party.

    1. 21 of 31 teams have their Franchise QB on team.
    2. 2 teams – Bengals and Dolphins, were set up to draft their Franchise QB w Burrows and Tua.
    3. Washington has Snyders #1 draft pick and Rivera brought in Kyle Allen to bridge, as guy he knows well.
    4. Chicago signed Foles quickly in offseason, who is likely to take over for Trubisky. Who BTW, beat the pants off the Bucs with Fitz as QB. Hmmn.
    5. Titans – could have been a fit, but Rivers is still dang good, and has ties to the organization. That means something in NFL. Ask BA.
    6. Jags – Fan base loves Minshew, and he did well enough last year to earn starting gig. And if Mishew fails, it is the Trevor/Justin sweepstakes, so who knows what their real plan is for 2020?
    7. Pats – I thought BB might look at JW, was surprised.
    8. Panthers – Teddy proved himself as reliable QB going 5-0 under Payton. New coach played safe, and I get that selection.
    9. Chargers – Like Fins and Bengals, were drafting a future QB in Herbert, and Tyrod Taylor is annual bridge QB, aka Mayfield, while they get Herbert acclimated to start by mid-year.
    10. Bucs FIRED JW
    11. Saints – Entire league views 2020 as Brees last year. Great situation to sit and learn for JW.

    Net – This was the worst year ever for a QB like JW to have bad 2019 year, given how committed most teams were to their QB situation.

    Titans, Jags, Pats were the most realistic options for a QB like JW. Saints ended up being his best bet. And if Tayson is the future, why did Teddy start last year instead of Tayson? Dude is highly-effective gadget player who also plays special teams.

    Just my 2 cents, SB.

  47. webster Says:

    @ sb

    I dont know what report you are talking about as covid was known world wide in early january. I do know it was reported trump knew about covid in december but here we are today with he and people like you still calling it a hoax. So im not suprised you dont think winston had offers because 170,000 have died in america and you feel its a hoax or “political.”

  48. REDZONE BA Fan Says:

    @Joe – what gives with moderation?

  49. Danr Says:

    Oof. This went south quick.

  50. REDZONE BA Fan Says:

    @SB – my last post addressing your question about why 31 teams passed on JW is still “under moderation by @Joe’s site” for some reason. Strange – nothing controversial. Just facts – oh well. Hopefully my post will present soon, and I welcome your civil response.

    Regarding Brady: 6 Rings speaks for itself regarding Brady’s excellence as GOAT and a leader, regardless of benefiting being on same team for 19 years under the greatest NFL coach and franchise in history. Brady, Coach BB, owner Kraft were the consistent triplets of the equation every year, and “HAT Tip” to Brady for leading different teams to championships. KUDOS!

    Watching Brady’s comeback against Falcons was a QB leader masterpiece!
    Win vs Seahawks? Geez, that game was OVER with a hand-off to the Beast on one yd line. Still SMH at Pete Carroll for calling a pass play. And the Tuck rule situation? Youza…..Gruden is still not over it.

    Hopefully Brady brings that amazing Karma to Bucs. The table is set for his banner year with WR/TE’s, RB’s, matured OL, and significantly improved D and 2nd yr Kicker.

    For me, CV19 excuses are lame since every team is dealing with same. Brady is the “savant” who has stated he has seen every D, and every play every run. SB or BUST!!!!

    Fans should EXPECT SB win in 2020, period!

  51. BillyBucFan Says:

    N Dog is privately hoping for a 5 interception day tomorrow from Brady.
    I hope he does.

    I honestly think Jameis got used to a piss poor defense early on last year from our own team.

    Thought he was good to go.

  52. SB Says:

    My question my have indeed been flawed Redzone thanks for pointing that out.
    A better question was “Why did Every QB needy team pass on JW as a starter?

    Nobody in their right mind could tell me that JW passed up starting gigs to ‘learn from Brees’ and hope to replace him should he retire.

    Teams passed on him because they didn’t Believe he was starting material

    “simple as that’

  53. SB Says:

    webster Says:
    August 13th, 2020 at 9:12 pm
    @ sb

    I dont know what report you are talking about as covid was known world wide in early january. I do know it was reported trump knew about covid in december but here we are today with he and people like you still calling it a hoax. So im not suprised you dont think winston had offers because 170,000 have died in america and you feel its a hoax or “political.”


    I know it is probably late where you are but I hope you read this and respond tomorrow. I NEVER called it a hoax. I am a GC in a Wealthy area of Montana. I do exclusive work for a Chinese Billionaire doing hotels, restaurants, and BNBs that cater Exclusively to the Chinese. This guy owns FIVE hospitals in China.
    I caught Covid last Nov pretty sure. I know that I have had it due to the AB test. So has my family. We were in hotels and rentals that were Chinese exclusive.
    I KNOW it was around before anyone says it was. So believe “Reports” if you want to. Don’t be a sheep in either instance.

  54. SB Says:

    “5. Titans – could have been a fit, but Rivers is still dang good, and has ties to the organization. That means something in NFL. Ask BA.”

    Um Rivers went to the Colts.

    The Titans preferred Tanahill.

  55. REDZONE BA Fan Says:

    @SB – Yep – Colts/Titans mistake on my part. Good call-out. But I think you got the point.

    I addressed why JW was passed. The only real options seeking a “new” QB were Colts, Jags, Chargers and Pats.

    To rehash “my opinion” :

    I think Jags are tanking for next year’s QB draft for T Lawrence. Minshew is good enough for a few wins but the team is bad.

    Colts focused on Rivers, who is familiar with OC and system, and can plug and play.

    Chargers let go of Rivers to rebuild w young QB, and using Tyrod as bridge, not competition. JW could have kept Herbert on bench, or worse, caused unnecessary controversy either way.

    Pats were my “bet” for signing JW. I whiffed. Cam Newton, if healthy, can be amazing under Daniels.

    Saints are a great option on both sides for JW and Saints. JW can learn from Brees/Payton. Payton can see if Winston is next years QB on the cheap.

    @SB – my only point is that this was an abnormal year for FA QB’s and open options. See past years’ FA QB signings to big bucks i.e, Mike Glennon to Bears and other desperate signings for QB’s with lesser creds than JW. I could go on, but you will defer back to JW not getting signed to a starting role in 2020.

    Just revel in your happiness that JW is a backup.

  56. webster Says:

    @ sb

    So let me get this straight. You say you dont have twitter and never will yet you proudly stated you have been on numerous saint websites reading the comments of fans. Does that mean you have accounts on the saint’s websites just to troll jameis. I mean whats really wrong with you dude? You know you do not need a twitter account to read what someone post right? You want us to believe you read saint websites without an account but you dont read twitter post? You are full of s#!+. Gtfooh. Answer your question? You are the one acting as if jameis only had one option. Why dont you answer how in the he11 you know he only had one offer? Thats right its all a hoax like covid

  57. SB Says:

    I concur Redzone. Also I am not happy that JW is a backup. That ISH is only for the Nuthuggers/non fans.
    As a Gators fan I supported him WHOLEHEARTEDLY. Living in Montana you have No Idea the heat I have taken the last Five years for supporting him EVEN as a Gators Alum
    Don’t be mislead by my rants at Ndog and Oneil please
    I have been at JWs back for 5 years. He moved on. So did I

  58. SB Says:

    Webster………..No I don’t have twitter, myspace, instagram etc etc.

    I am 54 but I checked those sites via google
    Why do you guys root so hard for a guy who isn[t here the we used to root so hard for and is now the enemy?]

    I don’t get it. But I have been a Bucs fan since 76 so I should just accept the punishment.

  59. Joe Says:

    I am 54

    Didn’t know there was some age limit on using social media?

  60. REDZONE BA Fan Says:

    @SB – Appreciate that insight. Thank you.

    What I “believe” and no facts to back-up, is that the release of JW – was all BA, who is trying to preserve his “Whisperer” moniker/reputation and needs to win NOW. Again, “zero facts” to support my theory, but believe that back-channel conversations were going on with Brady to come to Bucs before the season ended.

    Brady decided in 2018, via his contract terms, to leave the Pats as FA.

    Brady was just trying to smartly figure out the best situation for his next team. Bucs had premier WR’s with a QB leading NFL in passing but w/unprecedented TO’s. BINGO. Back channel dialogue. JL w/past relationship. Just life and reality.

    My beef with BA and JL, is asking JW to play while hurt absent of his best WR’s those last few games, knowing they were going to cut him. His stats were decent when he broke his thumb, and JW could have chosen to sit with decent stats to support a starting role with another team, like Pats.

    All fans should take note, that BA will roll his bus wheels over anyone to make excuses for failures. TB is no exception. Just watch.

    Also – Like all Bucs – I want to Win NOW, too. Would have liked to know we had a future path. 2021/2022 – we will be starting over, again…..since we signed a rental 43 yr old.

  61. SB Says:

    @ Joe
    I am just very averse to giving real details of my life away. I have no reason to tell or read who is having donuts at 11.
    No offense to those who do that. This site and a few other blogs are my only avenues of talking to people I don’t know.

  62. SB Says:

    @ RedZone
    Yeah man. Thanks too. I like it when people can have rational discussions. I never wanted JW to fail. I have taken a lot of heat over the last 5 years supporting him and now I have feathers in my teeth. Don’t taste good. JW lovers think I hate him. I do not. I would wish him Much success should he get the shot to start again but he is with the Saints so I can’t in good conscience do that. lol.
    All that matters now is we support the Bucs!
    Go Bucs!

  63. SB Says:

    Been here for over 8 years tho Joe. .. Thanks!

  64. SB Says:

    Just saw this before I go to bed.

    You want us to believe you read saint websites without an account but you dont read twitter post? You are full of s#!+. Gtfooh. Answer your question? You are the one acting as if jameis only had one option. Why dont you answer how in the he11 you know he only had one offer? Thats right its all a hoax like covid

    Do you know how easy it is to access sites without any kind of twitter.???
    I come here every day with no twitter. Are the Saints sites special?
    Dumba##! I NEVER EVER said he only had one offer.
    DO you Speak English? I said WHY did Nobody offer him a starting job.
    Jeesh some of you are so worked up. He is gone. He doesn’t start anymore in the NFL Is that so hard for you to Grasp???
    NOBODY wanted him as a Starter!
    Dam it is so simple. Forest and trees for some of you I guess.
    Also read above about my true feelings for JW

  65. REDZONE BA Fan Says:

    @SB Thanks – and appreciate the rational exchange when our opinions differ. I welcome different viewpoints.

    Yep – I am one of those bitter JW supporters who are pissed at BA and JL.

    In my heart, I think they F__cked JW by lying to him about their intent for 2020 (signing Brady) in the last 3 games by requiring JW to play w/broken thumb on throwing hand and bad knee with tier-3 WR’s in hopes for a winning 2019 season to pad their own resumes.

    JW had 10 INTs in his last 3 games. Think about that stat and WHY!

    JW should have never suited up given his injuries; and most franchises would have sat their QB based on JW’s injuries.

    Worked out HORRIBLY for JW. For all the naysayers, JW is a great teammate, who could/should have sat out the last 3 games, for his health, but suited up for what he believed, was his future team. Those last 3 games resulted in 10 INT’s. 10 of his 30.

    Absorb that fact. Broken Thumb, Knee injury. 10 INT’s of his 30.

    As observant and passionate fans, we will never know the real truth of what transpired at Bucs HQ with these decisions.

    Hopefully, our 2 yr rental 43 yr old QB will net a SB. Ironically, we bet our long-term, aka Pats plan, on a short-term bet.

    Go Bucs! Damn sure better win SB in 2020!

  66. Youngbucs Says:

    Dude shut up you think 2 gms doomed winston 😂😂😂dude has a 5 year consisted problem with turnovers.

  67. Youngbucs Says:

    Acting like you saying something just regurgitating the same garbage excuses. And by the way this the nfl everybody play hurt we don’t even hear about most surgeries.

  68. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Red zone

    Hate to shatter your case for jw but he had 7 ints the last 3 games… not 10. Most notably 6 during the Texans and falcons games.

    I’m still waiting for someone to give me documented proof from a reliable source that said BA and the Bucs told him they we’re going to resign or tag him. Nobody, including you, can give any type of proof. One person on twitter said it but to me, he isn’t a reliable source.

    And it’s not like right when the dinner bell rang on free agency, jw couldn’t have signed anywhere else. Fact of the matter is, 32 teams passed on making him their franchise qb.

    Everyone (including myself) wanted him to work out. We all want a franchise qb who can retire a buc. But it didn’t work out at the end.

    Again, I challenge anyone to show me proof from a reliable source that says ba said he would resign jw.

  69. SufferingSince76 Says:

    In case everyone forgot, Tom Brady is the Bucs QB. Enough about Winston. He is irrelevant to this team.

  70. Mike Says:

    I also love the “we sold the future for a rental” from the JW cult. How can you possibly know that JW would be able to ever get a team to or much less win a super bowl? We could have given that guy a 7 year contract and been screwed for the next 7years. YOU DON’T KNOW what will happen, so stop acting like we threw something away! If 7 years from now JW has SB rings the you can talk, until then be a buc fan and stfu about that guy.

  71. DalvinCookRules Says:

    Tom Brady used to have a fairly strong arm. That is just not the case anymore. It will be interesting to see just how washed up he is. He didn’t look good at all towards the tail end of last season.