Tom Brady’s Birthday Present

August 8th, 2020

Birthday boy this week.

Taylor Bisciotti asked the obvious.

What do you get a man who has six rings and a supermodel wife for his 43rd birthday?

Biscotti seems to know what someone got park-violating, home-invading, NFLPA-ignoring Bucs quarterback Tom Brady for his birthday this week.ย Brady, barring a freak injury in training camp, is due to be the first 43-year-old starting QB since Vinny Testaverde took snaps for the Stinking Panthers in 2006.

The bar is set low for 43-year old quarterbacks. The most touchdowns one has thrown in a season is six. Hell, Brady may need only two games to break that mark.

So when you hear people say the Bucs are asking Brady to do what has never been done before in leading the Bucs to the playoffs, referencing his age, remember it’s not like the Bucs are asking Brady to snap a record held by Dan Marino or Peyton Manning or Brett Favre in their primes.

Six touchdowns? Really, that’s it.

As for Ms. Biscotti, Joe is confident Uncle Stevie is proud of her.

8 Responses to “Tom Brady’s Birthday Present”

  1. BillyBucFan Says:

    Dang she is Talented

  2. John Says:

    Hell, she’s everything!!!

  3. Says:

    She would make a nice birthday present.

  4. Snook Says:

    I heard nothing she said.

  5. PSL Bob Says:

    No kidding, that girl’s got it going on.

  6. Mike in LOL Says:

    She could give Kay a run for her money

  7. lambchop Says:

    It was great till she jokingly said that Lamar Jackson needs to watch out for Joe Burrow. LOL.

  8. Paul Says:


    park-violating, home-invading, NFLPA-ignoring Bucs quarterback Tom Brady?

    waste of space and shows how Amateurish attempt at humor.

    He is the GOAT!! Why not put that spin on it instead of your Childishness? Are you really trying to be funny or you still are pimping for JW?