Injuries Hit Two Bucs Starters

August 28th, 2020

Carlton Davis

Joe’s not pressing a panic button, but there were two injuries to starters in the Buccaneers’ intrasquad scrimmage today.

Ronald Jones went down with some sort of left foot injury, and cornerback Carlton Davis suffered some sort of upper body, shoulder-area injury.

There is no official injury report and Bucco Bruce Arians said after practice that he doesn’t think they are serious injuries. The Bucs are not required to disclose injuries, per NFL rules, until Wednesday, Sept. 9.

With kickoff in 16 days, Joe is munching TUMS for lunch.

16 Responses to “Injuries Hit Two Bucs Starters”

  1. Razor Ramone Says:

    Don’t need any injuries. Hey Joe, when I click on the new Sage podcast it plays a 15 minute Todd Wright show.

  2. Razor Ramone Says:

    I can’t .miss an episode of IRA.
    No idea what you’re talking about. –Joe

  3. All lives matter Says:

    This hopefully is precautionary to allow RoJo and Davis rest up for the start. In hindsight, it does give players like Vaughn, Calais and Winnfield (other DB’s) extra learning time

  4. El Buco Realisto Says:

    Should be no problem if what the sheep keep calling this A+ coaching should over come!!!!! That is if they are that good!!!!!!!!!!!! No excuses!!!!!!!!!! Next man up or else its Next Coach up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    At the end of the year, we will all see if their really is any accountability at One Buc!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    El Buco Realisto, just curious – Since you are so critical of Bruce Arian, what coaches do you think would be a good fit for the Bucs’ head coaching gig?

  6. SmoothBayRider Says:

    Bama – He wants Greg Schiano

  7. Jeff Says:

    Great question Alabama Bucs Fan.

  8. BUCNOLE Says:

    I love how Joe lets El Buco continue to post his negative bs for years but I can’t say the F word. Classic.

  9. No Risk It No Biscuit Says:

    El Buco works for Joe! lol

  10. Jaymiss Pick6 Again Says:

    @Joe – can you please tell us if Chris Godwin practed today?


  11. Pryda...sec147 Says:


  12. Joe Says:

    @Joe – can you please tell us if Chris Godwin practed today?

    Yup. Had a nice catch too early in the scrimmage.

  13. pepsi Says:

    my finger is hovering over the panic button… we are thin at both those areas, and imo Carlton Davis is one of the major key players that we need to stay healthy

  14. BucEmUp Says:

    Injuries happen to every team, but the less and less these players practice and the less preseason games the more prone to injury the become. Get ready for the first full season of benchwarmer football.

  15. Chesapeake Bay Bucco Says:

    why was the field slow/mushy?

  16. BigHog Says:

    Motley, Vaughn, Calais, we move forward with the next man up as always!!