“I Don’t Like Making A Lot Of Mistakes”

August 19th, 2020

Tom Brady was talking this afternoon.

Of course, Joe was listening and taking diligent notes.

The most successful quarterback in NFL history is used to a ton of freedom — and using it — at the line of scrimmage.

The Bucs are counting on Brady’s pre-snap genius to improve their No. 3-ranked offense.

But is there enough practice time to make that happen? Brady was asked about that on SiriusXM NFL Radio. The Bucs’ franchise quarterback seemed a touch frustrated by his learning curve.

“We can’t just do everything at one time,” Brady explained. “I think we have to establish a foundation and a base and that’s really what we’re doing. And the only way to do it is to practice it and unfortunately make mistakes that, you know, when you do some things for the first time you go, ‘Uchh, wouldn’t have done that,’ or ‘Shouldn’t have done that’ or, ‘Gotta learn from that one.’

“I don’t like making a lot of mistakes. But,you know, that’s just part of the learning process for me and hopefully we can get most of those out of the way before the real games start.”

Joe’s not concerned about Brady’s readiness, just whether there will be enough prep time to get the real Brady, the guy who can maximize his brain while the play clock is ticking down and the pressure is on.

12 Responses to ““I Don’t Like Making A Lot Of Mistakes””

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I realize it’s far more complicated than this…..but for Brady, I think it’s…..see an open receiver, hit him……don’t see an open receiver, dump it.

    The primary problem with JW was….failure to see open receivers….and when he didn’t find one open, either he held the ball too long or threw it into coverage.

  2. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Just making the reads on time or before, throwing the ER open, hitting the right WR in any particular situation and hitting that WR on time and in stride while throwing the ball to a place giving the WR a chance to YAC it up… you know like the good QB you see on TV do …. right Ndog?

  3. Yehaw Says:

    offense is going to be ranked worse and be less productive this year. Hopefully Brady can put up better numbers than a younger Winston.. ie 4,090 yds, 28 Td’s, 18 ints, 86.1 qbr (Winston’s 2nd season)

  4. Waterboy Says:

    #3 ranked offense? Who were the other 4 in the top 5 and did they make the playoffs?

  5. james west Says:

    i guess i am the only one here that is really not concerned about brady, him learning the offence, and building chemistry with his receivers, this season is going to be beautiful, prediction going to sweep the dirty taints, win the NFCS division, send breese to his retirement pasture broken and humbled, NFC CHAMPS, SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS, BRADY LEAGUE AND SUPERBOWL MVP, ME 13 OVER A 1000 YDS, BEATS MOSS’S RECORD, CG14 OVER 1000 YDS, BOTH IN PRO BOWL, DEFENSE RANKED #1 ROJO RUSHING AND RECEIVING OVER A 1000 YDS, BUCCO BRUCE ARIANS COACH OF THE YEAR, WINFIELD JR DROY, JASON LICHT GM OF THE YEAR, THEY TEAR DOWN THE GOAL POST’S IN TAMPA, MATT GAY IS PERFECT IN POST SEASON, GOTTA BELIEVE IT

  6. james west Says:


  7. Mrs. Entertainment Says:

    I like that barometer, Waterboy.

  8. tickrdr Says:

    @TBBF and Altered Ego:
    You are both right on the money in my opinion. +1

    IMHO, we will see MANY more slants and crossing routes as well as effective outlet passes to RBs and TEs that were NOT utilized with JW3, as he was quite skilled at firing fastballs at a stationary target, but less skilled at leading a moving target that those routes require. This will result in NUMEROUS 2nd and 4’s, and 3rd and 1’s, which will absolutely transform our rushing attack, and should result in incredible improvement in the YAC as well. I am totally jacked for this season to begin!


  9. tickrdr Says:

    @James West: I LUV your thinking too!


  10. BigMacAttack Says:

    It very deceptive to call that garbage a 3’rd ranked offense, because it doesn’t discount JW’s 337 interceptions which led to touchdowns, stopped Buc touchdowns or ended in immediate pick 6 touchdowns. You’re a fool if you only count the good and don’t discount the bad. The “3’rd ranked“ offense was more realistically a 20’th ranked offense. Jameis absolutely sucked last year. Pure unadulterated garbage.

  11. BigMacAttack Says:

    I’m not the least bit concerned about Tom Brady doing his job well.

  12. Ronnie Bucharski Says: