“They Carried This Team”

July 16th, 2020

Geeked about Bucs

A former NFL offensive linemen seems to have a hunch that NFL teams will be focusing on the wrong side of the ball when they play the Bucs this year.

The klieglights of TV networks glisten off the helmets of Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. But that is where Brian Baldinger thinks Bucs opponents will get trapped.

Baldinger, speaking on NFL Network Wednesday, seems to believe the Bucs defense will be the star of the show this fall, not necessarily the offense with all its star power.

He particular loves the Bucs’ front-seven.

“Defensively they carried this team,” Baldinger said. “And they are all coming back. And you have to kind of get to know these guys because a lot of people are just concentrating on the offense.”

Well, Joe maintains the Bucs have the best foursome of linebackers in the game: NFL sack king Shaq Barrett, criminally underrated Lavonte David. Potential rising star Devin White and Jason Pierre-Paul.

Name a better linebacking unit.

Baldinger has a point. How much has been talked about or written about this defense, aside from Shaq’s contract negotiations? Not a whole lot.

Yet hours upon hours of sports radio content and TV hollering sports shows have been filled with chatter about Brady, about Evans, about Gronk, about Godwin. Joe isn’t saying they don’t/didn’t deserve it. Just that Baldinger might just be onto something.

See Baldinger’s take on the Bucs in the NFL Network video below.

23 Responses to ““They Carried This Team””

  1. Bucsfanman Says:

    Shhhhhhhhhhhh. Let teams go on thinking about other things. If the secondary continues to improve, well, this could be a very formidable defense.

  2. Sport Says:

    Damn Skippy! Job #1 was getting this defense signed for 2020!

    Even you haters gotta give Licht credit for landing this one.

    Go Bucs!!!

    In BA I Trust!

  3. El Buco Realisto Says:

    So all they need is a soft schedule and to face a bunch of bad backup qb’s like they did in the back end of last season!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and for those keeping score!!!!!!!!!!!

    Loser Frazier 25.6 Points Allowed per Game (16 games)
    Loser Lovie – 26.1 Points Allowed per Game (16 games)
    Coach Smitty -24.97 Points Allowed Per Game ( 37 games)
    mark duffner – 26.45 Points Allowed Per Game ( 11 games)
    toilet bowles – 28.1 Points Allowed Per Game ( 16 games)

    Pretty telling stats that the local media and sheep will never say or talk about !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sad how the local media and sheep fell hook, line, and sinker to the “all they need is to be coached up”!!!!!!!! But after 2020 season, the sheep will then will “REALIZES”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2019 revealed answers to the sheep, that the “real” fans already knew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bruce Blahak Says:

    most certainly a star unit…4 pro bowlers really, or potential all stars

  5. Hodad Says:

    If some of you I won’t name can’t see they started to gel last year, I can’t help you. No doubt we struggled in the secondary at the beginning of the year, but this defense came on strong at the end of the year. I wouldn’t sleep on this defense this year. All back, more seasoned, and they won’t have to take the field do to the QB turning it over more then 31 other QB’s in the league.

  6. Mike Says:

    Yeah and only like half those points scored were off of JW pick 6s or INTs

  7. Pok Says:

    Hahaha yeah I won’t miss the pick-sixes from backup king crab.

  8. JimBuc2. Says:

    Mike, spot on dude. #55 Brooks used to say ‘every blade of grass’, well if that is where your QB puts you, that is tough sledddin’. Our defensive points differential would be vastly better but for JW’s(Jack Wagon) ineptitude. Speaking of differentials, having just 3 more touchdowns than INTs is pretty bad, too. Egocentrric and uncoachable Mr. Check yo sheets is the poster child for a coddled, spoiled child in a man sport. Who cares about 5000 yds passing? Your record says what you are. JW is a serial-groping, lying, ‘It’s all about me’ thief. Take that JW nut huggers.

  9. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Agree with all, good stuff. I’ll add though, it’s not whether it’s either offense or defense, it’s that other coaches will have sleepless nights trying to determine how to stop either, and where to gain an advantage. Their gameplans are going to focus on wrinkles like changing coverages, more blitzes, drawing penalties, and special teams big plays more than usual. On paper as well with last year’s performance, it’s hard to imagine most teams beating the Bucs at just regular scrimmage play. Wow, it feels good to finally feel that way again. Usually Bucs fans (and coaches) are the ones worrying at night.

  10. Youngbucs Says:

    I agree with Jimbuc2.

  11. TheBradyBunch Says:

    The Bucs had a top 3 offense last year even with all the picks. While I agree that the defense started to gel last year, the offense was stellar last year and was the biggest strength of the team. Defense is good now but c’mon man. We have the GOAT at QB. We have probably the best TE of all time on the roster we two very good TEs after him. We have the best 1-2 combo in the league at WR and a new stud RT that should team well with Gronk to open up holes for the running game. I think Tampa is a complete team now on both sides of the ball, but the offense is the strength of the team.

  12. Allbuccedup Says:

    El Buco Realist remember 6 points a game was given up by pro bowler Winston. So it was more like 22 points a game the D actually gave up.

  13. Cobraboy Says:

    Totally agree with Baldinger.

    Bringing in Barret, Suh, Nassib and drafting White created one of the top front 7’s in the NFL.

    And while Nassib is gone, they are still a top front 7’s.

    If safety takes a giant step forward, this has the *potential* to be a memorable NFL defense.

    Compare the talent of this bunch to the great 2002 defense: is there that much difference? I don’t think there is beyond the base set.

  14. Cobraboy Says:

    As usual, Unrealisto thinks we are as stoopit as he is.

    That 28.1 ppg included 7 Jameis Christ Pick-6’s, and NUMEROUS short fields that defense had to defend.

    Those pick-6’s alone were worth 3 points a game. I could dig into the short fields on the other 23 int’s, but hopefully you’re not too much of a blockhead to get the point.

    After that brand new defense started to gel and the DB’s got with the program, that Bowles defense played admirably well.

    That said, I do give you props. You may be The Ultimate Casual Fan.

  15. Cobraboy Says:

    Enjoy this season, because 2021 will be a different story due to the cap.

  16. Craig Says:

    With the defense not having to run back onto the field all the time, Nassib might not be missed.

    The defense played tired last season because of those turnovers. They will not have to spell their starters as often when the offense holds the ball.

    The defense will look even better this year.

    2021 does look shaky. Too many stars still on their rookie contract, not to mention the front seven needing re-signed again.

  17. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    Yah, Shhhhhhhhh. Let’s keep it to ourselves.

    The guys assembled on both sides of the ball added to the coaching staff BA put together gives us long suffering Buccaneer fans a realistic hope to finally see the play-offs again. Not to mention that if all goes well we have a legitimate shot at making a run for the Lombardi this year.

    Certainly by December (and/or January) we will no longer be able to sneak up on anyone.

    Meanwhile, Shhhhhhhh!

  18. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I certainly take Baldy’s point and from a national perspective that is true.

    But here at JBF a large contingent have beat the drums for our D. It’s the old deal about national types not really following the Bucs like JBF posters. This makes Baldy’s observation more significant and a feather in his “national” cap.

  19. stpetebucsfan Says:


    I asked Joe on another thread but you also brought it up here and so I’ll ask you as well,

    The cap will almost certainly go down. But won’t this effect all teams? The obvious example is KC with Mahomes now at 45 million a year. They’ll spend 20 million more on their QB than we do. He’s worth it but so is ours.

    So until we know how much the cap is dropped and what kind of rules arise from the cut it’s hard if not impossible to plan. So if the cap drops what happens to the teams who entered the year at the old cap…do they have to cut salaries…will that even be legal…will they cut players? If they do won’t the market get flooded with newly available talented players at a bargain?

    Basic question though Cobra. Do you not expect the cap reduction to effect all teams equally?

    Too many questions…I have far more questions than answers.

  20. Cobraboy Says:

    stpetebucsfan Says:


    Basic question though Cobra. Do you not expect the cap reduction to effect all teams equally?

    Equally? Yes, but not in the egalitarian sense.

    The further a team is under the cap, the less a reduced cap will affect them. And vice versa.

    Since the beginning of the cap the assumption—and cottect, I might add—was a team got some cap relief because the cap always went up. Smart apologists could predict what that increase may be, and put that into “the plan.”

    If the cap goes down—and I predict it will due to poor attendance from the Virus Panic Hysteria and greatly lowered TV ratings from the New SJW NFL—it will have a massive effect on team talent. And unless some top players accept major $$$ cuts, it’ll be a SHTF period, and teams high on the cap, like the Bucs, will suffer most.

    This could be a seminal moment in NFL history…and team valuation.

  21. Cobraboy Says:

    (I hate posting from a phone. Tiny keyboard and manly fingers. Hey, Joes, how about a 5 minute editing period? That’s an option in WP software…)

  22. Buczilla Says:

    If our secondary continues to improve and we don’t get hit by the injury bug, we can easily be a top 10 defense. Shaq and JPP together for the entire year is freaking scary. Also, offenses traditionally start off the year slowly and that will most likely be magnified by the sickness. Our defense should feast on teams early and often. Of course that works both ways, but I have confidence in old man Brady and his targets.

  23. geno711 Says:

    Love how this defensive unit has shaped up. Nobody is able to run against them and we make them one dimensional.

    Hopefully Devin White does not get seriously sick from his party weekend!