“Tampa Is Gonna Be Really F—ing Good”

July 9th, 2020

NFL coordinator frightened.

In the words of noted football savant Jerry Glanville, “Are you scared?”

It seems one unnamed coordinator in the NFL is hoping he doesn’t have to play the Bucs. Because this nameless guy is very, very, very bullish on Tampa Bay this year.

In a series of articles Jeremy Fowler has written on the best players at their respective position, based on feedback from of a panel of folks collecting checks in the NFL, an unnamed coordinator is way high on the Bucs; he thinks Tom Brady with the Bucs’ weapons is going to light people up.

The panel of NFL suits, coaches, scouts and players have the soon-to-be 43-year old Brady as the NFL’s seventh-best quarterback.

7. Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Age: 42 | Highest ranking: 1 | Lowest ranking: 12

Serious questions persist about whether Brady’s declining arm can drive the ball over 16 games.

“I wasn’t prepared for what I saw last year,” one NFC exec said. “It’s all anticipation and pre-snap ability now.”

Added a veteran NFL quarterback: “If he was still in New England, not sure I would put him on [the list]. I put him on there because he’s in Tampa, he’s got weapons. He processes at such a high rate that when you have pieces around you, it still works.”

Brady posted one 300-yard game after Week 6 last season, prompting speculation about whether the New England breakup wasn’t one-sided. But Brady’s pre-snap wizardry is still good enough to spark a Peyton Manning late-career arc.

“Tampa is gonna be really f—ing good,” one NFL coordinator said. “Good defense, more weapons than Brady’s ever had — very similar to when Peyton went to Denver.”

Joe’s antennae also went up at the suggestion the Bucs have a good defense. It seems someone thinks the young corners grew up when serial loafer (allegedly) Vernon Hargreaves was tossed overboard.

If the Bucs defense does man up like many expect, this team should be scary good.

14 Responses to ““Tampa Is Gonna Be Really F—ing Good””

  1. Jaymiss Pick6 Again Says:

    Yea Joe, I perked up a bit too after that “good defense” comment. Now about that saftey position…

  2. Bucsfanman Says:

    I love how we forget to mention the awesome WR corps Brady had last year! Oh wait, that’s right, he had Julian Edelman and……..
    Curiously lost in spouting Brady’s perceived lack of production.

    Watch out NFL!

  3. Roy T. Buford Says:

    I would tend to agree Brady will better here than in New England…sure…receivers…but also: weather. Throwing in December 72 degrees in FL has got to be easier than doing it in NE at 35 degrees.

    I agree after VHIII left they ALL got better in the back. I note he’s been released and re-signed from HOU too. So I doubt they are very high on him. If I remember, he got torched in the playoffs too.

  4. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    I know the defensive line and LBs will be good……………….but the secondary is still a big question mark??????????

    Even though Brady is here…….The sickness is destroying bonding time with his new offensive weapons………

    Too many questions going into this NFL season for every NFL team

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Our Defense should be very good…..we have the entire 11 starting players back…..we have added Winfield & have the (possibility) of Justin Evans returning. There is no turnover with coaches. Our younger players have another year’s experience…..White, Davis, Dean, SMB, Whitehead, Edwards…..

    And with fewer turnovers opposing teams should have worse field position and points won’t be given to them.

  6. Sport Says:

    The secondary grew up in front of our eyes last year.

    Long, fast, humble, eager PLUS the best defensive coaching staff since Dungy.

    The second year or third year for the starters under Bowles will pick up where they left off and keep ascending.

    Band of Brothers!

    In BA I Trust!

  7. gp Says:

    We still have yet to see how it all jells but all or most of the pieces are there.
    Damn the ‘Rona’, we need time to get all of this talent coordinated with each other and we’re not going to get it. Yes yes, all of the teams have the same problem….. But all teams have different personnel situations as well.
    If all of our ‘potential’ is reached though, we will be un-touchable
    16 and OOOHHHH!
    Plus the perfect cap at home!

  8. Bradinator Says:

    If there is no preseason we are going to see near XFL level sloppiness in the first 3 weeks. It will be hard to judge that time period during the year. We won’t know what we got until we beat someone good after week 4. I’m trying to contain myself cause this stuff is exciting, but, it’s the Bucs. Need I say more?

  9. unbelievable Says:

    Well, about that defense…

    What’s the status of JPP’s surgery?

    What’s the status of Vea’s surgery?

    Has Shaq signed his franchise tag yet?

    Those 3 guys are kinda important…

  10. SOEbuc Says:

    Tom going to have much more practice with his team to grow together and getting in more starter work in the two preseason games. Nice.


    GO BUCS!!!

  11. Craig Says:

    The DBs really did have a huge turnaround about mid-season. The addition of a high quality free range Safety will make then excellent, if Bowles opens his playbook a little.

    Anticipation and pre-snap ability, wow, it has been a while since those words could be used for a Bucs QB. Maybe never.

    Points will come in like waves on the shore, nothing will stop them.

  12. Jerry Jones Says:

    I love when coaches and personnel around the league gush over how good Tampa is going to be, but detractors(commenters)call all of us sheep for believing the same thing. I’m going to trust those that have been in the league, not on their couch, to agree with what we all know.

  13. stpetebucsfan Says:


    “Band of Brothers!”

    This is one of those intangibles that frequently slides on by but something IMHO is important.

    These guys faced the same failures and learning curve TOGETHER..they sucked together and they improved TOGETHER and they had a strong final quarter of the season TOGETHER.

    I love the fact that they not only grew up in the fire…they did it TOGETHER.

    I think last year provided not just experience but chemistry and bonding for our DB’s. Winfield may be the final piece

  14. Mike Says:

    As excited as I am to see the offense with TB12 and Gronk, I am even more excited to see the defense continue to grow and improve and DOMINATE! That’s what it’s all about if you’re a Tampa Bay fan! DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!