“How Do They Deal With That?”

July 2nd, 2020

Telling words from Tom Brady

There’s an aspect of NFL football that Tom Brady is ignorant about and has marveled at publicly, and he might just pull aside one of his Bucs teammates to explain it to him.

Back in 2014, Brady’s Patriots got blown out in Week 4 of the regular season by a nothing-special Chiefs team. Brady wasn’t good, tossing a two interceptions and fumbling twice in a loss that dropped New England to 2-2.

The darts were flying at Brady from the media and fans, a rare and almost new occurrence for the 37-year-old quarterback.

Later that season, Brady sat down with FOX Sports and talked about the criticism and how he understood it and it gave him a small taste of life around the NFL. (The Patriots won seven straight after that game.)

Criticism hurled at teams for incessant losing, Brady said, would be something he doubts he could endure.

“I appreciate those teams that [media and fans] come down on them every week. I’m like, ‘How do they deal with that?’ You know what I’m saying?,” Brady said.

“Like how would you imagine? We’re 8-2; imagine being 2-8. I couldn’t imagine football being fun at that point.”

Welcome to Tampa, Tommy!

Brady is so eager to learn about every aspect of football, Joe wonders if Brady might pull Lavonte David and Mike Evans aside to get in their heads about the grind of playing for a losing organization. How do they do it?

Everything is fun for Brady now. But the last time Brady won less than 11 games in a season was in 2009.

What happens if Brady runs into adversity in Tampa that he’s not used to? Will he maintain his fire in 2021? This is why Joe is adamant that the Bucs break their seven-season streak of starting 3-5 or worse in the first half of the season.

Brady is still human, and he might not have the stomach for a crappy start that leads to a 9-7 finish and a couch seat in January.

Joe prays to the football gods daily for a fast Bucs start.

46 Responses to ““How Do They Deal With That?””

  1. No Risk It No Biscuit Says:

    The only thing that might stop TB12 from having a successful season is a cancellation of the season. IMHO

  2. FlBoy84 Says:

    Very doubtful he pulls anyone aside to ask about what it’s like to lose. If anything’s apparent about Brady from his short time here, it’s that he’s entirely focused on winning and getting better, even defying the NFLPA and public perception to do so. The last thing he wants for himself or his teammates is to think about losing football games. Such a refreshing change of mindset around here.

  3. Craig Says:

    It just proves that losing is something unnatural to Brady. Sure a QB can feel ill for a game and have a bad one, but when your nature doesn’t know what real losing is you just have to para-phrase Aaron Rodgers and tell everyone to “Relax”.

  4. Alanbucsfan Says:

    The only thing Brady needs to learn from teammates is chemistry

  5. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Brady wasn’t good, tossing a two interceptions and fumbling twice in a loss…..

    Gee, not too long ago that kind of a game from our former “Savior QB” would have been considered “not bad”.

  6. bucshot Says:

    Bucs 2020-21 season…..PRICELESS

  7. BucEmUp Says:

    Where are you REALIST?

  8. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Doosh old saying, better to let people think you’re a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt! Not even Jameis most ardent supporter would have said some foolishness like that mess you said. You haters are something else

  9. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Sure they would and did DBBF99…..

    Do you not remember all those excuses about receivers running the wrong routes and the OL being responsible for most of his fumbles because the protection wasn’t good?

    I believe you’ve removed all doubt for me old timer.

  10. Mike Johnson Says:

    Age..Injuries or not. You’d better win here Brady. Desperate mngt and fans paid you 50 mil for 2 yrs thinkin you are the messiah. Us old heads know you are not but…we cannot tell our rabid hopeless fan base you are at the end of your career. So the pressure is on you and your sidekick Gronk. Having less than a 9-7 season this year is gonna make these fans turn on you guicker than an African gabon viper..and that’s quick. Good luck sir.

  11. Hodad Says:

    Tom was lucky to be drafted by a solid organization. He never has had to rescue a team from their losing ways. The 2020 Bucs adding the talent they have would’ve been a better team even if Jameis did come back. Let’s face it though, no one would be talking Bucs, SB had that happened. Tom is here to add to his legend. He’s already made us NFL darlings by just signing. Wait till he takes us to the SB.

  12. Winner, Winner... Says:

    That’s the mark of a winner! He cant comprehend losing. His brain does not compute losing! So he will do whatever and will himself to win! Thus elevating those around you!

    Winning is his only option! Love it!

  13. Bucc941 Says:

    Smh, Jameis Winston still lives rent free in the heads of some of y’all.

  14. Howard Cosell Says:

    “Imagine being 2-8. I couldn’t imagine football being fun at that point.”

    You have to channel your inner Gerald McCoy

  15. Howard Cosell Says:

    Howard would suggest a hobby like comics. It makes the endless losing much easier

  16. Howard Cosell Says:

    or you could be an angry Glazer critic like Howard…there’s a small amount of solace in that too

  17. Eddie Says:

    It’s true Brady has never been on a losing team. Certainly not an 3-5 team. Hope he never finds out what it like. GO BUCS👍😀

  18. Oneilbucs Says:

    Brady don’t play linebacker , conerback, or on the defensiveline . It takes a team and Brady has always had a good team around him . He has always had a good running game when they needed to win and a top defense . He had none of that here and that’s the problem .

  19. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Will Brady even get to play this year? As TBBF points out billions on the line suggest he will.

    For those looking at an objective discussion about odds of a season…ramifications…

    “For TV networks missing sports, there’s one unthinkable scenario: Losing the NFL season”


  20. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    We won’t have a losing season unless some remarkable unheard of disaster strikes.

    Of course the “v word” might have been that disaster already! Don’t ya’ know?

    Just taking things a day at a time and week by week. *_*

    Go Bucs!

  21. mark2001 Says:

    Just read about a possible “opt out” for players to lose their yearly salary with no penalty if they should decide not to play this year because of the virus written by Florio. Seems the players association and league are trying to work out a plan that won’t be abused by players, yet will allow them to make the best decision based upon their health choice. I’m sure Joe will give us more as this develops.

  22. webster Says:

    @ bucc941….yes jameis lives rent free in these guy’s head. Kind of like how obama lives rent free in the 45’s head in washington. The correlation is too obvious to miss.

  23. SB Says:

    Oneilbucs Says:
    July 2nd, 2020 at 5:06 pm
    Brady don’t play linebacker , conerback, or on the defensiveline . It takes a team and Brady has always had a good team around him . He has always had a good running game when they needed to win and a top defense . He had none of that here and that’s the problem .


    Brady will help the D by protecting the ball.

    I don’t know how many times last yr I saw the D ball out and get the ball back for the O and before they could even get a few sips of gatorade JW would throw a pick and they were shaking their collective heads as they were putting their helmets back on.
    No more of that.

  24. SOEbuc Says:

    No Risk It…Agreed. Very scary to open Raymond James, the epicenter of this sickness in Florida. If ppl say Tom’s too old and that wears on your arm, a year (hopefully) of rest would be great. Develop scheme and leadership.

  25. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Ah…. look at little webster, finally poked his head out of JayMiss’s azz!

    Hey little fella!

    Looks like you saw your shadow, better get back inside….. cause it’s gonna be another season of losing for your hero!

  26. Joe in Michigan Says:

    webster: I liked your TV show in the 80’s. So you’re saying the correlation is they both didn’t do that good of a job?

  27. Fredo Says:

    [No, Joe hasn’t swung the way you suggest. And Joe is all for both holidays! — Joe]

  28. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Ah…. look at little webster, finally poked his head out of JayMiss’s a$$!

    Hey little fella!

    Looks like you saw your shadow, better get back inside….. cause it’s gonna be another season of losing for your hero!

  29. Jerry Says:

    We sign Brady and he probably won’t ever get to see him play. No one the NFL has games with fans in stands and may not have games at all.

    And now the whole black national anthem thing the league wants to play is probably going to cause even more controversy.

    There won’t be a season.

  30. Cainishere Says:

    8 game regular season. 2 games per month. allows for quarantine period.
    Do away with the bye weeks as they wouldn’t be needed.
    Allow a larger roster for reserve players.
    Generate a seating chart that spaces the fans enough with season ticket holders
    getting choice in seats that will be open.
    Raise the adult ticket prices but you should keep the kids the same price.
    Probably would be a great time to raise concessions because you will anyways eventually.
    Fans would need an approved facial covering and be temp checked at the gate.
    Fans should sign a waiver of responsibility releasing the TSA and the Buccaneers from any liability regarding the virus.
    No player to fan contact. No tossing jerseys or footballs to fans no pics or autographs.
    Do not allow player or coach interviews during or after games unless in pressroom.
    Do not allow press in locker-room only essential team personnel should be allowed to access the team.
    That’s all for now. Hope these suggestions help.
    GO BUCS!!!

  31. Cainishere Says:

    Upon further review, a 10 game season at 2 games per month would extend the season by a month.
    5 home and 5 away games. Stagger teams schedules so you have games weekly.
    The playoffs could remain the same unless you add 2 weeks for wildcard to round 1 team transition.
    NFL should live stream NFL network in a service on it’s own broadcasting games anywhere in the world plus additional team content depending on the viewer’s team preferences. Make it a more reasonably priced product since you cut all the high priced network and cable contracts. Advertisers would climb the walls to advertise on that service. This would be loads of income for teams that may lose in fan stadium income. GO BUCS!!!

  32. Cainishere Says:

    Picture it, A consumer who loves the Bucs who lives in Alaska.
    He could get NFL Ticket through his cable.
    A pricey deal because of cable companies, this intern causes the NFL to lose fan support. What if this Alaskan consumer who loves the Bucs goes to his local electronics store and locates himself an “NFLBOX”
    A device using your ISP or your phone service which many provide internet now.
    Cutting the cable cord for both the NFL and the fans.
    This way the Alaskan who loves the Bucs can be a part of his team.
    Why, it could even have all kinds of extra content tailored to the consumer’s favorite teams.
    The key would be keeping the cost reasonable.
    Most services average monthly charge of $29.99.
    The device itself which is just basically a router would receive the NFL signal and allow for local LAN projecting to additional devices within it’s range to keep costs low for bars and sports restaurants to broadcast to multiple devices.
    That should put billions back in the pockets of the NFL and make it a stronger sport. GO BUCS!!

  33. MissingGeorgeCarlin Says:

    There will not be an NFL season in 2020

  34. D1 Says:


    Great ideas but there’s a simpler formula for playing the season in front of packed stadiums.

    The 2020 NFL season will be played to protest police brutality and rascism.

    In an instant, the carefully considered plans you have laid out can be swept to the side. Combating racism , promoting Black lives matter and demanding a more inclusive and tolerant society is more important than anything else including covid 19. We’ve seen the proof that this issue is not constrained by mere legality and social distancing requirements.

    So although I admire your plan , I believe it’s been proven by recent events to be entirely unnecessary and superfluous.

    America’s game can fix America’s problems.

  35. Cainishere Says:

    I will add one final piece to all of these suggestions. (wish I was getting paid)
    I know it’s actually Direct T.V. that hosts The NFL Ticket but is the same.
    I misspelled the word in-turn I typed intern.
    My plan would have the teams playing 2 preseason games. 10 regular season games = 2 per month to allow for the quarantine.
    Stagger the team schedules, for example Bucs play week 1 Dolphins week 2 or NFC week 1 and AFC week 2 Then NFC play in 3rd week and AFC in week 4 NFC vs NFC and AFC vs AFC to protect even more players from cross contamination.
    It would mean a reschedule but I am sure, to continue to operate, the NFL needs to make these kinds of changes. GO BUCS!!

  36. Cainishere Says:

    I wasn’t going to post anything else on this story but D1’s post struck a chord with me.
    First of all, I love all African Descendants in the world. I have loved many in the entertainment business throughout my life.
    I visited a homeless shelter in Pinellas County over 10 years ago.
    The security guard there was a massively huge African Descendant.
    He chocked me out for interrupting him.
    I believe in “ALL LIVES MATTER” and true equality for all men and women.
    GO BUCS!!

  37. Youngbucs Says:

    Oneilbucs brady didn’t have a run gm you still spewing lies. Comment some real spit the. Brady had 1 gm where he had a 100 yd rusher last year. He carried the offense without turning the ball over 35 outta 41 times. And his oline was patch work he was under constant pressure. And guess what he still didn’t throw ints get some new material you’re like a broken record full of lies.

  38. gp Says:

    *The 2020 NFL season will be played to protest police brutality and rascism. *

    Apparently you don’t remember what happened when the “Kap” introduced this idea the first time.
    The NFL lost enough revenue to force them to enforce a ‘standing’ policy.

    I’m afraid that your idea might completely destroy the NFL for good.
    Not to say that the NFL has any easy decisions to make on this issue.

  39. D1 Says:


    I definitely remember Kap kneeling during the National Anthem. I remember the silent protests that followed. The financial ones.

    GP I’ve not forgotten!

    But this is not the same as it was with kap. (Let me clarify something to the point it’s crystal clear, I am not supporting or opposing anything that’s in the political sphere surrounding the issue) the times have changed.

    The landscape is dramatically different than it was just a few years ago. Failure to see what today’s reality is , is ultimately wasting an opportunity. An opportunity exists right now.

    Cainishere offered an intelligent , logical and financially viable option for the NFL to continue moving forward with the season. (Cain, glad you like black people thanks for sharing) His ideas make sense .

    GP, I framed the season into a paradigm that offers none of those onerous and freedom stealing mandates. It doesnt require a new business model or anything so contentious in the times like social distancing or mask wearing. Personal freedoms are safe and not threatened by mask wearing to attend a game. If blm continues growing in popularity and support its the perfect vehicle to fast track the season into a normal season.

    Now if you believe politics is more important than football , this isn’t something you’d ever consider. I understand. But I don’t care about everyone’s personal feelings on xyz..abc….it’s not about anything but football. I believe it’s doable and easy to do..if the team, league embraces the now.

    Now, this is point when political ideology

  40. gp Says:

    I respect your position but must disagree on principle.
    When I, as a white man, have more respect for black lives than the “movement” named for it, that kinda says something.
    While I want to see a football season (and still expect to) I would caution against making a pact with those who would see your freedoms diminished or worse.
    The future of my children is far more important than football, period.

  41. gp Says:

    Sorry, I meant my children *and* yours.
    On equal terms.

  42. D1 Says:


    I can not, nor would I, disagree with you for standing up for your principles. Instead I offer you my sincere and genuine respect.

    The last sentence I wrote was incomplete. The problem with what I proposed is obvious to me from the moment I thought about it. Politics.

    If the goal is to start the season with fans in the stands , I stand by my proposal. But when politics gets throw in the mix , the results are predictable.

    I’ll leave you with 2 questions.

    1. If the season is cancelled or played with no fans in the stadiums, who wins?

    2. I’m fairly certain, you know that BLM is not about protesting against police brutality and rascism.

    I’m also fairly certain you’d agree with me that there’s many many decent Americans who believe that BLM is as advertised. They are standing up to an injustice.

    The question is, do you believe that the game brings people together. Does it Act as a bridge between individuals who have little else or nothing in common except that they share a love of the team and the game. As a nation , would we be better served with a regular season? If you answered yes. Can you see that it’s possible to lose a battle but still win the war?

    IMO the battle is what we focus on all too frequently. Often at the cost is losing ground in the war. My plan is proven to work in the past. Perhaps you recall The fall of Troy. BLM is today’s gift horse. Or that’s how I would use it.

  43. gp Says:

    To question 1, I think we will have a season, how it is organized is any ones guess. Hopefully, full stands, but probably, half or no attendance. I am blue collar and live over 3 hours away so attendance is not as important to me. I do know the thrill of live attendance and it is far superior, just can’t afford it.
    The actual answer though, if the season is cancelled, the only winner *is* blm.

    That brings us to question 2
    As you surmised, I don’t think that blm has anything to do do with black lives, other than their current name. They are opportunists taking advantage of a situation, and expounding upon it to advance their agenda.
    Their agenda, at least in part, is to erase as much of American culture as they can. And blm is just a small offshoot of the larger ‘organization’. I hesitate to name that organization because I don’t know much more than they appear to be Marxist in nature. I can’t even say that the different ‘offshoots’ are even organized. But they do seem to have the same goals.

    I think you will agree with me that American football is a uniquely large part of American culture. They would love to bring it down *because* it brings so many together, as you say.

    That being said, that would be one gift horse that you definitely need to “look in the mouth”. You brought up the fall of Troy, remember how that came out. Turned out that that was one gift horse that should have been burned outside of the gates. World culture would be very different without the Aeneid. Think of it as a ‘teachable moment’ in history, because it most definitely was.

  44. gp Says:

    I am all for peaceful demonstration for a just cause, I stand with the protestors just not all of their demands. Again, my concerns with blm.

    The clouding of southern culture, both Black and White, with the specter of racism, has all but destroyed the life work of MLK and his compatriots. Do you think HE would have been in favor of blm and their ‘activities’?

    Southern culture, again, both Black and White, is diverse, rich, colorful, and beautiful. It also has a very dark side, without which all of that rich, colorful, and diverse beauty would never have been. Every piece of art needs a ‘canvass’ or it’s just a puddle on the ground.

    In short, we should remember and embrace our past, however painful. And use that memory to build to a better future for all of us.
    Destroying those foundational bricks only puts us back to square one with the strong possibility of repeating old mistakes.
    I say, Lets move forward.

  45. D1 Says:


    re; first post.

    You’re 100% correct to identify Football is a unique part of American culture. That fact, places it in the crosshairs of the progressive movement.

    Keep in mind if the Trojans hadn’t opened their gates and brought the horse into the city, Western civilization wouldn’t be the same as it is today.

    re; second post.

    Tremendous! Seriously, kudos !
    So many great points. MLK has been celebrated and honored but Malcolm X has been incorporated into the fabric of black culture.

    The history of South is rich and without a doubt shouldn’t be subjected to the nonsensical whims of the uneducated youth mobs.

    The go to 4th of July meal is BBQ. BBQ is the product of African slaves and it’s popularity in the South is unprecedented and long established.
    A product of diversity.

    Personal note, I appreciate the opportunity to converse with you in , what today is considered, an adult conversation. Another example of football bringing individuals together.

    Have a great evening

  46. gp Says:

    Love me some ribs!
    Happy 4th!