Deadline For Opt-out Known

July 29th, 2020

Bucs LT Donovan Smith.

The NFL was awfully hush-hush about the deadline for players to opt-out of the 2020 season thanks to “The Sickness.

It seemed NFL players have until Aug. 3 (next Tuesday), but perhaps longer, types the creator, curator and overall guru of Pro Football Talk, the great Mike Florio.

Per multiple sources, the deadline for opting out arrives seven days after the signing for the formal side agreement documenting changes to the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The side letter has to yet been signed. Thus, the deadline for opting out will come no earlier than Tuesday, August 4.

So now we know, once that agreement is signed, then the clock begins ticking on the seven-day deadline. When that agreement is signed or when it is scheduled to be signed, who knows?

Of course, Bucs fans are hungry for the news of what starting left tackle Donovan Smith will do. Weeks ago, he gave the impression he had no interest in being “a lab rat.” He seemed inclined to pass on the 2020 season and collect his guaranteed salary in 2021.

In part, Smith was worried about his baby girl who was about to be born and needlessly exposing her to the pandemic. She has since made her debut to the world.

Then there were reports yesterday that suggested Smith would report to camp. That hardly qualifies as being all-in on the season. As of 9 p.m. last night there were 25 players across the NFL who have chosen to opt-out on the 2020 season.

Of course, it is Smith, who has missed one start in his five seasons in the NFL, who is trusted to block park-violating, home-invading, NFLPA-ignoring Bucs quarterback Tom Brady’s backside.

Something else to keep in mind for Bucs fans: Yesterday afternoon Joe was watching NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport note that of the six Patriots who have opted-out (thus far), two did so because of infant babies were either just born or are soon-to-be. Two other Patriots opted-out, in part, because they have already made millions in the NFL.

Joe already noted Smith’s little girl. Per, Smith has also made just under $19 million since coming into the league.

14 Responses to “Deadline For Opt-out Known”

  1. gp Says:

    I will never argue with a man who puts his family first.
    But for 14-16 mil, I think I could handle a little time in quarantine(till late Jan – early Feb)

  2. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    A WELL PAID lab rat!

  3. Oneilbucs Says:

    I think it’s time to just end this season . Look I love football I only watch 2 sports now and that’s football and boxing . It’s going to be a lot of legitimate excuses on why some teams are losing and some players are struggling on the field . If a team like the browns win the superbowl they will blame covid will be the reason why they won . And not to mention the reason why we are still dealing with this virus is because in this country we have to many people won’t ware a mask because they want to prove that they don’t have to do what the government say and it’s always about their contusion rights they rather get sick than just do what’s best for them and their families by wearing the mask. Look at how the one country has let some of their fans in the baseball stadium because they didn’t act like the people in our country act including their government . This season will be a disaster because you know some of these players are going to do things that will put other team mates in danger watch and see .

  4. Bobbo Says:

    Anyone who is mad at this man is selfish and jealous. I respect whatever decision he makes.

  5. Roy T. Buford Says:

    He will be at camp, and he will play. It’s not his nature to NOT be there for his team. Also not like him to play the system to not show but take fines. He’s always been very conscientious. But if he believes it’s more important to sit out due to family, no issue there.

  6. LJS4th Says:

    Smith can do whatever but he needs to make a decision so if he sits out the Bucs can look at who they can replace him with that is on the market. If he stays then get into camp and start working with the rest of the line so they can protect Brady, but just waiting is selfish on his part as the Bucs need to prepare for the season. Just make your decision Donovan.

  7. Allbuccedup Says:

    Joe if Smith opts out does he have one year or two years left on his contract and how much guareenteed money?

  8. BA4President Says:

    I think it’s kind of funny how so many people ranted about how Donovan Smith sucked and that he shouldn’t wear pewter… and now they are upset that he may not play.

    “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got til its gone” – Joni Mitchell

  9. Joe Says:

    Joe if Smith opts out does he have one year or two years left on his contract and how much guareenteed money?

    One. This season was to be Smith’s final season of guaranteed cash. So that gets pushed back to 2021 if he opts-out.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    So, if Smith opts out does that mean the Bucs have about 14 mil more in salary cap in 2020 ? Yes. –Joe

  11. lowercaseg Says:

    Let him do it. We can use the money elsewhere and it will make us better

  12. stpetebucsfan Says:


    You may loathe DS as a player and feel the Bucs overspent but the truth is he won’t be easy to replace.

    Other tackles have already opted out. Starting or even backup LT’s in the NFL are incredibly valuable because they are scarces.

    With fewer tackles playing after the opt outs do we feel it’s going to be easy to replace DS? Really?

    We could perhaps salvage a decent OL if A.)Haeg could simply step in and replace DS…no problemo according to about a third of poster here.

    B. Wirfs moves to LT and either Dot or Haeg pick up RT.

  13. stpetebucsfan Says:


    I feel like you but here on the virus denier blog I didn’t have your courage to admit it.

    You have NFL and Boxing…I had NFL and NHL…with a touch of NCAA football.
    That’s it so like you I was counting on this season.

    And of course our off season easily makes us the most desperate fans in the entire league. The situation sucks.

    But like you I’m having more difficulty getting jacked because of all the inequities and lack of competitive balance that have ALREADY occured when you consider the lack of practice…more critical for some teams…the Panthers…less so for us.

    Whatever ONeill here is what has me upset and probably you too.

    No matter what happens this season will have a giant ASTERISK

  14. Allbuccedup Says:

    Thanks Joe.