Report: Bucs Made “Quarter To Quarter” Medical Decisions On Jameis Winston

June 10th, 2020

What would our beloved Tampa Bay Buccaneers roster look like now if Jameis Winston sat out the last two games of 2019?

It’s a great question over an ice cold Bromosa from Big Storm Brewing Co.

Jameis, America’s backup, would have ended his season on a four-game winning streak, with 4,600+ passing yards, 30 touchdowns and 24 interceptions — and a broken thumb to nurse while he waited for a contract offer.

Also, the Bucs would have a far better knowledge of what they have in backup QB Ryan Griffin and, gasp, the Bucs might have won one of their final two games if Griffin played pretty well compared to Jameis’ bad performances. In that scenario, Tristan Wirfs would have cost more 2020 draft capital and Bucco Bruce Arians would have avoided the stain of a losing season.

Jameis opened up to Bleacher Report for an extensive feature this week, including proudly proclaiming he’s one of the highest performing quarterbacks in NFL history. Joe primarily was interested in writer Tyler Dunne painting a picture of the Bucs medical staff walking a senseless tightrope with Jameis late in the season.

He can still remember all the Should I play? talks with Bucs medics, week to week, quarter to quarter. Yet even with star receivers Mike Evans and Chris Godwin lost to hamstring injuries, even with playoff hopes dead and a potential free-agency windfall looming and every logical reason to shut it down in late December, the choice for Winston was easy.

It’s always been easy.

The choice is central to his football mentality.

“No injury, unless it’s something really, really serious, is going to keep me from going on the field,” [Jameis] says. “Because I’ve got my teammates out there. They’re depending on me. The whole city of Tampa was depending on me.”

Joe gets why Jameis wanted to play. He was riding a four-game winning streak and a strong Week 16 performance in a nationally televised game against the Texans would have scored Jameis a fat contract somewhere.

He gambled and lost.

The Bucs appear to have gambled and won.

65 Responses to “Report: Bucs Made “Quarter To Quarter” Medical Decisions On Jameis Winston”

  1. D-Rome Says:

    And I know day in and day out, without publicly coming in and saying it, that historically I’m one of the best quarterbacks to play the game.

    That one statement right there should prove to everyone that he doesn’t get it. I don’t recall Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, ever making such a statement after five years. Not only that but clearly he has people in his camp telling him that.

    This fan base was divided on him. Reasonable people saw that this team would never win anything with him and it turns out people on that side of the debate were right the entire time. The rest of the NFL agreed with the reasonable people. If the rest of the NFL saw something the reasonable people didn’t see then he would have been signed as a starter instead of making the veteran minimum as a backup that will never see the field. I’ve been saying since 2018 that he was a bust and he’d end up as a backup when his rookie deal ended.

    I’m so glad Jay-Miss is not on this team because it would have been the same debate, same play by him, and the same results in year six. Good riddance!

  2. SteveK Says:

    24 INTs in 8 home games. A record 7 pick 6’s.

    Good luck to Jameis, and I’m thrilled I no longer have to rack my brain around crazy, absurd, and delusional statements such as these.

    Turnover margin is what’s holding him back.

  3. Bob in Valrico Says:

    This lack of humility from Jameis is a bit disturbing and may of been a factor in
    the number “Tampa Letdowns” he engineered.

  4. Alan Collingwood Says:

    Its not a debate anymore. I was rooting for Jameis, but the Bucs, for very good reasons, let him walk

  5. Bob in Valrico Says:

    edit: he helped engineer.

  6. onetrickpony Says:

    And I know day in and day out, without publicly coming in and saying it, that historically I’m one of the best quarterbacks to play the game.
    said 30 for 30

  7. Waterboy Says:

    Even prior to those last 4 games he had 4 seasons to prove himself. Usually if you have a promising young QB who has shown enough promise, he’s not going to make it to a 5th year contract before the team feels comfortable resigning him to a longterm contract. The fact that it was a prove it year from the beginning should tell you all you need to know.

  8. Bucsfanman Says:

    See, this article needs no comment. There is an almost aloof void sense of self. I can’t wait for the season to start so that we can stop talking about our rival’s back-up QB.

  9. Steven007 Says:

    Well obviously the weight of the city of Tampa was too much to bear. Maybe you can add Delusional to his moniker too?

  10. mark2001 Says:

    Do we have to go there again? Honestly, if Jameis’s passed had been on he hands of receivers and they dropped the ball, or ran inferior routes due to inexperience, the Evan’s/Godwin out argument would have legs. But that isn’t what cost those games, or Jameis his job. It was poor decisions, poor reads, and multiple interceptions. That is what it was…let it go.

    Regarding his injuries? NFL QB’s play with injuries all the time. That was unfortunate, but Jameis has had his share, and in addition to his suspensions, has sat out many games over his career. Would he have kept his job had he not played those games. Considering Brady was in the mix, I doubt it.

    And lastly, if you ever wondered why Jameis is slow to never changing the way he plays, just realize, he thinks he is the best and why should he mess with perfection?

  11. idiaznet Says:

    I was one of the ones Jameis’s side when this season started, but it has scared me how his family now is blaming BA for everything wrong. His camp just doesn’t get it, by proxy neither does Jameis. They believe that he didn’t get the contract because he is black now as well. His family has said that if he was white he would have the 37 mil contract. Multiple people in his family. They just don’t get it. IT is really scary now to see them post things. It is a serious disconnect.

  12. Buc4evr Says:

    It’s very simple in the Not For Long league – you win, you get a big contract. You lose, you walk. Jameis still doesn’t get it.

  13. Pewter Power Says:

    Bucs made the smart decision to move on and have two years to find Brady replacement, just about every rookie quarterback has come in and protected three ball better than him. Even trubisky has better ball security. He’ll look like a bigger idiot if he’s not on the roster week one For the Saints

  14. Anonymous Says:

    You trolls give it a rest please! When and who has been legitimate qb after Josh Freeman? Gerald and Jamies were the face of the Franchise while it lasted! They ll always appreciate the organization unlike you miserable pathetic half racist so called die hard fans! F off and start sweating Brady’s …unreal!

  15. Imon Says:

    Brees goes out on concussion protocol, JW throws 5 INTs, Taysom comes in, and Jaboo goes the way of Ryan Leaf. Next!

  16. tickrdr Says:

    “Historically I’m one of the best quarterbacks” was the quote, NOT the “highest-performing”. Nice try, though.


  17. mark2001 Says:

    idiaz… had BA been the first coach, and he had no track record for substantial success dealing with a multitude of QB’s in this league, the BA blamers might have a point. But nobody could get the bad Jameis out of Jameis…in five years. At some point someone must accept personal responsibility for their actions. It doesn’t seem like Jameis has had.

    And again, some blame his thumb and the lack of two second team all pro receivers for the reason for his failure in the last couple of games. But seems strange that they won’t give those two second team all pro receivers as a big part of the reason for Jameis’s statistical success over 16 games.

  18. DBS Says:

    3rd string qb opens up to a 3rd string site. How entertaining. They don’t really talk about him on Saints sites. Quess he had to talk somewhere.

  19. thisisouryear!! Says:

    I can’t believe that only making 1 million dollars this next year hasn’t humbled him into realizing his performance last year was not what he thought it was. Unless he changes the way he looks at himself, he will never be successful at this level.

  20. BucOBradychamp7n8 Says:

    Sorry human sorry qb he SUCKED good riddance

  21. Pryda...sec147 Says:

    He lost the battle but could still win the war. !

  22. Bojim Says:

    I would have been fine with Jameis coming back. Dont think BA earned his money last year. Yes, I’m more than happy we got TB12.

  23. BigHog Says:

    We shouldn’t kick a man while he is down because if he is a determined man he will get back up and we all know what Mr. 5,000 is capable of ….now NE12 is a been there done that guy but has the window closed on him yet …we shall soon see!!! I CAN’T BREATHE!!

  24. Brianbucs Says:

    Just more excuses for a QB that was a disappointment and failure.
    Nothing more, nothing less

  25. Youngbucs Says:

    The injuries are just another excuse!!!! Everybody plays hurt QBs have played on torn Achilles broken foot broken fingers shoulder issues!!!! The Winston camp
    Makes excuses for everything!!!!! All he does is talk never backs it up back it up Winston and you will win my fandom back!!!!!!

  26. D-Rome Says:

    His camp just doesn’t get it, by proxy neither does Jameis. They believe that he didn’t get the contract because he is black now as well. His family has said that if he was white he would have the 37 mil contract.

    I haven’t heard this but if this is true that is really a shame. It’s evident that for a small group of people on both sides of the debate it’s a race thing, which is shameful.

  27. Youngbucs Says:

    Leftwich played a whole 4th qtr on a broken leg. It’s football 100 years of injuries save the pity walk the walk you talk the talk!!!!

  28. Elita Vita Says:

    Jameis used to tell the public that most interceptions were on him. Does he really believe this though. Seems like this year he has changed his tune throwing his former Bucs coaching staffs under the bus and claiming he learned from googling football on the Internet instead of his buccaneers coaching staffs. Perhaps his internet had crashed too many times in 2019. I still wish him luck but Brady brings the experience and stability we need right now.

  29. Mike Johnson Says:

    Ahhh yes Buc fans, your weekly dose of hate. Lovie, sciano, GMC and now Jameis. I can’t wait for Jameis to throw 5 TD’s and beat the Bucs one day. And you can bank it is comin. So keep it up, rip him..tear him up. Its what Losers do right. My poor bucs getin their featin of weekly flesh. Gotta feel good about a losing franchise somehow huh?/

  30. mark2001 Says:

    ” I can’t wait for Jameis to throw 5 TD’s and beat the Bucs one day. And you can bank it is comin.”

    LOL… 5 TD’s, 5 Ints…. And BTW…Only losers defend a 30/30 guy with two second team all pro receivers.

  31. grammarian Says:

    DBS for the win with “3rd String Site” comment! Slam dunk.

  32. RustyRhinos Says:

    Winston is a good guy and wants to be great. “Because I’ve got my teammates out there. They’re depending on me. The whole city of Tampa was depending on me.”
    Yet when he had the opportunity he shat the bed. Sure 5000+ yards 30 TD’S but another losing record. No he is not the only person in the field. But when we read this quote. And look at the results if his lack of ball security cost his dependents support. With a Pick six to start the season and a Pick six to end the season. Leads to lack of support from those guys who paid you 20+ million last season alone.
    Good luck in the Big Easy.
    Moving on from his what show.
    Go! BUCS!

  33. NPRSageBoy. Says:

    Good Ole JayMiss. Still full of himself.

    Check your sheets.

    Peace, out

  34. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Racism is a genuine, real problem in our society. Picking which players start on an NFL football team is NOT. Please leave the racism conversations behind now that the nation is clearly ready to start a SERIOUS dialogue.

    TB12..JW…those are letters on this page that have nothing to do with whether they are white or black…and neither do their records or present positions within the NFL hierarchy. Race IS a serious issue and those who would diminish it by whining about JW or TB12 based on the color of their skin are NOT serious people.

    JW is where he is because HE DOESN’T GET IT. Ryan Leaf…Jeff George and plenty of other QB’s did not get it…they were WHITE….IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH COLOR. Stop demeaning a truly serious issue!

    JW is his own worst enemy. Bragging makes you LESS impressive not MORE impressive. If you are doing something worth bragging about OTHERS will do it for you. Famous saying…Watch out for people who tell you who great they are….a lion doesn’t have to tell you he’s a lion!

  35. Imon Says:

    Ryan Leaf was a horrid QB. So was JaMarcus Russell. Do their stats have “race” noted? If you suck you suck regardless of your race!

  36. Tye Says:

    Another athlete full of himself and praising himself because no one else will…
    That is what made him uncoachable… He even said out loud he told himself don’t listen to coaches, just be you… He thinks he is the greatest thing even though NO team wanted him as a starter or 2nd string…. It is sad really…

    If he was humble and listened to coaches he might have been a really decent qb..

    Water under the bridge and no longer our problem… Freedom from him and the roller coaster he rolled out on!

  37. DanBucsFan Says:

    @ Stpetebucsfan

    Well said my brother, well said !

  38. T REX Says:

    No one cares…no one worth a damn cares…

  39. Herbiebuc Says:

    jameis winston is only 26 yrs old he throw for 5,000 yards 30 tds

    Those 30 ints were phony and had no affect on us going 7-9 when! nyg ,ten ,sea, were all phenomenal games by jameis and complete letdown from defense and special teams! Kicker misses 24 yarder to end fMe! Blown fumble recovery call from the refs!

  40. Herbiebuc Says:

    and defense let us down after he went to Seattle and took Russell wilson to overtime! Defense let russell drive all the way down the field and score gw td! Change that and were looking at 10-6 season.

  41. Youngbucs Says:


  42. ©MadMax Says:

    Who dat?

  43. gotbbucs Says:

    Nobody wants to hear from the 3rd string QB. He won’t endear himself to too many fan bases and potential future head coaches with this kind of crap.
    I’m all for self confidence, but over self confidence is this guys achilles heel. He doesn’t have any appreciation for his limitations as a QB.

  44. Architek Says:

    He clearly and repeatedly reinforces the fact his mind is always in a alternate reality. Every time I see Jameis “opens” up I brace for a multi-verse level statement about how great he is and how his empty stats justify his multi-verse reality.

    Well the Bucs jumped over 10-12 spots in most power rankings – does that sound like addition by subtraction for such a historically great qb?


  45. Oneilbucs Says:

    Yall can keep talking bad about Jamies all yall want but he is not on the team anymore . The scapegoat is gone Brady threw a pick six last year that lost the game for his team . And guess what he didn’t have a running game by the time the playoffs started because the runningback got hurt . And he didn’t look good at all and he came to a team that can’t run the ball . And remember he’s 43 years old and yall don’t know what’s going to happen this year or even with Jamies career. So you can hope for the worst for him all yall want . But it’s one big problem with that !! None of you are God so you don’t know. Yall rather see him fail then be successful and that’s a crying shame . Yall are a bunch of haters !!!!

  46. Architek Says:

    Joe you sure know how to stir up the pot of stew…..

    Jameis will forever be a polarizing figure for clicks and trolls alike.

  47. Herbiebuc Says:

    @oneilbucs facts i love the bucs but what if tom brady has a terrible season this year? Does that mean jamies was treated unfair or tom brady just got old? Give the man some credit and make others like matt gay rojo oj howard the secondary be more accountable for another loosing season

  48. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    All of us who are employed know a Jay Miss – a guy who seems to think he’s king of the world when everyone else knows he’s a lousy employee who gets poor reviews and can never seem to get promoted.

  49. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    Man the absolute state of some of these comment sections. The number one thing that decides whether you win or lose a game is turnovers. A lot of people don’t understand that. Winston has always had a turnover problem.

  50. MadMax Says:

    LOL, again who dat 1.1 mill 3rd stringer….BaaHahahah…cant wait to see us in the playoffs w/o that POS!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  51. P2dabeast Says:

    Shame this all out of context. I read the entire interview article on the BR. This quote is just clickbait. The whole article was enlightening in his mindset post Tampa he has done a lot of soul searching and developed a plan to specifically focused on his decision making and rewiring his motor skills and mind in stressful situations. An interesting read. I encourage Tampa fans to read it in it’s entirety. The quote cited here was at the very end of the article. As far as how much he asked to be paid or wanted to be paid is normal I have plenty of low or middle performer on my team who want a big raise each year so don’t bash him for rumors believing in himself. Get the #facts and read the whole interview. Shame on Joe Bucs for just focusing on this statement out of context not full just for CLICKBAIT or HATE.

  52. BucOBradychamp7n8 Says:

    Hey jameis how’s those crab legs tastin now?

  53. Oneilbucs Says:

    I don’t really think that you can can call any quarterback a bust if you are drafted by Tampa . We have never developed a quarterback in the history of our franchise . Every quarterback that is drafted by Tampa bay never work out any way . So I don’t think that Jamies had to be ashamed of not working out on this team . A team that’s been rebuilding for the past 12 years and now it will be longer because we are old in important positions . This is why it is superbowl or bust playoffs ain’t good enough especially when they added another spot . We probably would have made the playoffs this year any way .

  54. Youngbucs Says:


  55. Architek Says:

    O’NeilBucs – lets just turn the page, shall we, he’s gone for better or for worse!

    The experiment and the experience is over.

    Let’s enjoy what’s ahead!

  56. Chris Says:

    Jameis is a third string QB. I read the article. He claims his 30 int is an anomaly. Lol. He lead the nfl in turnovers from 2015-2018 and he didn’t play full seasons in 17’ and 18’. His turnover rate was still too high in his first four years then he said “hold my beer” to be a 30/30 guy.

    Let’s not feel bad for jameis. He raked in millions of dollars here and was given 5 years to win. He had probably the best arsenal of weapons over the last three seasons from 2017-2019 and still led the league in turnovers.

    People forget he has a checkered past. Uber incident and immaturity on the field. His comments still show he needs to grow up.
    The Joe’s and Ira even stated he lost the locker room when it came out he lied to them about the Uber incident and it didn’t seem players respected them bc he led vocally – not by example. That raw raw stuff means nothing when your performance is atrocious.

    Turnovers get coaches fired. People disliked Koetter but he was right on jameis. It took the glazers having to hire Arians and putting two more QB gurus in his ear to tell them to – “hey only resign jameis if you can’t get Brady, Teddy bridgewater, Phil rivers or Andy Dalton”.

  57. Adam Says:

    I love articles like these. It makes me ponder whether it was written for attention and controversy or just plain sarcasm. Is your name Maurice? I know Maurice would write something silly like this. The only thing that would have changed if they sat Winston is he would have been the only 1stvround pick who rode a 4-game winning bstreak onto another roster.

  58. Major Says:

    This story is not over. Jameis is young and still has time to prove what all Buc fans will soon regret. This 43-year-old Brady experiment will NOT guarantee a Super Bowl appearance. Brady is one clean hit from being retired. I like the Saints for Jameis. It offers more stability, and the facts are that they can take a QB from a team that gave up on and win. (DREW BREES, Teddy Bridgewater lesser).

  59. Oneilbucs Says:

    Chris we shall see it koetter is right because now he’s with a real coach that believes in defense and helping his quarterback with a running game . This is not a gratean winning season we still have to play the games .

  60. Oneilbucs Says:

    And another thing why do yall keep crying about off the field because no body really care about that now . And if it did happen that’s been 5 years ago . So why are yall so passionate about that I don’t watch football or any other sport to see who’s the best good guy on the team . But all of yall got what you wanted we have 43 year old quarterback that can’t move if we can’t run the ball this year we will not win . Because you know our defense suck we can’t stop any body when we need to win the game . We can’t run the ball when we need to close out games . That’s the difference between winning teams and losing teams like ours . No more excuses !!!!!

  61. Chris Says:

    Oneilbucs Says:
    June 11th, 2020 at 7:57 am
    “And another thing why do yall keep crying about off the field because no body really care about that now . And if it did happen that’s been 5 years ago . So why are yall so passionate about that I don’t watch football or any other sport to see who’s the best good guy on the team . But all of yall got what you wanted we have 43 year old quarterback that can’t move if we can’t run the ball this year we will not win . Because you know our defense suck we can’t stop any body when we need to win the game . We can’t run the ball when we need to close out games . That’s the difference between winning teams and losing teams like ours . No more excuses !!!!!”

    Lol so the fact that no one signed jameis Winston – a 26 year old former first round pick – to be even a starter or second string QB – when teams needed a starter before the draft – Bengals , Chargers, Panthers, Dolphins.

    Pittsburgh would’ve preferred to roll with Hodges and Rudolph behind a beat up Big Ben.
    Eagles took a chance to get Hurts in round 2 instead of having Jameis as the backup.

    The chargers- where Anthony Lynn is on the hot seat- preferred to draft a rookie instead of rolling with Jameis.

    And New England is going with Hoyer or Stidham.

    Yes the off field maturity plays a part. He lied about it to everyone so you can’t trust him.

    And on the field- I believe it was charted that he had 20 INTs dropped. I believe he’s led the league in that department every year except 2018 because he played in what 10 games?

    Turnovers get coaches fired. Reading that article saying hes “working on throwing the ball away “ lol. He’s been “working hard to improve” every year and he keeps throwing more picks and giving the ball away at a higher rate. He’s never had a 2:1 TD-TO ratio.

    In a league where the rules cater to QBs and nfl offenses, turnovers overall are down- but Winston’s seems to be breaking INT records in a season in today’s nfl where QBs of the past would’ve loved to play in given the PI rules, defensive holding, and not being able to be as physical over the middle of the field.

    Imagine if Winston played in an era of the rules in the 90s when defensive holding didn’t exist. When you can hit the QB and when you can hit receivers over the middle.

    We are all Buc fans. We watched jameis over 5 years. No team wanted him as a starter and backup. He’s signed as a 3rd string QB. He’s had the tutledge of Koetter , who is a well respected offensive mind in the league and Bruce Arians – the QB whisperer. Sean Payton is a great coach and all, but that’s doesn’t mean he’ll turn around Winston. If anything he’ll neuter him like the Jags did with Blake Bortles IF he has to play if an injury occurs to Brees or Hill. But Winston is not an NFL starter. Same reason why Fitzpatrick isn’t. Too inconsistent.

  62. Eric Says:

    My belief, when Brady retires losing Winston is going to hurt really bad!

  63. Buccfan37 Says:

    Winston gave it all he had with the Bucs and came up short. Stuff happens.

  64. Bucslifer58 Says:

    Jameis has greatness in him .If only he could control how it ebbs and flows.
    Someday,like another ex buccaneer quarterback,Jameis is going to blow the socks off another team as a backup coming in to relieve in a huge game.
    I wish him well.

  65. RODNEY ALLEN Says:

    I still have this gut feeling this gonna bite us in the a$$. It could be cuz “it’s a bucs life” so I’m paranoid or it could be cuz “IT’S A BUCS LIFE”🤷‍♂️😂. With that said I hope for the best n well u know the rest GO BUCS