“His Competitive Nature Won’t Let Him Fail”

June 15th, 2020

Teammate talk

What is a greater obstacle for Tom Brady this season, Father Time or the infection known as losing that has spread through the Buccaneers organization for more than a decade?

Joe would go with the latter.

Think about it. Bucs officials have talked openly about how Brady will be a transformative force for the rest of the roster. Well, you don’t need that kind of culture-changer leadership if you have the right culture to begin with.

Former Brady teammate and defensive lineman Willie McGinest recently wrote a piece ranking his greatest teammates for NFL.com. McGinest played 15 seasons and Brady checked in at, you guessed it, No. 1

“I’ve known Brady a long time, and there’s not much I haven’t already said,” McGinest wrote. “His competitive nature, work ethic and ability to perform at the highest level in the most pressure-packed situations are why he’s considered the best to ever play our game. It’s why he’s won three league MVP awards. It’s why he’s won SIX Lombardi Trophies. It’s why he’s still playing at 42 years old (he’ll turn 43 in August).

“The one thing I’ll point out in this piece is that Brady can work in any system and with anyone. He’s always been about the success of the team, so I can’t wait to watch how this new chapter unfolds in Tampa. His competitive nature won’t let him fail.”

Failure is no option for Brady, and it never has been. He has never won fewer than 10 games in a season, and his former teammates universally say he is primed to right the ship in Tampa and find himself in the playoffs wearing pewter and red.

What might be the craziest outcome to this season would be Brady playing well and the Bucs still finding a way to miss the playoffs.

What a crime against Bucs fans that would be.

11 Responses to ““His Competitive Nature Won’t Let Him Fail””

  1. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Brady has uber focus (no pun intended) he is totally wired in to what is happening in front of him on the field.

    He’s the proverbial “coach on the field”.

  2. Casual Observer Says:

    Don’t close you upbeat article with such a worry. Think positive!

  3. Craig Says:

    No one on this team will want to be the first to let Brady down.

    That and the fire of Brady’s own competitiveness will carry the Bucs deeply into the playoffs. Look for some personal bests by people on both sides of the ball.

  4. Joe in Michigan Says:

    I’m more excited for this season than any other. Bar none.

  5. Pete Says:

    I’m hoping that Brady on the field will overcome the coaching from the sidelines!

  6. bojim Says:

    I’m feeling good. He’s right, Brady has that winner mindset. I think I’ll enjoy the season, sickness and all.

  7. Jean Lafitte Says:

    What would really had been a crime is if we kept Winston and he kept us out of the playoffs just like last season, and the season before that, and the season before that, and the season before that, and the season before that.

  8. webster Says:

    The patriots did not win 10 games the year after they won their first ring. They did not even make the playoffs. They were part of trend in the nfl where superbowl champions not even making the playoffs the following year…..broncos, rams, ravens, patriots, bucs.

  9. CPN Says:

    Hopefully, Brady can succeed.

  10. PSL Bob Says:

    If Brady plays well, the Bucs WILL NOT have a losing season. The talent on offense is there. The O-line is improved and we now have another weapon in Gronk. Best run defense in the NFL is back again. The only question is in the secondary. Those guys now have a year of experience under their collective belt and added a ball hawk in Winfield. And the one BIG difference from last year, there will be far fewer turnovers, which means the defense will be on the field less, and shouldn’t be put in as many dire situations. Plus, fewer turnovers means the offense will have more plays to put up points. If Gay can just get the ball through the uprights when it counts, we’ll be good. Bank on it!

  11. SOEbuc Says:

    Agreed. Thats why this guy is the GOAT. He was #5 QB in 2018. We are going to be putting up big numbers.