Team Glazer Goes All-In On Player Home Fitness Equipment

May 6th, 2020

“Jason, why did we send Vita Vea heated yoga pants? And if Tom Brady wants O.J. Howard traded, will we get back his new blocking sled?”

Team Glazer eagerly handed over the company credit card.

That was the message today from Buccaneers strength and conditioning coach Anthony Piroli.

When the NFL said teams could send players fitness equipment to use at home because The Sickness grounded spring practices, Team Glazer didn’t hesitate to give the green light on spending.

“Luckily for us we’ve got great leadership and understanding [of] that from the top down, from ownership to Jason [Licht] and [Bruce Arians],” Piroli said. “Immediately they went all-in and just said, ‘Get whatever you need to get these guys. No questions asked.’

“We moved forward with that immediately and have a lot of plans in place with different distributors, different companies. And we were really able to really, I think, hit a home run in that regard to customize it for the guys based on what they did or didn’t have.”

Piroli mentioned a $1,500 limit per player set by the NFL and noted players have been sent everything from medicine balls and weight racks to “speed sleds for some of the skill position guys” and  “different pushing sleds for some of the linemen.”

“We understand some guys don’t have anything at all,” Piroli said. “And they might not be able to be able to get to anything or might not be allowed. So we’ve done everything for guys that have anything from a garage gym, [to a] private gym. The guys that don’t have anything at all, we’re still going to get the most important things accomplished. And it’s really just up to them to communicate back and forth with us.”

Joe’s glad to hear the Bucs didn’t hesitate to get players what they need, and the Bucs are among a handful of teams leading a virtual workout program for the roster. Most clubs opted to let players manage their own conditioning until team headquarters re-open leaguewide.

15 Responses to “Team Glazer Goes All-In On Player Home Fitness Equipment”

  1. Buczilla Says:

    Good move Glazers.

  2. Tye Says:

    Hopefully the renewed since of hope and expectation to be a winning team this season will be enough motivation to drive each player to not slack off or to go about this half-heartedly so when they do get on the field, conditioning and such will not play any factor to become any more of a set back..

  3. BuckyLove Says:

    A $1500 limit on equipment per player basically means they get something a lot less capable than the average guy reading this post likely has.

  4. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Herschel Walker didn’t use weights. Push ups and sit ups. Lots of them.

  5. Miller5252 Says:

    I wonder if 5-6 of them can get together and each get different equipment but put it in one spot so the 5-6 can get a better work out. $1500 don’t seem like near enough to get a really good work out like when they’re allowed in the building.

  6. Cainishere Says:

    Hi gang! It looks as if this team’s ownership really does want to start a new tradition of football excellence. I think the fellas are tired of losing. They seem to think they are better than that and by their actions. I think dad taught them well. Good job guys! Go Bucs!!

  7. Bucs Guy Says:

    $1500 is what the team can spend. The player xan always buy more on his own. At a min salary of $600K+, I believe the players can afford a few dollars out of their pockets. They can always write it off on taxes as a job requirement. The only ones this could maybe be a challenge for is the UFAs.

  8. WhoCares Says:

    Actually I just figured out the true conspiracy behind the sickness. They had to Shut down all of the distraction in Tampa plus send us the GOAT (Not Satan, the QB) and to let us win another freaking Super Bowl…. In our crib!!!!

    You heard it hear first folks. The NFL has achieved its global reach. The mother of all conspiracies has been revealed!.

    Your Welcome!!!

    And NDog Im sorry about your boy. I love him too and actually support most of your reasoning. But just think about it bro. J Dub was a dead man walking. I mean they literally had to shut down the world to eliminate ALL OF THE DISTRACTIONS in Tampa as well as bring in the GOAT. All so we can have a Super Bowl and win it at home.

    Bet the house people….

    Who wouldn’t trade braging rights anyday, for 10 years of Winston dominance!!! NDOG, what say you sir?

  9. unbelievable Says:

    You could get a great setup for $1500.

    Obviously you wouldn’t have every kind of machine possible, but certainly enough to do a ton of different lifts and training.

    And probably any of the guys who aren’t rookies already have some equipment, so this would have allowed them to bring in special machines, etc.

    And as someone else posted, the league minimum is 600k+ a year, so it’s not like these guys are even remotely broke (if they’re not idiots).

  10. Jeffbuc Says:

    Ndog response to this would be now they do whatever needed for players. We were on the verge of 10 years of dominance why can’t you people see this. I state facts you can’t dispute. Why can’t you people see this it just hurts my heart that you blame jameis for everything. It’s not jameis fault some of his teammates didn’t even have workout gyms in there home. Now we get Brady and we get everyone a gym. And in two years we are screwed we will have no plan just strong players. Why can’t you guys see this. I’m just stating facts that you guys can’t deny. Go ahead me and my heavy heart are waiting. I’m just so frustrated that we were so close and now glazers get all Oprah on the team you get a gym and you get a gym. Why not last year then jameis would have had a better year because he has a gym and he wasn’t the problem it was the defense,kicker, wider receivers running wrong routes, the offensive coordinator for calling wrong plays, coach Arians fault for his 1970 passing game, and of course jameis bad eyes. I’m just stating facts. Super Bowl or bust nothing else acceptable. Why can’t you guys see this. I am so smart and you other 99% are just delusional and you know it and I’m just so frustrated

  11. T-BO Says:

    Can the Glazers hook up a fan??!!! 😂

  12. SirClicksAlot Says:

    I’m sure they can get around the 1500 limit if they need to. There is a bunch of equipment already at one Bucs place that nobody is using and doesn’t cost a dime for the team. Easy to have it boxed up and delivered to players.

  13. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    I could easily train a professional athlete with 1500 in equipment. Buckylove bro get off those machines.

  14. Hodad Says:

    So who’s coming into the players homes, and setting up this equipment? Are they being tested first? Same with the draft. How many techs had to come into GM’s, and coaches homes to set up all that draft gear? There would’ve been less social contact had the GM, and HC just gone to the team facility to do the draft. Just like it would be safer having the players come into the team facility to train. It can be done safely in small groups, instead of going who know’s where to train, and having strangers come into their homes to set up equipment. By trying to avoid contact with each other, the NFL created contact with many others they don’t know in the process. What’s the difference between Goddell doing the draft at NFL studios with a small crew, or having a small crew go into Roger’s house to shoot the draft? Smoke, and mirrors folks.

  15. Soggy Says:

    @ jeffbuc, very good Impersonation.. Lol