“I’ve Been A Part Of This Torture And This Torment”

May 30th, 2020

As a 13-year NFL safety and a former Pro Bowler who played for the Steelers when Bucco Bruce Arians was calling plays in Pittsburgh, Ryan Clark knows a thing or two about NFL offenses.

He also knows a few things about playing against mighty Tom Brady, the Buccaneers’ new quarterback.

Clark has worked for BSPN breaking down the NFL for the past five years and he was on TV absolutely appalled that anyone would suggest Brady won’t turn the Bucs around immediately.

And don’t try telling Clark that Brady will have any issue in Bucco Bruce Arians’ offense. You’ll get a loud retort.

“It doesn’t matter what the call is. He gets to the line of scrimmage — because I’ve been a part of this torture and this torment — and he finds the matchup,” Clark said.

“He sees where you’re going to vacate zones. He understands who is in man, and he gets the ball to that dude.

“Guess what [the Bucs] got now? They got a bunch of dudes; there are dudes everywhere. So the one that you’re not double-covering, the one you’re not rolling coverage to, he’s gonna find him. That’s not gonna change about Tom Brady. Bruce Arians and Byron Leftwich won’t say ‘You have to throw the ball to [Mike] Evans now.”

Clark is convince the Bucs are a Super Bowl contender because of Brady.

He also dropped a fun take about America’s Backup, Saints quarterback Jameis Winston. Clark said Jameis will be the first athlete to have a BSPN 30-for-30 documentary about him named “30-for-30.”

12 Responses to ““I’ve Been A Part Of This Torture And This Torment””

  1. EA Says:

    Let’s hope Brady and the team get to work soon to develop some chemistry.

  2. tbbucs3 Says:

    This team still has too many holes and question marks to be legitimate superbowl contenders.

    But the national media will make it seem that Winston was the only problem because they have a clue when it comes to the Bucs.

  3. FactTeller Says:

    We were gonna make playoffs with Winston this year anyway….

  4. Herbiebuc Says:

    @joe how do you feel about last year games between Nyg, Tenn Titatns, and Seattle seahawks? Jameis did everything to succeed denfense and special teams let him down those games easily could havr been victories! If my math is right that a 10-6 playoff record! I love the fact we got tom brady but I have to feel like jameis was treated unfairly. To be only making a million dollars this year is the most ludicrous thing I ever seen

  5. ElioT Says:

    [Not sure where you dreamed up Joe wrote that. — Joe]

  6. Sport Says:

    JW has earned being infamous.

    Hog – here is a paid analyst and professional saying what we are trying to get you to recognize through your 5k yd glasses.

    You must love eating crow. Get ready for more if you don’t ditch those glasses.

    In BA I Trust!

  7. lambchop Says:


    As I recall, The ’02 Bucs had Michael Pittman as the starting RB, Brad Johnson at QB, an above average OL; they turned out pretty good. Not exactly elite in any of those positions, but they still balled out.

    You will never have a perfect roster. The sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Brady will just play smart football and exploit a defense’s weakness. He makes household names out of most of his teammates. I expect him to manipulate the protection up front to his advantage and pull the OL above the level they have played up to this point. If we add one more RB to the mix before the start of the season, that unit will be good enough.

  8. Casual Observer Says:

    Lambchop – Good summary. But I don’t think that we may even need another RB.

  9. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Agree. And our SB team was clearly driven by the defense. When you mention our Super Bowl Champs who comes up? Sapp? Brooks? Lynch? Ronde? Rice?
    Have I mentioned an offensive player yet.

    What excites me about this team is we have a chance to be more balanced than our Championship team. We expect our Offense to be huge…the talent…experienced proven talent…is there.

    On D I think we have a ton of talent as well. The major difference is that a lot of D talent still has to prove something. D White and Winfield could explode in the middle of our D but they have to do it where the O guys have done it.

    DB’s are in the same boat. Shaq has to back up his breakout season…JPP has to stay healthy…but if we remain healthy and the young up and comers continue their upward trend this D might become as special as our O.

    IF we play our cards right we’ll build a juggernaut that any QB we draft to replace Brady can win out of the gate with..or perhaps a vet acquisition…two years of Aaron Rodgers anyone?

  10. Wayne PEREZ Says:

    Herbibucsfan how about the last 2 games 6 picks 2 for it’s all he had to do win those 2games he’s still here

  11. Herbiebuc Says:

    @wayne perez
    If im not mistaken one those last 2 games i witness our kicker miss2 or 3 field goals or xtra points im not sure but it def would have propelled us to victories if he would have made them. we cant blame it all on jameis we did have a number 1 offense in the leauge in majority of categories. I dont care if we have joe Montana in his prime lol we cant win if our kicker is missing chip shots with the game on the line or a pass defense thats suspect as ours! dont make it seem like jamies interceptions were the complete catalyst to our 7-9 record. @joe how do you feel about that?

  12. Gdan79 Says:

    Y’all already no who’s got this division end of discussion night night bucs fans