Forget Field Goals

May 11th, 2020

Pedal to the metal.

This is both a funny and sad commentary on the Bucs kicking woes.

Yes, for a while there, Matt Gay seemed like he was a helluva draft pick. Gay ended the season terribly and his percentage of made kicks was the worst in the NFL among kickers attempting at least 35 field goals.

One can — and Joe has heard these arguments — say that if Gay made just a few more field goals, Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, might still be here.

If you believe Ke’Shaun Vaughn will fill the running back hole admirably, then the biggest hole on the roster is a competent kicker.

Boy, has that been a broken record around these parts?

Yes, recently the Bucs signed free agent kicker Elliot Fry. As a professional, Fry has missed just one field goal. He was three-for-four with the Bears in the preseason last year and when playing in the AAF (RIP), Fry was a perfect 14-for-14, with a longest of 47 yards..

Joe was researching kicking and came across an article from the PFF tribe where they advised Bucco Bruce Arians that since the Bucs’ kicking game has been such a dumpster of garbage for years, the team is better off going for it at all times in field goal range rather than attempt a field goal.

The tribe points out that since 2015, the Bucs have led the NFL in percentage of third- and fourth-down conversions. Yeah, that’s right, even with you-know-who at quarterback. And with Rob Gronkowski coming out of retirement, that pattern, the tribe reasons, will continue.

Joe can only remember once where an NFL coach, so frustrated with his field goal kicker, wouldn’t use him in critical situations. That was Mike Tomlin with the Steelers in 2015. That only lasted a few games, though.

The genesis of the story though is a compelling thought. With the weapons the Bucs have, why not keep going for it?

How ’bout it, Mr. No-Risk-It-No-Biscuit?

27 Responses to “Forget Field Goals”

  1. El Buco Realisto Says:

    Pedal to the metal???????? Its a shame then, as ole stale biscuit’s golf cart tops out at 15mph!!!!!!!!!!! And most likely 13mph with him in it, as he is starting to look large again!!!!!!!!!! Will team glazer require another physical?????? After the 7-9 losing season, they should at least have the team doctor check for ole stale biscuit’s pulse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s time to herd the sheep, and put them back in the pen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. K2 Says:

    Elliot Fry maybe an improvement…I’m not counting the guy out. On the upside perhaps Gay will add accuracy to his strong leg to become a solid kicker.

  3. Rob in Land O Lakes Says:

    Yeah, Relaist. I heard your bromance boy Mike Smith is available though.

    Mic drop!

  4. Buddy Says:

    If that is the case then Mike Evans needs to get back into town and start working out with Brady, Godwin, Cam and OJ at their get weekly workouts at Berkley Prep field. We don’t want field goals we wont touchdowns.

  5. TheBradyBunch Says:

    The Bucs have tried a couple of times to go with these kickers with big legs. They need to focus on finding an accurate kicker. I would be ok going with a kicker that maxes out at 45 yards as long as he is accurate. Gay lost the Giants game because he wasn’t accurate from 35 yards out. He lost the Falcons game because he missed all three attempts (they were in the 40-45 yard range). While he might be able to drill a 55 yarder, the overwhelming majority of kicks, including PATs, are 45 and under.

  6. '79 Defense Says:

    I fully believe if the Bucs had won the Giants and Falcons games that Jameis would still be here. 9-7 instead of 7-9 and things look a hell of a lot rosier.

    That unnecessary 30th int (because of missed kicks that could have won it and then a poor play by Jameis) was the straw that broke Arian’s back.

    I’m not saying Jameis isn’t at fault, but damn, Gay did him absolutely no favors.

  7. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I believe in Matt Gay. I’ve heard that he is working hard this off season to correct his issues. Will he succeed?

    I’m willing to wait and see. But having a backup plan might be smart.

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Fry could be perfect…..then put on a Bucs uniform and watch him miss on a regular basis……

  9. BucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Gay will be fine , he is working with Chandler Catanzaro and Roberto Aguayo–BWAHABWAHABWAHABWAHABWAHABWAHABWAHABWAHABWAHA

  10. Dapostman Says:

    NFL coaches play NOT TO LOSE. They don’t play to win.

    Perfect example is the Seattle game. Down by 1 with about a min to play and Russell Wilson on the other side. What does ole No risk it do? He kicks the PAT to TIE the game.
    He knows perfectly well that his defense at the time is a sieve and Russell Wilson is on the other side but he TIES the game anyway.

    One play. Two yards to take the lead on the road. He kicks it against a defense that was not that great since the Bucs had racked up 33 points at that moment.

    Arians is nothing more than a Don Coryell clone who never won anything. Exciting to watch but results will be lacking.

  11. BucDan Says:

    If Gay can maintain focus and routine on his kicks (his stated reason for missing), he is a monster asset to have on the team. His ability to make a FG from 50+ is critical in today’s league. Though, just as critical is making them from 30 yards out.

    I’m hoping that he works out because there just are not that many kickers in the league that have the coaches confidence to make it from 50+ (see Bucs teams from the last decade; Barth and Bryant only).

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Kicking a field goal from 50 yards out is bad thinking. If you miss, the other team gets a short field. (Just like an interception from old #3).

    Just find a guy that can kick extra points. That would be an improvement.

  13. John Sinclear Says:

    Kicking a field goal from 50 yards out is a bad decision. If you miss, the other team gets the ball on a short field (Just like an interception from the former #3).

    Just find somebody who can kick extra points. That would be an improvement.

  14. VdubVW Says:

    Hey el buco your mom called and said you need to go take a nap. Better run along now

  15. TOM Says:

    I don’t care who you are playing, I would definetely went for the tie just like BA did & take my chances in OT. If he would have went for two to win & didn’t make it, the fans would have wanted to run him out of down on a rail.

  16. Brett Says:

    The Bucs didn’t use Bill Capece much at the end of his last year with the Bucs. Guard George Yarno kicked extra points. Remember the quote from John McKay… “Capese is Kaput.”

  17. Swampbuc Says:

    Just get a decent kicker. Don’t forget that the Gay kicker missed a boatload of PATs, too.

  18. 813bucboi Says:


    BA had to coach the dirk outta players….

    back in the cage with the mutt!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!

  19. Buc4evr Says:

    Gay can’t even make extra points. We need Gostkowski assuming he’s healthy.

  20. El Buco Realisto Says:


    Ole stale biscuit did not have to coach out anything!!!!!!!!! Like incompetent lovie, he has the juice over the roster!!!!!!!!!!! They wanted those players!!!!!!!!!! Maybe that is why he is trying to find the white eerrrrrrrrr I mean the “right” kind of players!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And when is this coaching supposively going to show up???????? 7-9 losing season, against a soft schedule, with a very healthy team!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most penalties in the nfl!!!!!!!!! That is just sloppy coaching!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s time to herd the sheep, and put them back in the pen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. El Buco Realisto Says:

    And about the kicker, some will have to give 813bucboi his due!!!!!!!!!! “Word on the street ” is that 813bucboi has been a “gay” fan for decades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even some of the sheep have said that 813bucboi likes to have a QB snap under center when he hikes the ball!!!!!!!!! Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s time to herd the sheep, and put them back in the pen!!!!!!!!!!

    go bucs!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Rod Munch Says:

    Gay made 3 out of 8 to end the season. Gay has never, in his entire life, made a game winning FG.

    I believe that Gay will be fine – most rookie kickers aren’t that great, but it should be very concerning that we have a kicker who has never made a game winner, cost us two W’s and ended the year so poorly.

    With that said – there is enough there to stick by him – and generally kickers who kick for a long time have a solid year 2, then finally by year 3 become pro-bowl level kickers.

  23. Blameless Jameis Says:

    Gay should be cut after his first miss from under 40 yards.

  24. 813bucboi Says:


    the coaching showed up once dirk and smitty were shown the door!!!!!!

    and dirk had the juke errr juice for the roster too!!!!…im sure you remember his great plan to lead us to the playoffs:

    The Buc Realist Says:
    December 13th, 2016 at 9:51 am
    The crazy thing is that they were not expensive!!!! and most were basic 1-year bridge player deals with a second year option!!!!!


    and what did those 1year bridge players do for the bucs, dirk, smitty and the future?…..NOTHING!!!!! except set us back with back to back 5win seasons!!!!

    pull your skirt down missy!!!!….close your legs when the big boys walk thru!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  25. 541BucsFan Says:

    I like “You-know-who-at-QB” but …

    Let’s upgrade to, “He who shall not be named.”

  26. Randy Spence Says:

    Why not sign Gostkowski? NE south seems like a better option that what they have been working with.

  27. Joe Says:

    Why not sign Gostkowski?

    This subject was discussed on a recent Ira podcast. The only thing that makes sense in why the Bucs haven’t brought him in is injuries (remember, no one else has brought him in either).