Brady’s Better Receivers

May 9th, 2020

“Yes Tom, I’m a catch.”

Now there are a lot of folks who believe park-violating, home-invading Bucs quarterback Tom Brady will be better this year — at 43-years old! — because of the Bucs receivers.

And one of the well-trained orangutans over at the PFF tribe clawed up evidence that may back up that thought.

Now we all know dropped passes are a very subjective stat. For example, when Bucs tight end O.J. Howard tries behind-the-back passes with the ball or volleyballs passes to defenders, could that be considered a catch?

If a guy dives straight out for a ball and just gets his fingertips on the pass, is that a drop?

You get the drift.

But the tribe believes Brady suffered from the second-most drops of any quarterback in the NFL. The tribe believes Brady had 34 passes dropped. That’s like two a game.

Now Brady will have two  Pro Bowl receivers with one on a Hall of Fame path (Mike Evans). The other, Chris Godwin, per the same tribe, has the lowest drop rate for receivers since 2015.

So the people believing Brady will improve now that he has better receivers might be onto something.

73 Responses to “Brady’s Better Receivers”

  1. DoooshLaRue Says:

    I know it’s part of your schtik Joe, but your Brady intro is just…..dumb.

  2. Ocala Says:

    If healthy Brady will be in the running for MVP

  3. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    Why is Brady labeled by that but Jay Miss is still America’s QB?

    Jay Miss can stay Americas QB if you really want but Brady has accomplished more then any other QB.

  4. Joe B Says:

    Honestly the nicknames are so childish. I love your content otherwise but the names are getting old.

  5. Ricky Says:

    The only bad nickname is America’s QB and Peter King is way too long

  6. EA Says:

    NFL Network is re airing some Patriot games today and I’m noticing that besides Edelman there was no other receiver on their roster that could get good separation.

  7. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Seriously dude, Brady is a first-ballot HOF, 6 time super bowl champion and possibly the GOAT and you describe him like that. What the hell is wrong with you man. Are you jealous! He’s on the BUCS NOW FFS.

  8. AwShbucs Says:

    I agree Joe it makes very little sense to address Jameis as “America’s QB, Probowler Jameis Winston” only to turn around and disrespect Tom Bradys many accomplishments.

    How about referring to him with some reverence and respect. Greatest Quarterback back of all time, 6 time SB winner Tom Brady would be more suitable.

    After all you never introduced Jameis as “Sexual assault allegation receiving, Uber groping, Ronald Darby’s partner in crime doing, 30 interception and 7 pick 6’s in a season throwing QB Jameis Winston.”

    Makes you look just a tad silly

  9. Rod Munch Says:

    The starters better stay healthy for once since there is zero depth at WR on this team. We can hope the 5th rounder was the drafts biggest steal – but he was a 5th rounder because he has, at best, 4.7 speed – all betting on rookie WRs is normally a losing proposition. If Evans and Godwin can stay healthy then no problems – we are in fantastic shape – but when is the last time the Bucs got 16 games out of their top 2 WRs? I don’t know – but going back 5 years it hasn’t happened.

    Thankfully Antonio Brown should be available in case the worst happens.

  10. Alaska Abdominal Snowman Says:

    So we needed PFF to tell us better receivers will make Brady play better??? REALLY???
    Let me save you some more time Joe.
    Our running game will be better too because better blockers.

  11. Jerry Jones Says:


  12. Jerry Jones Says:

    And water isn’t wet.

  13. JimmyJack Says:

    Rod Munch…….WR depth is one thing. Our depth of passing weapons is another.

    You can look at Mike, Chris, Cameron and Gronk. All proven weapons. O.J. with all the potential in the world we might see come to fruition under Tom.

    That’s five weapons right off the bat.

    I do also believe their will be a big time focus to develope a trusted pass catcher in the backfield. If it doesn’t happen with who we got we will hit the streets to find somebody(somebody will be avialable).

    That’s six weapons.

    Many pee seem to be high on this Johnson kid. That’s a potential seventh weapon.

    Aside from that let this WR depth chart play it’s way out. This isn’t last year’s group and I think a guy like Watson will be pushed to the bubble and maybe pushed right off the roster. We got a lot of names back there………They got some dude named Brian Mitchell!!! I don’t care how stupid my logic is. If your name is Brian Mitchell I got some high expectations.

    Also don’t sleep on last year’s August heros Tanner Hudson and Schnell. Both looked like they have very nice hands and aren’t afraid to go over the middle. Brady does have enough pull that if he deveoles a repore and trust with somebody during TC they will make the roster…….Their is just no telling at this point how that depth is gonna shake out until Tom gets under center and gets to work with them.

    I would bet a large sum that somebody under the radar gets under Tom’s wing, makes the roster & becomes a viable target that we use throughout the season.

  14. Alaska Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Tyler Johnson does NOT have 4.7 speed hahaha really?
    He runs mid 4.5s, do you really think he’d be burning corners in college if he ran a 4.7?
    He is a Chris Godwin, Corey Davis type receiver who might struggle some to create separation but excels at bodying smaller DBs to win at the catch point.
    Not all successful receiver run in the 4.4s or lower.

  15. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    When I think of all the nicknames Joe could have given Jameis…..from crab-legs to crotches to table-top shouting to eating w..s……..please please don’t pile them on Brady……
    Yes….I know, you don’t have to read them….but they are in the text of the article….and are very difficult to ignore….

  16. Geno711 Says:

    @rod. Don’t disagree with your assessment of a 5th round receiver unlikely to work. Just curious where you got 4.7 speed for him. I have seen 4.55 to 4.6. Where did you get that higher time. By the way the bucs say they use mph off GPS tracking over 40 time.

  17. Jeffbucsfan Says:

    To keep the players healthy this year they will need to show up 2 hours early for everything and start their day with stretching, stretching and more stretching. Problems with hamstrings will not be acceptable this year.

  18. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Both Mike Evans and Chris Godwin played in all 16 games in 2018 (with Godwin starting 5 games), so I wouldn’t say they’re injury-prone. I doubt the Bucs sign Antonio Brown under any circumstances.

  19. JimmyJack Says:

    Just looked at some of our roster. From what I can find we are set to have 13 WRs compete in camp. And them are just the names I could find quickly.

    Point is it’s way too early to label our depth. It’s not even established yet. I would also not be surprised if Tanner Hudson makes the team as a WR they could use on certain sets. Gronk can also line up as a WR which also makes the unit deeper then meets the eye.

    This is a different team. Especially with a new QB under center a lot changes. Judge this year’s depth based on what they do. Not what last year’s team did.

  20. JimmyJack Says:

    Joe I don’t think anybody called Mike injury prone. If anybody does they are not only a moron but they are also wrong………You don’t reel off 1000 yard seasons your entire career and be injury prone. Anybody saying that needs to compare Mike’s games played yo any other receiver.

    Not saying Mike don’t get injured. He does but he plays right on through it. That’s the difference to being injury prone.

    And there is not a doubt in my mind that if we needed to win that Houston game to get into the playoffs last year Mike is their gutting it out in some capacity. It just so happens our egghead.QB last year(bait for NDog) played us right out of contention.

  21. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Speaking of not being injury-prone, Tom Brady has played in all 172 games in the last 11 years (suspended for 4 games in 2016). He was sacked a total of 297 times in those 11 years (if my math is correct). Dude must take good care of himself, to say the least.

  22. SB Says:

    Cray cray that usually I am ‘cautiously optimistic’ !
    Now I am just hoping we have a season.
    Or it will just be another ‘Buc’s Life!

  23. SB Says:

    Brady has made bubble WRs look good.
    Imagine when he gets to ME and CG!

  24. adam from ny Says:

    yeah…ball up on joe….

    the only name brady should have is:

    “tom gravy”

    because wherever tommy goes, there is an abundance of gravy…

    just look at our 2020 schedule…

    keep the gravy flowing – i don’t like dry chicken, turkey or potatoes…

  25. SB Says:

    Tampabaybucfan Says:
    May 9th, 2020 at 5:52 pm
    When I think of all the nicknames Joe could have given Jameis…..from crab-legs to crotches to table-top shouting to eating w..s……..please please don’t pile them on Brady……
    Yes….I know, you don’t have to read them….but they are in the text of the article….and are very difficult to ignore….


    Thank you TBBF for stepping up on this one. Please Joe, no adjectives for TB yet please. I mean we can’t even say the word for ‘the sickness’ and aren’t sure there is a season in front of us.
    On the other front where you responded to me yesterday I get it.
    Agree to agree and disagree at the same time.
    Yeah that is F’d up!

  26. Buczilla Says:

    I don’t think that Brady gets close to throwing for over 5,000 yards like Winston, but I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t throw for at least 10 more touchdowns and only half the picks as long as everyone stays relatively healthy. Edelman’s a nice player but not in Mike’s or Godwin’s league.

  27. Says:

    Joe, it’s as if TB12 left you hanging on a high five that last night game the Pats played here.

    I’d love to see an analysis of TB12’s records
    A breakdown of his championships
    Some insights into the TB12 Method

    The vibe you’re giving is that you’d rather have JW3 than TB12 and we’re chewing on sour grapes. I can’t see why that would be, and I hope I’m wrong, but the site is becoming less pleasant by the day.

  28. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Here’s a video of a Vikings fan describing Tyler Johnson:

  29. Sport Says:

    Tend to agree with the nicknames. Starting off with these will not help Joe get any Mic time with Brady. It’s a pathway to getting blackballed.

    Joe always said JW got that moniker because he moved the needle nationally.

    If that’s the measuring stick, the last few weeks should prove TB 12 is “The Worlds Quarterback”

    In BA I Trust!

  30. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Something bad seems to always happen when QB’s throw that short pass to the right-
    Jameis pick 6 vs Falcons
    Jameis pick 6 vs 49ers
    Brady pick 6 vs Dolphins
    Brady pick 6 vs Titans

    Hopefully the playbook will not include these short routes into zone coverage

    No QB is better at finding the open receiver quicker than Brady. I expect big numbers on offense like last year with less turnovers

    And I wouldn’t call Tyler Johnson and Scotty Miller zero depth.

  31. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Watching a video on Tyler Johnson, the guy called TJ an “alpha dog” who’ll come into the NFL with a huge chip on his shoulder because of where he got drafted. Compared him to Anquan Boldin, high praise. Both Boldin and Johnson played QB, so they know how to help their QB out. We’ll see.

  32. Jason Mclaurin Says:

    I miss Jameis like hell and hope he returns to the Bucs in the future I don’t see him staying in New Orleans it will be humbling experience for him to say the least I feel he will be improved for it but let’s look at Brady our new QB. I have yet to speak but I feel we have set him up for three years to come with this mentality overhaul over the last year. I still feel there’s more to come though. I feel Brady will definitely be healthy and have 5,000 yards behind this agile and powerful line we have and elite WR and TE as well. I say we have four guys touch 1000 yards receiving and RoJo goes for 1500 rushing. Evans may break Moss records this year I promise chemistry is never lacking when talent is involved. Defense will be phenomenal as well. I begin to look at the moves and it reminds me of when we got Gruden that off-season. We became a veteran team across the board and won the super bowl with players who knew how to win as pros and were determined enough to be champions. Trust me though this will be the NFL’S highest offensive production ever this season from the Bucs.

  33. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Sounds good, Jason Mclaurin! I appreciate your optimism!

  34. LM Says:

    I see you’re at it again Joe! Dumb nicknames that make no sense!
    Just address Brady as the GOAT & be done with it!

    6 Championships, 4 Time Super Bowl MVP, 14 Pro Bowls, 2 NFL MVP’s Etc!!!

    Your boy Mr Pick 6 America’s Joke Pro Groper Jameis Winston is a backup & Joe can’t take it! He’s gotta disrespect Brady like he’s some criminal.


  35. JimmyJack Says:

    Over the past five years as Joe has dubbed Winston America’s QB I have gotten a kick out of all the feathers he ruffled with y’all fans over something that is basically worthless……Now it might be a little hard to read a negative nickname about Tom Brady but to see some of y’all come unglued about it is defientally worth it……….It’s just more entertainment at the end of the day.

    Nice job Joe. You know how to tilt the best of us.

  36. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Lol lazy journalism once again

    It’s like drinking Clorox to cure the flu

    Brady specializes on getting the ball out quickly on horizontal pass routes. Our recievers specializes on vertical routes

    Our Polk county community college Leftwhich is google searching this foreign topic as we speak.

    8 days

    8 days in of training camp ,Brady kicksout Leftwich from the QB room and instead Brady connects virtually with Josh McDaniels to run the offense”

    Kobe Faker

  37. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Leftwich will be fine. Some people just like running their mouth.

  38. David Says:

    People seem really preoccupied with the nicknames. LOL I do agree that they are a little worn thin. I don’t even bother reading the first two paragraphs whenever you mention Peter King.
    But really, who cares?

    Then others are complaining about WR depth. LoL.
    2 pro bowlers.
    Then Justin Watson and the rookie.
    After that, it doesn’t matter a whole hell of a lot. Learn to run a route and catch the ball. Brady is going to put it right on your hands, unlike Winston.

    Throw in a Hall of Fame tight end, another tight end with all the potential in the world, and a third tight end who almost catches more touchdowns than anyone else last four years.

    Those running backs better learn to get their head on a swivel to look for an outlet, that’s the only thing questionable

  39. BucsFan28 Says:

    Yeah dude please quit addressing our QB the way you are I know you think it’s cute but it’s not.

  40. Miketb19 Says:

    Brady 2019 offensive Weapons
    Julian Edelman (coming off an ACL injury the previous year)
    N’Keal Harry ( 1st round pick fat boy who played like 7th rounder)
    Jakobi Myers (I mean let’s be serious)
    James White
    Rex Burkehead
    Only reliable targets
    Ben Watson (almost forty and has retired like 2 or 3 times)
    Matt LaCosse (pretty much a nobody)

    Brady 2020 offensive weapons
    Mike Evans (pro bowl receiver)
    Chris Godwin (pro bowl receiver 2nd team all pro)
    Tyler Johnson ( 5th round pick should of been a 3rd rounder)
    Ronald Jones (coming off 1,000 yards from scrimmage season)
    Keshaugn Vaughn ( 3rd round pick)
    Rob Gronkowski ( greatest tight end of this decade if not ever)
    OJ Howard (1st round pick)
    Cam Brate( one of the best seam/red zone tight ends in the league)

    I mean anyone who can see the difference between those offensive weapons and think Brady won’t be able to utilize those 2 his advantage and have a tremondous year is either in denial or just a hater

  41. BigHog Says:

    Here’s another nickname for you people to hate on GOAT THE GREAT WHITE HOPE …and I’m sure we all know that allegations are like toilet paper and we all know what that is good for !!! If Mr. 5,000 can carry that load of “allegations” and still pass that ball downfield at an effective and efficient rate then surely THE GOAT can shoulder a few jabs at his persona!

  42. Joe Says:

    Yeah dude please quit addressing our QB the way you are I know you think it’s cute but it’s not.

    What the hell, all of a sudden Joe cannot be sarcastic? 🙁 The handles stay on Brady. Get used to it. Might even add some if he has more missteps. 🙂

    If you want AP style writing, there are a couple of outfits in town which use that style that are also panhandling for money at the end of the I-275 exit ramp in an effort to stay afloat. Joe has no desire to copy the business model of failing shops.

    Joe’s been doing stuff like this since he first turned the lights on here. Not going to stop now.

  43. ParrishBucsfan Says:

    Joe if you give Brady nicknames of some mistakes he has made it’s only fair to call Winston a nick name of his mistakes as well. Only fair.

  44. BigHog Says:

    If they can kick Mr.5,000 for being a crab man swindling, uber groping, sex addictive, saying the nasty while table top dancing, b b gun toting……’but you can’t touch GOAT THE GREAT WHITE HOPE ….feel free to takers few more jabs Joe but spread them out over time because some of his groupies are like tight and closed hip women…in that they can’t take the pounding!!!¥’m

  45. AwShbucs Says:

    Nobody wants you to not be you Joe. But it makes you look like a biased oaf when you prop Jameis up on a pedestal and keep his name untarnished by his mishaps, of which there are many, but refuse to show Brady the same respect.

  46. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Just read past anything you don’t like, I do all the time with BigHog’s racist, race baiting comments.

  47. Cainishere Says:

    If you look back on Brady’s career, you will notice his receiving corps never have been so loaded as he has now. Plus, He does very well if his receivers have good hands and the Bucs have great hands. He has never had a team yet where every target was Pro Bowl caliber like he has now. Imagine this for a second, he was able to perform miracles with using just a couple of targets imagine what he may be able to do with the full power of the Bucs already powerful offense. Go Bucs!!!

  48. Tampabuscsbro Says:


    Damn BigHog if I said that my comment would get thrown into moderation faster then Joe chugs his wavemaker. Anyhow it’s going to be a turbulent year in here. The Joes are still mad their guy is gone. the trolls are running rampant It’s going to be good.

  49. Tampabuscsbro Says:


    Dang (I think that word is okay?) BigHog if I said that my comment would get thrown into moderation faster then Joe chugs his wavemaker. Anyhow it’s going to be a turbulent year in here. The Joes are still mad their guy is gone. the trolls are running rampant It’s going to be good.

  50. Tye Says:

    and everyone else who believes they are smarter than the EXPERTS, the 32 teams who demonstrated they did not see ‘their guy’ to have any value at starter or 2nd string.. no more than 1.1 Mill…

  51. Says:

    It’s not the nicknames. It’s the overall tone. Joe might be the only Bucs fan in the world who is net negative on having Brady over Winston. Just come out and write the article… You know the one… TB12 is in the twilight of his career. There’s a reason we landed him (no other suitors). Letting go a young talented arm with all the franchise records for no good reason will haunt us for the next 25 years all because Team Glazer wanted to sell some tickets and jerseys and take a big gamble for one season. Let’s get it out there and move on.

  52. Buczilla Says:

    As long as the Joe’s write interesting articles and provide a place to vent about all of the stupid mistakes the Bucs make (they make good one’s too, but making fun of the bad one’s is more enjoyable), I could care less what they call players. Payton Manning was ripping on Tom in a YouTube video recently as well for his recent antics here in Tampa and it was funny as hell. I’ve read both good and bad things about Winston here and while it may lean a bit more to the positive, it’s not changing my feelings one way or the other.

    I’ve yet to find any Buccaneer community even close to as good as the one that we have here, so I’ll enjoy it for what it is. Besides, some of you folks crack me up and my wife or kids look at me like a crazy person when I just bust out laughing from some of the comments here.😛

  53. Cainishere Says:

    When Jameass Winsnone was being drafted, I was optimistic, despite my brother saying we just bought 5 losing seasons. Turns out he was right. He gained the moniker “America’s QB”? How?. I laugh at that one. He could be America’s poster boy for sexual harassment. Caption :Don’t Let This Happen To You”. His gameplay was great if the action was in front of him. He couldn’t even pass to a RB in the flats folks. How many times did we see Mike Evans shrug at Winston as if to say “Who the hell you throwing to? How can you blame the Buccaneers for moving on? I got news, if it was your franchise. I bet you would have got Brady and rid yourself of that stain QB once and for all too. By the way, When Winsnone was accused by the Uber driver, where were all the women protesters? I didn’t see any. I see the NFL promote breast cancer awareness and support but allowed a sexual predator to play and be the face of our team. Good luck Winsnone. The greatest of all paper champions. Just check your sheet!

  54. LM Says:

    @Joe… “The handles stay on Brady. Get used to it. Might even add some if he has more missteps”

    Missteps? Brady was working out in a park & Went to visit Leftwich lol.

    Why didn’t you address Winston properly after all his missteps? The Notorious Womanizer, Crap Thief, Squirrel Shooting Joke Jameis Winston.

  55. LM Says:

    @BigHog Go Slob On Winston’s Knob!!

  56. Pete I Says:

    Home invasions are serious crimes, people get shot and killed in such things. To basically accuse someone to have been a perpetrator of such a crime, even in jest, is potentially a criminal act in an of itself. The first amendment does not allow someone to say or print anything they wish, even sarcastically. If I were Brady, I would have my lawyers send you a cease and desist letter at the minimum. If the Bucs, I would revoke your press credentials. It is neither funny nor cute nor clever and should have civil ramifications.

  57. Pete I Says:

    Under Florida Statute 812.135, the crime of Home Invasion Robbery is committed when a person enters a dwelling with the intent to unlawfully take money or property from the occupants through the use of force, violence, assault, or threat.

  58. Pete I Says:

    The crime of Home Invasion Robbery is a First Degree Felony and is assigned a Level 8 offense severity ranking under Florida’s Criminal Punishment Code.

    If convicted of Home Invasion Robbery, a judge is required to impose a minimum prison sentence of 34½ months in prison absent grounds to impose a downward departure sentence and can also impose any combination of the following penalties:

    Up to thirty tears in prison.
    Up to thirty years of probation.
    Up to $10,000 in fines.

  59. Pete I Says:

    In Florida, defamation is a false statement of fact, communicated to a third party, which is meant to hurt the plaintiff’s reputation or economic well-being.

    Florida recognizes Defamation Per Se.

    Defamation Per Se statements falsely, and maliciously, insinuate the plaintiff is:

    1. Afflicted with a terminal disease;
    2. Engaged in criminal activity; or
    3. Acted in a way unbecoming of his or her profession.

  60. Clean House Says:

    Joe you are the head of the losing culture. Don’t be surprised if Brady ignores you for all interviews. He is known for not putting up with crap from media.

    I don’t even like Brady but it irks me to have you welcome him town town with such garbage.


  61. OneBuc55 Says:

    For those whining because of Joe preferred nickname for Brady need to knock it off it’s obviously all in fun; and besides, you guys are making yourselves look bad…

    Mr. Brady already has a pretty bada$$ nickname…The GOAT

  62. Pete I Says:

    All in good fun? Hardly.

    Accusing someone of a first degree felony?

    Is calling in a bomb threat all in good fun?

    Was taking selfies of licking produce at the store all in good fun?

    Was dragging a shark 🦈 all in good fun?

    Wonder if the Buccaneers as an organization would think this nickname is hilarious?

  63. Asdf Says:

    I for one completely agree with the “America’s QB” moniker. We had so many prime time games when he was the face of the franchise and this then bum named Tom came to down and we lost all our national coverage and prime time games…

    …oh wait

  64. Alanbucsfan Says:

    It could be worse-
    Joe could’ve added “football deflating, cell phone mutilating“

  65. BigHog Says:

    Joel in Michigan….please stop overlooking my statements …read and get some of this…it’s real it hurts …but it’s easy to understand!

  66. Knuckle Sandwich Delivery Service Says:

    Case in point. Either clean up the racial references completely, or allow them all. One standard for everybody or no standard at all.

  67. Knuckle Sandwich Delivery Service Says:

    Haynes, nobody wastes their time reading that 5th grade grammar.

  68. Knuckle Sandwich Delivery Service Says:

    Biden/Winston 2020- Make America Grope Again.

  69. BigHog Says:

    Knuckle I know your not saying that I’m the only person on this site that may use some racial overtones at times…so you see where you say 5th grade grammar…I see race in that , your saying I’m uneducated but what you don’t say is that it’s because of the color of my skin ….you keep that part in the dark! Watch your language!! I’m going to continue to press on and call out the BS regardless of if it is 5th grade …as long as you understand ..just proves you’re not dimmer than a 5th grader!!

  70. BigHog Says:

    dumber than a 5th grader!! ^^^ Make America Grope Agaim …my man (45) got that on lock!!

  71. Cainishere Says:

    LOL Some of the insults are funny. Hang on guys, I have some of Jameass Winsnone’s W’s under me, kinda uncomfortable. That video of Jameis eating those W’s were enough to make someone sick. Just watch it and notice people trying to distance themselves and looking at him like the Jackass he was. Oh how about those glorious times we witnessed Jameis yelling at teammates to try to motivate them, just to watch him go out onto the field and cost the team the win with his stupidity. He would remind me of Lovie Smith from time to time. “Still plenty of football to be played” HAHAHA REX GET THE TRUCK THEY ARE ON TO US!!! GOOD LUCK JAMEIS, GO BUCS!!!

  72. Bucsfan951 Says:

    I’m just trying to find the “funny” in GOAT THE GREAT WHITE HOPE or is it to be used in a serious manner?

    And big hog… *You’re

    Not trying to make you feel stupid or anything, playa. Just trying to help out!

  73. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Have you fools ever heard of satire???? Seriously getting so upset at Joe for the names he chooses to and chooses not to label different players with on of which he and his partner other Joe are owners of this very website??? What do you want a fascist state where people are told by the government what to think??? You guys really blur the line between manliness and womanly getting into your feelings like you do. To quote the classic movie Stripes, “LIGHTEN UP FRANCES!!! You all get so hyped over such nonsense, you should go read Bucs Nation and Pewter Report, you won’t find any of the Joes writing styles up there. It’s funny how it’s always the newbies who come up here crying about it.

    You know Bighog, I’ve seen the racial undertones in quite a few posts but no one says jack but let you me or others bring up color then whole heartedly a large majority of the white posters up here get upset bringing out words like racist and race baiting even though the NFL refused to have black players play for the longest time. The only thing is that they don’t outright come out calling players in a derogatory manner like you do but it’s no different than out in the world, black folks talk racist stuff about any race they want but got the nerve to point their fingers at others calling them racist. Tom Brady ain’t the great white hope/hype that you keep calling him. He has proven to be the greatest of all time. Jameis might be Mr 5000 but he is also Mr Turnover and MrPickSix and has proven himself to be the the GreatBlackJoke. Tell me what Black qb has done anything close to what Brady has done in the last 20 years since you wanna keep it real and constantly bring up his color.