Tom Brady Talks NFL Draft

April 25th, 2020

Draft picks and draft hype don’t impress Tom Brady.

The Buccaneers’ new quarterback made that very clear during a live draft chat with

Lots of NFL veterans have told Joe through the years that they don’t pay attention to the draft or care about it much.

Brady was asked if he keeps a close eye on the draft after so many years in the league. The man some believe is heavily involved in personnel decisions at One Buc Palace had a firm answer.

“Yeah, definitely,” Brady replied before delivering a message Bucs rookies should hear.

“I know what you mean, though. It’s a lot of build-up. You know, really, whoever gets drafted, there’s been so few guys over the years that, you know, have come to the Patriots when I was there that made a sudden impact. A lot of those guys have a lot of work ahead. I think it’s a great night and all, and everyone gets excited for the draft and there’s so much build-up and hype. But the reality is none of those guys have accomplished anything yet. So really, for the most part you want to realize, can these guys come in and be humble?

“Are they excited to learn, are they excited to learn from the veterans? You know, what kind of commitment are they willing to make to be a true professional? That’s what it’s going to take for them to really succeed.”

Man, Brady sure sounded like he was reading from the Derrick Brooks leadership playbook. Put in the humble and hard work with no exceptions or excuses; it’s what Brady is about.

“It’s not what you say it’s what you do,” Brady said later.

14 Responses to “Tom Brady Talks NFL Draft”

  1. DaBux Says:

    I can guarantee one Tristan Wirfs is going to listen to everything Tompa Tom says. And then pick up the bill for the offense at Bern’s and freak out.

  2. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Love it GOAT! I hope all our draft picks and free agents read those quotes and come in humble and hungry!
    I don’t remember Jay Miss saying anything like that, but then again his play could never back up his mouth.

  3. kyle Says:

    How do you not have a hard on for this guy… lol Giselle your a lucky woman…go bucs

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Yep……coming from Tom Brady…….a “throwaway” 6th round pick…..

  5. CPN Says:

    Something, something… “Put up, or shut up”

  6. ModHairKen Says:

    Gone are the days when rookies showed up with the look-at-me pre-planned showboat, and the fans were all praying for a miracle.

    This is now a veteran team with family men who want a championship. It reminds me of Gruden’s first year, and during those years, Brooks and Sapp would not tolerate rookies who acted like it was about them.

  7. DaBux Says:

    I wouldn’t mind Tony Jones Jr. getting a shot at RB if he’s still available at 241. Kid has zero fumbles in 2 1/2 seasons at Notre Dame and can catch out of the backfield. He might be coachable and worth a dartboard shot because he’s 5’11 224 and not a turnover machine.

  8. El Buco Realisto Says:

    And that is why the “real” fans don’t believe in the head coach and gm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. BUCTIME Says:

    Love it !!! Not only is he going to do well here, but Tom is going to finally change the culture of this team for years to come!!! I hope he ends up falling in love with our city and becomes a full time resident along with his family and would love to see TB12 maybe become a GM or hopefully the Glazers kids sell and he and others could buy the team. The Yucs no longer and going to be an awesome couple of years and so thankful we didn’t sell the our 4 stadium club seats we’ve had for a 18 years and no more selling them at a discounted rate, giving them away which became hard the past couple of years, but that stadium and environment is going to be electric !!!! Kobe and Ndog enjoy watching it on tv because we all know you don’t attend games and are couch sitters

  10. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    this guy is exception, period. we are so lucky to have the opportunity to watch him play football for us, and teach the whole team how to win…. , how to learn, how to work hard/smart, and how to behave…. thank you Glazers for bringing this champion to tampa…

  11. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Lol rhealist is the last “real” fan left I guess.

    Yup, everyone else is crazy…not you.

    As for Brady, I love it, congratulations but…..get to work cuz you ain’t done ISH.

  12. SOEbuc Says:

    Tom…you’re making me blush. This dude is gonna have this locker room on lock down!!! Does anyone know a good tip to stop grinding my teeth?

    GO BUCS!!!

  13. '79Defense Says:

    Nice comments by Brady. Joe, do you have any idea why the Bucs haven’t interviewed him on their site yet? They always do that for big name free agent acquisitions and high draft picks. Gronk did one few days ago with the Bucs and it was great. He’s a character.

    There must be a reason why Brady hasn’t, and it can’t be that he doesn’t have time. I’m not criticizing, just wondering. It seems odd.

  14. Dangeruss Says:

    TB12 worked his butt off from Day 1 at Patriots! He never including today was complacent! No eating W’s or molesting Uber drivers for TB12! He will out work everyone & be a great leader! Soooooooo happy we have an inspirational leader as Tampa Bay’s Quarterback! Jose needs to get excited about the miracle in Tampa Bay (BA signing TB12) or start a new blog like Jose’s Saint Fans!!!! Maybe Jose would care to relocate to NOLA to be closer to the Saints #4 QB & #1 registered sex offender!! Fortunately the only Hall if Fame QB on the Saints (Brees) has enough class to offset the human stain’s stench in NOLA!