Offensive Production And The NFL Draft

April 16th, 2020

With so much focus on the Bucs fixing their shortcomings on offense in the 2020 NFL Draft, Joe feels compelled to remind Bucs fandom that Tampa Bay ranked third in points scored and yards last season, fifth in first downs, third in touchdown passes and managed to show a little balance in rush attempts (14th) and rushing TDs (15th).

Is that a team that needs to go extra heavy on offense in the NFL Draft?

Remember, the guys in charge at One Buc Palace sincerely believe Tom Brady instantly will make the running game better because of his run checks at the line of scrimmage.

They also believe Brady immediately makes the passing game better because of his accuracy and decision making. Of course, they also believe he’ll make the entire team better because of his supreme ball security, plus he’ll raise the production of the entire roster because of his legendary leadership skills.

(In other news, Brady will fight crime and adopt all homeless kittens.)

Heck, if you pin down Bucco Bruce Arians, he would tell you the Bucs would have won 11 games last year if Brady was their quarterback. So where’s the logic in going wild in the draft next week on offense?

Joe understands the Brady’s-here mentality completely, but Joe also thinks a little reality sprinkled in would be a good thing.

The Bucs need more young firepower on the defensive line, in addition to in the secondary. With the way the roster is currently constructed, heaven forbid injury-prone Jamel Dean gets hurt next season. Anyone want to see Ryan Smith on an island in a big game?

The goal is a Super Bowl, and the teams who get there usually have great overall balance and depth, including strong special teams, something to keep in mind as your draft fantasies fully bloom.

20 Responses to “Offensive Production And The NFL Draft”

  1. Kalind Says:

    Totally agree. I think they have their eyes on Kinlaw or Chaisson. I
    Not sure RT is as much a a lock as people presume

  2. Casual Observer Says:

    Can agree partly. But our biggest hole seems to be RT.

  3. Don_RyJo(e) Says:

    I’m with you on this one, Joe(s). Outside of right tackle and RUNNING BACK, the Bucs are pretty solid on Offense. The Bucs secondary could use a little bolstering, in my opinion. I know they improved in the second half of the season, but we’ve seen that many, many times before, only to see a regression in the next season. So a little New Blood in the secondary would be wise.

  4. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    We have starters filled in every position except for RT, 1 safety spot, another RB, and need backups at DT. LB are strong and I’m good with our corners. Although, adding a veteran CB would be wise.

    We need a RT, RB, and safety with our 1st 3 picks. Then add bodies on the d line and role players. A speedy WR/KR would be nice as well.

  5. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    OT would be Wills, Thomas, and Wilson in that order.

    RB is all in on CEH imo. Akers would be a good plan B.

    Safety would be great to get Winfield or Dugger

    We need a second 2nd round pick for this to happen. Trade down or use our 3rd and one of our 4ths to get back in the 2nd

    Draft players with talent and tape to match. No projects in the first few rounds, at all. Just real deal players with high floor value

  6. JonJohn Says:

    Joe I know you were all in on Winston, so was I and I’m honestly sad that he’s gone (best Bucs QB ever-talent wise) but why are you always throwing lame remarks on every Brady article? You know better than most fans that if Winston didn’t Have 30+ turnovers last year and say he only had 15, we would’ve had a winning record. But the turnovers are game killers and yeah so is the kicking.
    Be all in with Brady like you were with Winston. It seems like you’re reading between the lines here. Joe has said many times that Brady is an upgrade, and a welcome one. How much of an upgrade gets a bit overblown.–Joe

  7. Matt Says:

    Ponder this… if Kinlaw and all 4 tackles are off the board and we have no suitable trade partner and Riggs, Jeudy or Lamb are on the board do we grab another WR? I say yes. I’d rather grab WR value there than reach for a running back or AN O lineman.

    In the 2nd round marlon Davidson would be a great addition if we’re able to secure an olineman.

    I really think that if Love is on the board and we don’t like what she see we’re trading back and we’ll get a hefty return hopefully a mid to late 3rd rounder (great value there)

    I ran the draft simulator at least 100 times CEH seems to have a decent chance to be there in the 3rd. Akers will almost assuredly be there. We really need to trade up in the 4th if we’re going to grab a solid receiver. It all depends on high they are on Scotty Miller. You know how great TB12 is with…. lol I won’t say it but you all know, except this one is FAST!! 🤪

    We’ll need to grab Morgan in the 4th but that’s ok because there are plenty of high upside linemen in the 5th.

    Not surprised to hear the chatter about a Howard and it’s saddening to hear we couldn’t even get a 2nd rounder for him. Howard would not have a better situation than here. He’s really too muscle bound to be playing tight end, he needs to do more stretching and Pilates and less lifting. Part of me wants to believe it was Winston throwing him off rhythm passes. If OJ Howard puts it together LOOK OUT LEAGUE. Dude seems like he’s just a switch away from All Pro. I just didn’t see the desire in his eyes in the interviews after Brady’s announcement. Surely he realizes he’s been a major disappointment.

    The great thing about TB12 is he will check into favorable plays, he can read and diagnose and we’ll get favorable matchups. He hasn’t had weapons like this since Moss was there. I expect to see a lot of hurry up and play action! I expect to see some gadget plays for John Franklin III too! He looked more than good, like we were grooming and saving him for this year.

  8. JimmyJack Says:

    Here, here Joe!! Bowles did a nice job reshaping a last place defense he inherited. That don’t mean we ignore that side of the ball. Give Todd another piece or two and let him build on it.

    I’m looking for more pass coverage. Love to see us add a safety who can help…..Giving up long plays is our Achilles heel. A safety can make a big impact.

    Or add a pass rusher. We are thin. Only have JPP and Shaq to count on.And we have no proven options to take Nassibs snaps(which was a lot even when JPP was healthy)…… But I’m also cool if they use free agency for edge. We did get Shaq last year after all.

    DL is not a huge need. Suh, Vea , Gholston and Burrito as a solid depth is a solid starting point. Future concerns that can be pushed off til next year.

    Need depth at corner. No need for high investments.

  9. Elita Vita Says:

    If one of the top 4 tackles are available at 14, you take them. If they are not available and you are are looking at a 2nd tier oline man take the more elite defensive trench player instead. 2nd round pick either Helaire or any of the other top 4 rbs with good receiving hands. They need to find a OT diamond in the rough in the 3 round with this scenario.

  10. JonJohn Says:

    Joe that’s fair. I am definitely reading between the lines, but saying things like
    “ (In other news, Brady will fight crime and adopt all homeless kittens.)” is pretty lame. I think everyone on the Bucs roster has a tight bhole right now and that should translate to improved effort at the very least.

    How about this.. if Brady does the unthinkable and takes us the the SB this year (which is why I think he’s here. If he take the Bucs to the SB at HOME then nobody will ever question people calling him the goat) then you should give him the moniker America’s Quarterback. What do you say?

  11. chris L Says:

    joe – this is what i am thinking. we need to continue to build the defense. this team does not have so many significant holes on offense. yes we need a running back but the rest should be building the d-line and o-line and a QB. ideally i would like to see the bucs get (in no particular order) for their 6 picks – d-lineman, safety, QB, running back, o-lineman, d-lineman.

  12. ancientasbuc Says:

    The Bucs will go heavier on offense than defense because Oline and RB is a need with WR depth. They will have one or two defensive guys, tops. Undrafted free agents will be part of the defensive effort with pro free agents as well.

  13. Aaron Says:

    I think the Bucs are thinking the Big 3 OT at 14 (Wills, Wirfs, Thomas). What worries me is that they gone – we have to stay at 14 – so we grab say Kinlaw. He’s great but follow me on this one..we then get to our 2nd round pick…and we see a bunch of players we like but our GM does what he always does in the 2nd round (reach) and picks D3 OT Ben Bartch. (not saying he sucks…I’m sure he’s a nice player…)

  14. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    I think the 49ers and the Bucs have a lot in common.

  15. Fat ginger joe Says:

    I must’ve written this

  16. Hawk Says:

    Offense needs ‘tweaking’, not ‘fixing’.

  17. Buczilla Says:

    I agree, good article, but I still want at least two new running backs that defenses must account for.

  18. MarineBucsFan Says:

    Agree as far as drafting defensive line, but we need a veteran DB.

  19. SOEbuc Says:

    If they are shopping OJ a lot they already working on a specific plan for the draft. I’m hoping it will be exciting if we get some extra picks.

    Kinlaw in the first or trade back for Grant Delpit. Trade up in the second to secure Simmons. RB with third pick.

  20. Admiral Redbeard Says:

    Joe asked where’s the logic in going wild on offense in the draft. The logic is to be #1 in every offensive category. To have such a far superior offense to every other team, that THEY are the ones trying to play catch up to US the whole game. Our defense was already one of the best by the end of last season, and only needs a couple of back ups added (DL, OLB). I think our safeties are going to come around this year just like our corners did last year, only earlier in the season. FIRE THE CANNONS, and ANNIHILATE THE ENEMY!!!