Ira Kaufman Talks Javon Kinlaw, Abnormal RB Scouting, Logan Ryan, First-Round Scenarios, No Right Tackle Panic, Mr. Tojo & More

April 14th, 2020

Presented by Bill Currie Ford, Ira Kaufman is all jacked up with the NFL Draft just 9 days away. He’s all over that and much more with Joe in Episode 1 of this week.

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4 Responses to “Ira Kaufman Talks Javon Kinlaw, Abnormal RB Scouting, Logan Ryan, First-Round Scenarios, No Right Tackle Panic, Mr. Tojo & More”

  1. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    Thank god about “abnormal running back scouting”. Running back is the position scouts get the most incorrect. It’s the most “jazz” of all football positions, where an athlete’s creativity is in full display in the most subtle ways. Meanwhile, the “normal” way to scout runners is to ignore those nuances on tape & put faith in straight ahead speed tests. So goofy.

  2. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    The guy I have the greatest “football lust”  for with the fourteenth pick is OT Mekhi Becton.  My next choice is DT Javon Kinlaw.  My most improbable wild card pick is S/LB Isaiah Simmons.  I would be dancing on the walls and ceiling of my semi-isolation chamber if we land any one of those three.

    Of course I will be almost as happy if we were to get one of Thomas, Wirfs or Wills … the other quality OTs.

    Surely, JL & BA can’t mess this one up this year!

    Great stuff, Sage, Joes.

  3. ncbucsfan Says:

    @ Joe…..specifically Lee. I threw out “Larry Johnson” on Twitter. You missed the point by saying, “Oh, he was behind Priest Holmes”. The point was that Larry Johnson, who rushed for 1,750yds his 3rd year at age 26 or 27, had the same capability and talent when he ran for 85 yds his entire rookie year (after all he had a 2k yd season at Penn State). He didn’t have the situation or opportunity to showcase his capabilities. The great Priest Holmes was sitting behind Jamal Lewis in Baltimore prior to going to a better situation in Kansas City. They both had the talent prior to their situation and opportunities improving. Ronald Jones had an abysmal rookie year with a coach that had absolutely no reason to give him the opportunity. I think Ronald Jones has to improve overall but he’s what, 22yrs old. He is still maturing mentally and physically. Isn’t he more likely to still be improving than a 26yr old Larry Johnson was? We should draft a RB in the first 2 days because we have an atrocious stable of RBs, but RoJo has enough talent to be in a 1a, 1b Rb situation. I guarantee neither one of you predicted his year 2 improvement to 4.2yds/carry so don’t act like its impossible or unheard of with someone making a jump in their 3rd year. Btw, Priest Holmes had 2k yds total in 4 years in Baltimore…..when the Ravens were a run first team and Jamal Lewis had injuries. He had 1500yds in his 5th year, 1st in KC…..different situation and opportunity!!

  4. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    NC…this is gonna sound like the goofiest thing, but it looked like RoJo was just getting to his new body last year. It was like learning how to drive a souped up sports car after driving a quick little Honda most of his life. He was almost goofy in his athletic movements but you can see the explosiveness…he just had to learn the subtle art of moving it in chaos. It’s a little ironic and weird too the thought seems to be to get a pass catcher when it seemed RoJo was most effective with screens and space.