Ira Kaufman Breaks Down Bucs’ Rounds 2 Through 7 Decisions, Talks Brady Scrutiny, Jameis In New Orleans & More

April 27th, 2020

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17 Responses to “Ira Kaufman Breaks Down Bucs’ Rounds 2 Through 7 Decisions, Talks Brady Scrutiny, Jameis In New Orleans & More”

  1. QUE589 Says:

    Winfield was the best all around Safety in the draft. Dobbins & Cam Akers are not better than RoJo. Watch

  2. Ryan Elias Says:

    Ira, you mentioned you don’t see a RB on the team that can catch 75 balls. I don’t think we want a RB on our team catching 75 balls. Wouldn’t you rather have 30-40 of those balls going to Evans, Godwin, Gronk, Howard, or Brate first? If our RB catches 75 balls this season our offense is taking a huge step back in points scored. I understand the importance of having a RB that can catch as an outlet for Tom Brady, but the ability to catch and complete a first down is good enough in my opinion. What happened with RB by committee? What I like is we have Jones and the 2 rookies with all different running styles that Arians can coach up and take advantage of. 3 different RBs other teams have to study for. I would be more worried having 3 RBs that are exactly the same. The lack of safety playmakers, depth, and the 1st round grade makes drafting the safety over a RB a no brainer. Injuries will happen and the safety able to play 3 different positions is too good to pass up.

  3. Trench War Says:

    75 balls? ..what? I agree with Ryan^^^
    No reason for the insults that were deleted. Nobody on the podcast said the Bucs have to have a running back that can catch 75 balls to win a Super Bowl. It was Arians who said he wanted a David Johnson type. Well, Johnson caught 80 balls as an All-Pro under Arians for a top-10 offense. He caught half that with extraordinary productivity in Arizona’s best season with the No. 1 offense. Brady’s last Super Bowl was a year in which James White caught 87 balls, and obviously Brady wants a guy capable of that production. –Joe

  4. Says:

    According to CBS these are the UFAs so far for the Bucs:
    Reid Sinnett, QB, San Diego
    John Hurst, WR, West Georgia
    Josh Pearson, WR, Jacksonville State
    Travis Jonsen, WR, Montana State
    John Molchon, OL, Boise State
    Nick Leverett, OL, Rice
    Zach Shackleford, C, Texas
    Parnell Motley, CB, Oklahoma
    Javon Hagan, S, Ohio
    Cam Gill, LB, Wagner
    Michael Divinity, LB, LSU
    Nasir Player, DL, East Tennessee State
    Benning Potoa’e, DL, Washington

    Anyone have scouting reports on them?

  5. Jerry Jones Says:

    Tyler Johnson runs a 4.42 and his high was a 4.46, when did that become average(rhetorical). You obviously haven’t watched enough tape of Vaughn or anyone else not named Swift, CEH orTaylor etc etc etc. I know for sure you’ve not watched enough Vaughn tape, ridiculous.

    Vaughn will be one of the best picks in the draft!

    I can do it too Joes.

  6. BillyBucFan Says:

    How are you gonna say we didn’t get a running back that can catch the ball?
    Vaughn had WAY better numbers catching the ball than Swift, yet I believe you would be happy with Swift.

    It’s possible NONE of the running backs in this draft amount to anything and you want the guys who had the BEST O lines LITERALLY, but NOT the guy who runs between the Tackles with a putrid O Line.

    So glad no one in this Podcast picks for the Bucs.

  7. BucEmUp Says:

    Rojo caught every pass his way with very few opportunities.Every time he carroes the ball he looked better than any other back on the roster. I see zero reason to freak out about it. I am very comftorable with our running backs now that someone other than leftwich will be calling plays at the line

  8. Ata Says:

    That was a really good take, to go into camp with all the tight ends and see who develops the best chemistry. Hopefully OJ and Cam raise their game up another level and we have an embarrassment of riches.

  9. Jerry Jones Says:

    I trust BA and Licht, I don’t trust the emotional BBQ you Joe’s are having over this.

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I noticed that there was not one RB among the UDFAs……..

    Most of the controversy is whether or not we should have gone RB or S in round 2.

    I think it can be argued that a RB will be easier to find cheaply in FA than a S…..

    Our roster isn’t complete…..but if it is, Vaughn will compliment Rojo better than Barber….

    Our running game will be immediately better with Brady, Gronk & Wirfs….

  11. Destinjohnny Says:

    Dominick can’t pick talent to save his life.
    But he does have crazy good vision
    If he was team president I don’t think he would have let Jason give up all the 4’s

  12. B-rad Says:

    Winston to the Saints is great news for the Bucs.
    I actually wouldn’t be surprised if he were let go before the start of the season.

    Winston is bad news for any locker room.

    He’s a distraction and a turnover machine.

    So glad he’s no longer a Buc

  13. Eriy Says:

    You ever been in the Bucs locker room I’m betting no!

  14. Anthony Dickson Says:

    I agree the Bucs didn’t get a true “star” at the running back position but I think they did improve the overall talent level in the running back room. If anyone thinks this year’s draft has the next Barry Sanders or Adrian Peterson in it is fooling themselves, I think Winfield Jr has the better potential to change and impact games than any running back in this class that the Bucs could have drafted.

  15. The Graham Tram Says:

    That “team-building take” is an all-time terrible take. We don’t care about wins so we drafted a stud safety? We drafted a RB with a choice pick and we’re returning a back that anyone with eyes can see has juice.

    Does anyone actually think Fournette’s health is something to go to the bank on?

    Glad Steve is around to talk sense.

  16. Delusional Intelligence Says:

    One of the best podcasts you lads have done in a while. Thank You

  17. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    “For those who have seen you eat, they know it’s a workout!” LMAO

    That’s a classic, now. 😀       

    Maybe, Arians was doing a little misdirection when he mentioned a “David Johnson type” RB.  Maybe, he was blowing smoke when he said drafting a lineman early would really serve the next coach. 

    Or maybe, the draft did not fall the way BA & JL would have liked so they made the most of it. Finally, it just might be they had the kind of draft that they hoped for.