More League Scrutiny For Bucs, Gronkowski

April 29th, 2020

Rob Gronkowski might have been a bit too revealing at a Bud Light online party last week.

Tom Brady officially was cleared of NFL wrongdoing for heading to Bryon Leftwich’s house recently — at a time when players and coaches were not permitted to talk football.

All the national outlets were talking about it, including many calling for fines. Shannon Sharpe’s rant on the subject was priceless.

Now, new Bucs tight end Rob Gronkowski has put the Bucs back under the microscope.

Mike Florio of dug up Gronkowski’s appearance on the Bud Light Seltzer online Drafterparty and found a questionable comment.

And now it’s possible that the Bucs may have fractured a rule or two in the pursuit of tight end Rob Gronkowski. … Gronk said regarding the fact that Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow has been studying the team’s playbook for weeks, “I was in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers playbook four weeks ago, and I wasn’t even on the team.”

Florio’s referring to the Bucs potentially breaking rules and being in touch with Gronkowski before they had permission. And there’s the matter of Brady saying he went to Leftwich’s house for a playbook, but somehow Gronkowski already had one?

Funny stuff.

Joe’s not worrying about any of this. What’t the worst that will happen? Team Glazer has to cut a check?

Gronkowski was a playful co-host on the Drafterparty talking about how he’s going a little wacky in “quarantine,” trying to simulate a day with his new team via a two-hour landscaping session and four hours of house cleaning.

“I need to go hit the meetings, get the brain going,” Gronkowski said.

He added that he might start getting extra physical with his striking, former-Patriots-cheerleader girlfriend Camille Kostek. “I’m going to have to simulate game day if Camille’s ready to cover me in the room or something,” Gronk said.

67 Responses to “More League Scrutiny For Bucs, Gronkowski”

  1. unbelievable Says:

    Eh, it will be a fine at most.

    Who cares? These guys are all filthy rich.

  2. Youngbucs Says:

    Hey joes the Bucs are Teflon now show some respect ✊🏽

  3. SOEbuc Says:

    Sharp is hilarious. Our all-stars can’t handle the pressure under Tom. Don’t think guys like Mike Evans, LVD, Marpet, Brate that have been in this dumpster fire throughout their entire career are sitting on the couch eating chips and watching TV either. These guys are professional. And they’re gonna be playing their guts out with Brady.

  4. Mike Johnson Says:

    Bucs gave a clown 10 mil to play like 8 to 10 games? He has not completed a full season since 2011. Nice work if you can get it aye guys? Hell, I’d be drinkin, smokin, and jokin too.

  5. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Mike as long as those are playoff games I’m ok with that

  6. WillieG Says:

    Mike Florio is that dweeb kid that sucked at everything and had no friends so he was always willing and able to take names of kids misbehaving when the teacher stepped out.

  7. SufferingSince76 Says:

    OK, Mike. Whatever you say.

  8. LaMarcus Says:

    ah let’s brush it as just “fine”

    If it was JW he would been ripped and called a questionable character and a immature turnover machine and dumb

    But the Cheatriots are here…… and everything is okay

  9. Etzel Says:

    Are we the cheaters now??

  10. Jerry Jones Says:

    He didn’t kill, rape, beat up his girlfriend or anyone else so who cares.

  11. DBS Says:

    Really expected you to come up with it LaMarcus or another of the fanboys.

  12. LaMarcus Says:

    Well we can’t win straight up so might as well cheat then

  13. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    LaMarcus have a Snickers bar. You are cranky.

  14. Etzel Says:

    Because about time.

  15. mark2001 Says:

    So maybe Brady shared the playbook with Gronk? Who knows how he got it? I don’t see in the article that Arians, Licht, or another coach gave it to him in the article.

  16. SOEbuc Says:

    Mike Johnson

    Tom gets what Tom wants. Gronk asked Brady for $10 million. Not a clown. I’ll take the GOAT TE and Tom’s BFF in a super bowl contender locker room.

  17. Ndog Says:

    LaMarcus correct again sir.

  18. mark2001 Says:

    Interesting now that the Bucs are the team to beat in the NFC, everyone is trying to gig the team. Who knows that Gronk has even seen the playbook…it might just be bragging. But I’d imagine the details, and truth, will eventually come out. Still…the Pats got what they wanted, so as Joe alluded to, any penalty would be minor. Use it Gronk….use it Gronk…when you line up to block that LB or CB into next week.

  19. BucDan Says:

    One of the greatest EVER at his position in all the years of the NFL and somebody is calling him a clown.

    It’s a Bucs Life!

  20. mark2001 Says:

    SOE…that amount was the contract amount Gronk had. When you trade for a player you assume his contract, unless you renegotiate it.

  21. DBS Says:

    Why not. That’s where your boy went right LaMarcus? The team famous for Bounty Gate.

  22. BucDan Says:

    And Florio builds a website so great that one of the major NATIONAL stations picks it up and he’s now one of the major faces of the NFL. But he’s a dweeb. Sure buddy.

    If you guys haven’t figured it out yet, Florio and the Joes are always doling out mad respect to one another because Florio’s site started similar to this one!

    Props to both.

    It’s a Bucs Life!

  23. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    “I need to go hit the meetings, get the brain going,” Gronkowski said.

    Yes Gronk, please get your brain going and for the love of god 🤫 🤐.

  24. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Dan I notice Joebucsfan on PFT a lot too. I don’t think Ira’s credibility hurts either.

  25. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    And guess who arrives to badmouth the team he is a “fan” of again

  26. I Bleed Pewter Says:

    Here ..Here’s a friggin spotlight. Look what they did again. I know I’m supposedly a Buc fan but I’m butthurt they went and got Brady when my boy America’s QB just threw for 5000 yards. Over HERE!!

    READ THIS!!! …someone needs to fine the Glazers haha

    I have no axe to grind I just like to write what interest Joe

  27. JimmyJack Says:

    Ok Lamarcus. We cheated. So let the league punnish us.

    But you say we can’t win straight up. So does that mean if we win you will point back to this moment in May and say that’s why we won? Yeah doubtful. Grow up chump.

    Yeah sure it a bit weak to make excuses for losing. But that’s what fans do. But now you are trying to make a excuse for winning? You’re disturbed.

    P.S. Nobody’s gonna give a rats ass about somebody reading a playbook in 6 months from now. It’s just a typical downtime off-season story. Not much more. Are now a Bucs hater too?

  28. Buc1987 Says:

    Perhaps it’s similar to the one they ran in NE.

    That’s what he’s talking about…

  29. ElioT Says:

    Let’s just continue to divide the fans.

    No other news.

    America’s Pro Bowl alternate QB is in NOLA fighting for a 2nd string position.

    It’s all the “Bucs Soap Opera” right?

  30. BigHog Says:

    Nothing is going to happen …he’s light-skinned!!!

  31. Bucs 2020 SUPERBOWL !! Says:

    Why is everyone trying to come after the BUCS all of a sudden !! 🤦‍♂️

  32. El Buco Realisto Says:

    So what!!!!!!!! Patriots have a copy of every teams playbook!!!!!!!!!!!

    go bucs!!!!!!!!!

  33. permanent_moderation_doghouse Says:

    “I need to go hit the meetings, get the brain going,” Gronkowski said.

    Good luck with that, Gronk. Great football player. Dumber than a bag of hammers.

  34. LaMarcus Says:


    I won’t back track. IF we win, I’ll be as shocked as if I won the lottery. Not expecting no hope, no expectations until it happens

    And sir its not our playbook he is talking about. We are not doing no biscuit crap. He is talking about NE playback we are installing that he already had years ago. I think are now a 8-9 win team and its OK because we are usually worse

  35. ElioT Says:

    @Big Hog

    Yep! Now that we have a white QB and another white TE, nothing could go wrong for the Bucs right?

    All the racists forced Jameis to literally throw away games and his career, then sign for $1.1 million per year for a team with a HOF QB in Brees and a 2nd string in Hill that is making $16 million guaranteed over two years.

    Mr. 30/30 just signed a base deal of $1.1 million with “incentives” worth up to $3.4 million. Those incentives largely rely on Brees getting injured. Even Bridgewater had $7.25 million guaranteed last year with the Saints and took advantage of Brees’ injury to cash in with the Panthers on a 3 year $63 million contract with $33 million guaranteed.

    Why is Hill making $16 million guaranteed when he’s got white skin and has never come close to 5,000 yards passing?

    Everyone is racist right?

  36. Coburn Says:

    Can a guy who’s retired status look at a teams playbook? Or is he barred from being around football just because he’s retired? It could be a fine line but when you’re retired it’s almost like if you or I looked at the playbook. Ok might be a bit if a stretch. No one is expecting I may suddenly sign with said team

  37. Bucs 14 Says:

    Does this make us the Tampa Bay Buccacheats?

  38. JimmyJack Says:

    Coburn according to the story by Florio is sounds like the rule that possibly could of been broken was that the Bucs may have talked to Gronk to lure him here while he was under contract with the Bucs.

    It also sounds like it’s a thing where the Patroits can give the Bucs permission to talk to Gronk which if they did the Bucs didn’t do a thing wrong. Also sounds like the only way the Bucs are in trouble is if the Patroits didn’t give permission and they file a complaint about it.

    So the reality is the Buccaneers may very well have done nothing wrong. They may have had permission. Yet we get a supposed Bucs fan like Lamarcus above outright blame them for cheating even though their are no facts and we very well could have had permission.

    The most revealing thing of this story is pure confirmation that fans like Lamarcus have turned in their fan card to become haters……….They will use any sounding board they can to take a shot at our team. Even if there are no facts and its more of a question then a story. It really is pathetic……..I think they would be better off with a new team that they don’t hate.

  39. Bird Says:

    big hog

    The saints are absolutely racist for giving jameis 1.1 mil
    I mean he is third string behind 2 white guys
    Payton even said taysom has deserved to be #2. Gave 21 mil for 2 years.

    I didn’t even know contracts could go that small in the nfl. Thought the mimimim was higher then 1.1

    You know what the whole Nfl is racist
    Damn you are on to something here
    You are a super smart guy

    I beg you to keep playing the race card everyday. Everyone really appreciates it here. We appreciate you

  40. K2 Says:

    So Gronk is hangin’ with Brady looking at playbook…lock him up? …shoot him on sight. Perhaps you can hire a good lawyer and see if you can build a case against Gronk (the one against Brady didn’t go anywhere). He was drinking beer and bragging about (his women)… no a playbook (he’s sick). Lock him up.

  41. mark2001 Says:

    What I find interesting is the cast of characters posting on an article like this so negatively. They are reviling in disparaging the entire organization, based upon an article that we know so many details about. If you want to create a fan hall of shame, of those that revel in anything negative about their “supposed” team, many of these folks would be charter members.

    And what is odd is that a number of fans refrained from the most negative impressions of Jameis’s adventures during his years as a Buc, when he was on the team, in an effort to be a reasonable fan. And others, now that Jameis is gone, have nothing good to say about the team, that they supposedly supported when he was the QB. I suspect the later may have never been real Bucs fans, but were simply Jameis fans, or if they were, at some point in time, lost their way.

  42. Joseph Mamma Says:

    A few years back the Pats employed a guy with a background in rocket science.

    This ain’t him.

  43. Frank Pillow Says:

    The deal being done and the time the deal was announced as done may not be as quick a turn as we think.

  44. Kalind Says:

    How can a retired player seeing a playbook POSSIBLY be a violation?

    You’re saying Dan Marino can’t go to meeting at Dolphins camp? Gimme a break.

  45. JimmyJack Says:

    Mark the funny thing is I figured the Tom Brady signing would bring a lot of trolls. I figured we would hear a lot of hate……..Never imagined it would be our own to turn their backs on us and start hating their own team.

    I’m betting when the season starts to trolls will come. If we lose a game they’ll be laughing and taunting………..And their best friends will likely be our resident haters.

    And in mine opinion the hate doesn’t stem from just being a Jameis fan(heck I was a fan). It seems from some wierd obsession of being proven right and having your opinion validated. They put their own opinions above the team. I think it’s some new age thing based on social medias…….I don’t get it or understand it. I don’t do Twitter’s or facebooks. I tried it once and quicker left in fear…….My mama did tell me that Facebook was a tool of the devil & mama was right.

  46. Swampbuc Says:

    The current environment should call for some leniency. Glas Goodell’s goons are Brady men.

  47. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    It’s sad how many “Buc fans” are rooting against the Bucs.

  48. Tampabuscsbro Says:


    It is Sad SC bucs

    I don’t consider these people Bucs fans at this point.

    They are deluded trolls and Winston nuthuggers that cannot fathom the fact that Jameis is anything less then a future Hall of famer.

  49. LaMarcus Says:

    I say my opinion about the team. If it doesn’t fit your opinion. Just ignore

    I don’t have to put pressure on Brady to know we are not that good. Even Vegas is projecting 9 wins for us.

    So 8-9 is good for me but more will be nice. But I’m not expecting it

  50. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    It’s more so that it’s been over a month and you are still crying about us letting Winston go.



    Someone whose upside is another Ryan Fitzpatrick.

  51. Bucsd04 Says:

    Hey joe.

    No article on Jameis saying that now he can read signs!!!!
    If his vision was this bad why the the hell didnt lasik get done sooner. I mean i know reporters asked about him always squinting to see the jumbo screen but was he really that blind?

  52. JimmyJack Says:

    Well let give these newfound haters a chance. Emotions can run high for sports fans. Maybe they just need a longer griefing period.

    Maybe by the time the season starts they will have gotten over their little opinions and will once again support the Bucs. I don’t see that happening but I’ll give them that chance……….Isn’t there like 5 stages of grief or something you gotta go through? Maybe this hate is just one of them stages………Maybe they get over their stages and can get back on the bandwagon before they get left in the dust. Much like I pull for the Bucs I’ll be pulling for these Bucs hating posters to remind their fanhood. I want more fans for this team not less but being a hater isn’t being a fan.

    And do spare me the tired rebuttal haters that you are not hating being realistic. There is a drastic difference with having a negative opinion about something and outright hating. And it is not a fine line.

  53. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Will add up to nothing.

    Gronkowski was being goofy. Didn’t even mean it.

  54. Architek Says:

    All teams do it and it’s about time we start pressing the rules to gain competitive edges on other teams!

  55. Joe Says:

    I mean i know reporters asked about him always squinting to see the jumbo screen but was he really that blind?

    Joe wishes every quarterback was so blind they throw for 5,000 yards passing. Personally, Joe thinks this subject is WAY blown out of proportion.

  56. LaMarcus Says:


    Your always crying when someone doesn’t agree with you. You need some milk bro

  57. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Gronk being Gronk…….you gotta love it!!!

  58. Joe Says:

    Then, why was it an “article”.

    Because it is national news with high profile NFL people screaming for the Bucs to be fined for breaking rules. This just gives them ammo.

  59. Youngbucs Says:

    Well gronk has responded. He said he was joking around all night on the broadcast. It was a joke he received his Bucs laptop and playbook Wednesday it was delivered.

  60. LM Says:

    LaMarcus, Ndog & LittleHog are beyond butthurt. Thier boy America’s Joke Pro Groper Brainless Winston had his sheet checked. 35 turnovers, 7 pick 6’s & VIP to the 30/30 club hahaha!!! Your boy took a major pay cut to become a turncoat & will probably be The next Josh Freeman straight out the league.

  61. Oneilbucs Says:

    Look it’s hard for me to get excited as well because we haven’t won nothing . Brady haven’t did nothing in Tampa yall are going off what he did in New England . The past 2 years Brady didn’t look good at all . He was carried by his defense and runningback which don’t have in Tampa . Bruce Arians has just set us back the next 3 or five years . He is planning his exit right before our eyes by bringing in a 43 year old quarterback regardless if we win the superbowl or not . If we don’t make the playoffs this year Brady and Bruce Arians will be gone . Remember the games are won on the field not on paper or in the national media or the fan base .

  62. youngbucs Says:

    Oneilbucs says is hard to get excited because we haven’t won any lol. So you’ve been excited the past couple of years? It was easy to get excited the past five years right oneil? I see you complaining on every Bucs blog and YouTube blog about the same thing the QB changing.Thats all you care about you are butt hurt.Hey I got a ? tell the truth you were a fan of the Texans before the Bucs right team jump much?

  63. orlbucfan Says:

    What’s so great about cheating? Or being accused of it? Let’s see how long Brady and GJr. last on the playing field.

  64. Dedvw Says:

    Tampa Bay is finding out quickly what the Patriots went though. Brady steps in dog terd!!! Fine him and suspended him 🙄

  65. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    They were the golden boys in New England and got away with whatever they wanted!! Lol …. We’re not used to having super start football players so they are on more equal ground with ya regular folk down here!! Lol … They won’t get away with as much

  66. TOM Says:

    Who’s to say Gronk won’t re-do his contract.

  67. Joe Says:

    Who’s to say Gronk won’t re-do his contract.

    Mentioned that on Ira’s pod.