Brett Favre Talks Tom Brady

April 18th, 2020

At 40 years old, Brett Favre arrived in Minnesota and threw 33 touchdowns, 7 interceptions and completed a career high 68.4 percent of his passes in the 2009 regular season.

Man, if the Bucs get that kind of production from Tom Brady this season, tens of thousands of fans will be in extreme ecstasy watching the Bucs in the playoffs and celebrating greatness. Joe might even take a day off!

Favre visited with CBS HQ on Friday and made it clear that the Bucs have a chance to play in February after adding Brady. “A chance to go all the way, not just make an impact, go all the way,” he said.

Favre praised Brady’s “leap of faith” to join the Bucs and lauded Brady for his greatness downplayed any thought that there was a riff in New England.

“Regardless of what happens, you know, it’s his decision. I commend him greatly for that decision, not necessarily for leaving but for taking that leap of faith,” Favre said.

“I know Tom real well. We talked a little bit about it but I think more than anything he just kind of wanted to try his hand at somethin’ different, and you can’t fault him for that. It has nothing to do with the [Patriots], even though people may make it out to be a riff between he and Belichick or the organization. Look, what they did is unbelievable, and that will not change. He just wants to try his hand at somethin’ different and if it works out, great. If it doesn’t, he’s still the greatest to ever play the game.”

Joe has heard Favre say previously that Brady remains at the top of his game.

Man, Joe loves the pressure on the Bucs this season.

Win early (for a change). Win often. Win or pack your bags.

16 Responses to “Brett Favre Talks Tom Brady”

  1. Hodad Says:

    Never forget the time I was at a Magic game with my kids. After the third QT I had just finished doing my business in a very crowded rest room where I turned around, and was face to face with Brett Farve! It was so crowded we couldn’t move so I said holy sh%t you’re Brett Farve as I’m shaking his hand with my yet washed hand. He says yeah man keep it down pulling his baseball cap further down his face. Told him I was a Buc fan, and with most respect, thanks for the beatings. I left got my kids we ran back to the bathroom in time to see Farve leaving the lou to a crowd waving goodbye exiting out the arena walking across the street to his hotel. It was truly a moment I’ll never forget.

  2. 2020 Year of the GOAT Says:

    tom wants to prove to himself that …. it was him and not the coach that won 6 superbowls

  3. ATrain Says:


    Is there any Truth to the Rumor Jameis is going to baseball?

  4. Bob in Valrico Says:

    My key to winning early,is to score often throughout the game. We can’t afford lulls in scoring by giving up early scores and coming out flat in the third quarter
    often leading to failed comebacks in the fourth quarter .I have no idea when age will overtake Brady but he is a tough hombre.In the AFC title game several years
    ago against Denver absorbed a lot of punishment from Vonn Miller ,Andre Ware and company.

  5. Buczilla Says:

    It’ll be nice not cringing every time my qb throws the ball. Hopefully, old man Brady stays in one piece.

  6. james west Says:

    only thing going to beat tom, is father time or corona, now we don’t know when father time is going to come knocking, but covid -19 is kicking our ass now, be safe ya’ll, hopefully we get to see this season happen, but honestly i just don’t know

  7. TOM Says:

    I can’t begin to tell you how ecstatic I am that we have Brady. I’m not sure who was instumental in him coming here & I’m sure it was a joint effort. BRAVO!

  8. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Win early (for a change). Win often. Win or pack your bags

    Why didn’t the Joe’s give this same ultimatum to Jameis in his 5th season?
    Seems there is still some bent-up bias going on, especially when Brady signed for less than what Winston was demanding, but it’s win or go home for Brady? ..smh You are the one who made win-in-or-go home a Tom Brady thing, not Joe. Also, Joe wrote endless times that Year 4 for Jameis, forget about 5, was do or die.–Joe

  9. Jean Lafitte Says:

    By the way I do have confidence that Brady will win

  10. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist - City of St Pete Says:

    Jameis should Def play baseball… That would be a great decision by him at this point. Good luck to you, Jameis…. Bcuz it seems like he’s done in the NFL… At least he can still pitch, good for him… You just gotta pivot, no sweat

  11. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist - City of St Pete Says:

    And I agree that the Bucsc potential is unlimited this year….

    Superbowl or Bust, baby

  12. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Yup, Jay Miss would be a good Single A or maybe Double A baseball player. Those are long bus rides and not much pay.

  13. Buccfan37 Says:

    This Brady hype is just through the roof. Desperate Buc fans always grasping at the unknown and unlikely.

  14. David Says:

    The problem that scares me is what JOE just said – win early!
    Brady’s teams historically don’t do great in September. They get better later, which is great heading to the playoffs, but with a Bucs team that needs the winning culture and a harder division than Brady is used to… they do need to win early.
    No off season really hurts them

  15. westernbuc Says:

    Jameis will get signed after the draft.

  16. DalvinCookRules Says:

    I’ve watched Brady as long as anybody. He’s a tremendous QB, but he flourished in a system that was honed to his talents: quick, precision passes, primarily of the sub-10 yard variety. There are a fair number of QBs who could do what Brady did in New England’s system, with that head coach, his defense, and his OL. There are many times more QBs who could do it and bring with them a lot more athletic prowess.

    Sure, Brady now has the better collection of WRs/TEs than he did almost any year at NE. But he doesn’t have the same HC, the same system, the same OL, the same arm, and the same youthfulness. My prediction is that New England will not miss Tom Brady much (relative to his last two seasons)

    I’m not trying to undermine the value of the cerebral aspect of being a QB–I’m just saying that value is constrained by the system and coaching.