Tom Brady Motivating Ndamukong Suh?

March 26th, 2020

Joe soon expects to hear reports of Tom Brady eradicating red tide, building the Rays a stadium and eliminating the cover charge at Mons Venus.

So many people are expecting Brady to do extraordinary things with the Buccaneers.

Yes, Joe expects Brady to be a powerful leader and a more effective quarterback than his predecessor. But will he automatically equal four or five more wins immediately, on a roster that did not improve yet in free agency, other than at QB? It’s a very common belief out there.

Former Bucs quarterback Chris Simms was a Patriots assistant coach after he retired, and he’s seen the Brady effect first-hand.

Simms explains in the PFT Live video below that Bucs players are about to realize what slackers they have been in practice because Brady significantly will raise the level of play and expectations on a daily basis. And Simms and co-host Mike Florio, the guru, discuss Brady exploring ways to motivate Ndamukong Suh to play like the dominant force he used to be, noting Suh has never played with that kind of leader.

52 Responses to “Tom Brady Motivating Ndamukong Suh?”

  1. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    Tom Brady will lead The Return To Glory

  2. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    I can’t tell if Joe in these articles is being a hard realist or if he is just salty because his version of America’s QB is gone where the team got the real America’s QB.

  3. Bucsfanman Says:

    That cover charge at Mons can’t go away fast enough! Last I heard the IRS was looking for tmax for unpaid loans used for cover charges and “rain” at the club!

  4. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    According to the Los Angeles Times, via Sports Business Daily, Brady has filed a trademark application for “TB X TB.”

  5. Mike Johnson Says:

    Suh is motivated by Suh. He’s an independent bird. I think he is smart with his money. He knows this Football will not last. I saw him in the mall once. He was dressed like a normal Jock. Just ordinary without the gold and chains. You hardly noticed him except his size.

  6. MarineBucsFan Says:

    Agree with Simms!!

  7. james west Says:

    good stuff, good times a coming, hopefully

  8. Billy_45 Says:

    I don’t think we needed significant upgrades outside the draft.
    Simply throwing half the picks equals 4 or 5 more wins.

  9. Buddhaboy19 Says:

    This thing is going to go in two possible ways.

    To glory or
    Up in Flames.

    Ill take the 50/50 chance.

    We didnt have this scenario before with Winston.

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    This is the first time in a very long time that we didn’t need much improvement via FA…..
    When it began….many would have been happy with Winston, Shaq, JPP, Suh….

    But we have Brady, Shaq, JPP, SUh………much stronger with the QB change….

    Now, we need another good draft like last year……don’t get cute…..solid players from big conferences with good performance records…..

  11. Craig Says:

    Just being able to sit of the defensive bench and watch the offense hold the ball for 8-10 minutes should motivate the defense.

    Last season they would just get a glass of Gatorade and be sitting down before Jameis would turn the ball over.

  12. Bird Says:

    You are one more fabrication about Joe from getting permanently booted. It’s up to you. –Joe

  13. doctor_berto Says:

    Suh brings that nasty edge to the defensive front. Don’t mind if he gets sacks or not at this point.

  14. Marine Buc Says:

    Great signing. I’m very pleased to get Suh back at a discount price.

    We currently have $11.65 million dollars left under the cap for draft picks ($8 million) and emergency free agent signings during the year.

    Go Bucs!!!

  15. '79 Defense Says:

    I just watched a clip about Suh and the huge donations he’s made to Nebraska and helping students out there. He’s had the bad reputation, but he’s really a very smart, humble, and generous guy.

  16. Marine Buc Says:

    $11.65 million – $8 million draft picks = $3.65 million

  17. Dewey Selmon Says:

    I don’t expect a SB, a lot of luck comes with it and he has 2 chances. But we will be talked about more and I will have save money by not having to go to a bar with sunday ticket due to being on tv 5-6 times this year.

  18. SOEbuc Says:

    Oh Joe I’m so excited about Bucs football and then you remind me about the Rays finally looking like an upcoming team and then the cheap ass owners making a new seven year deal staying at the dumpster fire known as Tropicana Field when Tampa Bay area is booming with business and population growth. A beautiful stadium at the track on the water was my dream.

  19. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    @Marine Buc

    Bucs had $18,107,788 before resigning Suh. That’s after deducting for the draft.

    18,107,788 minus 8,000,000 is 10,107,788.

  20. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    @Dewey Selmon

    I fully expect 1-2 Superbowls. If anyone can do it, it is Tom Brady.

  21. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Buc Bonzai

    Here we go again…

    Your wrong. Go check your sources and do the math.

    We currently have @ $11.65 million left before we sign our draft picks($8m).

  22. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Hope you’re right Bonz, I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong.

  23. SOEbuc Says:

    I f#cking hate these nationalist that say Vita Vea is possibly the best NT in the NFL and still can’t say his name correctly. With all our prime time games this year they’ll finally get it right.

  24. SOEbuc Says:

    And it’s not like he was a star in college two years ago and was the #12 pick. Idiots.

  25. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    At least we are arguing over MATH today, instead of Jameis.

  26. Marine Buc Says:

    @ tbdemon

    Lol. I’m not arguing. I’m right.

    After the Suh signing we have @ $11.65 million left.

    It will cost @ $8 million to sign our draft picks.

    Therefore- we have @ $3.65 million to spend on free agents and emergency signings during the season.

  27. Marine Buc Says:

    Math is hard.

    Go Bucs!

  28. Hawk Says:

    I ordered a solar-powered abacus to help me with the math.

  29. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Marine Buc,

    I believe ya, my friend. Just wanted to make ya laugh.
    GO BUCS!

  30. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    SOEbuc Says:
    “I hate these nationalist that say Vita Vea is possibly the best NT in the NFL and still can’t say his name correctly.”


    With ya man! Drives me crazy.

    I am a fan of both Chris Simms & Ian Beckles, but they constantly say his name wrong. C’mon man!!!!!

  31. Marine Buc Says:

    @ demon

    Lol… I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But we are done spending money unless we trade, cut or restructure a players contract.

    $11.65 million.

  32. Bucnjim Says:

    The biggest mistake this team has made in the last decade has been lack of leadership ON THE FIELD! They realized that mistake a few years ago but made another mistake by trying to draft leaders. Rookies trying to be leaders does not work either. Only proven NFL players with the right combination of talent and personality can lead other NFL players. Grown men will listen to other proven grown men.

  33. geno711 Says:

    Maybe this site with give Tom Brady the name Tampa’s quarterback or Florida’s quarterback.

    We know Tom Brady is not good enough to get the moniker America’s quarterback.

  34. geno711 Says:

    Cant spend a ton and who knows with these cap reports but Overthecap shows us with 22 million left not counting the Suh signing or Adams signings but it does account for JPP, Barrett, Brady, Roches-Nunez, and Haeg.

    So maybe 13 million left according to them.

    For comparison sake overthecap shows New Orleans with 9 million left but does not account for Emanuel Sanders contract. So they do not likely have enough to sign their draft picks.

  35. Bucnjim Says:

    You are right ^^^^^since he is referred to by everyone else in America as the GOAT! That kinda takes away from the narrative. Never been a huge Brady fan until he signed that contract with the Bucs. Whatever he does from here on out America will consider him the best of all time and I am fine with that because the organization went out and got the best possible QB!

  36. Dusty Says:

    Trade for Edelman! Use a 4th or 5th round pick that’ll take Care WR3

  37. Pick6King Says:

    LOL!!! Joe is such a cry baby. His little engine that never could is gone and he’s lost without him. I’m betting he’s been listening to air supply songs, drinking heavily, and starching his favorite Jamoist poster in tears. This site is just his outlet for a failed existence in life. It’s quite sad.


  38. Bird Says:


    Here’s the thing though

    Everyone else is saying the exact same thing and you are singling me out
    I mean read the other comments
    I am saying the exact same thing
    My sarcasm is not cool when literally everyone is making the same joke

  39. Drsesq Says:

    Assuming the defense plays a full season close to as good as it did the second half last season would give you 2 extra wins. Brady probably gives you 1 or 2 wins that puts you at 10 or 11. The problem is the Bucs have a much tougher schedule this season.

  40. stpetebucsfan Says:

    We do not need another target for TB!!! We have arguably the best group of talent in the league as targets for TB12.

    We need another tackle…a couple of RB’s..a safety..and some depth…the ONE place we are not weak in terms of depth is targets for Brady.

    This assumes we draft a running back or two that can also be targets…e.g. Akers and Dillon.

  41. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    “This thing is going to go in two possible ways.

    To glory or
    Up in Flames.

    Ill take the 50/50 chance.

    We didnt have this scenario before with Winston.”


    Correct – it was up in flames only.

  42. WillieG Says:

    JW cost us 6 games. With the same team, we should improve our record by at least 3 games. And that will be good enough for a wild card playoff spot.

  43. EA Says:

    If he can Motivate Gay to make more kicks it will be the biggest boost to the bucs win total.

  44. CalBucsFan Says:

    Just got my TB X TB tee-shirt in the mail, looks pretty damn nice too! No doubt most Californy’s won’t even know what it means too!

  45. TOM Says:

    Agree with Dusty. I think Edelman could be had for a 5th.

  46. Bobby Says:

    Look, we should have won 4 more games last year. Giants, San Francisco, Texans and Atlanta. That was with Winston and a terrible defense the first half of the season. I see no reason to not believe Brady can bring at least 4 more wins to the team. I’m predicting 11-5.

  47. Dewey Selmon Says:

    The extra playoff spot just about clinches our chances. On paper anyways, remember It a Bucs life, sheet could go south in a hurry.

  48. Blackmagic00 Says:

    The importance of the Suh signing is the impact it has on Vea. If for no other reason, it helps Vea become an elite player and I’ll take that all day long! Vea was never going to get this kind of a mentor out of GMC. 2 years next to Suh is going to do hall of fame wonders for this kid.

  49. WestChap Says:

    Suh does not strike me as needing motivation… particularly in practice. Watched him on the sled at training camp and the difference versus other DL was shocking… violent shove and lift of the dummy to shoulder height… every time. No slouching, no goofing off and his buddy Vea was keeping right up but no one else could come close… not even Gholston who looked weight room strong but not “toss grown men around” strong like Suh and Vea.

    If you say Brady may challenge the entire D to give their best… ok, kind of like Gruden did to Kiffin’s boys in ‘02… but don’t tell me Kong Suh needs motivating at practice. Silliness!

  50. Miller5252 Says:

    I was really happy to see Suh coming back to us and keep that front 7 strong. I really think Suh is a very smart player and as he get older and loses a little talent he understands what’s coming really help. Plus Suh being a good player for multiple years, Vea has it by the short and curlies to learn not only on the field but even gets to see what Suh does to stay healthy.

  51. patrickbucs Says:

    Think Suh resigning was really big. When we signed him last year I thought, just another check for his retirement. He was kind of loafing during the regular season with Lions (later years/from there), Dolphins and Rams previously. Think he played very well last year and really liked the team and Bowles. He signed for less now and I think he at least thinks we will compete for the playoffs this year.

    Good job by the organization to keep the starting line in tact and not overpay for them. We have a good year or two run with them if all parties are interested.

  52. 2020 Year of the GOAT Says:

    our time of possesion will increase defense wont be coming on the field for repeated stupid mistakes …….. its a no brainer motivation and morale will be high ……. we have the GOAT …. he still has some gas left in the tank