March 1st, 2020

Odd man out?

The cool thing about hanging out at radio row at the combine is you see a lot of folks from Bucs quarterback coach Clyde Christensen to various well-known draft analysts, among others.

One guy who Joe gives props to for doing his homework cultivating sources and willing to share information is Matt Miller of Bleacher Report.

Joe saw Miller often last week. And from what he hears from NFL insiders, no one in the NFL has a clue what the Bucs are going to do with Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

If anyone tells you they know what the Buccaneers are doing at quarterback, they are alone. No sources in Indianapolis are confident in their reading of the tea leaves for Tampa and free agent Jameis Winston. There is plenty of speculation that Jacob Eason or Jordan Love could be selected here, but until the team makes it known what it plans to do with Winston, it’s all just speculation. There is considerable buzz that defensive end is a high priority for the team.

Couple of things here. First, all Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians and specifically, Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht, did was fan the flames of rumors. When questions are not answered, when people hide behind empty phrases and don’t give it straight, it invites speculation.

Joe guesses in the long run, this is exactly what the Bucs want: without intrigue or drama, there is little to no interest in the team and then you have apathy. That’s just about the worst thing for a franchise.

Also, Miller’s note on a pass rusher just about has Joe standing at attention (ahem). It’s about GD time this team gets serious about drafting a pass rusher high in the draft.

How or why it took the Bucs this long to figure it out is mindnumbing, but here we are. Finally. Hallelujah! Welcome to the NFL in the 21st century!

Now why, you ask, would the Bucs be interested in, say, K’Lavon Chaisson from LSU when they can keep Shaq Barrett and Jason Pierre-Paul? Well, Joe is glad you asked.

Let’s say the Bucs do land Tom Brady. He’s not going to come cheap, not even remotely so. Hell, Brady might just cost double what Jameis would.

So by signing Brady, Joe guesses the Bucs won’t have enough cash to keep Ndamukong Suh, Shaq and JPP. The Bucs seem to think they can keep Suh. There are reports the Bucs may tag Shaq. JPP? Who the hell knows? Joe was asking around at the combine and folks believe JPP will draw a lot of interest (read: a boatload of cash).

So if Brady comes, it is unlikely the Bucs keep the Big Three defensive free agents. So it may very well mean bye-bye JPP and hello, Chaisson.

Joe would hate to see JPP go but sure would like to see Chaisson wearing red and pewter for the next decade or so.

42 Responses to ““Speculation””

  1. pryda...sec 147 Says:

    They going to keep Jameis

  2. DB55 Says:

    I hope the Bucs can sign Brady that would be fun. And I’d hope BA would write a letter of recommendation for Jaboo to Mr. Rooney, Colbert and Tomlin.

  3. Jean Lafitte Says:

    This article is drowning in hyperbole.

  4. Brad Says:

    I’ve never seen someone who may not have a job, continue to donate to charity. I think I’ve seen 3 articles this offseason.
    Jameis already has something in place

  5. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Out of all of the vet qbs available, the only one I see the Bucs signing is Winston.

  6. MadMax Says:

    Trade down, Marlon Davidson if we go that route….or Epenesa at 14.

  7. Clean House Says:

    These clowns are going to screw the whole thing up

  8. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    A.J. Epenesa

  9. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Noooo, if we come out with Chaisson at 14 I will be so disappointed.

    If there was Wirfs, Thomas, and Becton all sitting there at 14, who would y’all take?

  10. CPN Says:

    I’m assuming Licht is going calling up QBs who want to come down to Tampa.

  11. Defense Rules Says:

    RIGHT NOW the Bucs have 51 players under contract and $85 mil ‘extra’ in salary Cap to work with. IF the Bucs manage to sign ALL of our key UFAs (Winston, Shaq, JPP, Suh & Nassib) it’ll cost us AT LEAST $70 mil (Winston $24 mil; Shaq $17 mil; JPP $13 mil; Suh $10 mil; Nassib $6 mil); very possibly more.

    So that leaves us $15 mil to work with, at most probably. And we’d STILL have TWO key holes in our STARTING lineups: RT& RB (plus Safety IMO). And oh ya, we’d STILL have several other NEEDS to fill key rotational positions: DT, WR #3 for starters. PLUS multiple other NEEDS for quality DEPTH. None of that comes cheap; even our upcoming rookie class will cost $8-$10 mil.

    Problem the Bucs face is that we have too starters making BIG MONEY. But IF we’re gonna be competitive for a playoff spot, we have little choice but to pay the money, because quality starters don’t grow on trees. We’re caught between the proverbial ‘rock and a hard place’.

    IF we re-sign JPP & Shaq, we don’t have enough $$$ left over to sign a quality veteran RT like Conklin. Our only recourse is to draft one (and it best be in Rnd 1 to get a starting-caliber rookie Tackle). Even IF we re-sign Suh, we’ll STILL NEED TWO other DTs to replace Allen & Nunuz-Roches. Even IF we re-sign Jameis, we STILL NEED a quality backup QB (hopefully someone besides Gabbert to give Jameis COMPETITION this year). And since we don’t have enough $$$ to sign a quality veteran RB, we’d better draft one (preferably in Rnd 2 AFTER we grab a Tackle to block for him in Rnd 1).

    So ya, let’s talk about grabbing a DE or a DT in Rnd 1. No problem. Or maybe a QB to sit for a year or two. Ya right. Anyone want to guess how we got into this screwed up mess? By wasting high draft picks year after year, that’s how. It’s call TEAM-BUILDING. And the Bucs have REALLY sucked at it. And we all know who the finger points back to. I personally feel sorry for BA because he got dealt a crappy hand at the poker table. It’ll be interesting to see IF he can turn that into a winning hand. Just keep JL out of the casino & he MIGHT have a chance.

  12. westernbuc Says:

    Even if we keep JPP and Shaq, it shouldn’t preclude us from drafting a defensive end fairly high. Great teams invest in their lines even when they don’t have to

  13. Defense Rules Says:

    Westernbuc … I agree with you that ‘great teams invest in their lines even when they don’t have to’. And that’s a primary reason why the Bucs have been cellar-dwellers for so long IMO.

    Our problem for years has been three-fold. First & foremost, we’ve wasted far too many high draft picks (Rnds 1-3 IMO). Second, we haven’t CONSISTENTLY paid nearly enough attention to building the trenches. And third, we’ve spent far too much money on FAs as a consequence of 1 & 2.

    If the Bucs don’t fix the running game AND the defense, 2020 will be a replay of 2019. That’ll necessitate adding a quality RT & quality RB. And IF we re-sign our own UFAs to primarily fix the defense (or maintain it), we won’t have the money to buy our way out of our deficiencies on offense … we’ll have to draft those 2 positions. And to get starters in their 1st year, we’d better draft them very high. I know BA doesn’t like rookie Linemen, but I don’t think he has any choice this year.

  14. Buczilla Says:

    Chaisson spooks me since his college production is very underwhelming. We can do better than him at 14. Brady isn’t coming here, but it would be awesome if he did.

  15. Robert Says:


    you’re not listening…. ME will be traded if they get BRADY!!!

    that’s 18 million. they can get someone to stretch the field for 1/2 that and BRADY will actually use the TE’s, loosening up the coverage deep.

    they also get a pick or maybe even two and use that to draft a backup QB, WR, DE or LT depending on what they get.

    It’s the only scenario that makes real sense.

  16. Bucs Guy Says:

    There are 5 offensive lineman and 4 defensive lineman positions on a team. That’s 9 out of 22, which is almost half. Then you add in rotational players, Many studies have shown if you want a good 10-year player (not great), you need to take them in rd 1 or 2. Center can slide to rd 3. So simple math tells you a team should be picking at least one lineman in the 1st or 2nd round every year.

    I would be very happy if the Bucs traded OJ for a 2nd and picked 3 lineman in the 1st and 2nd rounds. Safety in the 3rd, WR and RB in the 4th, CB and LB with the last 2 picks. This would fill a lot of holes and depth for the Bucs assuming JW returns, sign a FA or trade for a QB. This also positions us to go all in after a QB if needed next year.

    You have to think ahead in the draft. Who’s not here in 2021 (assuming they’re here in 2020)? I would say Suh, Jensen and D. Smith due to their current contracts. Based on performance Jameis, OJ and maybe Gholston. So think about replacing some of them with this year’s picks. You also have to think JPP will only get 2-3 years on a contract — if signed here. BUILD THE TRENCHES.

  17. Bucs Guy Says:

    Take the best of the top 4 Tackles at 14 if any are left or Kinlaw at DT. If none of these are available, trade back to 21. Philly wants to move in front of Denver for a WR to get 1 of the top 3 receivers. That would get us their 2nd round pick also. If we trade OJ for a 2nd, the Bucs could end up with three 2nd round picks and #21 in a very realistic fall back situation. In this situation, you take Johnson, the T out of Houston, and then DE, DT and G or S in the 2nd round with the other in the 3rd. Claypool (or other WR) and AJ Dillon (RB) in the 4th. Claypool’s numbers at the combine may move him into the 3rd though. Depth CB, LB, C and blocking TE are all options for the 5th and 6th rounds.

  18. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Don’t believe anything until it happens. Not even if it comes from Arians or Licht.

    It’s the lying season!

    Question: why would they franchise Shaq when he already said he would give them a discount?

    Smoke and mirrors.

  19. Bucs Guy Says:

    This is a very deep draft for WR and RB. The Bucs can get quality in each position early on day 3. Quality lineman rarely are available on day 3, so don’t waist a 2nd round pick on a RB. The Bucs need a pounding RB (thunder), not a fast back (lightning) unless they’re planning to get rid of ROJO.

  20. Mitch Says:

    A.J. Espenesa spooked me at the combine with his 40 time, weak bench (17 reps) and his limited flexibility doing edge drills. He was a great college player but I wonder if he has hit his ceiling? Even more so I wonder if has the speed to be successful as a five technique on the nfl level for a long time. I might prefer looking elsewhere. Out side of Derrick Brown – Marlon Davidson, Neville Gallimore, or Khalil Davis were all exceptional. Davis had the most impressive work out. He was explosive and strong with 32 reps on bench and a 4.75 40 at 308lbs. All things considered I just hope we draft a great DL/OL in the first round.

  21. martinii Says:

    I have a novel idea, let’s just wait and see what BA and licht decide to do. All these mental gymnastics are anti-climatic unless you guys have a lot of money riding on the outcome or are consumed in a pissing contest to see who can guess the minds of the only opinions thai matter (BA, Licht, and the Glazers.) In a few short weeks Xmas will be here and we can argue the factual decisions but until then you might as well be standing in the middle of the desert whistling Dixie for all the brain cells you are wasting. It’s like a mock draft and you’re arguing who we should take in the 7th round. One thing this old man has learned over many years of Buc watching is when you spend agonizing hours postulating what you think they should do, they don’t. But hey, that gives you something to bitch about all next season.

  22. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    No way Brady comes to Tampa, except for vacation.

  23. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    You would hope that at least your first round pick would replace a player who would have cost a large amount…..so, QB & DE, DT would be the positions….you could save some with a C…..a RT would save a bit….about $4 mil.

    I suspect that we may need to do that……

  24. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    The Bucs need to trade back in the 1st and get another top 50 pick. There are many quality players in this year’s draft.

    I think Joe’s right, JPP is gone. They will need to select a replacement like Chaisson in the 1st and then an OT like Wilson from Georgia in the early 2nd.

    If they grab an OT in the 1st like Thomas, they can probably get Gross-Matos in the 2nd.

    One of the players who really helped him self at the combine was Cam Akers from FSU. Where he was projected to be a 4th round pick, some are saying he might be the 1st back taken, maybe a late 1st rounder.

    There will be quality RB’s available in the 2nd round, like Taylor (Wisconsin) or Swift (GA).

    The Eagles (#21 + #53) will be desperate to move up in the 1st for an elite receiver like Ruggs (AL) who ran a 4.27 40 or Jeudy (AL).

  25. Formerly Tampa 2 Says:

    Still have hope that Chucky might think he can “fix” Winston and trades Carr to Tampa for Winston.

  26. BucEmUp Says:

    It would be beyond dumb to let JPP walk. Even if you draft a DE/OLB you limit him and rotate him in the first season. JPP needs to be on this team this season. I would Trade Howard ,restructure Brate, let Nassib go and give Anthony Nelson his reps, even try to restructure M.E and Ryan Jensen. There are plenty of ways to make room but JPP needs to stay if they want any chance of winning.

  27. BucEmUp Says:

    Sign Shaq, Transition Jameis, Franchise JPP

  28. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Arians has said,
    “Keeping the front 7 is paramount to me, especially the 2 pass rushers”

    I would bet on JPP coming back.

  29. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I predicted JPP would be gone this off season when they dropped his last year from his contract. To me, if they had to drop it as incentive, it meant JPP wanted to move on.

    People here didn’t agree with me then, but they are coming around now.

    Personally, I’d rather eat crow on this one. I love JPP and wanted him here when he was a free agent. I would move to see him return.

  30. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    BucEmUp, I don’t think JPP can be franchised any more.

  31. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Formerly Tampa 2 Says
    “Still have hope that Chucky might think he can “fix” Winston and trades Carr to Tampa for Winston. “Don’t

    We can’t trade Winston. He’s a free agent.

  32. lowercaseg Says:

    JPP leaving would leave a void in the attitude of the defense

  33. Pewter power Says:

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug. Evans will be traded? thanks for that emphatic statement with zero facts or logical rationale behind it.

  34. martinii Says:

    I like K’Lavon Chaisson. I’d prefer he be an addition to Barrett. JPP, Suh, and Nassib but I think he would be a great replacement if we lose one of the above.

  35. Allbuccedup Says:

    Rather see Kinlaw.

  36. DaBux Says:

    Chaisson has a lot of heart and a nasty motor. We need that. And he’s only going to get better.

  37. WestChap Says:

    Repeating again: JPP is too valuable as a force multiplier setting the tone for his teammates. We can not let him go without some regression.

    I will be sad if 14 is not OT, QB or trade down for more picks. DE/OLB is too much of a crapshoot without picking at top of the draft. JPP has to be available in the $12-15 range and is worth every penny. Same with Suh for $7-10. One of the top OTs should be available at 14… good enough to upgrade RT next year AND be available as a cheaper upgrade to LT in 2021… seems like the obvious pick unless you love a QB and are willing to take a flyer on a deep OL class in later rounds.

  38. runnerdoc Says:

    Tom Brady is not coming to Tampa Bay.

  39. Lakeland Steve Says:

    Robert, by ME being traded if we got Brady I am assuming you meant Mike Evans. Brother I want what you have been smoking because that has to be some mind bending stuff. As for all of the other stuff, the Bucs are keeping Jameis. He will be the starting QB next year. Everything else is just smoke and mirrors. First of all Tom Brady will not come to play for a team in the Deep South unless they have a dome and have the likely hood of making the Super Bowl next year with Brady at the helm. I don’t know that Arians would want Phillip Rivers who threw a lot of interceptions last year and is very immobile. Teddy Bridgewater is a good QB in the right system but does not have the arm strength to consistently make the plays in Arians offense down the field. That doesn’t leave a whole lot of other possibilities besides drafting a QB or picking up another QB retread in free agency. So, Winston will be under center next year whether we like it or not.

  40. BucHead588 Says:

    Wow some of y’all just have no clues ME is not going to be traded OJ isn’t going anywhere an who wants to trade a young Stud TE for a 2nd
    Who is Cheap he’s not going anywhere like he had a down year yes to what expectations were OJ last year 34-459-1TD like yes his TDs were down but his Stats we’re right on par with his first 2 years pretty sure Jason just said they have big plans for O.J. this season an that They will see if Brate is around still an that BA loves Acluair so he will have bigger role this year an OJ will be fine

  41. Joe in Michigan Says:

    On the thought of JPP not coming back…Do you all remember how bad our defense was early in 2019, without JPP? Yes, it had something to do with the young guys learning the defense, and we could use our 1st Rounder on an edge rusher, but I’d rather have JPP back. Over any QB out there. I don’t believe Brady would sign with the Bucs, anyway.

  42. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    Joe that finally sounds like a plan for success!! I love that scenario!! K’Lavon will be another Barret! And the fact he played with White only helps!! Get Brady, replace jpp with K’Lavon and trade up to get Johnathan Taylor! BAM!! Playoff ready!!