Praise Or Criticism?

March 18th, 2020

Strange chatter.

Just think of the run the Bucs have been getting the past two days.

With all sports in North America shut down, the only thing to talk about is the NFL with players coming and going as the free agency dinner bell rang today and tampering kicked off Monday.

And the biggest news is, of course, Tom Brady coming to the Bucs.

Now the sports world is silent. Other than the NFL. So Brady and the Bucs are getting countless hours of chatter all over the globe. As godawful as this coronavirus pandemic is, Team Glazer couldn’t have concocted a way for their team and its newest quarterback to get any more attention. Virtually impossible.

Of course, the BSPN crowd is talking Brady and the Bucs just about nonstop. That means the duo of Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smit added their takes.

In breaking down the Bucs, Joe cannot tell if SAS is praising or wagging a finger at Bucs offensive coordinator Bryon Leftwich.

“Byron Leftwich, let’s not forget his name,” SAS said. “Former quarterback obviously at Marshall, former quarterback in the National Football League, an offensive coordinator in Tampa. If we are going to sit up here and say that Jameis Winston was not as awful as we all thought he was — and truth be told, he wasn’t because he did throw for 5,000 yards but this is a guy that threw 30 interceptions which is why he was universally villainized to some degree — he had potential, they had a lot of potential and Byron Leftwich had a lot to do with that.”

So what is SAS saying here, that Leftwich should be carried off a football field for getting Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, to do what only four other human beings in the history of the world have done?

Or is SAS trying to rake Leftwich over the coals for Jameis throwing 30 picks?

It is amusing to Joe that people sing hosannas about Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians being a quarterback guru. And Joe agrees Arians knows what he is doing with quarterbacks.

But at the same time Arians gets a free and complete pass for Jameis’ picks spiking to damn near double his previous career-high.

If someone is going to take credit for the good, shouldn’t they also take heat for the bad?

80 Responses to “Praise Or Criticism?”

  1. mark2001 Says:

    Don’t forget that this is the same guy that called Jameis the Defensive Player of the Year, because of his interception rate and the negative effect on the Bucs Offense.

  2. ZZbuc Says:

    Joe I love your page, I have a big time respect for all of you and your Football IQ….sometimes I disagree with your view, and is allright,,,,
    But please don´t give any credit to Stephen A, that is arrogant, stupid,resentfull, and the worst is thing is he think he is the ultimate authority on every single sport, and even worst he is the owner of the truth and morality.,……This guy , the Bayless…please dont bring his crap to this lovley place…….THX

  3. reply Says:

    Aaaaand the circus continues…….


  4. Steven007 Says:

    Joe, clearly leftwich didn’t tell JW to pull the trigger on every errant pass. I mean really? The blame goes to the person ultimately making the decision to throw the pass. Nothing else makes sense.

  5. Robert Says:

    Where is the official announcement??? Are we getting jilted at the alter again???

  6. reply Says:

    SAS: Clown Rank = Exceptional

    Skip Bayless: Clown Rank = Remarkable

  7. Mister Positive Pete Says:

    We should now say that Arians is not a QB Whisperer, given how Winston should be considered a failure. Give me Big Ben, Peyton Manning, Carson Palmer…. I’ll look like a QB Whisperer too.

  8. Dapostman Says:

    Leftwich was really good inside the redzone.

    He was equally as bad when the Bucs were inside their own 25.

    So to me he was average as an OC. I’m of the belief when you are inside your 25 you can be more conservative and get the backs more involved in the pass game. All I saw was ‘keep firing’.

  9. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    SAS & the other dude are carnival barkers; the real question is when will brady sign?

  10. 813bucboi Says:


    i agree….

    i think BL should be praised for guiding a top offense with QB that is known for throwing INTs…..

    joe just look at that pic with BL standing to the left of JW yelling, JW in the middle looking lost and BA standing to the right of JW looking like its ok kid….lol…that 1 photo tells it all….lol…

    GO BUCS!!!!

  11. geno711 Says:

    OK with talking about Jameis a little.
    Who is that quarterback replacing him?

    Seems like he has done pretty well with whoever was coaching him. Clearly not worried about Leftwich at this point.

  12. Bucnjim Says:

    Jameis be careful with the ball!
    Jameis don’t turn the ball over!
    Jameis for Gods sake you are losing us winnable games!

    Hello Tom?

  13. SOEbuc Says:

    SAS is too funny. Huge jackass.

  14. Bucnjim Says:

    If you take Stephen A Smith serious you also watched 70’s soap operas and believed Saturday wrestling was real.

  15. Bucnjim Says:

    Must have won the moderation jackpot have nothing else to gamble on anyway

  16. mark2001 Says:

    Joe…time to be moving on, I guess. Joebucfan is the Mr. Excitement of Bucs websites…and as half of my posts don’t get through, I obviously am not wanted, as Jameis wasn’t. Wish you good luck…can’t wish an EIU guy anything else. But if this is the Mr. Excitement of websites and I’m no longer wanted, I still have PR, which I guess would be the Tom Brady of Bucs websites. So good luck…I will miss the variety of articles.

  17. Adrnagy Says:

    No he didn’t tell Winston to pull the trigger. But check this out , how can it be that suddenly Bruce will collaborate in changing his play calling or adjusting to input from the new QB.

    Why not adjusting last year ? Or collaborating …

    Steven007 Says:
    March 18th, 2020 at 5:03 pm
    Joe, clearly leftwich didn’t tell JW to pull the trigger on every errant pass. I mean really? The blame goes to the person ultimately making the decision to throw the pass. Nothing else makes sense.

  18. Lamarcus Says:

    Leftwich is garbage. Brady won’t have anything to do with him

  19. unbelievable Says:

    The new pecking order in Tampa:


    Also, major LOL if you only give Leftwich credit for the good, and not the bad. He’s responsible for both, just like Jameis was. Some of ya’ll are so blind with your love or hate, it’s ridiculous

  20. Ndog Says:

    You forget Joe Arains can do no wrong, just ask him and he’ll tell you.

  21. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Winston who?

  22. Roadwarrior Says:

    How come all these other teams are announcing signings without physicals. What’s the difference

  23. Roadwarrior Says:

    What’s being moderated Joe simple question.

  24. Really Bruh Says:

    If you care anything at all about what Stephen A says then maybe sports isn’t really your thing..

  25. Roadwarrior Says:

    Wow bro really.

  26. Mister Positive Pete Says:

    that’s the face my conscience makes when I do something bad

  27. TBUC North Carolina Says:

    Lost respect many times…. last time was this time last year when he said Ohio State QB was a great runner of the ball but would need to get better passing the ball!! That QB he was talking about was Dwayne Haskins!! Completely false description of Haskins!! Seems like Stephen A. Is an overrated talk host!

  28. Ed Says:

    All this talk, all have to say is they better win and win now.

  29. Bucnjim5656 Says:

    Perception is reality! 32 NFL teams perceive Winston to be a backup QB or at best someone who has to battle for a starting job. Winston perceives himself as a $30 MILLION DOLLAR QB. This happens in the corporate world quite often. Business owners care about profits (or loses) first and overall results (or lack of) second. Most year end bonuses are based on a combination of both. Winston failed at 66% of what he was asked to do. In the words of Donald Trump the TV personality…….YOU ARE FIRED!

  30. Section 219 Row A Says:

    Shouldn’t something have been announced by now?

  31. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Leftwich is BAs guy he made that perfectly clear, it’ll be interesting to see his future role with Brady as QB … I’m sure that has all been discussed before Brady came aboard

  32. BucFanFromOH Says:

    Seriously where is the official announcement. Don’t like this one but…

  33. Kansas95Buc Says:

    …..isn’t there suppose to be an official announcement of Mr. Brady landing in TB?

  34. StonedBuc Says:

    He is saying dont forget his name cause he is a great coach. He got 5k out of jamies with 30 ints. Thats amazing

  35. Bucnjim5656 Says:

    While in moderation (in the dog house) I’m going to share my new St. Patrick’s day cocktail while listening to the Chili Pepper’s. This is for all of you who partied in the 90’s. In a small pitcher (60 oz or so) take 4oz of vodka, 4oz of gin, 4oz of rum, 2oz of tequila, 2oz of peach schnapps, mixers 1/3 lemonade, 1/3 Sprite, and squeeze one lemon and one lime. In the St. Patrick’s day tradition since I am Irish add two drops of green food coloring. Calling it an Irish Green Tea. Had 10 minutes to put this together yesterday when I realized I dropped the ball but it came out well. Let’s see if I am out of moderation yet.

  36. Dave Says:

    there will be no NFL season this year believe that

  37. Imon Says:

    The embarrassment of not concluding this contract would basically sink the franchise and would make Spanos’ move to LA look like a triumph of public relations. Very strange how I can find nothing in the media about the delay.

  38. Buccnbeliever Says:

    @Joe: Maybe every time BA said to Jameis after an interception, “Keep throwing,” or whatever it was he said, it was sarcasm and Jameis didn’t get it.

    Those statements seem incredibly ironic now, don’t they? BA might as well have been saying, keep digging your own grave in free agency.

  39. Zwak Says:

    Stephen A, Really Joes..

  40. Old School Athlete Says:

    Smith puts the BS in BSPN.

  41. Imon Says:

    Licht: “Er… Jameis… I’m sorry we haven’t chatted a lot lately but it seems that Gisele doesn’t want to hang out this close to Pasco so Tom’s going to the Chargers. So unless you have anyone else pitching you offers would you mind working for crab legs and free Ubers with female drivers?”

  42. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    SAS doesn’t talk he yells

  43. Rod Munch Says:

    You hear Florio go through the list of QB’s and their stats under Arians in their first year… For those that missed it, QB’s, even all-time greats, under Arians turn the ball over a ton in their first season in Arians offense – then they settle down and have amazing 2nd years.

    Brady, I’d assume, is not going to be chucking it down field a ton. I saw some video claiming Brady hasn’t lost his arm strength because he could throw a 25 yard out. It was fine, but in this offense, that is a mid level play that is called quite often, not what I’d consider a deep pass. So I don’t really buy the deep ball is still there. Not that it matters. Brady, outside of having Moss, wasn’t ever that much of a deep ball guy. But it will be interesting to see how the offense is changed, and hopefully Arians uses his TEs as more than blockers this year.

  44. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Come on Joe, is this the last article today?

    Just don’t have # 21 in ya huh?

    Thanks for your hard work!

  45. Hethrew 30 Says:

    Who cares? The QB whisperer did something he didn’t do with his other “students.” He said this guy can’t be taught and he moved on.

    How hard is it for you Winston nuthuggers to grasp it’s not yards thrown, it’s INTs not thrown. And Winston couldn’t hold back. He’s a career backup. Stop coddling him, get him the F outta Tampa, and tell him to wake up, grow up…and check his sheet!

  46. Steve Whitehurst Says:

    I understand we all need a distraction from Covid-19. That said, does anyone take SAS seriously? He’s employed to stir the pot. Don’t take the bait Tampa we have Brady.

  47. Capt.Tim Says:

    Screaming Stephen is pointing out that Jameis had talent, also flaws.
    He’s saying that Leftwich should have helped Jameis improve.
    But he could say that about half the NFL.
    Alot of people tried to fix Jameis.

    So much talent. So many horrible decisions.
    The truth no one wants to admit, but everyone who say Jameis observing Cockroaches “” give live birth”.

    Jameis wasnt smart enough to play QB in the NFL.
    Its ok. Neither am I.
    But thats something you cant fix.

  48. Hethrew 30 Says:

    Jameis1of1…HAHAHAHAHHAH you freakin’ moron!
    And you is still yackity yacking about QBR all dang day long! HA! So much for you and July Joe’s henchman work. Losers!

  49. Ivan The Insider Says:


    Does anyone find it odd that the Buccaneers have not officially acknowledged signing Tom Brady? Nor has Brady.

    Seems weird.

  50. Bucsfan77 Says:

    Joe, why does it has to be praise or shade, maybe he was just pointing out other factors in the stats that Jameis had. I read your page because it is one of the best to find everything you need about the bucs, not for the drama or click bait. Don’t lower yourself to the level of the national talking g heads that do the care about the Bucs.

  51. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    NFL teams apparently can’t announce their signings officially until the player passes a physical – it’s a coronavirus issue. Don’t freak out people.

  52. Steven007 Says:

    Adam schefter reported earlier that they were fine-tuning some points in the contract but that there was not an issue. It’s the virus thing that’s delaying the announcement because apparently he has to have a physical first. At least that’s what I’ve heard.

  53. Joe Says:

    How come all these other teams are announcing signings without physicals.

    They are not (not that Joe has seen) and if they are there going to be hammered by the long-arm of Roger Goodell.

  54. MadMax Says:

    We have Brady….ive been calling for it and now its here….time to game babe!

  55. Hethrew 30 Says:

    The rule is to get local physicals by a neutral doctor. That’s the best it’s going to get right now. The physicals are happening.

  56. Hethrew 30 Says:

    @Ivan…I note that and wonder too.

  57. Hethrew 30 Says:

    If Brady was in Tampa Sunday night, as reported, he is probably here now. And he is probably trying to a get physical done. The team facility is closed, period. Neutral doc, downtown. If you can get in.

  58. Big Marlon B Says:

    Stephen A is the WORSTTTT! Dude is completely clueless, look no further than his 2018 Chiefs-Chargers preview.

    – called them the “San Diego” Chargers after they already moved to LA
    – said to focus on Spencer Ware, who was either doubtful or already ruled out
    – and the absolute best, said to focus on the matchup between Hunter Henry and Derrick Johnson….Hunter Henry didn’t play a snap all year, recovering from a knee injury. Johnson started that year with the Raiders, then got released in like October. He WASN’T EVEN IN THE LEAGUE ANYMORE, let alone a key player for the Chiefs.

    That guy needs to just go away

  59. MTM Says:

    SAS = Clickbait

  60. Rod Munch Says:

    Florio, who does a good job when he’s not ambulance chasing and trying to make everyone a victim of the NFL, did a good job explaining why we didn’t get a flood of signings today. The NFL said you can not announced a deal “pending a physical” – that deals had to be announced when they were signed and delivered. That has then lead to this pretty dull FA signing day since teams don’t have anything to announced until those physicals are done and the contracts are signed.

    As a lifelong Bucs fan I always assume the worse, but since there has been no retractions as far as reporting goes, I have to assume that the Brady deal is all done except for the physical. If the news wasn’t true, Brady’s agent would have been saying so since there’s only a certain number of QB spots available.

  61. Rod Munch Says:

    Big Marlon B Says:
    March 18th, 2020 at 9:09 pm
    Stephen A is the WORSTTTT! Dude is completely clueless, look no further than his 2018 Chiefs-Chargers preview.

    – called them the “San Diego” Chargers after they already moved to LA

    I’ll always call them the San Diego Chargers just out of principle. The team never should have moved and San Diego is where the Bucs won the SB.

  62. Bucnjim Says:

    While I really like what the team has done, any improvement on the defence would be much appreciated.

  63. JimmyJack Says:

    Byron is fittin to learn a lot from the way Brady sees the game. This is great for his career and he will become a better offensive mind because of it.

  64. Rod Munch Says:

    While Stephen A may Not be a favorite of mine, I respect his honesty as well as his integrity in telling things like they are.

  65. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Jameis now has Flacco on the back up QB. market to compete with

  66. Rod Munch Says:

    Hey Joe, can you kill the fake account claiming to me? Although I kind of like the idea of a fake me just saying counter to whatever I would actually say – it’s like having an evil twin and no one knowing who is who.

  67. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Rod that’s weird, firethecannons just had a doppleganger the other day. Somebody clownin around here.

  68. Ndog Says:

    On ESPN they just said the Bucs have told them they are going to be a play action team next year so they want to focus on the run game going forward this off-season. It sure is going to be nice to have our team actually not put the entire offense on the QB for once. But then again I will believe it when I see it.

  69. Pewter power Says:

    Multiple options to chose from on every pass play at every level of the defense.

    Kind of dumb to blame the leftwich for the interceptions unless he will get the praise for the great throws too.

  70. CPN Says:

    Once again, Joe is throwing the coaching staff under the bus.

    Joe… Winston has had five seasons to get it together. I wouldn’t take anything what SAS says seriously, their shows are designed to be entertainment over actual analysis.

  71. Robert James Says:

    one reason this website can’t be taken serious is a post from SAS. Official fan boy blog. Sas has called us racist for firing lovie, said jw the answer, jw not the answer. ect, ect ect. Some people think JW was a rookie last year, it was his actual 1st year and you know how much better everyone does better in year 2

  72. Robert James Says:

    @cpn… nail, head… u hit it

  73. Robert James Says:

    @lamarcus, ndog and munch… where are all the 100 million $ offers for the great fsu qb? it was 5000 yards, and thats not counting the yards for the opposition

  74. JoefromVA Says:

    Stephen A is saying Leftwich had a lot to do with Jameis throwing 5000 yards & 33 tds.

    “Jameis wasn’t as bad as we made him out to be and Byron Leftwich had a lot to do with that.”

  75. D1 Says:

    Rod Munch,

    The idea that Bruce Arians offenses produce a spike in INT’s in year 1, then level off in the 2nd and subsequent years, is a myth.

    BA has one QB who threw a bunch of picks year 1 and year 2 the picks reduced substantially . Obviously, Carson Palmer had that experience in BA’S offense.
    But that’s the only example of this idea.

    Basically, the year 2 thing is an excuse to give winston more time. I say winston because it’s not been used for anyone else. Palmer was the first , so this isn’t a fairy tale with history.

    How is it that this phony explanation was accepted and repeated if it was the gold standard? a single player is the evidence. Yet it was said as if it was the stone cold truth.

    Fans that supported resigning winston , used this 2nd Yr improvement scam
    to assure everyone that a better winston was on the way. “Just needs that 2nd year and those pesky 30 ints will be cut in half. ” was that a lie or did you know.

    I like winston, talented as hel, but it’s his fanclub! They’re killing him.

  76. Buczilla Says:

    Arians should get a free pass. Every quarterback in his system has improved in their second year. We’ll never know, but I bet that Jameis would have continued the trend.

  77. D1 Says:


    That can be said for any system. There’s nothing unique about BA’S offense that requires a 2nd year to become proficient. If you meant to be specific on what particular aspect is rumored to improve from Yr 1 to Yr 2 it’s INT’s.

    However, this is not something supported by experience. Carson Palmer threw a career high int, total and the following season reduced the number dramatically. But it’s not the norm , it’s been the single exception..

    The point is, fans seemed to have really bought this notion and ran with it .
    Reporters as well. The problem is that there’s no evidence that can show a difference in the second year of any other system compared to BA’S. Clearly this means that there’s nothing inherent in the system BA runs that requires more time to learn and execute at a high level. The more familiar a player is with a scheme the better he should be within it. It’s universal.

    I’m aware of palmers comments about the subject but I temper it with the knowledge that BA is known to build a player’s confidence and Arians assuring Palmer that he’d be much better Yr 2 than 1 seems more fitting than anything else I have seen.

  78. TDTB Says:

    BA, Dirk and Smith get a retrospective pass because JW proved he was as reckless as he appeared.

  79. rrsrq Says:

    SAS is one of the highest paid in his field, why is that? That being said what is so critical about his commentary here about Jameis or Brady, mmmm, he was right on point and he usually is.

  80. mh1023 Says:

    “”Bucnjim Says:
    March 18th, 2020 at 5:12 pm
    Jameis be careful with the ball!
    Jameis don’t turn the ball over!
    Jameis for Gods sake you are losing us winnable games!

    Hello Tom?””

    NAIL ON HEAD. Jameis had Koetter (widely praised as QB friendly)
    Monken was very innovative. Then they bring in Arians and Tom Moore FTW. If these cats can’t save you it’s burnt toast time. And yes, the turnovers got worse in the end. Koetter eluded to this at his very end, Arians was almost writing it down for the local pen and mics at the end of last year.