It’s Weak

March 6th, 2020

Upgrade needed.

Joe is sure that folks can nitpick what they believe is the weakest link on the Bucs roster.

Yes, Joe has his idea of what is weak, and more on that in a moment.

Over at Bleacher Report, Brent Sobleski thinks safety is the team’s weakest link.

Tampa Bay also fielded the NFL’s 30th-ranked pass defense last season. Justin Evans’ return from a season-ending Achilles injury will help, but Andrew Adams and Darian Stewart’s pending free agency won’t.

Is safety the weakest link on the Bucs’ defense? No doubt about it. Is it the weakest link on the team? No.

Joe is convinced Sobleski doesn’t watch Bucs games. He came to this conclusion by reading quotes from Bucco Bruce Arians last week in Indianapolis and stat-gazing.

Anyone who watched the Bucs last year knows running back position is downright poor. When the guy who shared the load at running back (Peyton Barber had 18 fewer attempts than Ronald Jones in 16 games) had the worst yards-per-carry average in the NFL, that’s all you need to know.

Even if the Bucs don’t upgrade at safety, with a better running attack, they can control the ball more and keep the safety-lacking defense off the field.

As for the 30th-ranked pass defense. Yes, early in the season it was pretty bad. That defense played significantly better in the final weeks of the season.

Of course most folks know this. Because they watch games.

29 Responses to “It’s Weak”

  1. 941bucsfan Says:

    Yea they played better in the second half of the year that mike smith got an extension. Dont fall for the trap with this secondary. It’s still trash, and it still let matty ice go all the way down the field to tie the game on the last game of the season

  2. WhatTheBuc Says:

    The bucs started 3 rookies and 2 2nd year players at DB. How about we see how they can develop before we look for their replacement. As for RB, you can’t run without an o-line. Our line couldn’t run block. How can you assess a RB behind this line?

  3. Buczilla Says:

    Maybe we will draft running back that is a consistent threat to defenses this year? Not holding my breath.

  4. Allbuccedup Says:

    Draft a three down running back is a necessity maybe day 2. There is no guarantee that Justin Evans will be healthy next year. I would sign a veteran safety that has a good track record to a one year deal.

  5. RagingBrisket Says:

    This underperforming and overrated oline is the weakest link. The atrocious run blocking stunts the offensive flow by forcing the backs to lose yardage in the backfield and forcing Winston to throw far more than is expected of any other top QB in this league. Problem is that our lousy GM has invested so much in the oline that he and his lackey fanboys cannot accept that they are not getting commensurate value for the investment. It’s like taking a high end sports car and testing it on off road terrain so you can complain how slow and ineffective the car is. It’s not the car, it’s the conditions they are expected to perform under.

  6. Pewter power Says:

    Lies it’s really not your talking about the backup running back. Case in point even with rojo first 100 yard game in atlanta we lost not just because winston pick 6 but they had no issue scoring

  7. Bird Says:


    Thanks man. I know what i am having for lunch now
    Great poster name !

  8. NOLES Says:

    I like the thought of Chris Harris to play Nickel and create some depth at CB. Dean played well but went in 3rd rd bc of injury history. If one of them go down we are in trouble.

    If they really like McKinney from Ala. at safety then he could help the S position in 1st rd. I also like Winfield at S in 2nd or 3rd rd. His dad was a heck of a player…

    Really kind of mystery on what they are thinking & that scares me w JL…

  9. Hodad Says:

    Weakest link on this team is Capt. Turnover Jameis Winston.

  10. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Again how is Jason Licht still an NFL GM?

  11. Ineffable Dullard Repairman Says:


    Agree. Far too many blame a RB when the OL allows him to be mauled before he gets to the line of scrimmage. I realize a RB’s success is predicated on speed and the ability for rapid change of direction, but you can throw that by the wayside if the RB isn’t given the chance to assert those assets. Derrick Henry would struggle running behind the Bucs OL.

  12. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I agree, we also need to get some better run blockers. All too often, our backs were doomed before they even got to the line.

  13. LJS4th Says:

    Bucs need to draft a good tackle and put him on the right side. The line looks like it will be better as Cappa is now starting his second year at guard. Remember RoJo had several long runs brought back as the Right Tackle was called for holding and it was really annoying. Not RoJo’s fault. Bucs need to move up in the 2nd or back into the first after drafting a tackle at 14 and get one of the top running backs. I prefer Taylor or Dobbins. But Shameis is and has been the weakest link.

  14. Rick Says:

    The running back position has never been addressed since Doug Martin had a good yr in 2015. I predict if they dont sign Jameis they will bring in a stud RB along with RoJo. Giving the new QB help they never game Jameis.

  15. Pewter power Says:

    Our tackles were an issue last year, they were beat the most and had the most penalties. Rojo would have had a 1000 yards if not for all the holding penalties on those two

  16. LazyMoak Says:

    It has not been the running backs it has been the offensive linemen. What part off being stuffed at the line of scrimmage don’t you understand

  17. Ateonetree Says:

    Cam Akers 3rd

  18. LazyMoak Says:

    Cam Akers is the back I’d like to draft, don’t think he will be there with the Bucs 3rd pick, they’ll have to get creative to grab him

  19. Big O Says:

    First-round and number 14 should be a safety pick.

  20. Defense Rules Says:

    Agree with Sobleski that Safety is the weak link on our defense. And since the rest of our Secondary is so young, it’d be smart to add a veteran starter-quality Safety during FA.

    Our running game was mediocre at best, but fixing it will take more than just drafting a quality RB. It’ll take fixing our OLine AND improving our play design & play-calling. Replacing RT is an obvious NEED, but I’d also like to see some competition at the RG spot. Cappa improved quite a bit as the season progressed, but I’m still not sold.

  21. Craig Says:

    The Bucs really do need a free range safety. There are not even a handful of them in this draft. The good three will be gone before the Bucs second round pick.

    Trade down and get one of them and an extra second round pick. Grab a RB and RT in round two. A QB in 3 and O-line the rest of the way.

    A couple of undrafted D-line guys can be invited to camp. Remember that Shaq was undrafted. He will help others like him get better.

  22. catcard202 Says:

    So, it appears any hack can do a 10min google search of Bucs Stats & make claims that S is the weak link… But that is not even remotely close to the team biggest holes.

    IMO, I’d rate QB/ OT / RB / DL / OLB then S the weakest positions on the roster. (That order may change after FA)

    The secondary is young & had injuries @ S – off & on all season – w/o counting J.Evans – who may never suit up in a meaningful game wearing a Bucs uniform ever again – Potential CUT candidate once cleared off Medicals in JUNE – Where the FO can save nearly $1.174M by cutting him….Which basically pays for Bucs 2020 2nd Rd picks 2020 salary.

    Antione Winfield – Kyle Dugger – Jeremy Chinn – Ashtyn Davis all look like Day2 picks…But not sure I would agree w/ selecting one that early, w/o a real well executed FA period, allowing Licht to pull off another trade back scenario in the 1st to get additional Day 2 picks to accommodate the earlier than needed selection of a top-5/6 S.

    IMO, It’s QB / RT or DT in the 1st (unless for some reason Simmons slides to #14!!!)…& which ever isn’t picked @14 slides to Rd2/3 priorities w/ the addition of RB. (Top RB’s will also be primed to come off the board in the 2rd/3rd)

    There are S in this draft class that will be there in the middle-late rounds. (This is a DEEP rotational player S class…Good talent completely overlooked – because they just go about doing their business & aren’t flashy, just effective….Jordan Fuller (tOSU) JR Reed (UGA) Reggie Floyd (VT) K’Von Wallace (Clem)…All look like solid mid-round S depth contributors w/ ST experience to boot. (Which is important.)

  23. 813bucboi Says:

    RB is 1A and Safety is 1B….

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  24. martinii Says:

    Didn’t BA say our running game was strong last week?

  25. Joe Says:

    Didn’t BA say our running game was strong last week?


  26. PSL Bob Says:

    Assuming JW returns, get a safety with #1 pick in the draft, RB in Rd#2, and RT in FA. Add depth to O-line and WR in subsequent rounds. Things get a bit more difficult if JW goes elsewhere. Then we’d have to get a veteran QB in FA and draft a QB in the first or second rounds of the draft. That pushes everything else back a notch or two and diminishes the likely quality of the safety and RB we select.

  27. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    martinii Says:
    “Didn’t BA say our running game was strong last week?”

    JOE says:


    Um, wow.

  28. westernbuc Says:

    The safety position could be fixed by one player, or someone stepping up. I fear the running game needs help on the offensive line.

  29. TOM Says:

    OL, OL, OL