Ira Kaufman Talks “Winston Mania,” Changing Draft Focus, Running Back Charades, Cam Akers & More

March 4th, 2020

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17 Responses to “Ira Kaufman Talks “Winston Mania,” Changing Draft Focus, Running Back Charades, Cam Akers & More”

  1. Bruce Blahak Says:

    when is “Jameis Joe” gonna get it? defends the turnover machine to no end, Ugh….reminds me of a certain “President” that can’t admit when he’s wrong…

  2. geno711 Says:

    Thank you Ira for the common sense.

  3. Rod Munch Says:

    Bruce Blahak <– triggered. LOL!

    Anywho dope, NFL's top passer, 2nd leading TD passer, 3rd in scoring – all team records… But yeah, only talk about one stat you don't like, even if half the INTs were from other players doing something stupid, running the wrong route, etc.

    In the future try to be a less boring person.

    God bless.

  4. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    @Bruce Blahak

    I remember him. “Those jobs aren’t coming back. How is Trump going to bring these non-existent jobs back to the US? Does he have a magic wand or something?”

    LMAO at how he now claims that he is responsible for Trump’s improved economy. Can’t admit that he was wrong.

  5. Bruce Blahak Says:

    @Rod Munch…stats LOL, watch a game and tell me he’s any good? destroyed 2 straight seasons…

  6. Rod Munch Says:

    Here’s the tell everyone seems to forget about. Arians after the season ended said Winston was fixed, except for turnovers, which was always a multi-year deal. He then said he didn’t want to gush too much over Winston because it would be used against him in negotiations…

    Remember that?

    You’re not negotiating with a guy who you have no interest in.

  7. Bruce Blahak Says:

    except for turnovers? LOL the #1 ending to any QB career!

  8. Rod Munch Says:

    Bruce – Some fun facts kiddo…

    Since 2015… Winston has had the worst defense in football
    Since 2015… Winston has had the worst kicking game in football
    Since 2016… Winston has played the hardest schedule in football

    Meanwhile Winston has set every team passing and scoring record in that time.

    But yeah, it’s Winston’s fault the team has been losing…

    That’s what I mean by you’re triggered. You lack any ability to have a rational conversation because this is just politics to you – you choose a side and no matter what, you will just repeat your same boring talking points over and over and over.

  9. Rod Munch Says:

    Bruce – Another fun fact… I said Winston has set all team records for passing… well, except for one, that would INTs, where Vinny threw 35 in a season.

    So you got that going for you.

    As I said, try to be less boring in the future.

    I’ll pray for you.

    God bless.

  10. 813bucboi Says:

    showing interest and wanting are 2 different things….lol….

    BA is “showing interest” in more than 1 QB…..negotiations didnt stop BA from saying SHAQ aint going nowhere…remember that?….lol….

    BA WANTS SHAQ & the defense to stay intact….

    if the bucs and BA WANTED JW, he wouldve already been signed back in NOV….

    the fact that they are shopping around should tell you they “WANT” another QB….

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  11. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Rod, you’re points are the same “it’s someone else’s fault” rhetoric that Jameis Joe spews. Hard sked, kicking game? LOL …I’ve watched EVERY game. He sails passes, he locks on the primary receiver, can’t read coverage, slow to diagnose, gets tons of “yards” in garbage time and when the coverage loosens up. You can’t be a fan or you would want better. No going forward with this QB fraud!

  12. D-Rome Says:

    If one listens to the Jay-Miss fluffers he is clearly the unluckiest QB in NFL history.

  13. Jaywill Says:

    Bruce its a myth that he got most of his yards in garbage time. They were up in a lot of games. Most of his yards came with the score within 1 possession. Every qb sails passing and get stuck on a primary wr at times. From Brady to Mahomes and Winston. Kicking cost them 4 games this year.

  14. SteveK Says:

    34 TDs/35 Turnovers in 2019

    4.8% INT Rate vs 2.3% league average

    NFL’s charter member to the 30/30 club

    121 points off turnovers

    Subtract 7.5 ppg from our points scored to get “net points” after turnovers

    Record 7 pick 6’s in one season

    Less yards, TDs, and more turnovers than in 2018 when splitting with Fitzy. And Fitzy got a tougher schedule.

    Four losing seasons out of five

    One more NFL suspension away from facing a year long or more?

    There was “so much good and so much horrible” and Jameis is “an unknown quantity” at this point. -Bruce Arians

    This is why we need a new QB in my POV, but I am sure there will be some apologists to blame wind, 5th round rookie kickers, etc.

  15. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    Rod Munch Says:
    “… you choose a side and no matter what, you will just repeat your same boring talking points over and over and over.”

    Oh, the irony!

  16. catcard202 Says:

    JW3 may have tossed a handful more picks than expected & Murphy Law was unkind…but I seriously doubt we would have heard a peep of BA’s public scorn & airing of dirty laundry, had JW3’s agency not media-float a $30M asking price. (because the Players Union expects EVERY PLAYER to push the market higher for the next guy up)

    Is JW3 worth $30m in 2020…No. Not by a long shot… & I’m a JW3 should be resigned guy….But not at $30M…Not in 2020. Not after 30/30. (I think even the most ardent JW3 supporter would agree on that.)

    But he is worth a 2yr deal that = Transition Tag $$ in 2020 & Franchise Tag $$ in 2021… $24.3M 2020 & team option for $29.7M in 2021- est. new CBA QB FT rate….Yeah, I think so.

    Personnaly, I’d franchise his ass & if he wants out… I’d let his team work a trade partner…. & if it was good enough return – 2 day1 picks…Deal….But who’s behind JW’3 door – knocking it down?? What owner out there is desperate enough to toss 30M/yr & 2 #1’s for his services??

    Now, I know everyone on the board instantly thinks Daniel Snyder – WAS Redskins…But they already have their own younger version of JW3 & Alex Smith’s contract on the books..But if they can move Smith 🙂 Look-out!

    Which is why think JW3 in a “better to bet on myslelf” situation & Take a Prove It Deal w/ TB…IMO, It’s in his best interest to take th sue thing..TAG MONEY is a hell alot better than rolling dice that your client doesn’t end-up w/ BU QB $$$ after the draft.

    If he takes the Prove It Dwal & makes the Yr2-Yr3 progress, like many other QB’s have in BA’s system. He could easily play himself into that $35M+/yr long-term contract under the new CBA escalating pay scale.

    If he isn’t willing to bet on himself, with the guys he’s went to war with the last 5yrs…Over what “his agent & fantasy stats” says he’s worth vs what common sense says he’s worth…. It is what it is. Which is why BA & FO are looking at what’s behind door #2.

    If JW3’s agency wants to push the $30M/yr #…& let’s say Bridgewater’s team seems willing to settle for FOLES MONEY to insure their guy gets a Legit starting gig commitment… w/ a slew of ready made Pro-Bowl WR’s & a young improving DEF…Maybe he’s a better fit for the job.

    I mean, I know it’s a business… But your either all-in w/ a team 1st concept & willing participant in building a better 53 man roster to put a ring on that finger…Or you about the business of football.

    Careers are short…We all get that…But NFL #1 Picks are always one good agent marketing job away from companies willing to give you checks for hanging around & taking pictures, after your career is over.

    (Even guys that groped the Uber girl or cursed on a table in college….Sometime, especially the guys that groped the Uber girl & cursed on a table in college. Since they got the best stories to tell around the open bar.)

  17. Bucs4821 Says:

    I think the reason Sapp resents Kiffin is because it was Kiffin that made the decision to give Booger the big contract instead of Sapp.