“I Don’t Buy It”

March 5th, 2020


So, about Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians and his open love letter to Tom Brady last week in Indianapolis. That seemed to get the rumor mill chugging about Brady and the Bucs.

One former NFL suit who worked for the Patriots recently doesn’t believe the chatter trying to place Brady in Tampa Bay.

Former NFL general manager and former coffee fetcher for Bill Walsh, Al Davis and Bill Belicheat, Michael Lombardi, took to his weekly podcast “GM Shuffle” and doesn’t believe Brady will play in Tampa, unless his new team has a road game against the Bucs in the Den of Depression.

“I don’t buy it,” Lombardi said. “I really don’t. I think it is a bad mix. I think Brady’s strength is to work the underneath game, to be able to control the game at the line of scrimmage. You know, make decisions on the third level passing game.

“Bruce Arians is not a guy that is about matriculating the ball. He wants explosive plays. He is willing to take chances. I don’t see that as a fit.”

Here is something else that isn’t a fit: Brady likes to use tight ends. Arians isn’t all that keen on his tight ends being key weapons in his passing game. We all saw that last season.

And Joe hasn’t even factored in the run game, or lack thereof. Think Brady, who will be 43 this fall, wants to play in an offense with no running backs to speak of, limited tight end use and an offense that may not fit his style, where he has to sit back and get pummeled with quarterback hits?

Joe is not saying Brady won’t come to Tampa Bay. Joe isn’t saying Arians won’t try to sweet talk him to the Bucs. Joe isn’t saying Team Glazer won’t wave massive checks in Brady’s face.

For Joe, it doesn’t seem like a fit, Brady and the Bucs, from both a football standpoint and a non-football business standpoint.

57 Responses to ““I Don’t Buy It””

  1. Not a blind bucs fan Says:

    May I be the first to say amen.3 will cut down on the interceptions and we will win 11

  2. Howard Cosell Says:

    Howard seriously doubts Brady would tarnish his HoF career with a late stint with the bucs. It’s a bad fit because Brady is used to classy organizations and the bucs are….well…..cheezy at best, i.e. not classy

  3. Howard Cosell Says:

    That said, Brady would suck here without Belicheat and his system.

    In addition, the Kraft family is infinitely more committed to winning than the bucs owners are

  4. Bigbucs1 Says:

    Most fans understood that concept. The stupid casual JW haters here are the ones calling for brady. So now that that’s out of the way, who else has connections to Tampa? Please show me any FA QB or rookie that can take over JW place and be better than him on their first year? Oh yeah, none, zero, nada.

  5. Jeffbuc Says:

    We all wish #3 would cut down on his picks. I can’t speak for every bucs fan. But I wish we were no doubt already locked him up to a 5 year deal. But as a real fan he hasn’t made his case. I really think Andy dalton would be great for us cheap veteran QB with a great arm. He has been stuck in a bad offense for a while. But how soon we forget he was a pro bowler when he had AJ Green, Marvin Jones, and Mohamed Sanu. Then as his weapons disappeared so did his stats. He took the bengals to the playoffs for 5 straight years. Didn’t win a playoff game but I think every fan on this site would take 5 playoff appearances in a row regardless of winning or not. But I would bet dalton would do well with Evans, Godwin, Howard. I don’t care where you went to college fan boys. Jameis is the ho he is a turnover prone who the heck was that to QB. If he is average last year in interceptions at around 12. 18 less than he had we would have been a wildcard playoff participant. We win despite him and lose because of him. No way he is our quarterback next year. And I am happy for it. As bad as everyone thinks gabbert is he would have had half the picks of jameis last year. If jameis signs for backup money 8-10 million a year then I would resign him with a short leash. He is now where near worth 1 million per pick. I’m anxious to see who Arians thinks is better than him.

  6. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    Howard Cosell Says:
    “Brady is used to classy organizations…”

    The Buccaneers are Lorenzo-classy.

  7. NOLES Says:

    Enough w Brady talk he is NOT coming here who cares

  8. NOLES Says:

    Enough w Brady talk he is NOT coming here who cares

  9. Pewter power Says:

    So weird to keep hearing people tell this coach who fits in his system. Even when he comes out and mentions brady by name people keep saying no and actually think they know what they are talking about lol. I’m not saying hes coming here but not because dumb arse people keep saying tb and tb dont fit the system

    The most idiotic part of it is people can see teddy Bridgewater coming here who doesnt have a big arm but not Brady lol absolutely moronic

  10. REDZONE BA Fan Says:

    Puhleasssee – Imagine Brady trying to pass behind Bucs O-Line. Brady is a statue. At least JW has escapability and can run. JW is durable.

    Brady getting hit at same rate as JW? YIKES!!!

  11. Joe Says:

    Brady getting hit at same rate as JW? YIKES!!!

    And that’s why the Rooneys got rid of Arians. Big Ben was taking a beating with all the hits and the Rooneys were scared to death he wouldn’t last much longer.

    And BTW, when is the last time you heard anyone suggest Pittsburgh has a bad offensive line? Yet under Arians Big Ben got pounded on. Think about it.

  12. BigHog Says:

    None-football business standpoints really don’t matter to Mr. 5,000 for he is deep into his off-season training program…studying film …breaking down defenses!! BUC 2020!!!

  13. BrianBucs Says:

    If Arians was interested in Brady or Rivers he wouldn’t have called them out.
    They have their eyes on somebody else, and Winston is their fallback plan, their last resort.
    Personally I think they are waiting to see if they will be able to trade for Matthew Stafford. He is a perfect fit for Arians’ offense and doesn’t turn the ball over.

  14. 941bucsfan Says:

    Why dont people just see this for it really is.. All the BA talk is just to drive the price down. Thats all. Dont tell me you can win with rivers 22 interceptions, cause you were complaining when jameis threw 15 in a year. Until you get a top 15 defense, and a decent running game you aint winning games. The first half of the year the defense was a sliding glass door giving up points. The second half of the year the defense was muchhhh better. Hey guess what, jamies threw 18 interceptions in the second half (8 games) of the year and the bucs were 5-3.

    So check this out

    Jameis first 8 games- 12 ints ( 2-6 )

    Jameis last 8 games- 18 ints ( 5-3 )

    Won more games as the ints increased

  15. D1 Says:


    What you said is 100% correct. But , it doesn’t necessarily mean that Big Ben’s experience in Arians offense will play out the same with Brady.

    Do you believe BR. at that time is anywhere close to Brady in understanding Defensive sets?

    I would also point out the obvious, hits on Brady most often results in penalties for the opposing team. I’ve never seen anything like it before, but it’s played out in front of us year after year and I assume, big assumption I understand and acknowledge that, it will continue if Brady is with another team.

  16. DB55 Says:

    If Brady came to TB and took them to the nfc championship game in his first year he truly is the goat. But err body know that won’t happen without massive upgrades to each side of the ball including ST which then leads you to ask couldn’t wINsToN have done the same?

  17. Pete I Says:

    Agreed Brady isn’t coming here.

    That does not however make Jameis worth a long deal or a bunch of money.

  18. Brandon Davidson Says:

    😆 love how ridiculous a lot of you sound how many sacks did Peyton take?good qb’s throw it away and I don’t mean to the other team I mean out of bounds also people talking about little Ben comparison he always had great weapons and defense he isn’t on tom or Peytons level at all. What you don’t realize is a really good QB can progress through his reads much faster and still throw it just fine with a ok o line which I think we would make a point to make it better if tom did come here so tom would easily thrive in arians system and with Tom he has a way of throwing shorter but still getting yards so to say arians would not be willing to change his system a little to incorporate some more short throws is ridiculous anyone who thinks otherwise is smoking something super strong and should just stop talking!!!but that still doesn’t mean I believe he comes here… All I know is i can’t support a QB who considers more turnovers to tds “balling” that is what ruined Bruce believing in him to I bet to the people who take the not his fault picks off to make it seem like he threw 20 don’t forget the other picks that were dropped in your blind love Fest he doesn’t see throwing the game away as a mistake which means he isn’t going to change and stop with farve comparison farve won a lot of games and had a much better td to turnover ratio also won and lost a super bowl and he didn’t have evans and Godwin he made a truck driver look great and a bunch of no names also stop talking about trading evans he is on pace for one of the best careers ever jpp needs to go he is done in 2 yrs tops with the injury to his neck he won’t be playing often and paying him over a yannack or clowney shows most our fans are starting to think mediocre is great which has been the story on jpp ever since the fireworks incident

  19. westernbuc Says:

    If Tom Brady can’t work in your system, you need a new system

  20. Defense Rules Says:

    Looks like another ‘grasping at straws’ article. Are Bucs’ fans REALLY this desperate that we’d even entertain the idea of being led by a 43-year-old QB? Brady’s day is past, and he doesn’t seem willing to acknowledge that yet. He had the #1 defense in the NFL last year and was coached by probably the best coach in the NFL. He played in what I consider to be the weakest division (Jets? Dolphins?) and got knocked out of the playoffs in the 1st Rnd by a Wildcard team that barely made it in (Pats scored a grand total of 13 points in that one BTW). Not impressed. Not impressed at all. Grasping at straws.

    I’m admittedly not a huge Jameis-advocate (nor am I a Jameis ‘hater’ … what a dumb term BTW), but he may very well be our best option this year (unless we can get Derek Carr for a reasonable cost). Jameis is tough as nails & can fire the ball (personally just wish he was more like a rifle than a shotgun).

    5000 yards and 33 TDs tells me that he’s doing something right. 30 INTs (with 7 Pick-6s thrown in for good measure) tells me he’s doing something very very wrong also. But for the right price, I’d still take him, and see if BA can FIX HIM. And oh ya, buy a quality backup QB as insurance with the money saved.

  21. Eric Says:

    A statue in this all or nothing offense will get killed! Brady is a statue can’t move but again I know the gullies are just eating this up!

  22. Buccaneerscotty Says:

    He gets rid of the ball in leas than 3 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Buccaneerscotty Says:

    Oh yeah plus he know how to read a defense…

  24. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Probably less than 1% chance Brady signs with the Bucs. I’ll be glad when a decision is made on our QB, whoever it is, so we can move on.

  25. Bird Says:


    Yah right. Brady hated throwing deep ball after deep ball to randy moss who caught 23 TDs one year And yes he was younger then. Brady can still chuck it though.

    And how do you know that jameis just doesn’t have chemistry with OJ Howard
    Oj has dropped some balls so he is not even an option to #3

    Trust me Brady would change that. He likes tight ends
    You dont think brady would have any input into the types of plays called?
    And arians would respond “yes sir”
    He is the goat for a reason

    You guys are laughable
    and big ben took so many shots after arians was long gone so wrong again
    Big ben holds onto the ball since forever and still to this day …thats what makes him exciting. For a guy so big …to stay in pocket so long ..with three guys hanging on him .to wait for that big play

  26. JayMissEyes Says:

    OK then if you guys are saying that but he won’t come to Tampa Bay then why not go after Joe Burrow. You can make plays with his feet he’s pinpoint accurate he’s got a long ball and he also has the most touchdowns of any college player in history so where is the downfall with him? In this instance I would sign Winston to a One year prove it deal That is team friendly and pick up Burrow in the draft by going all in for burrow. Then I would have the two battle it out to see who is truly deserves to be the bucs number one quarterback. My money is on Joe Burrow. Then Winston will be nothing more than a overpaid back up but he’s always been

  27. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Buccaneerscotty Says:
    March 5th, 2020 at 5:32 am
    “He gets rid of the ball in leas than 3 seconds!!! ”

    Our Oline was so bad Jameis got hit in less than 3 seconds a lot.

  28. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    JeffBuc, no offense, but I was with you until Andy Dalton. That’s when I stopped reading. The guy is 9 years in the league and still isn’t good.

    The simple truth, everyone, is that of the current free agents, none of them are a better option than Winston. The only viable replacements are through trade, and those mentioned are not available.

    I would take a healthier Stafford over Winston in a heartbeat, but the Lions have said he is not available, plus he has a major back injury!

    Carr isn’t going to be available. Gruden might say he wants Brady, but he won’t get him because Brady will stay in New England. Without a replacement, Gruden needs Carr.

    Bridgewater is fools gold.

    Rivers is a viable short term replacement but only if we draft a QB to develop behind him, and it’s a gamble to even think a good QB will fall to use in the second round, because Rivers won’t come unless we fix the OL to keep him on his feet.

    So, realistically, the smart move is to see how Jameis does in his second year with Arians. So franchise him. Draft a QB if one falls to us.

    We can afford it. The cap is going to go up to a bunch when the CBA gets approved.

  29. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    JayMissEyes, Burrow is going first overall, and the team getting him is not going to trade the pick.

    Tua is arguably better, but has to sit a year to heal…so he might actually fall to us if teams avoid him because of the injury.

    Plus, we still have other needs to fix and cannot trade away all of our QB icks anyway.

  30. miken Says:

    No kidding Lombardi doesn’t buy it. Ha there been a worse organization over the last 15 years? No, and that’s why TB would never meet with us, much less sign with us.
    @Bonzai… the Oline was average at worst last year.

  31. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Defense Rules says
    “personally just wish he was more like a rifle than a shotgun”

    That is one of the best descriptions of Jameis I have ever seen. Well said!

  32. 40 TDs Says:



    Check your sheet! 40 TDs!!!!!

  33. George Rauh Says:

    Brady get rid of the ball much faster than Jameis. As another poster said Brady had long shots to Moss 17-0 one year. He also chucked it long to Grad. BA left the Steelers to become the head coach of the Cardinals.

  34. Matthew Fifer Says:

    Howard Cosell Says:
    March 5th, 2020 at 12:21 am
    Howard seriously doubts Brady would tarnish his HoF career with a late stint with the bucs. It’s a bad fit because Brady is used to classy organizations and the bucs are….well…..cheezy at best, i.e. not classy


    The Patriots are classy? Have you been to Boston? Did you forget that Kraft was caught soliciting a masseuse (ironically…in Florida)? Gronk was a beast on the field but there is nothing classy about that guy.

    I love Boston (the city) because it’s a great craft beer town but the people there are surly a$$hats. There is absolutely nothing classy about them or their team.

    I don’t disagree that Tom won’t end up here, but do not call the Patriots classy. There is really no such thing as a classy organization in the NFL, there are just some slightly less scummy than the rest.

  35. Matthew Fifer Says:

    George Rauh Says:
    March 5th, 2020 at 8:26 am
    Brady get rid of the ball much faster than Jameis. As another poster said Brady had long shots to Moss 17-0 one year. He also chucked it long to Grad. BA left the Steelers to become the head coach of the Cardinals.


    You know, I actually always thought the same thing, and earlier in his career that is absolutely true. But in 2019 if you look at the advanced stats on the NFL site, Brady’s average Time to Release stat put him only .02 faster than Jameis, somewhere around #15 on the list. The fastest release in 2019….of all people, was Andy Dalton.

  36. WestChap Says:

    Brady is highly unlikely but for reasons known only to him… IF (a big if) he leaves Pats he’s seeking something other than just a pay check. Perhaps a few years with his home town 49ers where he can settle a score with JimmyG/Bill while palling around with Montana/Young? Perhaps a few years with Tenn away from the crowds playing for friends Vrabel/Robinson?

    Who knows what his reasons might be… but none will have anything to do with being unable to play in any NFL passing offense. IF somehow the Bucs meet whatever criteria he has (let’s say: WR talent, experienced staff, rising D and picks/cap space to fill in some OL/RB holes… all while missing recent playoff success so he can show his individual impact), Do. The. Deal. Immediately, before he changes his mind!

  37. Mister Negative Nancy Says:

    But why would Arians mention Brady by name if he himself didn’t think Brady could fit?

  38. Kord Says:

    Bridgewater=Bucs in playoffs

  39. Cobraboy Says:

    Oh, pul leeze!

    When Brady had deep weapons, he threw deep!

    When he had underneath weapons hen threw underneath.

  40. Hodad Says:

    Brady likes the shorter throws. I guess Lombardi forgot how Brady loved the long ball when he had Randy Moss. I think Tom would be happy throwing long to Evans, and Godwin. Brady works with the tools he has, name his deep ball receiver last year? If Gordan, and Brown didn’t flame out last year, Brady would’ve thrown a ton of long balls. You’re going going deep often when your best receiver is Edelman.

  41. Brandon Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Not sure how an immobile, 40+ year old, short passing game wizard would be the desired choice in an offense that wants to chuck the ball down the field and puts the QB frequently in harm’s way.

  42. FanO’Bucs Says:

    Bucs went into this year knowing that their defense is horrible so they had to be especially aggressive. It’s pretty simple and worked to their favor with negotiations with Winston.

  43. LazyMoak Says:

    Brady is not coming to Tampa

  44. unbelievable Says:

    NOLES Says:
    March 5th, 2020 at 12:52 am
    Enough w Brady talk he is NOT coming here who cares



    So sick of hearing about him, it’s never gonna happen

  45. stpetebucsfan Says:

    As Steely Dan sang in Deacon Blues…

    “They got a name for the winners in the world”

    There are winners and losers. Tom Brady 219-64 JW 28-42!!!!!!

    This is how far we’ve sunk. Comparing a player with a 40% win % to the GOAT who sports a freaking 77% win %.

    I can comprehend the football part of the debate…although I consider Brady an upgrade because he is a “winner” and would bring all kinds of intangibles and confidence not built on artificial swagger.

    But the business debate is ludicrous. Roll the dice on a once of a lifetime dream…or roll the dice on JW’s turnovers. If we win with JW that’s great…if we win with Brady we are the lead story…if we should somehow miraculously make it to the SB here in Tampa with the GOAT looking to close out his career proving he can win anywhere! It’s the hollywood ending and certainly a long shot…any longer than reaching the SB with JW? Both “could” happen…but only one would be a story for all time.

    In fact that’s exactly the sale pitch I’d be tossing at Brady right now. It’s a chance to truly make history and go out in hollywood fashion. Win another SB in NE and he splits the glory with Belicheat and Kraft…come and win in Tampa…just try and imagine that story.

    Not suggesting this will happen at all..maybe a 1-100 shot…but it’s the ONLY story for Brady next year that could have this kind of impact on his legacy.

  46. BucsFIRE Says:

    Brandon Davidson,

    If you write a post with 500-700 words, you might want to throw in an occasional period. You didn’t have ONE.

    Literally the longest run-on sentence in the history of the earth.

    Oh, and it’s FAVRE.

  47. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Matthew Fifer Says:
    “The fastest release in 2019….of all people, was Andy Dalton.”


    Haha, you better throw the ball FAST when you are with the Bengals.
    Hell, I am surprised they didn’t have the Center just tossing passes.
    Ready, Joe Burrow?

  48. Rod Munch Says:

    Tom Brady isn’t coming to the Bucs, period.

    However if you want to play the speculation game…

    If Brady did come here, guess what, Arians will modify his offense to match Brady’s strengths. Also Brady is a great long-ball thrower, so while his game in NE was to throw underneath, as a group, this would be his best set of receivers with Evans, Godwin, OJ and Brate. When Brady had Moss in NE he wasn’t throwing underneath, he was airing it out, much of the reason he plays underneath are the midgets he had at WR in NE – when he’s had bigger guys who could play downfield, he’s thrown them the ball.

    Again, not that any of it matters, since it won’t happen. No one, right now, is willingly coming to Tampa. That will change after next year when the Bucs make a deep playoff run, assuming Winston is back.

  49. Guinness8 Says:

    Why do people keep using the word matriculating when discussing football.
    Do they even know what it means.
    It has nothing to do with moving the football down the field.

    1. be enrolled at a college or university.
    “he matriculated at the University of Vermont”

    admit (a student) to a college or university.

    record (arms) in an official register.

  50. Rod Munch Says:

    Jameis last 8 games- 18 ints ( 5-3 )

    Won more games as the ints increased


    Oh I don’t know, perhaps losing two pro-bowl WRs has something to do with it. While Perriman played well, there was absolutely zero depth behind him. Once teams figured out that all they had to do was double Perriman, Winston had no one to throw to. Take for example, the Houston game, when Winston was leading the game winning drive only to have worthless Brate drop a wide open pass, one of the easiest of his career on 4th down. On the drive previous to that Winston hit OJ on a perfectly thrown deep pass only to see OJ drop it.

    Winston at the end of the season didn’t have anywhere to go with the ball. The INT at the end of the Houston game came after Perriman had his head knocked off and needed helped off the field. The last INT of the year was throwing a pass to Brate to who just stood there and never came back to the ball (although, in fairness, I’m not sure if Brate could have done much on the play, but he didn’t even move or try).

    Once you lose your Evans, and then Godwin, who do you throw the ball to in an offense that doesn’t use it’s TE’s – and when those TE’s are used they drop the ball? Also when you don’t have a legit NFL-level 3rd down back? Perriman was completely a non-factor for 12-games, with his only highlight having a TD go through his hands in week 2, for him to come on strong at the end was great – but again, teams figured out they could just double him and shut him down. Then what? Justin Watson? He ran a wrong route and caused an INT, plus stumbled on a wide open should have been TD pass, and that was in very limited playing time. Can you even name who the 5 WRs were that the Bucs were playing in week 16 and 17?

  51. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Guinness8 Says:
    “Why do people keep using the word matriculating when discussing football.
    It has nothing to do with moving the football down the field.”


    I think most of us know that, Guinness8. It all stems from the infamous NFL FILMS clips of the infamous & very entertaining Hank Stram, as he led his Chiefs to a Super Bowl victory over the Vikings, after the ’69 season.

    You should check it out. One of the most entertaining NFL FILMS clips that you can ever watch.

  52. Guinness8 Says:

    Thanks Tampa Bay Demons. I will check it out.

  53. Guinness8 Says:

    I see, so now i get it. Thanks again!

  54. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    No problem, Guinness8!

    The film is hilarious. Stram is just yelling his team on to victory, fist in the air, and yelling, “keep matriculating that ball down the field, boys!!”

  55. stpetebucsfan Says:


    I agree that Brady to Tampa is a prohibitive long shot.

    I also agree with your observation…

    “No one, right now, is willingly coming to Tampa.”

    I think BA and Bowles and players like Shaq are starting to chip at that attitude.
    And yeah an 11 win record in 2020 and a deep run into the playoffs would begin to change that.

    Which is why I think there is a little sliver of hope for Brady…admittedly very small. But if Brady came before his first pass the Bucs would suddenly become relevant. As in IMMEDIATELY. Add that to a SB in Tampa and the Glazers would salivate at the opportunity to give Tom and Gretchen part of the Vinoy and as many Cuban sandwiches as they could eat.

    There is no business consideration for the Glazers. If for some miracle Brady would consider donning the Bucs new unis the Glazers will open the vault.

    As Chris Meyer pointed out Brady makes the Bucs instantly relevant.

  56. Oneilbucs Says:

    Payton Manning got better when they started calling more short passes . When you throw short passes then and only then you can actually read a defense . No quarterback can read a defense when every throw and pass routes are 10 to 20 yards up the field every throw and remember Payton had 2 hall of fame runningbacks . And as for Brady he has been nothing but a dink and dunk quarterback his hold career all but 1 year with Moss . Brady has dink and dunk his way to the hall of fame and remember he has had some good running backs and a great defense .

  57. Brandon Davidson Says:

    And yet my run on sentence made more sense than most of the posts on here that’s why that’s all you could say here’s some periods for you”bucsfire”…………………..😆