Brady Would Improve O-Line, Develop Playbook

March 12th, 2020

Regular readers here know Joe has respected favorites out there in the NFL media world, especially some who have worked as coaches and front offices.

And one of them weighed in strongly on the Bucs and Tom Brady yesterday.

Speaking to his giant audience on SiriusXM NFL Radio, former Jets assistant coach and personnel chief Pat Kirwan, a Bucs scout years ago, explained several reasons why he believes Brady is a fit for Tampa Bay — and vice versa.

Kirwan is confident Brady would wield a lot of power and make the Bucs’ offensive line look damn good in ways Jameis Winston couldn’t.

“No. 1, I think of all the guys that are out there, coaches that could potentially be on Tom’s list, I would think Bruce will be an intriguing guy for him,” Kirwan said. “Bruce is going to let him be himself and do his thing and all that business. No. 2, they have big weapons in the receiver group. No. 3, I would think that he’s going to let Tom basically install an offense, like a Peyton Manning situation when he went to Denver.

“I don’t think they’re going to force an offense down Tom’s throat. I think they’re going to let Tom develop what he wants to do. And I’m sure he’s going to meet them halfway with things that are on their mind. So from the coach/player relationship, that’s a passing grade [for Brady]. So from the talent he’s throwing to, that’s a passing grade.

“Not so much maybe in the [Bucs] offensive line, but Tom in a lot of ways has helped linemen; he’s a mid-line thrower and the ball’s out of his hand. So maybe a bunch of linemen that didn’t look as good with the indecision level of Jameis will look a lot better with Tom.”

“The last piece of it is, when the dust settles and all the BS is gone, how many teams are really after Tom? Now this Tampa Bay thing, they’ve got a lot of empty seats and they’ve got a young quarterback they’re kind of disenchanted with. So it might be the right place. I’m not here to promote it. I still think he should go back to New England.”

The O-line chatter from Kirwan is interesting. Bucco Bruce Arians went status quo on the O-line from the Dirk Koetter 2018 season, and there’s a lot of love at One Buc Palace for that unit.

The X-factor in all of this Brady intrigue is the unknown of what Brady really wants. If it’s great receivers, a coach who will roll out the red carpet for him, gobs of Team Glazer loot on a two-year contract, nice weather and the challenge and chance to raise a franchise from the NFL dead, then Tampa is a hell of a destination.

Does anyone really think Brady would want to go deal with Chucky in Patrick Mahomes’ division with no receivers?

76 Responses to “Brady Would Improve O-Line, Develop Playbook”

  1. ModHairKen Says:

    What does $35M in salary do to the cap? They can tag Shaq but will that leave enough to re-sign JPP and Suh, get a S and a LT?

  2. Morgus the Magnificent Says:


  3. Ndog Says:

    Only one thing is certain and that is that no matter what they do it is going to be a complete and utter disaster. It’s called karma and they are asking for it big time with they way they are “handling” this entire situation. Pure disgraceful in every form, I am embarrassed as a Bucs fan and that is saying a lot.

  4. Buc50 Says:

    Whatever we do, don’t give NE any of our players. If Brady returns to NE, let him do it with the players he already has.

  5. El Buco Realisto Says:

    Another plus would be that we will not hear about WR running wrong routes in games!!!!!!!! Brady would not put up with it in practice!!!!!! Let alone a game!!!!!!!!!!! He would be all over their @$$ in practice if they do it wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing at all like the so-called false “savior”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its time for the “right” QB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go bucs!!!!!!!!!

  6. Bobby M. Says:

    Bucs have been scouting o-linemen hard…..the dots are starting to connect.

    Its a bit interesting…..the entire Bucs roster and management have gone silent.

  7. Bird Says:

    Good point on gruden and las vegas

    No way he wants to deal with mahhommes (and no receivers comment is obvious)

  8. Tbbucs3 Says:

    So sign Brady for 1 maybe to 2 years and then pick a Patrick Mahomes off of the elite quarterback tree and every thing will be fine, right?

  9. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Trying to let JBF be my normal escape from the “real world”.

    Love you guys whether we are fighting amongst ourselves or whether we are celebrating BUCS victories.

    Today is rough, though, man. — This s**t is starting to get a little scary.

    Everyone out there stay safe, take precautions the best you can, and be well.

  10. Bucnjim5656 Says:

    A lot of bad mouthing the O line to fit the Winston narrative. I’ve read several articles that say the opposite so maybe someone could post an article stating facts. On a previous post I noted PFF ranked the Bucs #7. First though you have to take into account opposing teams game plan against the Bucs offense. Anyone who paid attention can tell you opposing defenses liked to stack the box with 7 or 8 defenders making it very hard to run the ball. They knew to make Winston win the game through the air.

  11. Youngbucs Says:

    🙄yea ndog we know know all doom n gloom without Winston the world will stop
    Dude come off the ledge you swear your beliefs are facts above everyone else

  12. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    If anyone is AGAINST having Brady as our QB instead of America’s Grop….errr, Quarterback, you are NOT a Bucs’ fan. You’re at Winston and/or FSU fan. How RIDICULOUS to even SUGGEST that Winston is a better option!!!

  13. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Calling out everyone, depending on what their opinions are, for being a true BUCS fan or not….. is probably pretty silly.

    If you are HERE….. it’s safe to say that you are a pretty big BUCS fan… no matter what your roster opinions are.

  14. Robert Says:

    Bye bye ME and the 18 mill unless he’s willing to restructure if that’s even possible. It’s Perriman time. no need for an 18 mill basketball player when you have a qb who hits in stride and throws before they are open.

    love ME, but he’s a stud safety net for jw and Brady could make most players who have separation ability look as good or even better, besides the fact our TE’s would be getting a LOT more work.

  15. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Agree TBD, it’s a childish and absurb take to assume that just because you don’t want a 43 year old man to play QB for your team you’re not a true Bucs fan.

  16. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    D@mmit R.obert, would you quit trading our only future Hall of Famer (at least as of now)? LOL

  17. Robert Says:

    Imagine the offense with a mix of NE quick plays and being less predictable=better performance, more clock time, defense on the field less, and if they DO keep ME, they will be drafting OL and DL EARLY cause of losing JPP or Suh, which I’m not sure I agree with. rather lose JPP as he’s not as reliable.

  18. Wayne PEREZ Says:

    Brady would be a outstanding fit

  19. Youngbucs Says:

    It’s goes both ways I’m a bucs fan but because I personally have seen enough of Winston I’m not a true fan and I’m clueless and don’t know football blah blah blah if you’re not on Winstons 🥜 u are a dummy why because a don’t worship jameis1of1 and treat everything he says as gospel please people get a grip we all have opinions

  20. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    ^ You are right, it DOES go both ways.

    Whether you are a fan of Jameis, or Tom Brady, or Vinny Testaverde, or Chris Simms….

    If you are HERE…. you are obviously a pretty big BUCS fan.

  21. BigHog Says:

    Yes Mr.5,000 over Tom …one blind side hit as he gets into his seven step drop back and Boom 40mill gone up in smoke …season over…America’s Grop…rrrr for President but oh he gotta wait cause we already got the GRABBER in that spot!!!

  22. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Both Brady & Winston are 6’4″….but you sure wouldn’t know it from this picture.

  23. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    ^^ Haha, very true. Brady must be a little closer to the camera.

  24. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    It’s actually a pretty cool picture that I have not seen before.
    It is possible that is literally our Bucs past & future.
    Still a long way to go before that all plays out to it’s end point.

  25. eric Says:

    LOL, and he would mentor Trash-Iota too and make him a future HoF pure fantasy the only one who would benefit is OJ because Brady will not appreciate getting hit 10 times a game. The only way this O-line gets better is if the “whisperer” change his philosophy of bombs away, if they play the same style offense with Brady there is now way he would make this O-line better no matter the “experts” try and tell us!


    WE DO NOT NEED A QB!!! We need to focus on everything else.

    BRADY (or any other QB in the FA) would be a huge mistake. For both the team and the fan base. This would be selling out. EVen if we won the super bowl with Brady… in my mind it would be a sham. Fake, not deserved.

    Focus on all other critical positions… safety, OL, running back. Then any QB will excel in this system. Brady was 6th round. We are due such luck.

    Oh yeah… let Winston go or bring him back at a minimal cost. No brainer.

  27. Buc50 Says:

    @WAYTOGOBUCS not sure what games you were watching but QB play killed us. We should have been in the playoffs. I like Jameis the person and think he has a lot of talent, but he’s the reason we haven’t won.

  28. BrianBucs Says:

    It would be such an amazing uplift for this entire organization and fan base if the Bucs signed Brady and ended the Winston era.

  29. Ndog Says:

    Again no matter what happens even if Jameis comes back, the way they have handled this entire situation is disgraceful. If you don’t want Jameis just say nothing or simply let him go. Why the need to tear him down just to hurt his value on the open market? Either this is a big smoke screen to get Jameis back as cheap as possible OR they are flatly treating him like dirt hurting him once he leaves which should hurt this team from a players standpoint until the regime is gone.

    Simply put no matter what the profession, what the situation you don’t trash a former employee.


    Think about this they didn’t treat ASJ this way.
    They didn’t treat Doug Martin this way.
    They didn’t treat Kellen Winslow this way.
    They didn’t treat Aquib Talib this way.
    They didn’t treat Lagrette Blount this way.

    By the way there is a leak out of the new uniforms and it they are real they screwed those up as well. No orange at all even acsents, just solid red and white jerseys and white and pewter pants with zero orange.

    Again if these leaks are real.

  30. soggy Says:

    Tired of JW on and off the field, Can not wait to dump this bozo of a person

  31. Youngbucs Says:

    Ndog how are they tearing him down his own play for 5 years speaks for its self I know where u get ur opinions from but I’m not going to go there you’re a cult follower go jump back on Twitter dude

  32. soggy Says:

    Tired of JW on and off the field, Can not wait for for QB change

  33. MTM Says:

    Yes it just so disgraceful how they have treated poor Jameis Winston. You know the guy that lied to them about his Uber “incident”. The guy eating W’s. Sorry hard pass on another year of watching the opposing team return picks for TD’s. If you think a QB’s tossing 30 picks is improvement after 5 years you need to see a psychologist and stay away from the Skyway bridge.

  34. #1 Pick QB 2 Cent Brain Says:

    A smart qb who makes quick decisions and can read a Defense makes his teammates look better

    Jameis doesn’t do that he needs others to make him look good

  35. Ndog Says:

    Again if he’s so bad just let him go. Announce you are not going to resign him. But why try to rip him constantly and devalue him across the league? It is disgraceful and it has nothing to do with who the player is, no one should get this kind of treatment. Again what’s the point?

    So you guys can go on and on about interceptions but that has nothing to do with my point. Of course if you could actually read it would help.

  36. TexBuc Says:

    This has all the makings of the Bucs standing at the Altar waiting to get hooked up only to see a runaway bride.

  37. TexBuc Says:


    I agree dislike how they are handling this if I was Winston any inclination to work the Bucs on a team friendly contract in out the window. I would not blame him if he took less money from another team just to leave and start over.

  38. TexBuc Says:

    2 cent brain

    Quick passing offense is NOT what BA’s offense is! He got fired by the Steelers for NOT adjusting HIS offense so Big Ben would not have to hold the ball as long. Andrew Luck was so beat up from the hits he took running BA’s offense he retired at a young age.

  39. Youngbucs Says:

    Ndog u sound silly devalue him like others teams can’t form there own opinions of a player news Winston is not the first free agent in nfl history nor will he b the last players feel disrespected all the time by their teams in every sport when it’s free agency again going to the extreme for Winston the truth is you’re upset because there is a possibility he won’t b back and now you’re in your feelings beat it

  40. soggy Says:

    Poor JW bucs not handling this right . boo ho fact is JW has been a embarrasment to the bucs franchise on and off the field, BYE BYE JW

  41. #1 Pick QB 2 Cent Brain Says:

    What exactly have they said bad about Jameis?

    If he’s that thin skinned that they are looking at upgrades he’s more delusional than his “I’m balling” comments suggest.

  42. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Jameis is a great fit for Pittsburgh. He’ll finally have a defense for once and who wouldn’t want a QB who already has 80+ games of NFL experience to take a step back and sit behind Ben for a year or 2.

  43. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    ^ I agree with you, Tbbucs3. — If he is destined to no longer be here, than I believe Pittsburgh is a great landing spot for him…. for all of the reasons that you mentioned. The Steeler uniform would look pretty killer on JW, and he would get a chance to sort of hit reset for a little while, before hopefully going on to have an incredible 2nd chapter of his career.

  44. Robert Says:

    @Ndog, how have they ripped him.

    other than stating facts, like we can win with him or another qb
    not committing……etc. they’ve simply been fact based and not emotional about it.

    Please tell me where they have stated something not factual to decrease his value?

    remember he’s the one who said he is ballin and wants 30 mill, which is basically a big F u, because he isn’t worth it. Had he done what Shaq did things might be different IMO.

  45. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    I think Brady will go to the Chargers in LA or the Raiders in Vegas.

    LA wants to establish them selves as the team to watch in California and Brady is a Cali kind of guy.

    The Raiders are new in Vegas and they want to be relevant in that city. I can see Tom, Chuckie and Mayock planning out their draft preferences. I believe they have two 1st rounders #12 and #19. If they don’t have any receivers, they soon will. Like Jerry Jeudy or Ceedee Lamb. Maybe, Justin Jefferson as well.

    I agree with Ndog, I don’t like the way they handle personnel decisions.

  46. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    ^^ I agree that Jameis’ people shooting for the MOON salary-wise became a bit of a final straw for the BUCS. — I think they believed that with all that has happened, that he (and his reps) would come at this from a much more modest place. — The day that contract wish was announced, I thought it was the beginning of the end.

  47. Crabby Fan Says:

    If TB12 is signed…

    No more multiple turnovers as picks and pick 6s as I’ve witnessed with JW against zone 3 coverage.

    Majority of game killing picks thrown by JW were under 20 yards in 2019. I cannot picture TB12 duplicating this performance even with the current oline.

    Many DCs have seen the film on JW and understood how to press him in to throwing the shorter passes and voila a 30 pick season.

    If they bring him back this will be a major area of weakness to be worked out or we’re in for another interesting football season IMHO of course.

    Go Bucs

  48. Cgmaster27 Says:

    @morgus who the heck are you to tell other they are fans or not. You rooted agaisnt your own teams qb the entire year clown. Does thay make you not a fan? This whole thing with brady is going to implode and im going to laugh at you dudes who think a 43 year old qb is going to come here int he first place, let alone win behind this line and running game.

  49. BA Redzone Says:

    JOE foreshadows in next article “that it smells like NFL or Bucs dug up something on JW” since he will be the first young QB to lead league in passing to not be re-signed by his team.

    Say it ain’t so, Joe! JW appears to have matured, as a father and future husband. Hope nothing is lurking.

    Like you @ndog, I am perplexed at Bucs and Arians actions/statements. Just announce JW is not in your plans and wish him well. Simple. If you believe Rick Stroud, JW is all the way down at door#4 or #5. a decent coach and gm should land 1 of their 3 top QB targets with $80m In cap space. And there is the draft.

    Weirdest strategy I have seen in a long time.

  50. Tampa Bay Demon Says:


    The people who had issues with JW’s play did not root against the BUCS.
    And a highly doubt that if TB12 is here, that YOU will root against the BUCS.

    We are ALL BUCS FANS.

    Honestly, given the events in the world and in our country right now… there has to be a LITTLE bit of reason here… amongst all of us.

  51. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    (I highly doubt)

  52. Cgmaster27 Says:

    @tampa deamon you clealry werent in the comment sections during games. People like morgus where praying for picks so they could be right. And when jameis had a good game, it was “well next game hell throw a bunch of picks”. So yeah i see it how i see it, I dont need your “reasoning”. And i never said I’d root AGAINST the bucs, im just forecasting the Failure to come. As for the events of the world, ill be fine, while this thing is contagious im not living in a bubble till the news tells me its ok to go outside. More people die of the common cold and heart disease from being fat than the corona virus.

  53. adam from ny Says:

    JW has pittsburgh written all over him…

    he will be next in line after big ben…

    and he looks like he belongs in that uniform too…

    if not tampa, i think he lands in steel town

  54. Chris K Says:

    Why do some of you get so offended about the treatment of Jameis during this time period? During last season after every pick he threw BA and Leftwich calmly put their arms around him and reminded him it was ok and just keep firing. So the codling part had already happened for those who insist that’s the way Jameis needs to be treated. Now he’s FA! His agent as his job is to build Jameis’ value up, it’s the Buccaneers job to keep his value in check. Happens all the time in every sport! He doesn’t need or more importantly earned the right to have his ass kissed right now. Would I take Jameis back? Yes, but at our price, not his.

  55. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Montana switched jersey numbers from 16 to 19. Chris Godwin needs to keep #12

  56. ChanEpic Says:

    I’m getting some SERIOUSLY HEAVY Big Tuna to Tampa vibes with this Brady talk. Not that he needs to but I feel like we’re being played for a better contract, elsewhere.

  57. TexBuc Says:

    Runaway bride – Tom Brady

  58. LordCornelius Says:

    Sign Brady. Draft Eason. Brady = eventual GM & head of operations. Give him whatever he wants lol.

    God there are so many crazy possibilities this offseason

  59. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Donovan Mitchell,,,, Rudy Gobert’s Utah Jazz teammate, just tested positive.

    Sorry to bring this here, guys, but it scarily looks like this is about to explode into the SPORTS world, Big Time.

    Little bit of a scary time for all of us, right now.

    Wishing ALL of you, whether we argue or agree….. good health and well being. — and Let’s shut this thing down.

  60. stpetebucsfan Says:


    “Again no matter what happens even if Jameis comes back, the way they have handled this entire situation is disgraceful”

    And yet NDOG I do not recall…perhaps I’m calling out JW for the ABSOLUTE DISGRACE he was in his first off season.

    We owe JW NOTHING. He literally betrayed ALL of us in AZ. It’s one thing to look past that betrayal in hope of winning…although I find that rarely works…liars are simply not trust worthy.

    JW IS DAMAGED GOODS! LITERALLY. I admire and respect JW’s off field conduct (at least what is public) since his AZ disaster. But does everyone realize if JW falls off the wagon or chases another skirt inappropriately he’s suspended?

    So we are expected to shell out 30 mill for a guy who is one off field mess up from losing a season? For all the turnovers? For 28-42?

    I believe JW has talent…I have not seen him really put it all together though…for a game or two sure…but that’s it in the NFL. He is a choker! It’s as simple as that. At least he seems to have cured his off field choking…now if he can do that on the field he can realize his talent. I just do not wish to gamble on him finding himself.

  61. fernando diaz Says:

    a two year fix?
    They will mess this up trust me
    They are the my Bucs

  62. ChanEpic Says:

    @Tampa Bay Demon – Same to you and your family.

  63. bojim Says:

    It would take more than one season for Brady to make a significant difference. I think Jameis will improve under BA next season.

  64. 813bucboi Says:


    they aint have to rip him…lol….

    his 30INTs did that!!!!!!!!

    JW hasnt won anything since being drafted #1 overall, he’s on his 3rd HC, has had knee, shoulder and eye surgeries, and just led the league in INTs in a contract year……lol….

    JW did this to himself…..LMAO…..

    bucs made him a millionaire…..what did he make the bucs?…..NOTHING!!!!…and you want to keep him nothing……LMAO!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  65. 813bucboi Says:

    ndog says: Think about this they didn’t treat ASJ this way.
    They didn’t treat Doug Martin this way.
    They didn’t treat Kellen Winslow this way.
    They didn’t treat Aquib Talib this way.
    They didn’t treat Lagrette Blount this way.

    dead @$$ wrong!!!!!….lol…

    dirk kicked ASJ outta practice and ran to the media to say he needed to get his act together… was mentioned to the media that ASJ had a drinking problem….they trashed him before he was sent packing….

    doug martin?….do you not remember drug martin?…lol….they trashed him too before he was released…..

    bucs bashed talib while he was here saying he was a thug….

    bucs bashed LB saying he was a pot head and bad team mate….

    this year, they bashed VHG….

    all of those players gave the bucs a reason to bash them……WINSTON included…..and im just talking about JWs lack of on field production…..i havent even discussed his legal issues in college and in the pros or head butting players, fighting with players and knocking over shelton quarles….eating Ws…..telling little girls to be quiet….

    JW embarrassed himself and the bucs week in and week out……

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  66. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Been reading you a lot lately…not sure how new you are or if you’re just using another name.

    But it’s good to have another positive poster here.

  67. gp Says:

    Try on this scenario for size

    We get Brady but for a price, I’ve heard 3yr $100 million but lets say he gives us a deal at 2yrs $65 million. What a deal for the GOAT, right?
    This does put a little crimp on our free agent signings though and we will need to free up a little cap space to bring back our defense.
    Because The GOAT is less of a down field thrower and much more accurate, a “box em out” basketball rebounder style receiver like Mike Evans becomes a bit of a luxury player that The GOAT doesn’t need. Besides, we still have Godwin on his rookie contract.
    ME, as a cap casualty, gets traded for a 3rd rounder. It’s just business, right? It’s OK because Perriman will sign cheap just to play with The GOAT.
    Now that The GOAT is free of Bellicheat and out to prove he’s not just a “system” player, The Gronk (who has already inferred that he might come out of retirement) decides to come help his buddy prove that Bellicheat didn’t “make” the two of them (no love lost there). Of course, if Gronk does join the crew, then we would be top heavy in tight ends and again, looking for more money to fit under the cap. So…. Brate gets released and O.J. gets traded for a third or fourth, if not just outright released.

    So, there is the flash play by the Bucs, just waiting on the thunder of the season. But what happens to the players that we have just discarded?

    Which team has the most 3rd rounders lined up in the draft?

    The Patriots need a wide receiver, a tight end, and with Brady gone, a Quarterback. Oh, and Bellicheat may have a bone to pick with Brady wanting to prove he doesn’t need him to succeed. so… We have the makings of a truly historic, team to team, personnel swap. And Bellcheat has NEVER been known for his ability to adapt to changing situations and personnel (ahem, 6th rounder slated to be a perennial back up now considered to be The GOAT)

    Honestly folks, If this (highly unlikely) scenario played out. Which team would you place your hard earned cash on to win?

    I, for one, will be rooting for my Bucs, but keeping my cash securely in my pocket!

  68. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Thank you, @ChanEpic – take great care!

    Thank you, @stpetebucsfan – yes we shouted out to each other a few times about a year or so ago, but I was unable to be on the site at work for awhile there. It’s nice to be back, when I can, and I appreciate your posts always, as well!

  69. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Same name, though! Was just gone for awhile.

  70. JimmyJack Says:

    NDog you are acting like a girl bro. The Bucs haven’t done nothing wrong.

    Why cause they openly said they wanna see who else is avialable?

    Grow a pair dude. Go Twitter GMC about it who cryed like a girl too. And when all was said and done it was a drastic improvement.

  71. Roadwarrior Says:

    Tampa Bay Demon Says:
    March 12th, 2020 at 8:08 am
    Calling out everyone, depending on what their opinions are, for being a true BUCS fan or not….. is probably pretty silly.

    If you are HERE….. it’s safe to say that you are a pretty big BUCS fan… no matter what your roster opinions are.

    Or your a true buc hater. I also think there’s some buc relatives on here.

  72. Buczilla Says:

    Brady is as likely to come here as Jameis is to finally turn the corner and become a franchise quarterback. As much as I want either or even both to happen, I’m more likely to be the first man to step foot on Mars.

  73. Pappys Says:

    I think there might be some miss understanding about Tom (I hope). Tom would do this like Brees is. A reasonable amount but leave enough to keep or get some other FA’s. I think it would be about notoriety than money!
    No team has gone to the SB in their own stadium in NFL history or won it for that matter!
    It’s something Tom would like to accomplish in his NFL career (IMO)!
    Every player on the team would be remembered FOREVER! FOREVER!

  74. lambchop Says:

    @Ndog aka Winston’s jock,

    Please root for another team if you’re disappointed the Bucs aren’t coddling the human turnover machine.

    Maybe if Winston gets the boot, you can root for his bench warming skills with his new team.

  75. BucsFIRE Says:

    ^ We weren’t aware that anyone ASKED for your opinion on who is a real fan. Maybe you are the one that should move on.

  76. CrackerBall Says:

    My head doesn’t believe Tom Brady is really in play for us here…

    but my heart says “Hell Yeah” and hopes he gets his chance.