Steve Mariucci Talks Jameis

February 26th, 2020

Thanks to noted QB guru and former 49ers and Lions head coach Steve Mariucci and for spending 1-on-1 time with Joe at the NFL Scouting Combine today for a friendly chat.

Of course, the topics of pasta and Jameis Winston came up.

Mariucci is an emotional guy and he seemed to feel the uneasiness of the Jameis situation.

“You know, I got to know Jameis before the draft when he came out. And man, he’s done some really good things in the league. He’s done some things that nobody else really has — good and bad, I guess, if you want to add the turnovers and that sort of thing,” Mariucci said. “But I think a Bruce Arians-type coach and system can help him through that, I really do.

“You know I had a young quarterback that was kind of a gunslinger; I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Favre. He would take chances because he was so darn confident in his arm. And Jameis is a little bit like that. ‘I can get it in there ’cause I’m talented enough to do that and I’ve done it before. So it gets him in trouble sometimes.

“In watching Bruce Arians talk to our people here at NFL Network, it sounded like he has a plan that he’s not willing to divulge quite yet. If they can get a certain person, whoever that guy is, one of these free agent quarterbacks to come in and take it over, it sounds like they may do that. Now that might be wishful thinking. We’ll see, but Jameis Winston’s good enough to play in this league and win.”

Before Jameis was drafted, there was a famous NFL Network scene with Mariucci testing Jameis on the proverbial whiteboard, to gauge his football intelligence and recall.

Joe asked Mariucci what he remembered from that day and if there was anything behind the scenes Bucs fans might want to know.

“I just made this comment the other night because I did some whiteboard already at the Combine,” Mariucci said. “I had [QB prospect] Jalen Hurts yesterday. He did a nice job. But I did mention that Jameis Winston was as good on the whiteboard as anybody that I’ve ever had, and I’ve been doing this Combine now for 29 years. So I’ve had a lot of guys on the board in different ways and certainly not only for television.

“Jameis was not only smart — the darn kid was recruited by Stanford — but he was funny and he had a great memory and a great wit. He was very perceptive. I mean I thought he was terrific. And so if they can just eliminate some of those plays that will bite you every now and then, he can be pretty good.”

Always fun and insightful talking quarterbacks with Mariucci, though he can be a little confusing.

Like Arians, Mariucci believes the Bucs can win with Jameis. But he also believes the Bucs can do better and Jameis has a lot of room for improvement.

103 Responses to “Steve Mariucci Talks Jameis”

  1. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Smart in the classroom does not equal smart on the field in the heat of the action.

  2. Craig Says:

    I hear all of these coaches who say Jameis is sooo smart. That means he should be able to do things like read the defense, look off the linebacker, get the ball out of his hands quickly, and be able to go through his progressions and find an open receiver.

    In five years he has done none of those things. His seasons have started slowly, reached their peak and fallen back down, like the end of last season.

    He’s broken, send him back and get another one.

  3. BucEmUp Says:

    Finished the season with a winning record once the defense stepped up and wasn’t an embarrassment for the first time in his career.

    4 field goals away from.11-5 with 30 picks and with no running game.

    Dumb to get rid of him.If Bruce was calling the plays playoffs would be guaranteed

  4. Ocala Says:

    He’s right.

  5. SmoothBayRider Says:

    Ahhhhh . The big IF . “If you can eliminate some of those plays “ . How many years do you spin your wheels hoping that you finally gain traction and take off ? We probably have better odds of finding the next Mahomes or Lamar Jackson before (IF) Jameis stops making boneheaded plays .

  6. Tom S. Says:

    Unfortunately with Arians and Licht there is a short term focus as Licht has never won anything beyond the disdain of fans in the Tampa area and Arians knows he has a couple of years left in the league and wants to win now.

    The issue is if it’s Phillip Rivers, you’re talking about a declining talent, a 38 year old who looks like he may have, at best, the same 2 year window that Arians has.

    If Rivers is signed, then what? Is the plan to sink back to the worst team in the league like Licht’s first year and hope for another top QB? Maybe get lucky in the trade market like the Titans did with Tannehill?

    The problem with incompetent ownership like under the Glazer Babies, is while you can never completely rule out success the track record doesn’t give you any confidence that whatever they do going forward will be the right move.

  7. BucBoy Says:

    That’s my QB!

  8. SmoothBayRider Says:

    Also . Mooch said that “if he can eliminate those plays , he will be pretty darn good “ , insinuating that Jameis is currently not “pretty darn good “ .

  9. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    I have NO DOUBT Jameis is excellent on the white board ,film room, and sideline game recognition….on the field under pressure…not so much

  10. #1 Pick QB 2 Cent Brain Says:

    Might be smart on the whiteboard but is dumb on the field

  11. simeon Says:

    it’s because he could see the whiteboard.

  12. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    All he has to do is cut down on turnovers.

    For the 5th straight year.

  13. TexBuc Says:

    Yeah simeon thats funny!

    Who knows Winston may turn into “Wild thing” this year and become an ace. When a QB has to process info really fast better clearer vision may give him a split second to make a better read.

  14. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    If the phone doesn’t ring…….it’s the 31 other teams

  15. gotbbucs Says:

    His interceptiins this year weren’t the tight window/risky type throws. They were downright stupid throws. This idea that Winston is a gunslinger and wants to throw in tight windows and thread the needle is completely backwards. He throws asinine interceptions on simple pitch and catch throws.
    He has no rythm with any offense. He rarely ever gets on a roll where he’ll complete 7 or 8 passes in a row. Why is that? It’s because he doesn’t have a feel for the game and he can’t figure out how defenses are trying to cover. Every single play is like a new game for him. There’s no foresight. He’s not looking off DB’s and setting the defense up for big plays. He’s playing checkers while the defense is playing chess.
    If they chose to go forward with him it will blow up in their face and it will likely cost everyone their jobs and it will waste years of other players careers. What a joke.

  16. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Nuthuggers please take note:

    Mooch compared JayMiss to Farve and the key takeaway from that is:

    He’s a LITTLE BIT like Farve.

    Slurp away.

  17. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Someone is smart enough…confident enough…physically talented enough…puts in long hours in the film room studying defenses and their tendencies and personnel and has mastered the playbook.

    And yet this person makes the same mistakes over and over again. If it’s not brains, not physical talent , it’s judgement under pressure…AKA C H O K I N G!

  18. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    simeon Says:
    “it’s because he could see the whiteboard.”


    Ok, that was pretty damn funny. LMAO
    JW fan (which I am) or not…
    that was good, man.

  19. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    I can see the billboard now…

    20/20 in 2020.

  20. FB (Team Steve I) Moderated!! Says:

    Also . Mooch said that “if he can eliminate those plays , he will be pretty darn good “ , insinuating that Jameis is currently not “pretty darn good “ .

    AND what is the price of that? Not pretty darn good money, and not no backup trust. Waiting to see what calls he does get. I still woudn’t be suprised if he test the market and signs for a year below 20 million, if the bucs haven’t traded for a guy.

  21. FB (Team Steve I) Moderated!! Says:

    I think I might get past the moderation so long as I am on Team Steve. Maybe then I can keep heckling America’s joebucsfan for his hysteria. Team Logical Steve sounds like more fun to banter with. Can we have a vote?

  22. Robert Says:

    book smarts does not equate to street smarts, nor awareness.

    “it’s because he could see the whiteboard.” I LOL’d

    jw just is not worth the money, but more so he’s a proven turnover machine…..
    no matter how many yards he puts up he can’t read a simple CB about to jump a route that 80% of fans can see and are saying “don’t do it man”….pick 6….

    enough. I’d take a rookie over someone who has proven he is unteachable.


  23. TexBuc Says:

    Ask yourself “if the Bucs are moving on from Winston what is stopping them from announcing that we have moved on?”

    Easy we have not moved on.

  24. DBS Says:

    Easy. They have not locked up his replacement yet. So until they are sure they can like the man said. They are not telling anyone.

  25. LordCornelius Says:

    We’ll see man.

  26. Nick2 Says:

    The Bucs can franchise tag Jameis and until he signs the tag the deal can be pulled off the table. So as Jameis negotiates with other teams the Bucs can do the same thing. If Jameis decides to not sign the franchise tag that means the Bucs can find someone else. Thats alot of protection the Bucs have not to be given the dooms day scenario presented by Joe. Its just not going to happen. We will have a QB next year and it wont be someone we pulled off the scrap heap!!!!

  27. LordCornelius Says:

    Per NFL Network interview:

    Andrew Siliano: “Can I try to translate? Jameis is coming back, UNLESS there is somebody out there that you prefer and think you can get him. If you can get him – whomever that is – then that is your guy. Am I reading that right?

    BA: “Pretty much it. We can win with Jameis there is no doubt about that.”

    He went on to say December was disappointing but that he’s not a finished product. But also that the last impression is normally the most important one.

    IMO it’s Brady, Carr via some Brady to Raiders scenario, or Winston with odds leaning Winston.

    Either way Jameis better not be looking at his stat sheets and thinking anyone owes him a big contract…

  28. Tval Says:

    Mooch knows more than Bruce it seems. Too bad Jameis has to suffer under ANOTHER inept staff. Not ONE of his pro coaches have been “all in” with Jameis. For WHATEVER reason. Spineless fan base? Favre suffered the same until Holmgren. If Jameis carries this team to the playoffs, or even the brink, he’s gonna probably be the HIGHEST paid qb in the NFL. PERIOD!!! Bruce better play this smart or the Bucs will lose more $$$ in the long run.

  29. Buczilla Says:

    Fair take by Mariucci and cool article.

  30. DoooshLaRue Says:


    I’m sure you have all your pics in folders, (ie) happy JayMiss, fat Licht, likable Mike Evans…… so can I take a guess that this pic of JayMiss is in the “perplexed” JayMiss folder?

  31. Wesley Says:

    111 turnovers in 5 year. 111!! And if you wanna say well some of those are on the receivers, ok fair enough, but how about all the dropped int’s by defensive backs have we seen. A lot.

  32. Doc Says:

    Brady is the only quarterback, they will replace Winston, with. If Brady comes here, Winston will be headed to New England,just like all of the so call misfits that went to New England in the past,he will walk away from the game with a super bowl ring. Buc’s will still be firing coaches and drafting another quarterback and fans with be yelling for the quarterback neck. This team needs a G.M. that has played the game and can relate to today’s football players.

  33. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Winston averages 22 ints per year. i’ll say it again, Winston averages 22 ints per year. What other QB gets that much rope?

  34. Tye Says:

    “Jameis Winston’s good enough to play in this league and win.”

    Just not consistently and not even well enough to get a team to 8-8…
    That is the problem!
    Hope Arians gets his preferred QB.. be interesting to see if it was JW that was the issue or the litany of excuses his minions have made for him over the years..

  35. TexBuc Says:

    Blast from the past run on 1st and 2nd down, pass on 3rd and long, and then punt on 4th down. IF WE scored 16 points it was considered getting over the hump for our offense and we day dreamed we will score 16 points the next week only to be disappointed that we only scored 6 points. We have never been an “offensive team” that was ranked in the top 10 until Winston arrived.

  36. Smashsquatch Says:

    Game management skills are horrid. Downright clueless when it comes to understanding the game as a whole. His greatest weakness is not knowing how to set up a defense and knowing when to take risks. He plays each down as if it’s the last play of the game. I’m baffled at how the light switch hasn’t flipped with such a simple concept.

  37. RustyRhinos Says:

    We keep hearing how much QB intelligence Winston has. When will that translate to his on the field play? Year 6-7-8? We tried for 5 seasons to get that to work here with Winston. When will we figure out that he is what he has always been, a QB lacking with ball security.

    I now hear how we supposedly want Brady. I for one do not want a 40+ year old GOAT. What about his short quick passing game makes any of us Bucs fans think that Brady will be better in a Deep passing attack? How long before the GOAT, losses his skills or passion to play? I do not know the number of Deep passes Brady attempted, completed. I do not think he has that type of skill set anymore. Time never loses the battle.

  38. Clean House Says:

    My dream would for these blowhards to franchise Jameis and him refuse to sign it. Jameis holding a presser saying- you talked s*it, now see how you do without any QB losers.

    Would be my favorite moment all time in sports

  39. Buc1987 Says:

    If he doesn’t get Brady….I’m pretty sure it will be Winston coming back. It certainly won’t be some rookie..

  40. Jerry Jones Says:

    @Joe, you keep saying there’s no way Rivers would ever come to Tampa because of location but yet Rivers is being tagged as possibly going to the Colts. So why must you push this idiotic narrative that he wouldn’t come here because of location? You’ll have to give a valid reason because those that know far more than you are okay with Rivers landing in multiple places that are far from home.

  41. TexBuc Says:


    BA’s offense is the 4 Vertical Offense which is a play action based long ball offense. Reason it takes time to acclimate is BA does the reverse of what QB’s are taught, which is look deep on very pass play then look short.

    Setting up an defense is the job of the Offensive Coord. not he QB.

  42. FB (Team Steve I) Moderated!! Says:

    Actually my fear of the tag is that Jameis runs to sign it right away. If he isn’t getting anything but backup (4 to 7 milliion) interest, or competition with a draft pick, or 4th year guy like Tubisky (16 to 20m million), then we just shot ourselves in the foot for 7 million.

    I actually hope they save the franchise for Barrett. Use the transition on Jameis. If someone is dumb enough to pay him more than 25, they will be out of a job in a year anyway once he blows up.

  43. SmoothBayRider Says:

    Clean house , apparently doesn’t want to clean house ! Lmao !

  44. #1 Pick QB 2 Cent Brain Says:

    Jameis slurpers claim he’s better than Goff Wentz and a few others yet those guys had no issue getting resigned…

    Delusional Jameis slurpers are funny

  45. Defense Rules Says:

    BucEmUp … “4 field goals away from 11-5 with 30 picks and with no running game.”

    Aw come on BucEmUp, Jameis was ALSO 7 Pick-6s away from that same 11-5 record with 23 picks and no running game. And the same defense. Stop blaming the ROOKIE kicker for our 7-9 record. SB runner-up 49ers used 2 veteran kickers in 2019, and together they averaged 76.9% on FGs made. Matt Gay averaged 77.1% … as a rookie. I wonder if San Fran used their kickers as the excuse for only having a 13-3 record.

    One thing I’m sure that BA is looking at is how well Jameis would fare IF we made the playoffs. Against the better defenses he’s consistently struggled … and not JUST in 2019. Funny thing about the really good defenses: they tend to bring out the worst in QBs. Another funny thing about really good defenses: you tend to find them more times than not on playoff teams.

    Translation: Even if we make the playoffs with Jameis at the helm, Vegas would be licking their chops that we wouldn’t make it past Round 1.

  46. mark2001 Says:

    Two things…

    Obviously Arians isn’t as sure as Mooch that he can “straighten Jameis’s problems out”, or he would be talking differently about Jameis.

    And secondly, Jameis likes to be a gunslinger A LITTLE BIT like Favre. The similarity pretty much ends there.

  47. SB Says:

    I really don’t care. I want him back for at least one more year.
    If we let him walk he will win a SB with another team. Never seen that movie before have ya?

  48. Clean House Says:

    Clean out Licht and Arians
    An imbecile and a bs artist

  49. jmarkbuc Says:

    What’s the over/under on how many people have said he can win if he cuts down on TO’s and mistakes? And he hasn’t in five years.

    Everybody and their brother…..

    Enough already, let him walk.

  50. El Buco Realisto Says:


    Great point my friend!!!!!!!!!! We don’t need to draft a QB this year, just to fire ole stale biscuit, and have the next Head Coach to have to work with ole stale biscuit’s crumbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Chesapeake Bucco Says:

    Tom S., BA has 3 years left on his contract with a club option for a 5th. He now knows that retirement is not as fun as coaching. He’ll be here for a while, building something special, and the hopefully one of his proteges will ready to step in and keep it rolling, maybe with BA as an advisor.

  52. Jerry Jones Says:

    So you dont want to post my comment, Joe? You’re hilarious. Like a child whose lollypop was ripped away.

  53. Eric Says:

    Lol I wonder how many of you dumb asses could even spell Stanford let alone be accepted to school there! JW ball out next year bro then tell this organization to kiss your ass and leave via free agency if they tag you bro!

  54. Pewter power Says:

    The best thing that could ever happen to the bucs is winston taking ownership of his shortcomings and cutting down the turnovers. He would be our best option short term for a winning season and playoffs but not with double digit turnovers

    4-5 lapses in judgment may not seem like a lot but it is when your a quarterback, the fumbles are ugly as well as the interceptions and unwillingness to throw the ball away and live to fight another day…dude doesnt understand he’s creating this negative perception

  55. ATrain Says:

    If he was still coaching would he bet his JOB on Jamies???

  56. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Is he smart enough to realize that turnovers lose games? Perhaps no one ever explained “Turnover Differential” to him. It’s really not that difficult a concept to grasp.

    It goes like this….if you commit FEWER turnovers than the other team, you have a better than 70% chance of winning any given game. But if your QB is personally responsible for 2+ turnovers a game, you are not going to win and go to the playoffs. Which is why SMART QB’s protect the ball and try not to turn it over 2+ times per game.

    Here endeth the lesson.

  57. BigHog Says:

    When the BUCS lose a game it is most definitely as a team, this year is his first year with real coaching and Mr. 5,000 carried his team to 7 wins even with the turnovers, with a little better play from other areas of the team, we win 9 games!!! BUCS 2020!!!

  58. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Yeah, he be smart and he be ballin’. Do any of you really believe Jay Miss would have been Stanford material without being a highly recruited QB? There is a better chance of snow in Tampa tonight. He may be somewhat intelligent in terms of football, but he is exceptionally far from intelligent in any other forum.

  59. TexBuc Says:

    Athletes do get advantages in admissions, but some schools do require even the athletes to meet higher standards than other schools.

  60. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Jameis is super smart pre snap, to the point where he knows who is supposed to be open vs the defense he sees. The problem is, NFL defenses disguise and I think that’s where Jameis gets in trouble. He stays locked in on his pre snap reads and thinks he can still fit balls.
    That’s what I see, the underneath guys that show something different pre snap is where Jameis usually throws his picks.
    I think comfort in this offense is going to help him tremendously. He was arguably the best QB in the NFL for about a month stretch.
    The last two weeks definitely left a bad taste in the mouth but considering the circumstances and how well he played weeks prior, there is a lot to be excited about if he comes back for year 2 in this system.

  61. #1 Pick QB 2 Cent Brain Says:


    You swallowed too much of Jameis

    When has he played consistently well for 3-4 games to prove he can win a Super Bowl? I’ll wait for your answer

  62. Bucnjim5656 Says:

    I will cheer for Winston if he remains a Buc but something does not make sense. He has been touted since HS as being intelligent and finishing FSU with a 3.4 GPA. Yet when you talk to him or listen to statements you scratch you head and ask what did he just say. The whole eating W’s thing was the ultimate embarrassment to both him and the organization. Now this could easily be complete lack of maturity since he was only 20 when he joined the team. Will he mature though? Highly intelligent people learn extremely quickly and VERY seldom make the same stupid mistakes if ever. There are very smart people though who can’t hold a football never mind pass one for 60 yards. I will end this long post by saying the best QB’s in the NFL have better intelligence than they do arm strengh.

  63. cmurda Says:

    Jameis is a very intelligent QB but at the same time, he’s reckless with his decision making. His pre-snap reads are amazing. Jameis knows exactly what defense he is seeing and what he wants to do with the ball. However, when his first option is taken away, he makes horrendous post-snap decisions. It’s been the same way since he was drafted. Coaching isn’t going to take that away. We all know the definition of insanity.

  64. SB Says:

    #1 Pick QB 2 Cent Brain Says:
    February 26th, 2020 at 7:59 pm

    You swallowed too much of Jameis

    When has he played consistently well for 3-4 games to prove he can win a Super Bowl? I’ll wait for your answer


    Well since you are waiting thank you for attempting to insult me. I am not a Jameis apologist or slurper or whatever you want to call it. I have been VERY critical of JW on these pages and have incited Much anger and hatred among the apologists. I am simply stating that we have a habit of letting go of a QB and them going on to win SBs. Doug Williams, Trent Dilfer, Steve Young come to mind. Legarotte Blount won Three after we got rid of him.
    Thanks for waiting.

  65. Bucnjim5656 Says:

    Here is the biggest dilemma. We let Winston walk and he is in the pro bowl the next 10 years. If we keep him he is Josh Freeman II. Can we make the right call just one time? Arians keeps emotion and drama out of the equation so please Bruce make the right call and make us a winner with whoever is QB!

  66. #1 Pick QB 2 Cent Brain Says:

    Doug Williams won a Super Bowl in a strike shortened seasons then never made the playoffs again

    Dilfer was dragged to a Super Bowl by a legendary defense

    Young was awesome under a HOF coach and surrounded by talent

    Bucs have let go of more QBs that didn’t win a Super Bowl than ones that did…
    Of the 108 Super Bowl QBs only 18 of them were not playing for their originally drafted team

    So again Jameis isn’t gonna play well enough 3-4 games in a row to be a champion

  67. jmarkbuc Says:


    It’s a matter of perspective.

    Williams was a penny pinching move and definitely regrettable, but he didn’t even start the whole year for the Skins.

    Dilfer won with an All World defense. You could have won a SB with that team.

    Young? He went to a dynasty team, Same with Blount. Mostly.

    Let me know which team thinks he’s the last piece to their puzzle.

  68. Eric Says:

    Colts are likely glad they didn’t run Manning out of town after throwing 100 ints his first five years. 12 more than Jameis.

    Be a shame to do it when they may finally have a decent defense.

    Bruce is either bluffing or incompetent IMO. Likely the former.

  69. jmarkbuc Says:

    You can’t keep a guy who is killing your team because he might do something else, somewhere else.

  70. LaMarcus Says:

    JW is a great Qb. He has Thanos like talent at the QB. He is so good he got both teams in his hands and I seen where everyone on the field including coaches and opposing coaches depend on him to win the game for them. Super fantasy Qb probably greatest ever

    I just dont think he is good enough to take the worst franchise ever and turn them into a winner. That’s a tall order for anyone. Now we are gonna try Brady maybe he can?

  71. StonedBuc Says:

    Jamies problem is that he is playing from muscle memory. So he “knows” where the defense should be. He sees it in his head but the field is different. He needs to get out of his head and just play ball. Pete caroll would be the perfect coach for him. Same with tomlin.

  72. Buc1987 Says:

    I think we’re going to see Winston improve dramatically in year 2 of BA’s system..

  73. Bird Says:

    Big hog

    Are you a family member of jameis
    You just basically confirmed when the team loses , they lose as a team
    But when they win its jameis as jameis carried the team to 7 wins

    You have previously stated that jAmeis made mike evans and chris godwin
    (Even though mike evans caught 12 tds as a rookie catching from mccown and glennon )

    Seriously …are you a family member …maybe former lover …im curious ?

  74. Buc believer Says:

    We have a very young and EXTREMELY talented QB who is playing for his THIRD coach in FIVE years under a GM who 34-62!!!! 34 AND 62 and people want to run the BEST QB this franchise has EVER had! I think most of you naysayers are really still fans of your hometown team because NO ONE who is fair could be that dumb!

  75. Defense Rules Says:

    This continuing pro-Jameis versus anti-Jameis repartee is actually quite amusing. Thankfully it’ll all be settled soon enough, and until then it’s all just speculation & individual opinions. Personally I expect him back, but I’m MUCH more excited to hear BA say that they wants the WHOLE defensive line back for 2020. That way if Jameis does get re-signed & continues to crap the bed, we’ll have a better chance of cleaning up his messes. And MAYBE actually WINNING … something.

    Not exactly sure how much I made while in the military, but was thinking the other day that Jameis makes MORE in ONE GAME than I made total in 26 years in the military. Decided that it’d only be fair if I get to pick that game. I mean if I got stuck with the London game, with his 5 INTs, I’d really feel cheated. No, I think I’d want to go with the Rams game when Jameis was 28-for-41 & 385 yards, with 4 TDs against only 1 INT. Yup, that’s MY game. Since he also earns more in ONE GAME than most other JBFers make in probably a decade or more, each of you should get to pick your own game too. Just remember, I’ve already called dibs on the Rams game.

  76. WestChap Says:

    He would be fine at $20M so we have the cap to preserve the D-line and build the O-line and RB positions… but at $30+ for his full stat sheet – good and bad – its a strong “No thank you”! If Bruce gets backed into a hole, transition tag at $24M and Jameis can come play well or go find a trade partner that works for the Bucs.

  77. ATrain Says:

    Jamies Fans are like people in Prison always smoking the Hope pipe

    Things will be better next year

    Just need eye surgery

    Just need a better kicker

  78. SB Says:

    jmarkbuc Says:
    February 26th, 2020 at 8:44 pm

    It’s a matter of perspective.

    Williams was a penny pinching move and definitely regrettable, but he didn’t even start the whole year for the Skins.

    Dilfer won with an All World defense. You could have won a SB with that team.

    Young? He went to a dynasty team, Same with Blount. Mostly.

    Let me know which team thinks he’s the last piece to their puzzle.


    You guys are taking my comment way out of context. It was mostly sardonism mixed with History reality.
    Does that help at all?

  79. SB Says:

    “Young? He went to a dynasty team,”

    I mean does that even Matter?????
    We traded a 3 time SB winner because we thought he was better suited to be a RB than a QB.
    Definition of Insanity anyone for the last two decades????

  80. cmurda Says:

    LOL @ D Rules. I like that idea. I know I didn’t make jack crap in the Army. If I were picking any Bucs game it would be Nov 2, 2008 at Arrowhead. We came back to win that game after being down by 21. That was good ole Jeff Garcia leading the comeback. I was at that game. Arrowhead is easily the loudest stadium I have ever been to. When we hit that FG in OT to win it, you could hear a pin drop. I dealt with so much crap all game from the KC faithful but oh, did I give it back. All the way to the parking lot. I still can’t believe I didn’t get my tail whipped with my Warrick Dunn jersey and crap talking mouth.

  81. SB Says:

    The loudest Stadium I have ever been in was Three Rivers.
    Fan Fervor there was Huge!
    Only been to Mia, Jax, Ga., Caro, Steelers, tho.

  82. SB Says:

    Of course I didn’t include TB because………..

  83. Pick6King Says:

    Winston goes back to pass, looks down the field, let’s go of the football, interception!!! Looks like more of the same this coming season. No way Licht gives up on Jamoist. He’s a slurper just like Joe. And BA is willing to bet his legacy on an imbecile. It’ll be hilarious when we’re 2-10 and the firings begin. #NoPlayoffs

  84. catcard202 Says:

    Riddle me this…What’s main the difference between JW3’s 1st 5yrs & Peyton Manning??? A run game.

    Both threw a ton of picks & for a ton of yards…JW3 actually threw less INTs (88 to 100)…But the Colts won in spite of Manning’s picks..Why?? The Running game & Stud 1000+yd Backs!

    Marshall Faulk / Edgerrin James / Dominic Rhodes were all 1000+yd Colt’s RB’s during PM’s 1st contract…Where as JW3’s only Run game support came in 2015 – his Pro-Bowl Yr…1400yds from SteroidHamster in a contract yr where he hooked the Glazers/Licht for major coin before getting busted, suspended & cut.

    It’s pretty easy to correlate the difference a real run game would make to the overall trajectory of this club & JW3’s career in a Bucs uniform.

  85. SteveK Says:


    The rules were different from 1998-2003, Manning’s first five years. Passing is easier nowadays.

    And in year five, Manning was 29 TDs and 10 INTs. He was also 1.8% INT Rate.

    Jameis was 34 TDs, 30 INTs and 4.8% INT rate.

    Jameis was also suspended and benched.

    Manning had also led his team to the playoffs.

    And why did Barber and RoJo see so many right man fronts? To ensure Jameis would throw the ball and give the other team a chance to score some free Halloween candy. It’s a joke.

  86. SteveK Says:

    Eight man fronts*

  87. TexBuc Says:

    Catcard asked about Mannings FIVE year stats and of course a “fan” responds with a cherry picked stat to argue.

  88. Barlow Says:

    I think of course Brady would be on a few coaches radar including BA’s, but it won’t get real until other teams start dealing. Carr would be somebody I would like to see here. What’s for certain is Jameis has lost games for us only trying to do too much and making idiotic decisions. 5,000 yards plus last season makes me want him another year with him knowing he is expendable as long as a somebody that is great now isn’t avail for Tampa Bay. All BA said was if there is somebody better than our Jameis who’s available to is we would shop and I think every coach in the nfl would always want better at a position but he also says we can win with Jameis .

  89. Jeffbuc Says:

    Exactly your post was the best on point description of jameis Winston. I ha e been posting that for years. When have you ever seen him start the game 12-12,14-14 never every throw is a whole new ball game with him. There is no rhythm with him where in 5 years is bucs fans have been able to say uh oh here comes good jameis he is getting hot now. We are going to score on every possession now. Never he throws 3 great balls we all say ok we are in Field goal range we can get three points and only be down 13. Then 1st and 10 a pick then we have to watch and hear broadcaster show a wide open underneath guy. And hear he should have went there got the for sure 6 yards maybe he breaks a tackle and gets the first. He should have never made this throw with the corner sitting on the route with help over top. That’s the mistakes he needs to quit making. But time and time again he does is it’s amazing to me that after 5 years of this there are fans that really stand up for him and want another year. Every year he is still young only 1,2,3 years older than first overall pick. Then what he will be 30 and we will still be looking at mock drafts in December. Enough he is who he is. He might catch on with a team temp then for a season then be a backup. Than at 34-37 year range fall into a great team great situation and come in for an injured starter get hot and take a team to a conference championship game. Then get one more huge co tract only to fail again as a starter. We can’t keep wasting every year hoping this is the year he gets it. Only to be let down year after year

  90. cmurda Says:

    Cherry picked stat? No such thing. There were more than a few stats there and nothing was a lie. What’s your problem with it again?

  91. TexBuc Says:


    5 year stats where brought up but because they favor Winston someone argues different era, and then argues 5th year stats ONLY because they favored Manning. That my friend is the very definition of cherry picking stats to make an argument.

  92. catcard202 Says:

    SteveK…Manning threw 19picks in yr5…And 10 in yr 6. (Google is your friend)

    1998-1999-2000-2001-2002 (1st Contract)
    28-15-15-23-19 Ints by yr.

    2003 (yr6)…10 Ints

  93. Tval Says:

    Doug is ALOT like Foles, imho. Two PROVEN vets that came through, in SPADES, for their organization. No other players, in their respective organizations HISTORY, did more for their teams and fans. Like it or not. Foles was a STUD vs Brady in that game. And the Minnesota game? Fughettaboutit. Doug came back vs ANOTHER legend in Elway and CRUSHED him head-to-head and was the 1st black qb SUPER BOWL CHAMP…and from Grambling St/Eddie Robinson. So important historically. Again…like it or NOT

  94. #1 Pick QB 2 Cent Brain Says:


    Based on what…

  95. SteveK Says:


    Thanks for the correction. Still, Manning was +8 TD: INT. Also completed 66% of passes.

  96. adam from ny Says:

    maybe jameis need to go bald to become a great thinker

  97. adam from ny Says:

    most great thinkers are bald because they are stressing the heck out of that cranium

  98. SteveK Says:


    All the Winston Apologists do is cherry pick a narrative or stat, and ignore: turnovers, turnover margin, and losing. Everything is fine.

  99. Bruce Blahak Says:

    try a story on other players…there are 50+ on an active roster…this is beyond crazy defending this chump every day…HE SUCKS!!!!

  100. cmurda Says:

    By that definition, all stats are cherry picked. Look, we can agree to disagree there. No big deal. I’ve been pulling for Winston since day 1. No hater here. With that said, I’m over him. I think he is who he has been but the Manning debate always gives me pause. Manning looked like he would always be a turnover machine and he completely dominated from year 6 on. I’ll hope for the same for Jameis if he remains our QB. I’m on record hoping for a change at QB because I lack confidence in JW ever avoiding turnovers. The 34 TD’s were pretty decent until you see 30 picks. There can’t possibly be a soul on here that thinks the INT’s are acceptable.

  101. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    SteveK Says:
    “All the Winston Apologists do is cherry pick a narrative or stat”


    Everyone on the face of the earth cherry picks stats to support their argument. It has been going on since the beginning of time. — Well at least since the beginning of when stats were a part of time, lol.

  102. Dr.Not For Long Says:

    There are gifted quarterbacks and then there are man-made quarterbacks Jameis is a man-made quarterback. He does what he’s told to do he doesn’t act to do like game management . His 2-minute offense is a disaster for him to win a football game !

  103. jb9550 Says:

    his biggest hurdle is the contract. if he really thinks he is worth 30 mil + then he smoking something. he cost us at least 3 games himself with his stupid int’s. has anyone thrown pick 6’s with the first and last pass of the season? some of his antics on the sideline were embarrassing….eating the wins…give me a break. We would be way better with someone like Andy Dalton and keep all our defensive players and improve the offensive line in the draft. after all Brad Johnson wasn’t elite and he won a super bowl.