Philip Rivers Needs

February 15th, 2020

Can’t carry a team.

Time to get Melvin Gordon?

Well, unless the Bucs decide to get serious about their running attack, they better forget about Philip Rivers as a successor to Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

That’s the word from respected NFL analyst Greg Cosell.

Appearing on “The Ross Tucker” podcast, the subject turned to Rivers. Cosell said at this stage in Rivers’ career, he needs two things to be successful.

“I think he needs a run game as a foundation,” Cosell said. “And I think he needs a strong defense.”

Well, the Bucs have a strong defense, provided they can keep the band together with enough of Team Glazer loot.

Running game? This just in: The Bucs don’t have a run game and haven’t had a run game but for one year since former Bucs commander Greg Schiano’s final season with the Bucs.

And for you folks who like to holler and stomp your feet about the offensive line, former NFL suit Michael Lombardi, in the latest edition of his podcast, “GM Shuffle,” said Rivers isn’t coming to Tampa Bay because the Bucs’ offensive line “is the sh!ts.”

Joe will simply state again, Rivers at this point in his career is nothing more than an old, immobile Jameis. So what’s the point?

58 Responses to “Philip Rivers Needs”

  1. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Bring him in….as a bridge to the QB we draft

  2. Destinjohnny Says:

    The joys of having a crap gm

  3. tmaxcon Says:

    Destinjohnny Says:
    February 15th, 2020 at 8:11 am
    The joys of having a crap gm

    Don’t stop with the gm Bucs have the worst owners in professional sports on 2 continents, they also are the proud owners of worst winning percentage in nfl history…. top to bottom bucs are garbage outside of sapp and grudens glory year this franchise more resembles a special Olympics team than competitive professional athletes

  4. geno711 Says:

    Is this the same Mike Lombardi that was the talent evaluator twice for the Cleveland Brown’s?

    Him or BA as an evaluator of football people. I think I would lean with B.A. opinion over his but others can go with Lombardi if they like.

    Greg Cosell on Patrick Mahomes before draft.
    Loose and undisciplined in the pocket, strong arm, bad balance, inconsistent ball position.

    Feet and eyes rarely work together, tendency to perceive pressure too quickly but made splash plays. Too risky.

    Greg Cosell also suggested Marcus Mariota to the Bucs instead of Jameis Winston. Picked Winston to go 10th that year. Picked Kevin White to be an under-rated stud receiver that same year.

  5. Allbuccedup Says:

    Sign a guard or tackle free agent, draft one, draft a running back, draft a qb for the future, and a couple of more defensive players and fill in the blanks with the rest of the picks and of course sign Rivers. A 20 mil Rivers is a lot more feasible than a 30 mil Winston.

  6. Cobraboy Says:


    Like no other QB needs a run game and good defense.

    Help, James Christ needs a run game and strong defense. So does Drew Bree’s, Brady, MyHomie, and every other QB in NFL history.

  7. Patrickbucs Says:

    Doug Martin was second in the league in both Winston’s and Lovies first year.. common Joes

  8. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Doesn’t all this national talk about the Bucs OL fire them up at all?

  9. Sport Says:

    Joe – The point is winning. BA and TB have made significant progress in fixing the Defense. And BA says he can win with JW or others.

    Allbuccedup nailed it, price will determine who the QB is.

    In BA I Trust!

  10. tmaxcon Says:

    Patrickbucs Says:
    February 15th, 2020 at 8:31 am
    Doug Martin was second in the league in both Winston’s and Lovies first year.. common Joes

    Doug Martin was a pos loser who gave up on his team. Chose the nightlife over his teammates. I would expect nothing less from a low standard bucfan than bringing up a loser to defend thier points. Martin was the king of meaningless production.

    By the way how were the defensive units during the Winston years…. pretty hard to have a running game when your down by 30 at halftime…. bucs and glazers setup Winston to fail with garbage oline, garbage defensive units and most importantly garbage coaches including the washed up BS artist and his version if friends and family retirement plan. BA is lovie 2.0

  11. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The only way Rivers comes to Tampa is as a backup.

  12. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Scotty in Fat Antonio Says
    “Doesn’t all this national talk about the Bucs OL fire them up at all?”

    Maybe. But we can’t know until it is too late.

  13. OneBuc55 Says:

    Unfortunately, he won’t find those things here in Tampa…

    The sad thing about it is you throw a young QB out there without the bare essentials and then turn around and question his ability to win…It’s a Bucs Life…The Bucs letting Jameis walk would actually be a blessing for Jameis…

    However, the defense did make some strides last season…

  14. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Agree with Joe
    No on Rivers

  15. DoooshLaRue Says:


    You’re really setting yourself up for future ridicule with all your omnipotent predictions.

  16. Bird Says:


    Comment of the year
    Yah. A career 30 td and 14 int will come here as a backup cause that will come cheap

    Bucs will get for cheap ….
    And he will not be in jameis head

  17. tmaxcon Says:

    if they brought rivers to Tampa the fanbase would double in size with just the addition of rivers children. Correct me if I’m wrong Joe but doesn’t rivers have enough kids to field an offensive unit… .

  18. Thisisouryear!!! Says:

    He’s going to be better than Jameis. With our receivers he’ll spread the ball around and include the tight ends. He’s a great example for a young qb. I think we will be deep in the playoffs next year with Rivers.

  19. William Smith Says:

    Phillip Rivers will NEVER win a Super Bowl… Only QB with all time stats who won’t win one… Won’t even play in one. Wherever he goes will be his last year. Just watch

  20. David Says:

    A gunslinger who makes a lot of mistakes… How the hell does Philip Rivers make any sense at all. We already have that here in Tampa – younger and with an upside.
    Rivers has no upside, he is what he is. He’s damn good but will turn the ball over.

    The only vet I see that makes sense is Brady. Keep Jameis or get Brady

  21. tmaxcon Says:

    DoooshLaRue Says:
    February 15th, 2020 at 8:59 am

    You’re really setting yourself up for future ridicule with all your omnipotent predictions.


    You have been around long enough to know damn well bonzi has never been right about anything…. there is a better chance of Brandon and little stevie having me over for xmas dinner than bonzi being right…..

  22. Bird Says:

    Wait ..i thought the Oline wasnt bad

    Not until it attacks #3
    Lasik for Iseeyou

    And you wonder ?
    Logical joe is the light …the future

  23. BucU239 Says:

    I don’t understand the Rivers love. In 16 years he’s been to the playoffs 6 times. Hes had talent around him and still hasn’t won anything significant. In a division that over that same 16 year time span has had a pretty bad Raiders team, and until recently just ok Broncos and Cheifs teams and he can’t scramble which is a necessity here in Tampa – No thanks to Rivers

  24. Pewter power Says:

    I’d take rivers over Winston at this point. His team had a horrible season and regressed but the year before he was 4600 Td’s and 12 int’s I’ll take that over 5100 and 30 anyday especially considering it got the chargers in the playoffs.

    Winston isn’t worth 25 million let alone 30. People expect him to be better in year 2 but if he threw more interceptions in year 2 of dirk koetter then you cant assume.

  25. tmaxcon Says:

    Pewter power

    You narrow minded pick focused people kill me…. over half the games the poor savior has started cancer93 and his sidekick lvd gave up the butt and 20pts before halftime…. Jameis christ Winston is the only hope the bay has. Jameis is the third most important buccaneer of all time behind selmon and sapp. Between garbage defensive units, coaches and offensive line jameis has been setup to fail by this incompetent minor league franchise that has not won a single meaningful game since jameis was 7 years old….

  26. Pewter power Says:

    Just a reality of the situation for those who think we cant win without Winston. Last year 3-0 while he’s not in the building and were the talk of the league, he gets suspended and benched all within the same year.

    There’s nothing showing he will throw fewer interceptions in 2020. Fact 2017 and 2018 he played 11 games and 13 games but still threw double digit picks. These are facts hidden on these pages because Joe’s want you to believe we’d regress without winston

  27. Doug Says:

    I understand the rivers love, he would be much cheaper then paying Winston long term with the same or maybe better production. We could also draft a young Qb who could sit and watch for a year or so.

  28. footballjunkie Says:

    Like @Robert said originally…


    Tom Brady… is the only candidate to take the sum total of our ball club as currently constructed and make the most of it immediately in 2020. Also in 2021. Then BA ends up in his rocking chair in Georgia. That’s the simple truth.

    And after BA’s gone, well there will be so many more complexities re-introduced back to the Bucs (new HC, staff, etc etc etc)…that best laid plans enacted now, won’t matter.

    So the wise move, is to accept the template that’s been laid out for the Bucs. Land Brady at all costs. Let BA and Bowles be themselves.

    We’ve waded in continued mediocrity since Gruden left, multiple sets of different regimes’ best laid plans, only to end yet again right back in that sespool.

    So Land Brady, and let the existing staff take us all as far as we can go until the 2022 season!

    End of QB discussions.

  29. tmaxcon Says:

    You people are getting so worked up mistakenly thinking the defense is fixed yet they have zero track record of consistency. .. bucfan is so desperate one good game defensively and you are changing the sheets the next morning from wet dreams of a failed past. Nothing about the bucs is fixed… BA is garbage with zero postseason sucess as a head coach. Leftwich is unproven and a piss poor play caller. Nothing about the bucs is fixed. From owners to that goat pasture formerly known as rayjay nothing about this team is competive much less fixed…. i remember all you delusional fools shouting from the mountain tops when bad character lovie Smith was hired At least the defense is fixed…. how’d that work out…. maybe just maybe you fools should let them earn a couple of meaningful wins before getting all slobbery

  30. tmaxcon Says:


    Why would the greates qb of all time with a super model with choose a small market irrelevant franchise that has no history of success and owners that are worldwide laughingstocks in the sporting world…. do you people ever really think…. brady has his choice od franchises and markets…. you are setting yourself up for a serious nutpunch if think for a second the goat would consider the least desirable franchise in the nfl for his swan song

  31. BrianBucs Says:

    Sign Rivers or some other experienced veteren to be the bridge to your future QB you are about to draft.
    It’s what the Chiefs did with Alex Smith and Patrick Mahomes and we see how that all worked out.

  32. ATrain Says:

    Wait. What about Carr

    I’m not on the Rivers band wagon

    Although I would like to see Jamies on another bench It is dumb to trade down or even

    We need an upgrade

    I think Carr would be a great fit

  33. tmaxcon Says:

    Brady to the bucs lol new port richey joe has a better chance of landing Jennifer Aniston than brady coming to this circus….

  34. Ndog Says:

    For all those folks that are wanting Rivers did you even watch him play last year?

    The guy has a shot arm and is one of the biggest crybabies to ever play. He is basically impossible to root for but then again these are the same people that say that anyone would be better than a 5,000 years passer that just lead the #3 scoring offense in the NFL.

  35. Ndog Says:

    Brady are you on crack bro? That dude is so done it’s not even funny. Last year with the Patriots he had THE #1 Scoring DEFENSE IN THE NFL and THE #8 RUSHING ATTACK IN THE NFL. Literally the passing game was the only thing holding that team back. So let me get this straight he couldn’t win last year with an elite defense, great running game and outstanding kicker and you think he’s going to come here and win? Again I ask are you on CRACK????

  36. Patrickbucs Says:

    MR know it all TMax, so he wasn’t 2nd in the league that yet and a Pro Bowl level player? What he did after that I did not bring up. Keep enjoying your days being negative, great life bro.

  37. Bucs Guy Says:

    JW wants $30M and Rivers wants the same. Forget them both. Go for Bridgewater, Carr or Dalton at $20M. All 3 are better QBs and less expensive. Build Oline, Dline and RB through the draft.

    Trade OJ for a 2nd and 4th.

    One of the big 4 OTs if they’re available or Kinlaw. Pick the other position in the 2nd. G or S in the 3rd. Chayse Claypool WR in the 4th and Dillon or Patrick Taylor Jr in the 5th rd at RB. CB or BPA in the 6th. Of course this all depends on who we re-sign and free agency.

  38. Dapostman Says:

    Phillip Rivers has padded his stats by playing with LaDainian Tomlinson, Antonio Gates and Melvin Gordon.

    There are no players like that in Bucslandia.

    There are two wr’s who are way down the field where Rivers will have to get the ball. Also since the pass plays take longer he may have to avoid a few pass rushers as he extends plays.

    Good luck with that.

  39. tmaxcon Says:

    Pewter power Says:
    February 15th, 2020 at 10:09 am

    Just a reality of the situation for those who think we cant win without Winston.

    outside of the 1 year wonders fluke championship the bucs have PROVEN BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT THEY CAN’T WIN WITH ANYONE!!!!! You can’t rewrite the record books… .the bucs are proud owners of the worst winning percentage in nfl history for a reason and it’s NOT Jameis Christ Winston the true savior of the bay.

  40. Joe Says:

    joe has a better chance of landing Jennifer Aniston

    Nice, but you are showing your age TMax. 🙂

  41. tmaxcon Says:

    Joe Says:
    February 15th, 2020 at 11:44 am
    joe has a better chance of landing Jennifer Aniston

    Nice, but you are showing your age TMax. 🙂

    i have fully accepted that I am a bitter old prick….

  42. Ndog Says:

    Anyone that thinks Andy Dalton, Bridgewater or Carr is better than Jameis clearly has never watched any of them play more than a game or two.

  43. pryda...sec 147 Says:

    Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ rivers isn’t going to Tampa Jameis will be here. We need to be looking at RBs Bucs could bring in like Mel Gordon David Johnson etc.

  44. ATrain Says:

    Yes NFog we all know

    Bucs cannot win without JAMIES

    Of course I guess you forgot to watch the last 5 Years of Bucs

    OR that’s right

    Receivers running wrong routes
    Earth rotation
    Umm did I forget any

    Not reading defenses
    Throwing ducks
    Throwing behind receivers

    YEP Jamies is the GREATEST EVER

    (if you believe this you may want to seek professional help or start watching chess with Mr Fog aka Jamies)

  45. footballjunkie Says:

    So if Florio trust Larry Fitzgerald’s dad…that’s more than good enough for me.

    Via PFT…through Fitzgerald Sr….

    Chucky and Mayock want to offer Brady 2 years $60 million. In a no state income tax state, but in the same division as the Chiefs, giving Brady something to think about. Likely leaked to see what other competing offers might also be out there. Doesn’t really meet the objective of Brady’s desire to run for a title…playing in the Chiefs division, versus being in the NFC.

    We could easily offer, via Bryan of ownership team, …
    $40 million per for 2020 AND 2021, fully guaranteed at signing, with a team option for 2022. In a no state income tax state also, with far more wespons, and NOT in the Chiefs division. With BA here also. Cherry on top with LeVeon trade, to entice both Brady and Bell.

    It could be done. We’ll see how much Bryan meant that.

  46. Aubpierce Says:

    Sign Taysom Hill and when the offensive line breaks down he can haul ass and run. If he passes for 3,000 yds and runs for 1,000 yds our run game will be way better. If a great QB falls to us in the first round draft him, if not draft the best offensive lineman available. Do not sign any of the old worn out QBS available.

  47. tmaxcon Says:


    you seriously need help. someone in your family needs to research the baker act. I think you are the reason the law was written….

  48. geno711 Says:

    So NDOG is there anyone that you would consider besides Jameis or is he clearly not only the best available but clearly above everyone else that is available by a large amount?

    What say you?

  49. westernbuc Says:

    The point is that Rivers contract won’t kill this team

  50. Jean Lafitte Says:

    He can lose just as well but at a cheaper price.

  51. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    Jameis can’t carry a team either…

  52. footballjunkie Says:

    Yeah @tmax..

    You certainly are the standard-bearer for the judgment of sanity with all the preposterous lunacy and malevolence you have spewed on this site through the years…yup.

    What I am very calmly and intelligently doing…is FAST FORWARDING.

    With Manchester United’s debt paid down quite a bit since acquisition, their new marketing/sponsorship deals on the books, cash flow there is…well, quite nice. Not too mention the appreciation of the franchise’s worth.

    So…taking Bryan from ownership at his word about this year, I am merely FAST FORWARDING from a philosophy of, why keep “trying” things year after year, decades wasted. Like MALCOLM DID. In acquiring Gruden. Malcolm then, thought the same. So…make a determined effort to bring THIS franchise QUICKLY back into not only relevance, but RAISE the likelihood of success, quickly. By acquiring folks, AT POSITIONS OF NEED, that know how to win consistently…NOW.

    Why waste $23 mill a year on a Rivers, $21-25 million on a Dalton, $22-25 million on a Bridgewater…to “leave it to chance” again?? They won’t throw for 5000 yards…certainly fewer picks…but again MORE MEDIOCRITY. Malcolm’s lesson was a profound one. Dungy built the team, but Gruden was the guy who made all the men WIN IT. Fact.

    I am cut from the same mold. We have fumbled around in this malaise of mediocrity for decades. What does ownership care of the funny money paid to Brady, and Bell…for a much higher probability of success immediately purchased, WHEN THE SALARY CAP KEEPS CLIMBING…because…the TV CONTRACTS KEEP CLIMBING. It matters not the figures, just the bottom line.

    Luxury suite sales ^^^^^

    Season ticket sales ^^^^^^

    Jersey sales ^^^^^^

    Stadium revenue by increased attendance ^^^^^^^^^^

    NFL TV schedule upcoming involving Bucs in primetime ^^^^^

    BA’s interest level in coaching the staff and troops ^^^^^^^^

    I could go all day…

    Just FAST FORWARD past…”maybe we have success”…to Malcolm-land. Let’s go get it. Life’s too short. If it doesnt work with Brady and Bell, we can still cut ties in 2022 when BA leaves anyway.

    Consider yourself…educated.

  53. footballjunkie Says:

    Post my comment, lazy staff…from over an hour ago on this thread. No legal objection in it…

  54. Pewter power Says:

    tmaxcon says
    outside of the 1 year wonders fluke championship the bucs have PROVEN BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT THEY CAN’T WIN WITH ANYONE!!!!!

    You sir are an idiot. Only two teams in this division have a superbowl ring you realize that right, you have to be stupid to say winning a superbowl is a fluke especially when you beat the team that had been standing in your way for 2-3 years to get there

  55. tmaxcon Says:

    Pewter power Says

    so one good year is a lifetime free pass for failure…. you sir have low standards…. let it go let it go….

  56. tmaxcon Says:

    ootballjunkie Says:

    you left out all the blowouts, basement titles and the fact this team has not won a meaningful game in 18 years.

  57. Owlykat Says:

    Carr has a bad back, Rivers and Brady both will not pick the Bucs no matter what. Now that Jameis has upped his eyesight franchise him. He has great escapability to escape and can take a pounding. Our OL gave up more sacks than any other last year. A young QB is doomed here. Fix our trenches and bring in a big back to up our ground game with our top ten Defense and we will make the playoffs by winning our division.

  58. Hodad Says:

    Jameis had a chance at home to win in overtime giving us a winning record, and his first throw was a pick six game over. Way to carry a team.