Damage Done?

February 19th, 2020


One former NFL player and BSPN talking head said he absolutely would bring Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, back to the Bucs in 2020.

But the same analyst wonders if Jameis even wants to come back.

And what adds intrigue to this take is it comes from a brother of a guy on the Bucs’ roster.

Emmanuel Acho, brother of Bucs linebacker Sam Acho, took to the coaxial cable waves of BSPN to talk Jameis on a recent episode of “Stay in Bed,” co-hosted by Mike Greenberg and sometimes Laura Rutledge (née McKeeman) and sometimes Maria Taylor (whoever the lead producer of this show is sure has an eye for talent).

Remember how Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians used to have Jameis’ back, until Jameis imploded in the last two games?

Well, Acho, a former Browns and Eagles linebacker, explained that NFL players have fragile egos. And he thinks the way Arians has spoken about Jameis since Jameis threw the final pick-six of the season may have fractured their relationship.

As a result, Acho wonders if Jameis even wants to play for the Bucs?

Joe isn’t sure about that. Jameis isn’t dumb. He knows he had a pair of terrible games (though to his credit he did bring the Bucs back against the Texans early after miscues). And Jameis always said he likes to be coached hard, meaning he doesn’t mind getting cussed out. Just look at his last three coaches (Arians, Dirk Koetter and Jimbo Fisher); none bit their tongues.

Joe will guess Arians, who has been around the block a few times, knows what he’s doing here and knows Jameis well enough to understand how far he can push the envelope.

You can see and hear both Acho’s points, along with former NFL suit Mike Tannebaum’s thoughts, on Jameis in the BSPN video below.

141 Responses to “Damage Done?”

  1. zzbuc Says:

    If JW ego/feelings has been hurt because fo the coach been hard on him because of the 30 int…..Well he needs to change his job…….Maybe he could be a great Kindergarden teacher……..

  2. Smashsquatch Says:

    Agree with you Joe, hogwash; furthermore if JW indeed has such a fragile ego why would we want to sign him? I personally think his ego isn’t fragile enough.

  3. tmaxcon Says:

    Feelings are irrelevant…. free jameis he has earned his parole from lovie 2.0 and the Glazer circus.

  4. Dkbucs Says:

    I don’t know. Parents can be pretty brutal when it involves their kids.

  5. DoooshLaRue Says:


    You’re starting to sound like a crying clown 🤡 😭

  6. BrianBucs Says:

    Of course Winston has a fragile ego. Bucs admitted that was the reason that last year they didn’t bring in a high quality backup.
    Winston has been coddled and protected since he has been a Buc. Bucs players and coaches can’t say anything bad about or go against Jason Licht’s Chosen One Winston.
    Maybe a little tough love is exactly what he needs

  7. Pewter power Says:

    Maybe he doesnt care and dude is just brutally honest. No player was protected like winston and you wrote about it all season long. Maybe he really doesnt care how he feels. Hes at the teams mercy, they could franchise him the next two years while they develop the next guy and he can do nothing. Bottom line they will franchise him or sign him but it’s up to the glazers, if they sign him it will be at their perceived value because they’d look stupid for overpaying for someone who throws that many picks and never sniffed playoffs

  8. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    It’s funny his on and off field antics fractured his relationship with dirk.

    Now said on field antics fractured his relationship with Arians

    The Winston defense force will want to throw Arians into the bay for it. Man he may become as much of a coach killer as mcicecream 93 someday.

  9. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    He’s too soft and delusional to realize he’s not “ballin”

  10. ou812 Says:

    Jameis isn’t dumb. !!!!!!! LMAO Wow !!!
    So now he’s butt hurt the Coach doesn’t like him losing games ????
    So Coach better not bring in competition at the QB position or he will curl up in the fetal position!!!!

    WE are not talking about a LEADER of men for sure!!!!!!!

  11. tmaxcon Says:

    Jw is satan Yet he owns every meaningful franchise record for the qb position…. so what does that say about this failed franchise with 1 fluke championship….. can’t have it both ways ladies

  12. Tvan101 Says:

    3 times last year winston threw a pick on the first pass of the game. To quote Curly Bill “well bye”.

  13. D-Rome Says:

    After that pair of terrible games Jay-Miss INTson had the audacity to claim he was ballin’ and dared the fans to “check your sheet.”

  14. Matt Says:

    If Jameis is worth 30m then Teddy should get 35m and we know that’s not going to happen. I say let him go to free agency and find out he’s only worth 19-23m and bring him back down to earth. Frankly, just let him leave.

    I like David Carr, I think Arians is the perfect coach for him. Carr is a good man and would appreciate a fresh start and any competition. Carr checks down A LOT so we do need a shifty good receiving back to stretch the chains. A lot of Howard’s troubles are from poor velocity awareness from Jameis and flat out ducks. A QB with more spatial awareness like Carr will give him rhythm passes to showcase his talent. Can you imagine Carr throwing bombs to NE13 and corner and posts to Godwin? Then have Howard to check down to?

    Bring in Carr draft oline first round a d lineman 2nd a Qb And running back 3rd and 4th and we’re a very dangerous team assuming we can keep our front 7 in tact. I’m very high on Nelson, he will be par to an upgrade over Nassib.

    Hope Justin Evans returns with a vengeance! He’s a big piece to the puzzle also.

  15. ZeroBucsGiven Says:


  16. ou812 Says:

    ou812 Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Do they sting JOE !!!!! My comments that is HA!

    Now que the professional reply that shows how deep your man crush is of your Failed messiah.

    Stanford material for sure but instead went to FSU ? Your right so smart. LMAO!!!

  17. NPRSageBoy. Says:

    JayMiss had issues with Fitz looking over his shoulder two years ago.

    If his psyche is that fragile, he needs a job as a (fill in the blank) since we already know rocket science and NFL QB are out of the question.

    Peace, out

  18. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    I’d be OK with a creative 100 million guaranteed …..10 year deal

  19. SteelStudBuc Says:

    This is laughable… maybe… the friction is #3’s fault… the coach has every right to be mad… the guy is going out there and shltting the bed

  20. catcard202 Says:

    Fragile egos do not turn into leaders of men…

  21. Robert Says:

    he under performs, loses games, does stupid stuff on and off the field…….and now he’s the victim and should not want to come back….

    he needs a safe place

    and @tmax……why you keep asking about my dingly?

    take that $hit to a rainbow rally; sure to get lucky there.
    you know nothing.

  22. 813bucboi Says:

    i think acho is on to something…..

    after his suspension, JW felt he needed to put up monster stats like fitz…..HE FAILED and his confidence got a hit….

    then the decision was made to protect his confidence by NOT bringing in an competitive back-up option…..

    then after each INT, BA would go out of his way to tell the media, its not JWs fault, again protecting his confidence…..

    unfortunately for JW, BA ran outta excuses and scapegoats as JW reached 30INTs……

    i think that is what p!$$es BA off the most….BAand his offense will forever be tied to the QB who threw 30INTs….

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  23. ou812 Says:

    tmaxcon Says: Jw is satan Yet he owns every meaningful franchise record for the qb position…. so what does that say….

    THE BAR IS LOW that’s what that says !!!! No matter how BAD our Bucs teams have been NONE OF THE OTHER BUC QB’s have Thrown 30 ints or seven pick sixes in one season. He is the WORST of the WORST .

    I am a hater I hate losing and he is the reason why . He is always eating my W ‘S.

    Ted Bundy was a ladies man to. But you only went on one date with him .

  24. Defense Rules Says:

    D-Rome … Jameis’ ‘ballin’ comment turned off a lot of fans (me included). Yet they’re only words; what I care about is PERFORMANCE on the field. In that regard, Jameis can be VERY GOOD, but he can also be VERY BAD. I enjoy the roller coasters at Busch Gardens; not-so-much at RayJay.

    Matt … I’d love to see the Bucs get David Carr, but I’m not sure that Jason Licht can pull that off without giving away the farm. Chucky holds the upper hand there, and there’ll be lots of competition if the Raiders put Carr on the trading block.

    Many have said that Jameis has a fragile psyche, but I’m still not sure that satisfactorily explains his PERFORMANCE on the field. No question in my mind that Jameis wants desperately to be the best, and that he has the physical tools to come close. It seems like he just keeps making the same mistakes over & over & over (must be infuriating to his coaches). He’s had excellent coaching IMO; he’s had quality ‘weapons’ to throw to. He’s gotten excellent results for the most part, but he’s STILL too ‘mistake-prone’ after 5 years on the job. Fix that & he’d be a HOF QB one day. Don’t fix that & he’s just another backup QB.

  25. FB Moderated!! Says:

    So we know what jobuc wrote the article quoting Tanenbaum in this video recently, this must be Americas Jo who dug up the counterpoint supporting jameis.

  26. BigMacAttack Says:

    Blah blah blah. Acho’s 5 minutes are almost up. Bore me.

  27. thisisouryear!! Says:

    DR- Last paragraph is exactly correct. The other problem is I think he’s going to struggle with Shaq and Arians not supporting him publicly. There was a lot of talk that Jameis and Koetter were arguing behind the scenes. I can’t imagine Jameis likes the someone not supporting him to the world. But playing well and winning fixes everything. Can Jameis play protect the football? IMO I don’t think he can.

  28. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Everyone in the football world was wondering if Jameis was going to get int #30. When the Falcon game went into overtime everyone was wondering if Jameis was going to get int #30. So what did Leftwich call? A frickin pass on the first play of OT. Why o why did he not call a run play? Or a deep bomb to Perriman. A perfect blend of circumstances on the last play of the year. It’s a Bucs life.

  29. ou812 Says:

    THATS it JOE you say this is a board for Buc fans??? As long as they agree with you ! You just got my last click and if Winston is still here the Bucs just lost my season tickets . YOU and TMAX have a wonderful life but your not Buc fans your Winston fans. Adios !!!!

  30. Robert Says:

    send him to his safe place…..victim…..pulease

  31. BigHog Says:

    This is football …players waste time looking over their shoulders…players stay focused…keep moving forward…never looking back…it’s that kind of mind set that they need to have to be successful!!! Mr. 5,000 fragile…man give me a break’ This sounds like propaganda from Russians…you know friends of Colt 45!

  32. miken Says:

    “Stay in Bed”… omg, that is a winner!!!!
    One problem #3 will have if he doesn’t take the Bucs offer because he doesn’t want to come back is it could be his best offer by a long shot. This is probably the 1st time in over 20 years there is more good qbs on the market. First time ever we have plenty of supply. There are like what 5 or 6 open jobs and 3 qbs going in the top 7 then guys like rivers, tannyhill dalton flaco rosen brady teddy and the list goes on. Not saying they are hall of famers but thats a lot of options.

  33. Buczilla Says:

    Jameis is not a good quarterback yet, but from what I have seen/heard of him, he doesn’t give a damn about being cursed out. Jameis is a tough dude, so I’m pretty sure that he can handle anything that Arians throws at him. Imho Acho is just blowing smoke.

  34. Craig Says:

    I never played NFL ball, but I never met a coach that coddles the players either. They cussed and threw things at you.

    If Jameis can’t get over that he would be toxic here next season. It would probably be the end of his career, even though the end of last season should have done that.

    Licht, give it and give Jameis a kiss goodbye, it is time to move on. Any direction will probably be better.

  35. gotbbucs Says:

    I’ll tell you right now, paying him more money this year than what he got last year while throwing 30 picks, 3 of which were on the first pass of the game, and 7 of which were returned for a TD, will do more to damage the psyche of the other 52 players on the roster than anything else.

    I said it the other day. If they give Winston money and let someone like Suh or JPP walk over smaller dollars, they had better get ready for a player mutiny.

  36. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Book it!!! Winston does NOT want to play here…..let him go!!! (please?)

  37. Fb Says:

    America’s bucs fan poster seems to run you if you comment on who posted the article

  38. ATrain Says:

    Jamie’s owns the INT record not only for the Bucs but for the whole NFL for the last 5 years

    Also Pick 6s

    But that’s no big deal

    He threw for 5000 yrds

    With that stat and $2.00 he can get a Coke

  39. Fb Says:

    Matt, I think you are spot on with the 19 to 23 million. I have said he would be between 17 and 22, but he would likely hold out until an injury picked up demand

  40. Stanglassman Says:

    The guy tried to play through a MCL and throwing thumb injury because he believed it gave the team the best chance to win. This is what he got. Great job Bucs fans way to show what a bunch of whiny losers you truly are. It’s getting to the point where I believe he’d be better off elsewhere.

  41. Bucsfanman Says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Boo-freakin-hoo!
    If his ego is THAT fragile then, do we really WANT him on the team?! C’mon!

  42. Ocala Says:

    Jamies is going to do well wherever he goes. I am sure he would be perfectly fine playing with a more stable franchise.

    The Panthers, Broncos, Colts or Bears would be my guess on where Jamies will go if he were to leave the Bucs.

  43. Pewter power Says:

    Yes because the franchise is the issue with winston throwing so many interceptions lol he holds everything meaningful record of the bucs? Yea he really smashed josh Freeman records lol.

    Dirk koetters offense was good enough for Atlanta’s quarterback which is why they had a better record. The injuries along their offensive line, the running backs were garbage and Julio jones the only 1000 yard receiver and freeman rushed for less just over 600 yards so yea it’s not Winston’s fault they ended up 2nd in the division…..let the excuses continue to flow

  44. donuts Says:

    Stay…..go…..I dont think the fanbase cares at this point. If he goes, please let it be the panthers the most dysfunctional franchise besides the Jags. If he does stay, price has to be right and he is no $30 million QB.
    5000 yards pfffft. How about throw 4000 and win 10 games in a season for once. QB performance determines the outcome of most NFL games. Exhibit A: Mahomes in this past Super Bowl. Mahomes (missed 2 games) and threw for 4000 yards in 2019. He threw for 5000 in 2018 and was bounced in playoffs.

  45. SlowMojo727 Says:

    Bucs brass knows he has a fragile ego. That’s why they let Fitzmagic walk. And DJax too.

  46. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Pewter power Says:
    “Dirk koetters offense was good enough for Atlanta’s quarterback which is why they had a better record.”


    Except for the fact that they DID NOT have a better record, lol.
    There is that.

  47. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Pewter power, never mind. — I understand that you were comparing ATL this year to TB last year (with Dirk.)

    Sorry for the error.

  48. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    To be fair, though, Matt Ryan had a pretty cruddy year under Dirk’s Offense.

  49. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Take away Derek Carr’s 1 good year , 2016, and his record is 27-52
    This is who you want replacing Jameis?? Really??

  50. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Jameis ALSO had the highest number of INT’s drops last year !…did not say how many were the WR’s fault

  51. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Alanbucsfan, I just don’t know what to make of Derek Carr. Some people suggest that he doesn’t have that strong of an arm, but I remember that game against us where he fired it all over the frikking field and put about 112 points on us.

    It seems like, since his injury though, like he is not quite the same.

    There is some fire to his personality that I really like, and have seen him play at a very high level. Is he a guy that could really flourish in a new environment…. especially with Bruce?


    I just don’t know.

  52. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Tampa Bay Demon

    I’m tired of watching Bucs lose.
    Carr doesn’t win. I don’t care why he doesn’t- let Gruden care

  53. mark2001 Says:

    All these eminently qualified individuals siding with extending Jameis. Who next? Ndog?

  54. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Haha, yes we are all tired of losing. I hear ya there, brother.

  55. SmoothBayRider Says:

    It’s pretty sad that I got moderated , my comment deleted for stating the Bucs attendance numbers in the Jameis era. Joe, please try to be better . Nothing wrong with what I said other than it doesn’t fit your narrative .

  56. SmoothBayRider Says:

    Sorry Joe . I take that back . I was looking in the wrong thread.

  57. BucsFIRE Says:

    ^^ Doh! Oops, lol.

  58. BucEmUp Says:

    Jameis doesn’t like Leftwich, it’s not Ariand.Jameis quit going to the sideline to talk to byron and would bee line straight to Bruce because she is sick of the playcalling.

    I called Leftwich being the worst possible hire Arians could have made just like I called Mike Smith being the worst possible hire Koetter could have made.

    Loyalty kills careers

  59. catcard202 Says:

    Guys, it’s about time everyone comes to the realization that JW3 is coming back & is the Bucs best bet to lead the 2020 team to the play-offs.

    Great coaches know the easiest way to get the best out of people is to stroke their egos & love them hard. Right now, BA is loving JW3 hard…BA understands what he’s doing & has learned from the best. I trust his track record.

    “I love you as a person, but your football sucks”…”Can we fix it?”

    It’s a question of whether you believe JW3 can fix 1-2 mistake reads/throws a game or not??…The Coin is the 2nd factor…Can you justify the coin, w/o fully seeing the development expected in 2019??? I think BA knows the answer, but is playing hardball & doesn’t want to over-pay for JW3’s return…Especially knowing he has a ton of Front7 decisions to make. (Need DEF, regardless of QB!)

  60. BucsFIRE Says:

    ^^ I am not sure how you compare Mike Smith to Byron Leftwich.

    Mike Smith was possibly the worst coach in the history of the BUCS organization (which is REALLY saying something).

    Under Byron Leftwich, the BUCS had one of the most prolific years Offensively in their history.

  61. Bucnjim Says:

    Not being able to handle simple competition from a viable backup QB is the definition of soft and fragile! Winners step up when the competition gets tough and then there are those scared to the point they can’t get out of their own way.

  62. Tye Says:

    Damage Done?

    The way Arians has talked since the last 2 games, I’m sure he could not care less.
    He doesn’t appear to be a coach that covets JW even the slightest bit (nor should he) and whether the GM and owners care for JW or not won’t be as relevant as how the HC feels about JW..

    I believe the best outcome for all parties is a new start…

    If Arians can hand pick his own guy, the Bucs will be in great shape with a more unified fan base..

    I still have yet to find any team or fan base that seems stoked to acquire this so called ‘great talent’ qb… Him and his followers can worry about all that..

  63. DBS Says:

    He played through the injuries? The coach put him out there. So the medical staff felt he could go. If not he would have been on the bench.

  64. Buc1987 Says:

    I think Winston’s coming back…

    I know that’s what I said yesterday too…but that’s the JBF way!

    Go Bucs!

  65. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    He was just paid over $20 million dollars to control his fragile ego……I think sometimes we forget what it is supposed to mean to be a professional.
    Suck it up and play football…..win some games…..don’t whine……don’t brag….and stand up for the anthem……is that too much to ask?

  66. Eric Says:

    Brady is going from winningest team in history to the losingest?

    Dream on.

  67. ThisAintNoPFTforsure Says:

    Man does he continue to write a lot of articles about (only) Winston primarily or what??!

  68. Bob in Valrico Says:

    At this point Jameis is far from elite, he holds the NFL record for pick 6’s. He has too much confidence in his arm ,sometimes complicated by his falling back on old habits like poor footwork and improper throwing motion. He should have owned his tendencies for INT’s at inopportune times years ago. Some things he has said in his own defense make one wonder if he actually realizes its a problem.

  69. Atypical Informed Fan Says:

    I hope Jameis leaves. The Raiders will pay him $30M. Let Carr, Mariota, Rivers, or any rookie not named Tua or Burrows lead the Bucs to the cellar next year. Bucs fandom still the dumbest in the NFL.

  70. footballjunkie Says:

    Soo…Emmanuel Acho…is an “analyst” now?? Well, sure he is!

  71. DiehardBucsFan2020 Says:

    Sure, let’s dump JW, just like we dumped steve young, trent dilfer and Doug Williams, all of whom subsequently won Superbowls. Not to mention Testaverde, who improved exponentially after being run out of Tampa on a rail. I for one am not ready to watch another Tampa qb win a Superbowl for another team.

  72. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Dewey Selmon Says:
    February 19th, 2020 at 2:17 pm
    Everyone in the football world was wondering if Jameis was going to get int #30. When the Falcon game went into overtime everyone was wondering if Jameis was going to get int #30. So what did Leftwich call? A frickin pass on the first play of OT. Why o why did he not call a run play? Or a deep bomb to Perriman. A perfect blend of circumstances on the last play of the year. It’s a Bucs life.

    Oh, you mean a high percentage pass that most pro QBs can consistently make?

    Yeah……. it’s a Buc’s life alright.

  73. NOLES Says:

    Well if that hurts his feelings than he is WEAK…

    All the talk about he can handle anything but if true he obviously not compartmentalize constructive feedback from the coaches

    Check your stat sheet Jameis 30 picks, new records for pick 6’s amd 110 pts off your turnovers..

    You ain’t BALLIN Jameis

  74. SufferingSince76 Says:

    BucsFIRE, regarding the worst Bucs coaches, you must not remember Leeman Bennett or Richard Williamson. Bad doesn’t even begin to describe them.

  75. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I know for a fact that Jameis wants to play in Tampa…but it would serve Bucs fans right if he didn’t.

    Bucs fans don’t care who the player is, certain things are always bound to happen:

    – They always want change
    – They never see past the latest season
    – Most of them lack a basic understanding of development, so they give up on players in record time.
    – They will turn on a player, coach or the team within days of swearing by them.

  76. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Sam Acho = camp meat

  77. Clean House Says:

    BA is a drunk phony slob
    Same for Licht

    Jameis should tell them he’s no longer interested.

  78. Fb Says:

    Just listening to Ian Beckles, who sometimes has good takes, but they were discussing Taysom hill and what he would make. Someone threw out 16 million, and Ian said if you get paid 16 million, you have to be on the field all the time. That makes me wonder who would sign jameis to be the starting qb for this season much less the next? Give me a team that isn’t looking for a bridge player and likely to draft a qb in the first. They mentioned glen on got 16 mill to hold off till Trubisky was ready. That is the bottom for a bridge qb with the top being low 20s. Forget the franchise tag

  79. Check your sheet Says:

    Crybaby millionaire ATM. Who cares? Thanks for no playoffs and countless turnovers. Bridgewater, Dalton, Rivers, Brady… anyone but America’s turnover machine. See ya! Go Bucs

  80. Joe in Michigan Says:

    You can call Jameis a lot of things, but “soft” isn’t one of them. He’s played with injuries and is still standing after all of the criticism, some of it justifiable. Even when things aren’t going well, have you ever seen him quit?

  81. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I can’t imagine JW not longing for a fresh start in a place where the fans do not already have such deep feelings…half of which are not positive for JW.

    It’s getting to the point that the money is no longer the major issue for either side and sometimes “love just ain’t enough”.

  82. Defense Rules Says:

    If I understand some of these comments correctly, Jameis has had problems with Jimbo Fischer, with Dirk Koetter and now with Bruce Arians & Byron Leftwich. The one thing all three of the HCs have in common is that they were winning coaches at various points in their careers, with pretty good reputations as offensive coordinators & QB coaches.

    Kinda gets me wondering if maybe Jameis MIGHT have some issues with authority.

  83. Buc believer Says:

    As much as I would LOVE to have Jameis back Tampa just doesn’t deserve him. This poor kid has been lambasted non stop by the goobers who call themselves Buc fans. These “fans” out to be ashamed of themselves.

  84. Buc believer Says:

    And STILL I’m in moderation! Say something even though it is true about something or someone and your in permanent moderation. SHEESH

  85. Joe Says:

    And STILL I’m in moderation! Say something even though it is true about something or someone and your in permanent moderation. SHEESH

    Not sure what the hell you are talking about. Joe just logged on and saw this in the pending queue. Joe has a helluva lot better things to do during the day that to launch some of personal crusade against people he doesn’t know.

    ***IF*** you were put in moderation (Joe doesn’t keep a scoreboard) it was very likely for a good reason.

  86. View Says:

    You mean Sam Acho the 5th, also known as Acho Cinco.

  87. Joe Says:

    Jameis has had problems with Jimbo Fischer

    First Joe has heard of that. He goes to workout with Fisher every summer. Even brings Bucs teammates with him. Does that sound like a guy who has a problem with his old coach?

  88. Joe Says:

    You mean Sam Acho the 5th, also known as Acho Cinco.


  89. Buc believer Says:

    Joe EVERY post I made since I first posted about my unhappiness in rooting for a team not the Bucs has been moderated. I’m sorry that those post offended you and the party it was for however my allegiance is and always will be for the Bucs ONLY! No other team EVER. As I said it is YOUR site and you can do with it as you see fit however when I stated that I will never post another negative thing about the subject I meant it. My word is my bond.

  90. T REX Says:

    Joe…remember this?


    You’re an FSU honk and it shows. Winston isn’t a good fit here. I’m tired of all the fighting.

    If he wasn’t from FSU would you defend him so?

    No. Cut the cord.

  91. Joe Says:


    Naw man, no persecution against you at all. You are allowed to vent about the team. That’s what this place is for.

    It could just be as simple as the spam filter thinks your IP is a naughty IP. Unfortunately, Joe doesn’t write code. Trust Joe, he doesn’t like always having to fish out comments in moderation any more than readers see their comments end up there. Joe does this literally all day long. From 5 a.m. to 2 a.m. That no joke!

  92. Miketb19 Says:

    I have a big feeling whatever Arians and Licht have planned for Mid March when free agency begins will become a lot more clear next week at the Scouting Combine. That’s when all the pre free agency chatter begins. Personally I think Jameis Winston will be on another team next year as either a back up or competing for a starting job because no team in the league is going to pay him 27-30 mil a season. For all the Jameis lovers out there who are calling out the people who think Jameis should go. The guy has left us no choice I think everyone out was hoping he would take us back to the promise land but he hasn’t and add times has been extremely unreliable. I wish I was wrong about that but he’s done nothing the last 5 years to prove that he deserves to be paid like a top 10 QB and if he had I would say pay the guy in a heartbeat. He’s got one winning season and has lead the league in turnovers by a wide margin. For those reasons I think this team needs a fresh start.

  93. T REX Says:

    Wrong link…lol. My bad.


  94. Ndog Says:

    T REX Says:
    February 19th, 2020 at 9:09 pm
    Joe…remember this?


    You’re an FSU honk and it shows. Winston isn’t a good fit here. I’m tired of all the fighting.

    If he wasn’t from FSU would you defend him so?

    No. Cut the cord.

    The #3 scoring offense in the NFL says he is a great fit here but keep lying to yourself. 🤭

  95. Bird Says:


    You commented on two bad games?
    What season were you watching ?
    Oh …i know the 5000 yards and TOs do not matter

    Heres another example. You remember the carolina game ?
    6 turnovers. 5 ints And 1 loss fumble
    Thats not easy to do. Thats hard work

    Maybe you should count the good games. It may be easier
    Wow is all i can say

  96. Ndog Says:

    Miketb19 quick question for you. Name the QB in the history of football that has won with a bottom 5 defense, a bottom 5 running game and a bottom 5 kicker? Go ahead I’ll wait…

  97. El Buco Realisto Says:

    Damage done????????

    The “real” fans hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But most likely outcome is the bucs will “settle” for 1yr with jay-miss, leading to fan apathy that will lead to another lost season, followed by a full house cleaning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. SteveK Says:


    I am along your lines of thought. They should start over at QB, but if they bring Jameis back and it’s more of the same- than Licht must go. I can’t forgive this franchise if they roll with JW3 and miss the playoffs again- with an extraordinary amount of turnovers.

  99. Ndog Says:

    I love how you people seriously put us not making the playoffs on the QB of this team when literally the unit he has the most control over has been the only thing worth a crap his entire time here. You guys seriously need help if you believe anything you post.

    Defense has sucked
    Running game has sucked
    Kicking game has sucked
    Passing game has been good to outstanding range

    So yes let’s blame the QB. You people are so flipping CLUELESS.

  100. SteveK Says:


    Have you see the recent article on sports illustrated website? They rank the free agent and potentially traded QBs:

    Jameis came in 9th:

    1. 🐐 Brady
    2. “Healthy” Newton
    3. Carr
    4. Rivers
    5. Teddy
    6. Tannehill
    7. Dalton
    8. Mariota
    9. Jameis
    10. Brisset

    That’s not a good ranking, but accurate I guess?

  101. SteveK Says:


    Don’t be so clueless. Wake up and smell the turnovers.

    You’re turnover blind and it’s irresponsible, unless you just like losing. So please stop the nonsense about the QB is not at fault when that dude turns it over more than MFing anyone.

    Blake Snell would call you a “slap Dick” prospect for that line of thinking.

  102. El Buco Realisto Says:

    Then that is even more of a reason not to pay “franchise” qb money and work on the roster that has so many holes and deficiencies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why overpay and handcuff an already bad roster with a top dollar qb that gets sacked and throws int’s that has never been witnessed before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s time to fire licht!!!!!!! And we all know that the new GM will not want jay-miss anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And the INT’s will not go down dramatically!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every corner in the league will think that they can have a 4 INT day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every D coordinator will be angry if they don’t take 5 takeaways from “blameless ” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If it was not before, he is a “Turnover TARGET” in the league!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Ndog Says:

    1. 🐐 Brady (Old and done plus they won cause of the coach not the QB. They win with Cassel, Brissett and Jimmy G)
    2. “Healthy” Newton (Jameis is a better QB even if he’s healthy unless your running the spread. Are we running the spread? I didn’t think so)
    3. Carr (Throws the ball into the ground on 4th down with the game in the line, no thanks)
    4. Rivers (Weak armed, cry baby who is done)
    5. Teddy (Jameis threw for 3 less TDs last year 33, than Bridgewater had thrown in his entire 5 year career 38)
    6. Tannehill (When they were down in the playoffs everyone knew it was over cause he couldn’t bring them back, EVERYONE)
    7. Dalton (I won’t even comment on this guy)
    8. Mariota (Really this again?)
    9. Jameis
    10. Brisset (You saw him last year vs us do you think he’s better, seriously?)

  104. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    Some of the fans are fun.

    Literally all they care about is if that ball is flying through the air. Doesn’t even matter who catches it.

  105. SteveK Says:

    1. 🐐 Brady (Old and done plus they won cause of the coach not the QB. They win with Cassel, Brissett and Jimmy G)


    Lmao!? 😂 😆 😝

    The greatest QB of the SB era aka the Great GOTSBE won 6 Super Bowls and lost three more times without his own merit.

    Take me to clown town, NDog, damn. With that line of thinking, please
    Catalog me in your “clueless” section.

    Do you think Michael Jordan or Wayne Gretzky sucked too?

  106. footballjunkie Says:

    Looks like this site has a bunch of….happy ardent followers above. With, the reach to take the minimal amount of followers…elsewhere. Perhaps to an outfit with an adequate staff. Hired on a more than adequate business plan. With sustainable staff promotions, adequate wage scale for retention, and the ability to out-compete, and MORE IMPORTANTLY…out work, many lazy local so-called sports journalists.

    Many local “journalists” NEED to learn from the DRIVE and ferocity of the national….always-on-the-clock….studs. This comes from the state of the…being. Local slobs, hacks ate simply lesser than. Thus, the subpar product they produce. Or COPY.

  107. SteveK Says:

    5. Teddy (Jameis threw for 3 less TDs last year 33, than Bridgewater had thrown in his entire 5 year career 38)


    Last time I checked, 38-33=5, not “3”.

    For those of us playing at home, I still love you Ndog- bc you’re a Buccaneer fan. And debating with you is great. Sorry to be cheap with this one, but bc you call others clueless, I just wanted clue you in on a discrepancy.

  108. BucEmUp Says:

    If Brady went to another team he wouldn’t even sniff another superbowl

  109. BucEmUp Says:

    Im.just trying to accept that there are people who would continue to want Jameis gone regardless of whether he throws 15 ints or 30. They believe that being on a bad team is irrelevant. Tannehill ranked higher than Winston??!!!!!! Tannehill SUCKED in Miami and what happened when he joined a good team? HE WON GAMES!!! Jameis has had a bottom 5 complete crap team around him since the day he walked through door. Crab legs and interceptions are all they talk about but refuse to listen when you tell them the team was four missed field goals away from an 11-5 record. Let’s just hope Jameis doesn’t get added to the list of William’s, Young and Dilfer

  110. Ndog Says:

    Yeah I typed 3 instead of 5 cause of all the 3’s involved, (33 vs 38) but that is typical of you to avoid the truth that Bridgewater isn’t even in the same universe as Jameis.

  111. DBS Says:

    And some people just refuse to listen. Blameless is not Blameless and helped the opposition win some of those games with turnovers.

  112. PriMech54 Says:

    Hey SteveK, first of all you didn’t answer Ndog’s question so i’m here to help because it’s extremely relevant to the topic. I’ll reiterate: Name a quarterback that has won ANYTHING with a team that for 5 years straight is consistently competing for worst pass defense in history, a lethargic running game that has one 100 yard rushing performance once every 2 years, and a kicking game that can’t get out of bed and literally leaves the easiest points on the field routinely.

    Jameis has more career losses (in less than 5 years of game experience) with a passer rating over 100 than TOM BRADY who’s been playing TWENTY YEARS… read that again… read it one more time… it is the smoking gun of all smoking guns that all Jameis detractors just cannot debate against. There’s always a deflection.

    Also, another reason I logged in to post this is because you “answered” his question by posting a friggin’ Sports Illustrated “top 10” list of available QB’s. That’s almost as bad as the one guy in here always quoting Chris Simm’s impeccable knowledge of the game (yeah, right…). How about we all try to apply our own knowledge of the game to evaluate players instead of breaking weak to quote some has been newspaper company who more than likely has some jock-sniffing, coffee-errand boy writing their articles.


  113. PriMech54 Says:

    Also, funny how everyone’s singing the praises of the Teddy Bridgewater’s and Ryan Tannehill’s of the world all of a sudden…. RIGHT AS SOON as they’re both on teams that each have ELITE running games and DEFENSE. Let’s just conveniently leave that one out, right? Tannehill for one struggled for years on a crap Dolphins team that literally had none of that, but now he’s the man? Lol… It’s almost like you need to run the football and play some defense to win games in the NFL. It’s almost like all 4 years Drew Brees threw for 5,000 yards the Saints had a LOSING RECORD because the team was complete $h!t and in cap hell. You literally can’t make this stuff up. The absolute DRIVEL that comes from this dark corner of the web known as JBF needs to be burned from existence.

    I’ll check back in about a month when the Bucs sign Jameis to his (TEAM FRIENDLY) extension so I can watch all the fairies meltdown because the sky is falling and they were lied to by the big bad talking heads on TV.

  114. Ndog Says:

    Remember the Capital Collapse in 2015, Jameis went 21-29, 297 yards, 2 TDs, 0 picks with a QB rating of 128.1 rating and lost 31-30?

    Remember the Atlanta game in 2019, Jameis went
    22 for 35, 345 yards, 4 TDs, 1 pick with a 121.7 QB rating and lost 34-32?

    Remember the Atlanta game in 2017, Jameis went 27 for 35, 299 yards, 3 TDs, 0 picks with a 130.5 rating and lost 24-21?

    Remember the Carolina game in 2017, Jameis went 21 for 27, 367 yards, 1 TDs, 0 picks with a 131.1 rating and lost 22-19?

    Remember the Buffalo game in 2017, Jameis went 32 for 44, 384 yards, 3 TDs, 1 pick with a 112.3 rating and lost 30-27?

    Remember the Seattle game in 2019, Jameis went 29 for 44, 335 yards, 2 TDs, 0 picks with a 103.9 rating and lost 40-34?

    Remember the Giants game in 2019, Jameis went 23 for 37, 380 yards, 3 TDs, 1 picks with a 112.4 rating and lost 32-31?

    Remember the Atlanta game in 2016, Jameis went 23 for 37, 261 yards, 3 TDs, 0 picks with a 110.3 rating and lost 43-28?

    Remember the Rams game in 2016, Jameis went 36 for 58, 405 yards, 3 TDs, 1 picks with a 93 rating and lost 37-32?

    Remember the NE game in 2017, Jameis went 26-47, 334 yards, 1 TDs, 0 picks with a 86.7 rating and lost 19-14?

    Remember the GN game in 2017, Jameis went 21 for 32, 270 yards, 2 TDs, 0 picks with a 112.8 rating and lost 26-20 to Brett Hundley?

    Yep it’s all the QBs fault.


  115. Thisisouryear!!! Says:

    Primech 54- Jamies has all the physical abilities to be the very best. He’s a hard worker, but IMO he lacks the mental game. The first drive turnovers are mental. He’s played poor in the first quarter to half dating back to college. He throws balls up for grabs and the reason his yards were so high this year is because he has an awesome set of receivers that goes up and gets the ball. He completion percentage stays right around 60%. His interceptions will always be high because he throws the ball up for grabs.

    Yes the defense has sucked and the running game is terrible before last season. That being said fitz was fairly equal to Jamies when he was here. I remember Evans and Jackson commenting that Fitzpatrick was pretty equal to Winston. I don’t believe Jamies will be a franchise QB and he isn’t worth more than 15 million per season. If he stays we need a high round QB or a free agent that can step in and lead us because I believe the rest of the team is ready. The players shook their head after some of his interceptions. He made us a joke last year being know as me entertainment. I couldn’t turn on the pregame without the cast laughing at us because nobody knows what you’re going to get one pass to the next. I believe we are prepped to win and I don’t think Winston can take us there so pleas bring on someone else.

  116. Thisisouryear!!! Says:

    N-dog. I’m not saying this is all his fault but I remember a lot of inflated numbers because he would drive the team down the field and not be able to punch the balk in the end zone. Arians has made a big difference there.

  117. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    Alright Ndog.

    Do that again but do it with all the games Winston absolutely outright blew and was the main reason we lost. first few that come to mind last year. 9ers, Panthers in london and Texans. I am being generous and not putting falcons week 17 in here. GO

  118. Thisisouryear!!! Says:

    That’s inflated numbers compared to the points we scored.

  119. Patrickbucs Says:

    Ndog Says:
    February 19th, 2020 at 9:21 pm
    Miketb19 quick question for you. Name the QB in the history of football that has won with a bottom 5 defense, a bottom 5 running game and a bottom 5 kicker? Go ahead I’ll wait…

    Primec: why are you cherry-picking stats? He said a consistent bottom 5 defense which includes the running game, we were this year? We were terrible against the run? we weren’t top 2 in rushing his first year? How many turnovers contributed to those negative stats? Kicking can’t disagree..

    We will all wait for your valued enlightenment.

  120. Ndog Says:

    Try again on the 49ers game since Peyton caused a pick with a trash route, OJ caused a pick that went right off his hands AND fumbled a ball i side the 20 AND we had 3 TDs called back due to penalities. The Panthers game was am overall train wreck with Evans playing HORRIBLE football not coming back to the ball, quitting on a route, Jameis’s arm getting hit as he is throwing which caused a pick, one pick coming on a desperation throw to Godwin and another one to Evans who flat quit on the ball. The pick to Luke K and the fumble were his fault but if you think anyone played well in that game you’re insane. I am in record in saying that Houston game was the worst game of his career.

  121. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    People keep knocking the defense. Said defense had to defend from it’s own territory more then any other defense in the NFL because of America’s Gr***r.

  122. Patrickbucs Says:

    NDOG please stop by sides are seriously hurting: omg lol

    Remember the NE game in 2017, Jameis went 26-47, 334 yards, 1 TDs, 0 picks with a 86.7 rating and lost 19-14?

    50 pct is great? The slant to Jackson was how many yards at end of game? BB passed on a moderate game ending field goal with the games best kicker to punt because he thought (and was correct) JW couldn’t finish the deal. He was toyed with that game.

    Hmmm Bucs held Pats to 19 in their prime and JW only could score 14? You are the most ignorant dude on this site. Way to make everyone’s point!!!

  123. Miketb19 Says:


    I’ll answer your question with a question name me a quarterback who has won leading the league in turnovers ever since he entered league any year he played a full 16 game season he has been in the top 5 of TO so the fact he still leads league in TOs over the last 5 years and also missing what 8 games in that span as well. Now this team may not be perfect but to say he’s blameless in why this team has cont to struggle is also unfair. Just because you listed a couple of his statistical good games doesn’t mean anything even a broken clock is right twice a day. I don’t know if kicking his a** out of here will fix all our problems but I think there’s enough Bucs fans out there that have seen enough to believe that turning the ball over is just who he is. He wants to get paid like a top 5 QB when he flat out hasn’t earned it.

  124. Defense Rules Says:

    Aw come on Joe. During Jameis’ 2 years at FSU he never had any issues with Jimbo Fischer? Really? Little thingies like your coach grounds you and you show up anyways? Never any heated ‘discussions’ on the sidelines?

  125. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    >peyton barber ran a trash route.

    Why was he throwing a 50/50 ball to peyton barber in coverage with Richard Sherman.

    Got me there, then again even if it wasn’t for it he still had an awful game.

    also you’re leaving out the other pick 6 in that game that ended it.

    >evans playing such bad football he was quitting on the bucs
    AHAHAHAHAH come on man you’re stretching it a lot. He had one bad drop.

    Sure you can say one pick wasn’t on him that still leaves us with 4 INTs and 2 fumbles

    Granted the team didn’t play that great in the panthers game but Winston was playing the worst on that offense.

    Well the Texans game is one we can agree on.

    also I am leaving out a lot of other boneheaded turnovers he has had that could have won us games or almost lost us games. like the colts/cards game if it wasn’t for the defense stepping up at absolutely crucial times we would have lost those games.

    Also Falcons game he wasn’t playing well making rookie mistakes like passing the ball when he was already 3 yards past the line of scrimmage.

  126. Ndog Says:

    But you forget Mr. Patrick that Brady threw a pick and had a lost fumble in that game and Jameis had zero TOs so we should have won right cause nothing matters but TOs right? That all i read here daily, points don’t matter, yards don’t matter just TOs and Jameis had none and Brady had 2!

    Oh BTW you also forgot in the whole couldn’t finish the deal comment, are you sure it was Jameis that couldn’t get it done or the kicker who was 0-3 in that game while their kicker was 4-4?

    Again another member of the CLUELESS clan shot down with COLD HARD FACTS!!!???


  127. Ndog Says:

    A stop route to a spot where a player is supposed to be, it is not a 50/50 ball. It is fairly simple, if Barber ran the route at the correct depth the ball hits him right in the chest with zero shot at a pick as Sherman was behind him. Why he threw it is simple that was correct read as if you remember correctly Evans was supposed to run a hot slant on that play but botched him, according to Arians next day presser, and the next read was Barber. Again people believe what they want to believe that pick simply was not on him like the OJ one was not on him. The last pick in that game is debatable as Dare should have got out on his route BUT when it wasn’t clean Jameis should have thrown it away.

  128. Ndog Says:

    Miketb19 you miss the entire point. The reason for his struggles is because this team literally only wins we he plays perfect football and even then we lose. Under those circumstances what do you expect? Think about it this way. He goes into most every game over the last five years knowing he had to score 28 plus points with no running game, average oline protecting him, a kicker that cannot be trusted at all and again a defense that cannot hold a lead to save it’s life. Yet we are pissed he turns the ball over. Well what do you expect when the other team
    A. knows what’s coming because we can’t run the ball
    B. knows what coming cause they have the lead
    C. knows to just keep them out of the endzone cause we can’t score any other way
    D. hit the QB over and over and over again because he is the ONLY shot we have at winning.

    But yet the blame is all on him, really?

  129. BrianBucs Says:

    Anybody who was paying attention saw that Arians was losing patience with Winston as the season progressed.
    30 interceptions, 35 turnovers, 7 Pick 6’s and giving away winnable games will do that to a coach.

  130. Miketb19 Says:


    Like I said this team isn’t perfect and they do have to get better in other spots but that also includes at QB

    And to answer your earlier question if a QB can win with a bad defense and no running game
    Patrick Mahomes just look at 2018 after Kareem Hunt was kicked out they made it to the AFC Champ game purely on Mahomes arm and decision making
    2019 they one a Super Bowl and both those units were barely better this year once again it can be done
    Right QB, Right Situation, Right Coach that’s what it takes not trying to fit a round piece in a square hole. Winston had his chance 5 times over and there’s not a team in this league who will pay him 27-30 mil a year why are we obligated to

  131. Patrickbucs Says:


    Again he’s never had a a defense argument? NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whose one of the most ripped on Defensive players on this site who made the strip sack? NEXT!!!!

    You even watch the games? Anyway sure you have been too more Bucs home games, away games and Super Bowls then me..

  132. Patrickbucs Says:


  133. D1 Says:


    Which set of numbers is numerically greater,

    (7 &11) or (18 &19) ?

    ( 1) 0r ( 3) ?

  134. SteveK Says:


    Why is Jameis throwing to Peyton barber with sherman waiting to pounce on that pick?

    Just so many dumb ass decisions that you have an excuses for.

    Use the same line or judgement for the whole team and not just your man crush.

  135. Bob in Valrico Says:

    N dog
    Jameis blew it in the giants game. His Horrific INT high and behind Evans sailed into the safeties hands. Not to mention that Evans was open for about ten yards before Jameis finally tried to throw to him with bad footwork and a strange throwing motion.
    As for the patriot game, 26 of 47 is less than 56% completion percentage. In fact Jameis is 2-22 when his completion percentage falls below 56 %.

  136. Bob in Valrico Says:

    edit:: make that 23 losses

  137. T REX Says:

    ndog is the board punk. Let’s give him an award. Or he’s Winston’s mom.

    What a joke of a human.

  138. BucsFIRE Says:

    SufferingSince76 Says:
    “BucsFIRE, regarding the worst Bucs coaches, you must not remember Leeman Bennett or Richard Williamson. Bad doesn’t even begin to describe them.”

    I have not forgotten, and you are definitely RIGHT.
    Frank Gifford once called him Leeman Beeman.
    Those 2 that you referenced are definitely the WORST.

  139. Sleepy903 Says:

    As a Texas fan Emmanuel Acho likes to hear himself talk. He’s a good dude but you should hear him on the Longhorn network. It gets old to say the least.

  140. Mister Negative Nancy Says:

    Now I am hoping the Bucs don’t sign him just to see what the other teams in the league value as his real worth.

    My guess is an interception machine in his fifth year is hardly a project any coach would want to take.

  141. Maze Says:

    Acho is full of terrible takes. He’s a clown