February 14th, 2020

Poll posted at 9:52 a.m. & closed at 10:24 a.m.

57 Responses to “30 MINUTE FLASH POLL”

  1. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    Guess Joe will keep asking the same question until he gets the answer he wants
    Fans have spoken a resounding NO in two prior polls
    LOL. The pulse of the fans changes and Joe likes to see it in action. There’s no desire for a specific answer. We already know half the fans would be pleased to move on from the most inconsistent QB the NFL has seen in decades.–Joe

  2. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    I voted no. I think he can get you to the playoffs but I can’t imagine him going at least 3 games in the playoffs not having a game with multiple brain cramps and misplays. He doesn’t have the ability to get you to the top.

  3. Mr. Reality Says:

    Well, this poll isn’t scientific by any stretch, but it is interesting in the fact that it is more than likely, particularly in the off season, that readers and posters here are significant to very active fans, even though there are deadbeats who rarely to never buy tickets to see the Bucs (you don’t really matter). That said, when those interested/fans of the Bucs have half saying they don’t know or don’t want Winston back, that is a very scary number for our football organization. The casual fans, whom we’d really like to get interested, need something to pique their interest until all these alleged wins kick in. A five year running turnover machine who has a huge history of being in the news for the wrong reasons isn’t exactly going to excite them. We can hang fake labels on him but at the end of the day he’s bad for business–just ask all thoe paying him big $$$ to sell their products. It’s funny how Joe asks the specific question about opening day too, when Winston plays his worst football (when games really count). Now, if Joe asks “do you like Winston as your starter when the season is already lost and there are only six games left and he’s got to prove himself?” Hmmm. Yeah, fun to watch, if nothign more than a conversation piece. You know. “That Winston is real draw on the team, losing games, embarrassing us with on field and off field mistakes, but now and then, when the other team doesn’t catch his throws, that man can sling the pigskin.”

  4. Pewter power Says:

    No context in a poll. I think he should be opening day starter but could easily be replaced due to turnovers. People think he’d throw less interceptions with the second year in the offense but that’s not reality which is why he threw more interceptions in the second year of dirks offense. Franchise then draft a guy more reliable. I think he’d have that doug martin type contract year get his money then go right back to turnovers

  5. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Pewter Power if you pay JW and retain all the D we need to keep, as well as getting a new piece or two, who do you think can replace him midseason? I’d rather have JW then Ryan Griffin, who appears to have the best job in sports. They can’t afford a better backup.

  6. Mr. Reality Says:

    This would be a cool poll for someone to commission. Go out into downtown where people work and ask these questions.
    – How many Bucs games to you attend each year?
    – How many have you attended in the last five?
    – If your numbers decreased, what is your reason?
    – Who has been the Bucs starting QB in recent years?
    – When I say “Jameis Winston” what comes to mind?
    – What, if any, does Jameis Winston have your desire to pay money to see the Bucs play?
    – If you own (or owned) a business, would you want Winston’s face and name advertising your products.

    My bet is FEW who know him will say they know him for being a good QB. Most who know him who follow footabll at all will comment on how he throws too many interceptions and will tie him to the Bucs losing record (rightfully so). Man of those will talk about how he makes plays but his mistakes cancel them out. I think others who are not football fans will surely bring up his disgraceful off field conduct at both FSU and in the NFL. All fair comments.

  7. SB Says:

    I said yes but there needs to be a “yes *” option.
    Team friendly deal being the asterisk.

  8. ATrain Says:

    Part of me wants Jamies back sadly BECAUSE I simply want to see the excuses NFog comes up with


  9. BrianBucs Says:

    Why only 30 minutes?
    That way you miss the working fans that are the ones that buy tickets.
    That where most of your “NO” votes come from
    ???? Most of Joe’s readers are reading (and voting) while on the job. Joe is proud to be hurting productivity across the Tampa Bay area. –Joe

  10. SteveK Says:


    New QB

    Less turnovers= more team victories with a shot at playoffs.

    Can’t stand a 6th year of Jameis and taking draft by Halloween. Never plays well to start the season, only when we are long out of the chase. #garbagetime

  11. Buc50 Says:

    I think Lasik puts a new spin on things. I wish he was able to do it before this year but I understand the age recommendations.

  12. Mr. Reality Says:

    Just a hunch, probably a good one, but had Winston not thrown two pick 6s in the last two games that directly meant the difference (regardless of the kicker, who is not out of the woods), the poll would be flipped more positive. I’d still be a no, because I concluded two years ago (accuratly so far) that he’d never get better. Consider those two games, and had he not also directly embarassed us with another season opener horrid showing, along with national TV where people remember partly why the Bucs sucked in recent memory, and we’d not have this discussion, or this poll. That’s all on Winston. 100%.

  13. Totally Exonerated Again Says:

    Dang. Just missed it. My vote is No!!

  14. Mr. Reality Says:

    Buc50…just like Winston renewing his committment to God and saying he stopped drinking after he got fingered for his latest off field stuff, do you really believe the Lasik news is anything other than BS? Latch ditch effort. Put it this way. He’s squnited and folks have speculated for years about it. Before he was ever drafted the medics would have had that addressed and the owners would have insisted on it.

    Lasik is an excuse. Anyone who falls for that should be pitied.
    Not to mention, he hasn’t had a brain transplant so he would have chance to make better decisions.

  15. Mr. Reality Says:

    “Joe is proud to be hurting productivity across the Tampa Bay area.”

    Well, Joe should be heralding that providing a brief respite from He11 actually increases productivity.

  16. martinii Says:

    Opinions are like A*holes, everybody’s got one. If you don’t like the Buc’s don’t go to their games, save money and watch them on TV. It’s not like the Glazer’s are losing money (TV Revenue). And stop blaming Fans who don’t go to games. I stoped going to games years ago because I got old and it was too dam hot. I love the Buc’s and hope Jameis is behind center for every snap next year. I am so sick of all the dumbass experts who love to ridicule devoted fans and think they are football prodigies when in fact most are Haters and angry little people looking for a cause. GO BUC’S

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I am curious why the 30 min…poll……..since you can’t vote twice, it would seem more revealing if there were more respondents.
    Not just you. But what a bunch of conspiracy theorists here. It’s a 30 minute snapshot. It is what it is. Joe will do others, and has done them previously and taken them down quickly (polls on marketing related topics). Lastly, you CAN vote twice, if you vote at work and on your phone and then at home. Hey, that’s 3 times. Obviously, some people do that, so Joe wanted a tighter window to look. Regardless, more than half of fans either don’t want Jameis or aren’t sure. A bad look for a 70-game Bucs starter.–Joe

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    A total of only 217 respondents to a non-scientific poll doesn’t reveal very much…..the results are unreliable…..but I guess that doesn’t matter.

  19. footballjunkie Says:

    What’s with the 46 people who can’t make a decision???! Good lord people, make a decision one wsy or the other. He’s given you 5 full seasons to be able to decide. Sheesh.

  20. Says:

    LOL 30 minutes. Data skewed. Jameis Apologists are much more likely to be zealots checking this site every 10 minutes. Joe knows that they are all heading out to their potty break at 10am.
    I wonder if it is left open for 24 hours starting… now… what kind of response we get…

  21. Ndog Says:

    Look at that I didn’t even get to vote.

  22. DBS Says:

    Look at that I didn’t get to vote either. So? That just shows how many people were doing outher things at the time.

  23. DBS Says:


  24. NPRSageBoy. Says:

    Joe finally got the response he was looking for with 98 Buc fans wanting JayMiss back in 2020.

    But, wait! Those 98 fans maybe belong to the Saints or Panthers or even the Falcons!

    Who else could possibly support a crab leg stealing, Uber grabbing turnover machine but Buc division opponents?

    Peace, out.

  25. Jonny Says:

    Didn’t get a chance to vote, but am on the not sure camp. We have a playoff caliber team. Not a playoff caliber QB. But it is important that we capitalize on the playoff possibility before that window closes because of JPP getting old, Shaq not getting a contract beyond franchise tag, o line regressing etc. While Winston is not adequate, this team did compete down to the last drive against every team except the saints and Panthers once. We can do worse than Winston and the worse can come in the form of Winston Sr. Philip Rivers, or even Brady behind an average at best O line. That is why I’m in the not sure camp.

  26. Formerly Tampa 2 Says:

    No, Like the way Joe posted the poll, got a few yeas, then shut the poll down before we could vote no. Can’t believe you’re that biased Joe.

  27. Bucsfanman Says:

    Had I voted, I would’ve voted “not sure”. What would be another option? Rookie? Vet?
    If we go into the season without addressing the back-up, at the very least, what other choice is there?

  28. ATrain Says:

    Does anyone here EXPECT FOR NFOG aka Jamies have a 90% feeling Jamies will be great next Year to include Joe ….,,,,NO

    We are looking at what’s better out there
    What if he leaves and IS great

    Sadly It’s a situation of stick with what you have

    BUT if we stick with Jamies and he stinks it up and we have a 5 year contract BUCS are done they couldn’t fill seats with Free Beer

    If he does great then all is well


  29. BucEmUp Says:

    missed the poll I vote yes with an even more improved defense and hopefully byron leftwich mysteriously disspaearing before the season starts

  30. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Fake Polls? This “Joe”, is by far, the biggest supporter of a bad QB [WinSTUNNED] that has ever been documented. Can’t take the fact that he sucks and the Bucs made a big mistake…be so glad when he’s gone and no more stupid “Americas QB” crap…ridiculous!!!!

  31. Pa Privateer Says:

    Didn’t vote because of time constraint:


  32. NO FEAR... Says:


  33. NO FEAR... Says:


  34. NO FEAR... Says:

    I VOTED NO…….

  35. tickrdr Says:

    My answer would have been a resounding NO.
    Jameis Winston has now played five seasons. I don’t think he is likely to ever have a season good enough to win three straight games against playoff-caliber teams. Where are his signature wins against good teams? His performance to date has been poor against the better defensive teams.

    If some do think he is eventually capable of that, how many years do we give him? Six? Seven? Ten? This year was supposed to be the “year of accountability”. This year was his contract year, with millions of dollars to be gained with stellar play.

    And if you agree that he is unlikely to ever be that QB, then bringing him back at ANY price is foolhardy. If next year is going to be lost anyway, better to bring in the cheapest veteran you can, keep the defense intact, and draft your next attempt at a franchise QB.


  36. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I did not get to vote, but I would have voted yes, since it is for 2020.

    I’m comfortable with him being the opening day starter at present…because I believe Arians has things under control.

  37. tickrdr Says:

    Hell, bring back Mike Glennon, and draft a QB.
    He is used to having a QB drafted in the 1st round, when he is on a team.
    (Winston, then Trubisky, then Rosen. Might as well add Herbert or Eason to the list) LOL.


  38. SufferingSince76 Says:

    ATrain, if they offer free beer I’m there every game!!!!

  39. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist - City of St Pete Says:

    Before LASIK surgery, I was 100% done with Winston and on the T Bridgewater Bandwagon… But after LASIK, I would be open to giving Winston 1 more year here to prove himself…

    I’ve always felt in my gut that Winston had vision problems…

  40. gotbbucs Says:

    I would have voted no. Surprise.

  41. MadMax Says:

    A 32 minute poll? WTF is that?


  42. MadMax Says:

    “Most of Joe’s readers are reading (and voting) while on the job. Joe is proud to be hurting productivity across the Tampa Bay area. –Joe”

    I wasnt even on my lunch break yet, jeesh…..way to skew results, yay for you.

  43. Mr Valentines Day Says:

    tickrdr… The real issue is who are you going to sign. I love Winston, but if Brees is available. I would sign Brees. If Dak were available, I could justify that.
    Andy Dalton is still under contract, and I want to say the Bengals have until June 1 st to cut him or trade him and not cap have his salary count toward the cap. So i’m not sure if he will be available soon, unless you trade for him.
    Alex Smith has a dead cap of 32 Million, so the redskins might be stuck with him.
    So the big issue is who else? If there is no one else, you keep Winston and you run the ball in the first quarter, until you get past the 50

  44. Pete I Says:

    98 fools voted yes = voting for more losing…so be it.

  45. Tye Says:

    @Pete I
    Don’t be mislead by that…
    Likely most of those 98 are ‘Jameis fans’…

    Bucs fans are for the best of the team to win and become relevant..
    Jameis fans would rather lose with JW than to win without him. (Some form of idol worship likely)… You can tell in many of their obsessive most..

  46. Wesley Says:

    1 hour really? I didn’t get my vote. The answer is no.

  47. D-Rome Says:

    A 30 minute flash poll doesn’t really reveal anything other than a small percentage of JBF readers that happened to be reading within that tiny window of time. Time of day matters. Put that poll up between 11:00 – 11:30 PM and you may have different results.

    A weekly 24 hour poll would show a more accurate percentage of people in favor of keeping him vs. letting him go.

  48. Stanglassman Says:

    All the people who want Jameis gone think if they post over and over it will make their number seem bigger. JBF is where the the majority of them hang out and they can’t even get a majority on it? This is the only site I’ve EVER seen it close to a majority. It seems even JBF readers are coming around to realize that Jameis is are best option with a huge potential upside.

  49. Stanglassman Says:

    BTW I missed the poll. Yes would have been my vote. I guess I’m one of the working class who got excluded.

  50. tickrdr Says:

    @Mr. Valentine’s Day:

    If you believe as I do, that keeping Winston for next year would be a lost year (AGAIN), then do NOT re-sign him, even if the cost to do so is not prohibitive or even cheap.

    If next year is going to be LOST anyway, better to bring in the cheapest veteran you can (I don’t think it matters who, since that guy would likely only be the bridge to your new QB, and paying big dollars to some other retread would not likely be good enough to get you deep into the playoffs, and would necessarily mean LESS money for the defense), keep the defense intact, and draft your next attempt at a franchise QB in the FIRST ROUND, and hope you get lucky. That is potentially the biggest bang for the buck, i.e. a first round rookie QB gives you another five year “window” to develop him into a franchise QB, while keeping under the team cap limit, since the QB would still be on a rookie contract.


  51. Buc1987 Says:

    It’s VERY easy to vote more than once….

    If you have any kind of computer skills…

    I’ve done it on JBF in the past!

  52. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Amazing how triggered people are just because the majority of fans want JW to start over the other mediocre QB options in free agency and the draft. I’ve seen plenty of other polls on other sites that generate similar results.

  53. donuts Says:

    Joe a 30-minute poll is nonsense and you know it. You cannot defend its accuracy by any means. Big Dog would tell you that your chicken spit for doing that.

  54. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    People! It is called a FLASH POLL!

    It is supposed to be fast! The timing is questionable, but not the length.

    The comment above that the 98 votes for yes were likely Winston fans is stupid. I would say that the 98 people who voted yes see the writing on the wall and refuse to root against a guy that will be here regardless.

    And no, I did not get to vote, but I would have voted yes.

  55. MadMax Says:

    ^ so are the 24 hour and 12 hour “flash” polls….you just spoke a bunch of nonsense! Look is what it is….a poll to go in favor of keeping jaboo. I get it.

    Funny though, he probably wont be back! WHOOP, there it is!

  56. Anonymous Says:

    Not just no, but h$ll no.

  57. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Yes Stanglass they’re are like little children stomping their feet and throwing a temper tantrum to try and get their way. Bucs should have been 9-7 minimum last year if not for a bad kicker. Bucs will be better next year and in the playoffs with Jameis leading the way. The haters will be miserable but the rest of us will be able to enjoy the ride.