“The Quarterback Field Is As Diverse As I Can Ever Remember It”

January 3rd, 2020

It’s a bad year for a quarterback seeking contract leverage.

That’s just the cold reality for America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, who arguably is the most inconsistent quarterback in the league.

Want consistency? Jameis is not your guy. Want talent and work ethic? Jameis is going to get you very excited.

Former New York Giants great Tiki Barber, Rondé’s brother, had a long discussion about this yesterday on CBS Sports Radio. It piqued Joe’s interest.

“The quarterback field is as diverse as I can ever remember it,” Barber said.

Just look at the list of names currently set to be free agents or likely to be on the trade market.

Start with Ryan Tannehill, a guy who has multiple 4,000-yard passing seasons in his past, who currently is having a monster year. Most impressive, per Barber, is that Tannehill has appears to have completely reinvented himself, a rare feat at the NFL level.

Throw in Andy Dalton and Philip Rivers, guys with multiple Pro Bowls and playoff experience. Cam Newton and Derek Carr might be easy trade targets, more guys with multiple Pro Bowls and playoff experience.

Teddy Bridgewater has proven himself in multiple systems, and has starting experience and a Pro Bowl. And if you want a washed out Super Bowl winner with a little left in the tank, Nick Foles, Joe Flacco and Eli Manning probably wouldn’t mind a change in scenery.

Of course, Tom Brady very well could be on the street if the Patriots lose this weekend. Don’t you think Team Glazer would love to fill all those empty seats?

Include the solid prospects in the 2020 NFL Draft, and Barber is right, this is an extraordinarily unique offseason for quarterbacks.

101 Responses to ““The Quarterback Field Is As Diverse As I Can Ever Remember It””

  1. Robert Says:

    the world is FULL of talented idiots.

    drop this bum and get someone who cares about wins and not stats.

  2. Troy Says:

    I’m in on Winston at a contract similar to what Glennon got in Chicago when he left. Any more than that is a waste of money because he hasn’t proven anything yet. Notice how many names on that list have been in the playoffs? Lots. Yet we have people on this site who want to pay Winston like he’s Mahomes or Wilson or Rodgers. It’s insanity. “Pay me $30 mil a year and I promise to do better.” Nope. I take the dude who already has proven he is better thank you very much by getting his team to the PLAYOFFS.

  3. Wesley Says:

    Sign a vet, draft a q.b..

  4. Robert Says:

    and please, bucs, hire an optometrist

  5. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    This is why it’s stupid to think a better option is not available with the self proclaimed QB Whisperer and Tom Moore here. They can’t coach up a qb to not turn it over 30 times? Hurt the d and give opponents free points?!!!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Winston needs to stay here. 30 int’s is a fluke and doesn’t represent the norm.
    One of the most sacked qb’s, most under pressure, no run game, no O-line, playing with a depleted receiving corp, a new offense co-ordinator and offense, shaky kicking game. Come on. Let’s look at everything.

    If he is not a buc next year it will be a huge mistake.

  7. Uncle Says:

    Winston’s numbers were very similar to Palmer’s his first year with Arians. Only difference Palmer was on his 9th year and third team. See it out for one more season. OTherwise you very well maybe looking at another Williams, Young, Dilfer scenario. Lifting a Lombardi in another team’s jersey.

    Sapp was right when he said Tampa fans are the dumbest in the NFL.

  8. #1bucfan Says:

    Sorry anonymous. The only part I don’t agree with is the o-line you can’t throw for 5gs with a bad o-line. They have pass blocked well not always consistent but well. Bring Winston back but we need a back up plan. An JOE Winston has shown us he is consistent at being inconsistent lol. Since he has bin drafted he’s good for at least 2 to 3 meltdown games a year. When those happen. Pull him or find a running game that can compensate for wen that happens NOT if but wen lol

  9. AwShbucs Says:

    None of those QBs are 25 year olds who just threw for 5,109 yards and 33 touchdowns though.

  10. SteveK Says:

    Let’s roll the dice, get a QB at the right price and get back to the playoffs. Jeff Garcia took us there. Jameis ain’t it.

  11. The Coroner Says:

    Sign Shaq Barrett to 5 years-$90 million-$60 million guaranteed. The franchise tag for a defensive end is $18 million – $16 for a linebacker. Bucs say he is a linebacker. He says he is mostly a defensive end. Make him happy.

    Franchise tag Jameis.

  12. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    ABW!!! (Anything but Winston)

  13. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Awshubucs……..and none came close to 30 interceptions.

  14. AwShbucs Says:

    Dont care. 1st year in Arians scheme always results in a bunch of interceptions.

    Carson Palmer threw 22. Peyton Manning threw 28.

    Jameis will be an MVP candidate next season.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    @#1BucsFan, we are known to have the worst O-line in the NFL. Winston getting 5100 yards is not because of the O-line. That is all Winston and the receivers getting it done. Average O-line gives about a 3 second window to allow a play to develop and ours were well under that average many times. Winston has things to work on for sure. But I think we can go far with him. Gay makes 2 of those missed 3 field goals and we are 8-8 and everyone has a different attitude. Hell he cost us games as much as the 30 int’s but no one says anything about that.

    I just hate inconsistency. I want to see Winston 2 more years under this offense.

    People need to go look at Farve’s stats. He threw more int’s than TD’s several times in his career.

  16. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:


    Tom Moore was the Colts coordinator when Manning threw 28 picks…

  17. AwShbucs Says:

    Well Arians was his QB coach…

  18. LaMarcus Says:

    Only ppl that’s cares about ints are the ones who care about getting a lollipop after their dentist visits

  19. AwShbucs Says:

    Anonymous, Gay makes 1 outta those 3 anand we’re 8-8. He makes a kick against the giants and we’re 9-7. Refs dont steal a touchdown vs the Titans and we’re 10-6.

    But yeah everything is Jameis’ fault..

  20. bucfan999 Says:

    In a offense that throws the ball downfield like ours did this year there are more 50-50 balls than in other offenses. Which means in some years there will be more INT’s. None of the F/A QB’s are really that good, Rivers & Newton are washed up due to injuries & or father time, Brady will be 44 next year and really looks like he is slowing down, Bridgewater is captain checkdown and doesn’t really fit BA’s offense, Carr may not be bad but another QB Guru don’t want him and Dalton is a never was who can’t win in the playoffs. BA don’t want a rookie and have to realistically take 2 years to groom into a NFL QB at 67 years old. Unless he can talk Andrew Luck out of retirement and work out a trade with the Colts it’s going to be Jameis at QB and he will probably get a 3-4 year contract at about 28 -30 million a year.

  21. bucfan999 Says:

    Couldn’t agree more @ AwShbucs

  22. D-Rome Says:

    Like I said in the other story, Jay-Miss does not really have leverage on the Bucs.

  23. LordCornelius Says:

    Maybe they need to give him some sort of mental therapy to think that he is playing away when he is really at home.

    18 TD / 6 INT in away games
    15 TD / 24 INT in home games

    wtf is that lol

    Like 2 different players. Wtf lol

  24. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Lamarcus Can you plz start proof reading your stupid comments? The grammar is that of a 8 yr old.

    And with your analogy, why should td’s matter? It’s like getting a participation trophy 🤷🏻‍♂️

    121 points, Lamarcus. 121 points off of Winston turnovers. 7 pick 6’s. Many ints in bucs territory! But that doesn’t matter I guess… smh

  25. bucsfaninoregon Says:

    “Winston needs to stay here. 30 int’s is a fluke and doesn’t represent the norm.”…Anonymous
    Is there a more delusional comment EVER made on this board? Famous Jamis was a turnover machine in college and has continued to this his 5th year. How incredibly stupid it is to expect to go into a playoff game with this QB. Assuming he could cobble enough wins to get to the playoffs, can you imagine the Bucs beating any of the Seahawks, Saints, Eagles or Vikings when they start off with a pick-6 in the first qtr? I don’t.

  26. D-Rome Says:

    . Average O-line gives about a 3 second window to allow a play to develop and ours were well under that average many times.

    Feel free to look at the NFL NextGen stats when you are done talking out of your rear. There was only one QB in the NFL that had 3 seconds to throw and that’s Kirk Cousins. Across the NFL the average time to throw was 2.78 seconds. Jameis’ average time to throw over the season was 2.77 seconds. The QB with the worst time to throw was Andy Dalton at 2.51 seconds. The second worst was Drew Brees at 2.57 seconds.

  27. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:


    QB coaches aren’t responsible for the offensive system! They coach the qb mainly on mechanics, decision making and understanding the gameplan. They are rarely held responsible for qb mistakes so it’s a stretch to say it was Arians system when he didn’t even call plays

  28. Bob in Brandon Says:

    Winston = Trump, you either love or hate him. ” I can be the best, believe me!!” lol

  29. Dapostman Says:

    Winston threw 16 picks in 6 games while wearing red/brown.

    Winston threw 7 picks in 8 games while wearing all white.

    Winston threw 7 picks in 2 games while wearing color rush red.

    23 picks in 8 games wearing red.
    7 picks in 8 games wearing white.

    If the Bucs are going to keep these crappy uniforms change the home uniforms to white unless its a night game. I think the all whites are their best look anyway.

  30. Robert Says:

    difference is Brady, Brees, Manning…..ALL great qb’s, and most above average ones read the D before the snap and know where the ball is going…….not thinking about whether they should heist crablegs or a soft shell taco

  31. Uncle Says:

    Dapostman wins this thread.

  32. Doug Says:

    Don’t resign the bum! Keep building the defense and we will be fine.

  33. Couch Fan Says:

    Its nice that the Winston D riders are now openly saying how they dont care about turnovers and showing the rest of us just how unintelligent they are in football.

    A QBs #1 job before anything else is to protect the football.

    Interceptions Lose games.

    Wins matter. Lets move on from the turnover king.

  34. SteveK Says:


    5 years pro

    1st overall pick

    7 pick 6’s in 2019- nfl record

    34 TDs in 2019: 33 pass 1 rush

    46 times sacked

    12 fumbles

    5 lost fumbles

    30 interceptions

    34:35 TD:Turnover Ratio in 2019

    5,100 yards passing in 2019- most in the league

    4.8% INT rate

    2.3% NFL average INT rate

    626 passing attempts

    7-9 record

    19 INTs in RayJay

    24 INTs at Home

    28-42 record as a starter

    $30 million per season price tag.


    Let Jameis test the market and pay the $30 million towards: Shaq, Suh and JPP!

  35. Pewter power Says:

    Yes sign a vet draft a qb….that would be winston and whatever quarterback they decide has the potential to run this offense. If winston cuts down the interceptions next year but they are still higher than we want we’ll have his replacement but probably still have a chance at playoffs. That is not true if you bring in a completely new guy who needs 8 games to get used to the offense. Want it or not he will be back. Your not getting a competent veteran on the cheap anyway so stop thinking about saving money when it comes to a quarterback salary unless you go all in on a rookie that is not a position of cheap value.

  36. gotbbucs Says:

    The only coach in the NFL with a big enough ego and job security to sign Winston is Gruden, and i don’t know if even he is stupid enough to saddle up for that ride.
    No coach that cares about his job is going to saddle up to Winston long term. He is looking at one or two year deals, and who wants a backup that comes in and throws a pick on his first pass attempt.

    I don’t think people are fully appreciating the fact that it isn’t just about the number of interceptions, but the circumstances of when he threw them. I have never seen a guy throw so many so early in games. It’s insane. He has no conscience and no thought process that stops him from just impulsively letting the ball go. It is unlike anything I have ever seen. I don’t understand how it just never improved at all throughout the year, and in fact, it actually got worse.

  37. D-Rome Says:

    Couch Fan,

    Over the past few years I have come to the conclusion that all Winston detractors are Bucs fans but not all Winston “supporters” are Bucs fans. Many (too many) are only Jameis fans.

  38. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Let’s review these for a moment.

    • Ryan Tannehill. Certainly trending upward. He’s a reasonable age for a veteran. The problem is that the Titans are not going to let him get away.

    • Andy Dalton. Reasonable age. 9 years in the league and only 2 4,000 yard seasons. Never touched 30 touchdowns and has not had a fully healthy season in 3 years.

    • Philip Rivers. Age is the killer here. At 38 years old, how much more does he have in the tank? I would kill to have him just a few years younger. Always healthy.

    • Teddy Bridgewater. He’s the right age. The problem is he will never be as good as Winston. In his career, he has only broken 3,000 yards once, and that was years ago. He’s had one fully healthy season in his career. He became a backup for good reason. This year he looks good. But that is never consistent with him.

    • Nick Foles. Right age. Never had a fully healthy season. He is perhaps the most cautionary tale to compare to Bridgewater. The true definition of a one-year-wonder. Never even touched 3,000 yards. Double digit Touchdowns only twice in 8 year career, and the last time was 5 years ago.

    • Joe Flacco. At 34 years old, he’s an acceptable age. Injured neck. May not be able to play next year. He gets an MRI this month before they will know if he needs surgery. Anyway, he carries a dead cap hit of $13+ million for the Broncos in 2020…a total cap hit of 23+ million. They could save $10 million by releasing him. He says he’s willing to remain as a backup. I would too if they paid my $23m. Is he a fit in Tampa? Maybe. Probably not.

    • Eli Manning. 39 years old today! Happy Birthday, Eli!
    Been healthy most of his career, once had 25 picks in a season, but that’s his highest. He’s had as many as 35 touchdowns in a season. The biggest issue is his age. If we’re willing to go that old, I’d rather have Philip Rivers…who might have one more year than Manning in him. Either way, we’re looking at 1-3 years of playing time from Eli…and he;s more likely to retire this year.

    • Tom Brady. Who are you kidding? He ain’t going nowhere unless he retires. He has nothing left to prove. He’s 42 and got more championships than anyone in the league so far as QBs.

    • Cam Newton. Has never even come close to being as good as Winston. Yes, he has playoff experience, but that was because HE had the defense to cover his mistakes.

    • Derek Carr. The right age. Will be 29 in March. He might be the best option, but no need to trade for him. You know Gruden would rake us over the coals in a trade. Besides, who else will they turn to? He has a fumble issue that gets worse when sacked a lot, which he would be here. Might get him cheaper if the Raiders outright release him. But a trade? No way.

  39. SteveK Says:


    Well put. It’s a team game and there’s not equal accountability. I am a Bucs fan and a Jameis fan, but my allegiances are with the Bucs. Turnovers of this quantity are a “laughingstock” as schiano would say.

  40. whats the bucs plan 2020 Says:

    jaymiss winsnot ….. is who he is … period . he wont be any better and hopefully no worse …. he is entertaining … period …. Not a winning NFL QB…. he doesnt get it …. JUST WIN !!!!!

  41. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    In my opinion, the smart move is the Franchise Winston, as Joe has suggested multiple times.

    That allows us to gauge the market, see what other QBs become available, and we can keep him if unable to upgrade…which is more than likely.

    There is a reason Arians QBs throw a lot of picks their first year under him. He always tells them to throw, throw, throw…he does it to improve deep ball accuracy and to get timing down…and to get as much film of mistakes on tape as possible.

    That is also why they suddenly play much better their second year under him.

    Ideally, get Winston under contract with only a couple years guaranteed, and lots of incentives to bring the end price down.

    A Franchise Tag is safer, but you’ll pay more next year if he does what Arians QBs usually do…turn things around.

  42. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Per ESPN on Winston:

    Most encouraging signs

    “Winston became the eighth quarterback in NFL history to surpass 5,000 passing yards, finishing with 5,109 — the most in the NFL. He also helped wide receivers Mike Evans and Chris Godwin each eclipse 1,100 receiving yards, which couldn’t happen if Winston didn’t have talent.

    His deep-ball accuracy, which was a source of criticism in previous years, was substantially better under Arians. Winston completed a league-high 41 passes of 20 or more air yards in 2019 — double his previous career-high of 20 in 2015. He also improved in tight-window throws, completing 37% (11th in the league) in 2019 (league average is 35%), up from 32% in 2018 (25th in the league), according to NFL Next Gen Stats.

    Winston was also terrific in the red zone, which was an area the Bucs had struggled in previously as a team. Winston threw a career-high 19 touchdowns and just one interception in this area (19.00 ratio) — second only to Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. His 99.0 red zone passer rating was eighth in the league.”

  43. Craig Says:

    I would rather see a rookie and a system tailored to him. That is what Andy Reid did, even Jim Harbaugh figured that out.

    If Leftwich can call something other than those same three plays over and over we could win with a Jordon Love , Eason, or Jalen Hurts, all of whom will be available in the second round, some in the third.

    Make sure Jameis knows his leash will be short and draft one of them. Then make a system that works for them after Jameis goes 1-3 next season.

  44. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Winston is averaging 17 INTs a year after 2019, 14 before last year. We’re in the playoffs WITH Jameis if he’s average in 2020.

  45. ATrain Says:

    So no excuse for the OLine who played with broken arms and with backups for weeks

    Jamies has had FIVE YEARS NO CHANGE

    Why all the excuses

    Look at the pick 6s which has nothing to do with OLine they are bad throws

    Jamies can’t see look at him squint
    Can’t read a defense
    Stares down his receivers

    Has the BEST tandem receivers in the NFL and still cant win

    5000 yrds means nothing when you are on the couch in Jan unless you use the GMC NFL plan —- get paid go home early

  46. D1 Says:


    Matt Gay had a chance to win the Giants game with a single play. He missed.
    The 3 failed attempts of which just one could have been the difference between a win or loss.

    That’s a total of 4 opportunities to win the game that Gay failed to seize .
    4 total, 1 opportunity to win a game. 3 on the other.

    Winston in both games failed to score a TD with a 1st and goal opportunity.
    That is 3 opportunities for each game for a total of 6. Obviously, Winston had way more opportunities to win the game but didn’t but let’s make it easy and 1st and goal is the best possible opportunity to score.

    So on one side is a rookie kicker that prior to the draft no one had ever heard of. The other side, the 5yr veteran QB (national championship, Heisman winner, best qb in franchise history and future canton inductee) winston is clutch in high pressure situations and has 5yrs worth of nfl experience to draw upon.

    Consider the situation and no one in their right mind would choose a gay rookie over a superstar qb to make a play with the game on the line. Winners always want the ball. Winston had the best and more opportunities to win the game. The odds would be winston 100-1 favorite to make a game winning play vs gay.

    6 opportunities to win the game, 3 for each. Winston failed.

    Some fans want a new kicker immediately for gays missed opportunities.
    Same fans wish to give winston 2 to more 3 years of opportunities before closing the book on him.This is insane and irrational behavior. It’s not even laughable at this point, it’s that bat sh@t crazy.

    I support resigning winston and wouldn’t cut our kicker or punter without the crazy .. No blame games, No reality rejecting fantasy drugs. It’s not impossible.

  47. ruggyup Says:

    Has there been mention here of QB Jacoby Brisset? He would seem to be a strong candidate or, is just not good enough for carrying on the Bucs dynasty?

  48. Ndog Says:

    There it is Brady leaving the Pats and Jameis slides right in to continue the run of greatness for them. Why do some fans based get such good smart organizations and we get this team who just continually develops players for other organizations that reap the rewards?

  49. Tye Says:

    If filling seats is in any way of concern by the owners, JW surely isn’t going to add 1 more butt in a seat… In all truth, if he is starting, many more likely will forego their season tickets until a quality qb is under center.

  50. TOM Says:

    First off Brady will either be in NE next year or retire. Eventually may even be NE’s next head coach. Instead of all the FA’s listed how about giving RG a chance. What ever happens just get rid of Winston. Licht show you got some balls.

  51. Bucsfanman Says:

    D1- There you go again with that sensible rationale!

    I reject the notion that a QB needs to throw for 8 gazillion yards to be “successful.” And, that also does not mean it has to be a “game manager” either (Like there’s anything wrong with that when you’re winning!).
    If you’re a fan who thinks stats are more important than wins, please return to your fantasy football world.

  52. Pok Says:


    RayJay will have some buts in the seats if they can pull that off. With those receivers and tight ends he would have a field day, and he could prove once and for all it was always Brady, not Belicheat.

  53. July Joe Says:




    ALL think the Bucs would be stupid to let Jameis go … but yeah, let’s listen to loser talking heads like Peter Schrager and the morons on this forum who want to run Jameis out of town, LOL

    JAMEIS WILL GET PAID $$$$$$$$$$$$$

  54. 541BucsFan Says:

    Many readers advocate franchising JW and drafting a QB. I think there is strong possibility JW would turn into a cancer if he knew he was on a one and done deal.

    If you want to develop talent I think you let JW walk, sign a vet, and draft a QB.

    There are some good prospects in the draft that just need time mature.

  55. stpetebucsfan Says:


    “we are known to have the worst O-line in the NFL.”

    Really? Known by whom? I do not know how this canard gained so much credence on this blog other than the DESPERATE need to make excuses for the chosen one.

    So how about at least a link or source to that info? Google is your friend.

    I have one for you and while I believe ONE is not truly enough…I’ve seen very similar results on virtually all the credible sites.


    REALITY CHECK…The Bucs were in the bottom half of run blocking lines at 23rd.
    That’s hardly the worst.

    But wait…how was JW”s pass protection. How about TWELFTH in the league!

    That’s certainly in the top half of the league for JW who takes freaking forever to pull the trigger..and certainly not known as the WORST.

  56. Ndog Says:

    Bucsfanman Says:
    January 3rd, 2020 at 2:11 pm

    If you’re a fan who thinks stats are more important than wins, please return to your fantasy football world.

    I know those crazy stats called points scored mean nothing right sir?

  57. SteveK Says:


    Take into account the point surrendered off turnovers.

    Averaging 29ppg means less when the Turnovers lead to an average of 7.5 Ppg.

    So, really it’s more like a net of 21.5 ppg. Also consider 34TDs:35 turnovers.

    Not a recipe for success.

  58. wantstastayabuc Says:

    Ndog and others,
    I can’t take credit for this, but as another poster said recently, if you tell a QB that they won’t be benched for throwing 30 INT’s you will find many more QB’s throwing many more TD’s. That doesn’t mean more wins (this is somewhat important to teams that want to be successful).

    Obvious, but apparently not.

  59. Bucsfanman Says:

    Ndog- I was more referencing 5,000 yards but, now that you mention it, if those points scored don’t lead to wins…well? Do they?!

  60. Ndog Says:

    Yep SteveK cause everyone of those TOs are on the QB you are 100% correct even the ones snapped off his facemask or the TE put the ball behind his back or the WR ran the wrong route yep everyone of those TOs are in the QB. You nailed it. Those stats are completely accurate

  61. Ndog Says:

    No Bucsfanman they don’t lead to wins when your defense gives up 32 to a rookie lead Giants team, give up 40 to the Seahawks, give up 31 to a backup QB in New Orleans. You are correct sir when your defense is getting killed points don’t lead to wins.

  62. wantstastayabuc Says:

    NDog is back to himself.

    How many out there are looking in the mirror and repeating “Mrs. Jameis Winston”?

  63. SteveK Says:


    Every QB faces the same variables. What about every QB’s turnovers? Should there be a new statistical column: “TDs”, “Turnovers”, and add in “Not My Fault Turnovers”?

    You’re right that some turnovers are not his fault. How many turnovers are dropped. I saw two or three more dropped INts by the Texans. It’s not possible to win enough for playoffs or a championship when you don’t take care of the ball.

    Jameis had an INT rate of 4.8% and the league average was 2.3%. That means when Jameis reaches back to throw, his ball is picked off at a rate more than twice of the league average. Unacceptable.

  64. Ndog Says:

    Ah there it is another worthless could me back when presented with actual facts. Which means you have NOTHING TO SAY!

  65. SteveK Says:


    Let’s look at the home games.

    Jameis had 24 turnovers at home. That’s abysmal. Good teams win home games and make the playoffs and strive for the playoff bye. Jameis blows up at home. What’s up with that?

  66. SteveK Says:


    Our home field is nicknamed the “den of depression” and we lost more often than not there. Jameis’ turnovers are the biggest culprit for what aches us and is holding this team back from the playoffs.

  67. SteveK Says:

    Jameis had 24 INTs at home. More if you count fumbles. Sorry. Don’t want to
    Undersell it. **

  68. Ndog Says:

    Yeah I know SteveK that was so horrible how Jameis let that pass bounce of his hands to get picked, or he ran down the field running the completely wrong route, or how he put the ball behind his back while trying to catch it or how he turned a stop route into a in route for no reason. Yeah he is responsible for every TO, heck he is responsible for everything bad that has happened to this franchise since 1976. Heck once he leaves I’m sure we will be just unstoppable cause every QB can lead their team with no running game and an average oline to be the #3 scoring offense in the NFL. I mean look at our history we do that all the time right? I mean I’m sure we did it with the HOFer Steve Young, or the Superbowl champ Doug Williams or the Superbowl champ Trent Diler. Oh I know we did it with the great Brad Johnson or Shaun King when we were going to NFC championship game right? I mean scoring almost 30 every week is simple isn’t it? But you know what I forgot we don’t need to score 30 each week cause our defense was so great all year right?

  69. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    This will probably spark some controversy….but here goes….

    I have always had the impression that NE favors white players…..they have had white QBs….had one black backup & got rid of him…..white TEs, WRs….several white RBs…..white Oline…..
    IMO there is no way Winston goes to NE.

    So there….it’s simply a suspicion of mine….fire away!!!

  70. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Oh….and predominately white coaches…..

  71. lurker Says:

    Jameis threw 40 touchdowns this season…it’s just that 7 were to the other team.

  72. SteveK Says:


    Net scoring 22 per week!

    Scoring 30 and giving up 8 to get it equals 22. Stop being obtuse.

    Jameis had more turnovers than touchdowns. 35 turnovers 34 TDs.

  73. Ndog Says:

    So I’ll ask you for the 1,000 time what if our defense did anything against Seattle, NY or the Saints and we had a better kicker what would our record be? No one ever answers that question CAUSE THEY KNOW THE ANSWER SHUTS THEIR WEAK ARGUMENT ABOUT US NOT BEING ABLE TO WIN WITH Jameis goes bye bye if they do.

    You know I will answer it for you our record would be 11-5 with not CHANGING ONE SINGLE SOLITARY THING JAMEIS DID.

    So to be crystal clear our FOOTBALL TEAM was 7-9 not Jameis Winston. Our defense was trash the first half of the year, the offense had a few games where it was trash Carolina, Tennessee to name a few and yes Jameis himself was trash against Houston. But simply put if this team plays defense the way it did down the stretch if our freaking kicker can do his job Jameis and this offense is plenty good enough to go far in the playoffs. Then consider the fact that the coach himself said the first year in this offense is tough and think about this offense even getting better. That is what anyone with half a brain is thinking, not that we should start over at QB with the number 3 scoring offense in the league!

  74. Pit of Misery Says:

    There is no “arguably”. He is the most inconsistent QB this year.

  75. Bucsfanman Says:

    Ndog – I’ll take you up on that. There’s a good possibility that the games you speak of could have been wins. But, that’s cherry-picking too. I know your M.O. so we can do this all day. OR, simply state that ALL aspects of the TEAM cost us wins this season.
    That includes:
    And yes, turnovers!

  76. Red86 Says:

    I would sign Winston short term. Fix the o line and run game. Keep our rushers or replace them with talent. Consider taking Tua if he commit to the draft with his hip issues. Allow Tua to sit and heal up, while learning the system. Basically, handle this like the Chiefs with Alex Smith to Patrick Mahome. Or wait til next year to go all in on Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields.

    It’s foolish to throw rookie in too soon in with o line and running back issues. It can break some player confidence.

  77. Ndog Says:

    So let me get this straight you guys can say Jameis lost us games all day long, but when I give examples of games lost by others it’s cherry picking? Makes sense with your bias logic.

  78. bucsfan951 Says:

    NPUPPY: do you want a break down of each game of winstons turnovers and how they led to points scored? its pretty long of course so itll take up a lot of page space!

  79. stpetebucsfan Says:

    NDOG has an in with the NFL. Next year teams will qualify for the playoffs by most yardage gained combined with TD’s. W-L’s are meaningless. IF he gets that passed by the rules committee JW MIGHT have a chance at success.


    I won’t nitpick…well maybe a little about saying JW and CP had “similar” years their first season in BA’s offense.

    Sorta….maybe…but of course not where it really counts W’s and Ls….why do I find myself continually having to bring up W’s. Isn’t that what counts?

    JW 7-9 60.1% 30TDs 30 INT

    CP 10-6 63.3% 24TD’s 22 INT

    JW with three fewer wins…six more TD’s and 8 more ints.

    But it was your rationale of defense for JW that got me. CP had the advantage of playing for 9 years and 2 teams before BA.

    That is the problem!!! In Cincinnati…my cousins are all Bengal fans I grew up there…CP had two seasons of double digit wins…just like AZ…If the Steelers hadn’t blown his knee out with that cheap shot who knows what he might have done with the Bengals.

    Bottom line…those 9 years gave CP a record….JW’s first five have also given him a record….ONE winning season….record numbers of ints…three game suspension…and a freaking pick six to end the season which confirmed we are LOSERS who can’t even get to .500

  80. Bucsfanman Says:

    Ndog- you’re a trip bro! I literally stated that ALL aspects cost us wins!

    You win dude! Everybody EXCEPT Jameis is at fault! In fact I just saw Jameis turn water into bourbon and have decided to let him marry my sister! Their wedding is next week on top of the water across from the Vinoy. Apparently that’s where they met riding Unicorns petting mermaids!
    I heard that for their honeymoon, Jameis plans to slide down a rainbow into the pot of gold the Bucs will give him for being such a gracious host during home games!
    You’re invited, of course! He wants you to give him away!

  81. stpetebucsfan Says:


    You’re feeling bold tonight eh? OK I’ll jump off the bridge with you and say you are on point…or at least it looks that way.

    And lets be honest. The South…I’ve lived here all my life except Army years and even then stationed in LA and TX for a year..gets the rep for being racists. I understand that since some of it is deserved.

    But call me a provincial…it’s far from just the South..I’ve seen it everywhere from Michigan on…and Boston….South Boston…the “Southies” make the Southerners look mild.

    Bottom line…I never thought of it till you pointed it out but I certainly wouldn’t argue with you. That alone might keep JW from the Pats…but how does Belicheat feel about ints? Could he really live with JW’s style?

  82. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    St. Pete

    Like I said, just a suspicion….

    And, I too have experienced the difference between the North & South….lived in Memphis until 15……..then RI, then Rye NY…..where there was exactly 1 black family…..guess who….Sammy Davis Jr.
    There is extreme prejudice in the North also….
    And the South gets a bad rap for it in books & movies & TV……some of it is deserved, however.

  83. Alanbucsfan Says:

    A healthy Cam Newton, and that is a big question, is a better QB

    He will run for 500-600 yards, give you 3000- 3500 yards passing, maybe more with Bucs’ receivers

    He will only throw 10-15 interceptions per year

    I don’t care about the post game press shows or Superman act.

    He won a National Championship too and has 3 winning seasons including a 15-1 Super Bowl year.

    But if he’s not healthy, no…

    A healthy Cam is better than Jameis

  84. geno711 Says:

    NPUPPY continually brings up New England as a landing spot for Jameis.

    Bill Belichick has been consistent that his goal every game is for the offensive to not have any turnovers and for the defense to create turnovers.

    All of his former players say that the number one thing that Belichick will not accept is the same mistake. You have to be consistently dependable.

    No NE insiders mention Jameis Winston as a possible replacement for Brady.
    But of course NPUPPY has insight the rest of us do not.

  85. Buczilla Says:

    Out of all of those quarterbacks listed I would only take Brady and Tannehill over Winston for next year. Brady is a pipe dream and the Titans would be fools not to give Tannehill a two year deal or franchise him.

  86. wantstastayabuc Says:

    We will win with Dalton.

    What I think will happen is this:
    Grabby-McWinston will be resigned under a team friendly deal. He will throw up on himself repeatedly in the first few games (nothing different than the past 5 years). Unlike this year, however, he will be benched next year in favor of a journeyman qb that we’ve hired as backup. The stain will finally be lifted and playoffs will be achieved.

    Oh and Ndog will say he should of had another “prove it” year. By the way Ndog and others, how many should he get? That’s right, seasons for Squinty VonUberClutcher should never count until EVERY position is loaded with first-round picks.

  87. D1 Says:

    What if jameis converts a few more possessions into TDs against the Giants, Hawks and Saints? 1 extra TD each game and we outscore the other teams.

    I’m suggesting that there’s a higher statical probability between scoring more points than your opponent and winning, than there is between total yards per season , or the total number of interceptions thrown.

    If the defense can not stop a team from scoring the options are limited to how it’s possible to win those matchups. Throwing for 200 more yards than the other team isn’t the best way. Throwing more interceptions isn’t going to improve the teams chances either.

    What’s left? The kicker! The search for a kicker who can make FG’s from anywhere on the field and do it 100% of the time is still ongoing. But if this loch Ness kicker was ever located and signed, He could boot 3s on every possession and still not win games if the defense can not stop the other team.
    The biggest foot of bigfoots only has a minor role in winning games.

    The QB, especially if he’s supported by two of the leagues best recievers and playing in offense that gives him every down of every possession to make plays,. That guy could control the teams destiny by scoring TD’S on every possession. Outscore your opponent, and you have a better than average chance to win.

    The worst case is a tie ball game to end regulation. Worst case because the next statically relevant data point is the Coin toss in OT. 50/50 on who wins and that’s nothing the QB can change.

    Let’s see, that’s an 8-8 season if our defense is 0 …and our QB is 100.
    A 7-9 record is indication of some position not playing perfect.


    There’s one fact that no one can argue because it’s sauce on PED’s . Scoring more points than the opponent is going to win more games. Most of the time.

    Darth Vader, “The sauce is strongest here!”
    A fictional character commenting on a fictional situation is appropriate in this fantasy world.

  88. gambelero Says:

    I’m with Anonymous.

  89. BrianBucs Says:

    With this field lurking around, the Bucs would be foolish to keep Winston, and even more foolish to give him big money.
    Move on, Bucs

  90. stpetebucsfan Says:

    “I don’t think people are fully appreciating the fact that it isn’t just about the number of interceptions, but the circumstances of when he threw them”


    I tried to make this point a couple of days ago. Momentum is huge in athletic contests…in virtually all sports….even golf…but in football and basketball “Mighty Mo” is everybody’s goal.

    JW was a momentum killer this year.

  91. T REX Says:






  92. T REX Says:

    ndog still getting b slapped up and down joe bucs fan.

    ndog, mans best beotch. LOL.

    You’re a freaking Winston nuthugging loser.

  93. Owlykat Says:

    Ndog is correct above. Add in the fact that all QBs in their first year under BA throw a lot more interceptions but only half as many under BA the second year, then project the Bucs next year with Jameis Franchised and throws just 15 turnovers with an improved OL and better running game and an exceptional Defense—Jameis will lead us to the playoffs next year! That also will shut up the haters and those prejudiced against black QBs. Oh and if we go to White Uniforms for Home Games next year, Jameis may well do better than less than 15 interceptions. Our team has beat up Jameis by allowing too many sacks and pressures every year. But for Jameis escapability our losses would have been much higher. We owe Jameis an apology and one more year.

  94. T REX Says:

    Owl lies. Palmer only threw less TDs in his second year because he only played in 6 games. YOU ARE A LIAR!




  95. Owlykat Says:

    TRex-I am not counting the year that Palmer was injured as his second full year but the year after that. But BA has as an OC a record with other teams beside the Cardinals too.

  96. TOM Says:

    I said before trade Winston for Carr. Problem solved. I also think there are a lot of FA QB’s that would take the Bucs to the playoff’s.

  97. Todd Says:

    Stop with the Peyton Manning threw 28 interceptions he was a rookie when he did that

  98. Dan Says:

    SteveK is right.

  99. westernbuc Says:

    I don’t see the Panthers trading Cam in division. Dalton might have some life in him, he’s had success when he has a team around him. Rivers is hard to read. I don’t think Brady is leaving the Patriots. Carr could work, but there’s something off about him. I’m not buying Bridgewater. He’s mediocre and I think that’s all Sean Payton’s doing. The only upside to Eli is as a bridge QB. Nick Foles is terrible when he doesn’t have a Super Bowl team around him.

    Honestly, if Bruce adjusted his offense a little bit and had Jameis make easy throws we probably wouldn’t be in this predicament. At least Koetter knew to keep Jameis on a leash

  100. Buttlover Says:

    Jameis is just like me drunk and can’t see right, hence why he throws to the other team all the damn time… get to AA Winston

  101. Mrs. Entertainment Says:

    Okay, the tallying of interceptions thrown under which uniform is absolutely fabulous. Love that stat. Re: Excuses? Just stop making them. Inconsistent play is not entertaining. Hard work doesn’t pay off at all unless you get the wins.