The Lack Of Running

January 4th, 2020

Observations on final game.

A sad thing about the recently completed 7-9 season was that the powers that be at One Buc Palace actually conned themselves into believing they had a running attack.

The Bucs rushing attack was impotent and constantly giving the ball to Peyton “3.1 yards” Barber so often was shameful

Like most fans, former Bucs offensive lineman and current popular local sports radio personality Ian Beckles watched the overtime loss to the Dixie Chicks on Sunday. And Beckles came away thinking offensive coordinator Bryon Leftwich is still learning on the job.

Beckles couldn’t believe Ronald Jones, who was having a helluva game for the Bucs (finally) wasn’t fed the ball more, so Beckles explained in his podcast “In the Trenches.”

“You know if Ronald Jones had [11 carries for 106 yards], that just tells me one thing: You should have ran it more,” Beckles said. “You should have ran it more, period. You get into overtime, run the ball. Let’s see if our offensive line can take it over in the 17th week of the season.

“I think Byron Leftwich has a lot of growing to do. … The offense ain’t right if you are throwing that many interceptions.”

Joe cannot disagree. Virtually everyone in the stadium knew what was coming in overtime: Jameis’ pick-six. So why not try Jones since the Dixie Chicks were struggling to contain him? Fair point by Beckles.

And Beckles had other observations on the game:

* Beckles believes the arrow is pointing straight down for tight end O.J. Howard. “After the game, I looked around and asked, ‘Did O.J. Howard play?’ Nobody had an answer. That’s not good. You are that high of a draft pick and we are minus our two best receivers and you are on the field and you are a starter and I don’t know you played? That’s not good.”

* The best thing that happened for Breshad Perriman’s career was Mike Evans and Chris Godwin getting injured as it gave him a chance to shine. “When Mike Evans comes back and Chris Godwin comes back, Perriman is going to be a son of a b!tch as a No. 3. He showed he can play.”

* No reason to holler about left tackle, Beckles said, “Donovan Smith played pretty good this year.”

* Beckles was very impressed with the Bucs defense and he said building the defense started with addition by subtraction. “Our defensive line is 10 times better than it was last year. For you Gerald McCoy fans out there, you were wrong, period.”

In other defensive musings, Beckles added, “William Gholston played his @ss off this year. I enjoy the way William Gholston plays.”

* “Devin White is a star. Stars are around the football all the time. He makes plays.”

* When Jason Pierre-Paul got into football shape, he was a monster. “JPP, now he is that dude again.”

Beckles ended his weekly pod with the following, “We should all want Jameis to be successful. I don’t feel that. I don’t feel like [fans] want Jameis to be successful.”

As always, Beckles welcomes feedback and encourages listeners to submit Bucs questions by e-mailing him at

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57 Responses to “The Lack Of Running”

  1. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Love me some Ian! He tells it like it is and damn he’s speaking some truth. Listen up fans and support your damn team! Go Bucs!

  2. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Nope, around a third of the fanbase would rather lose with a game manager than win with Jameis. I have had enough losing and I want to see the team win. None of these journeymen QBs that may be free agents are better than Winston. This rookie QB class after Burrows (and I am not completely sold that he will be as good in the NFL with a weaker supporting cast around him) is questionable at best.

  3. Bobby M. Says:

    I always like Beckles insight. He’s played in the league, he understands dynamics that most would never know to consider. I disagree on the run game though, I think Leftwich would gladly take running the ball if given the opportunity but as I’ve said for a few years now, teams have figured out if you stop the run and force Winston to throw, you’ll generally get rewarded with two turnovers and an 80% chance of victory. That strategy hasn’t changed in years and this year seemed to blossom. Seven pick-6s….teams aren’t just looking to snag a turnover, they’re mindset is to score. Unless we stack the o-line or get a very dynamic back like Saquan, I don’t see much improving. Winston reminds me of Scott Mitchell when he was with the Lions. Dude had Herman Moore, Brett Perriman, Barry Sanders and Johnny Morton…..still couldn’t win much of anything because Mitchell was so erratic and turnover prone.

  4. SteveK Says:

    In the Trenches- a solid podcast. I like Beckles and appreciate his take.

    I agree with him that we should all want Jameis to be successful. I just don’t believe he will ever be consistent enough to be great- playoff/super bowl contender. The roller coaster ride he puts the fans through is gut wrenching and not led to playoffs yet. It’s hard to get behind such a Jekyll and Hyde performance each week.

    I was disappointed with the way the season ended, and infuriated after Jameis said he was “ballin’.” I need accountability and contrition for mistakes. Especially after setting the pick 6 record and saying “the ball was tipped. Check your sheet. It’s not my fault”. As tired as I get of “I got to be better” from Jameis, it’s better to hear that then “I’m the best in the world sans one stat”. No playoffs in five years and in your contract year you shat the bed to have a winning record.

    Whenever the lights come on, Jameis folds like a tent. And then when we have jack sh!t to play for he lights it up, and then reverts back to sucking. We need consistency and ball security.

  5. Mort Says:

    Ride with Jameis! Let’s not make him walk the plank so we can replace him with what – Andy friggin Dalton? HELL NO.

  6. SteveK Says:

    I refuse to believe that Jameis has to come back bc no one is better. Bologna. We could find someone better, especially when you weigh it as “price vs. production” Jameis at $30 million vs Fitzpatrick at $7 million. I want to keep the front seven together, pay shaq, JPP and Suh. They are better players and more worthy of a contract.

    Jameis, while having some great numbers, is unaccountable and reckless with the ball. 28-42 as a starter shows that.

  7. SteveK Says:

    Andy Dalton has been to the playoffs multiple times. While never winning a game, he is more consistent and his play allows his team to achieve better overall results. Winston has some talent and big numbers, but too many dumb arse decisions and plays.

  8. SufferingSince76 Says:

    We do want Jameis to succeed, Ian. As he goes, the Bucs go. It’s his decision making that makes us crazy. Fantastic one play, bone head the next.

  9. Hamsadwitchtime Says:

    @steve… maybe you would be better off following Hokey

  10. Bobby M. Says:

    ^Agree with SteveK. People act like Dalton hasn’t done much of anything, its no easy task to take the Bengals to the playoffs three yrs in a row. There owner is cheaper then ours and Marvin Lewis isn’t some offensive guru.

  11. SteveK Says:


    I do like the lightning, but I follow the Bucs and Rays devoutly.

    Sorry for being of a differing opinion than yours. I just want to win and am tired of ignoring the turnovers. It’s by and large the biggest culprit when considering we haven’t made the playoffs this year.

  12. SteveK Says:


    Exactly. Dalton has A.J. Green and Tyler Eifert. We have Evans, Godwin, and OJ.

    Jameis makes some crazy awesome plays, but he also turns it over more than double the league average, and more than quadruple the average of QBs in the playoffs this year. We can’t continue to forgive turnovers because they haunt us. I am seeking to understand why we are not in the playoffs and the biggest thing I see is are the turnovers.

  13. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Beckles ended his weekly pod with the following, “We should all want Jameis to be successful. I don’t feel that. I don’t feel like [fans] want Jameis to be successful.”


    Then I guess Mr. Excitement is a man of the people, and just giving the fans what they want.

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It’s hard to disagree about the running in the Atlanta game and the insistence of giving too many snaps.

    And, it’s hard for me to blame OJ Howard for no targets……no catches….He is a #1 draft pick and has made many plays for us….missing two WRs, he should have been targeted.

    We had zero points in the second half…..ZERO…..

  15. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Giving Barber too many snaps.

  16. 813bucboi Says:

    agree with everything except for BL needing to grow….

    our RBs are too inconsistent and have poor vision….

    BL guided a top10 offense with no run game and a QB that gave the opposing team 30+ extra possessions…..

    the kid out of OKST looks good….

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  17. Defense Rules Says:

    Actually some pretty decent analysis by Beckles. I’m surprised. Good observation especially on Leftwich & RoJo … why our OC didn’t run RoJo more in that game is mind-boggling (he had the hot hand). Also don’t think that BA was conning anyone about the running game; we simply couldn’t afford anyone better. Folks conveniently forget that we had ZERO salary Cap left when we started the season.

    And Joe, I can think of 3 people who didn’t know that Jameis was going to throw a Pick-6 in OT: BA, BL & Jameis himself. Everyone else was just holding their breath, waiting for the inevitable?

    Good to see that Beckles gave kudos to Donovan Smith, Will Gholston, JPP & Devin White. They all played like beasts IMO. But so did a number of other guys like LVD, Suh, Vea, Barrett, Godwin, ME13, etc. Bucs have the makings of a very good TEAM for 2020. But we’ll have yet another losing record in 2020 if our QB keeps rewarding the other team for just showing up.

    Personally think that Beckles is off-base with his comment that he doesn’t feel like fans want Jameis to be successful. That’s horsepuckey. Bucs fans want to WIN, and a QB who throws 30 INTs & fumbles the ball an additional 12 times (losing only 5 thanks to his teammates) obviously doesn’t get us to the promised land. It should be obvious to Beckles that Jameis NEEDS a strong OLine, quality receivers, decent running game and a STRONG DEFENSE to win. It should also be obvious to him that paying Jameis mega-millions doesn’t leave enough salary Cap $$$ to fill all those NEEDS. Interesting times ahead.

  18. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Let’s get a running game going and give Jameis one more season in this offense before we decide his fate. He had too much production in his first year under BA to just toss him overboard. We need to create a running game that opposing Defenses respect. This is not the draft to find a QB, but it is the draft to upgrade oline and running back.

  19. LaMarcus Says:

    Ian is right. BL demeanor is not of coach man. He looks like Garrett jr down there. I see why the owners were mad at BA for giving him the keys after he had part in not developing Rosen. Of course he has a great offense Koetter did too. We have good players.

    BL is learning on the job and BA is coaching the coaches to coach the players.

  20. Tackleblockwin Says:

    When I look at the free agent QBs and many draft eligible QBs I see a bunch of injuries waiting to happen. One thing about Jameis, he is tough as nails.

  21. Brandon Says:

    He’s wrong about Perriman. He’s not coming back and he won’t be a #3 wherever he goes. He will want and probably receive decent #1 money in the $10-12 mil range. He owes the Bucs and BA for resurrecting his career, but he isn’t coming back.

  22. Ndog Says:

    Ian is dead on, when we win the team carried Jameis, when we lose its all Jameis’s fault. That is a clear sign of rooting for a player to fail. Just accept the way you feel, quite hiding behind TOs and losses cause it is clear to anyone who can read no matter he does you are going to want him gone. And yes you know who you are.

  23. Bucs Guy Says:

    Trade OJ for a 2nd and 4th. Use bith our 2nds to get a RB and RT. Consider pairing the 4th from the trade with your 3rd rd pick to move up to higher in the 3rd or late 2nd.

    I agree with Brandon that Perriman is most likely gone.

  24. Tackleblockwin Says:

    @Bucs Guy

    Not sure what we could get in a trade for OJ, but I agree we should see about trading him.

  25. Craig Says:

    The run game was dependent on the growth of Cappa. He didn’t reach his stride as a run blocker until the last two games. A run blocking offensive tackle would be a great addition.

    I would also like someone like C.J. Verdell, a short, strong, and quick RB. I think that would work better than a bruising runner.

    Perriman will be a solid number 2 for some other team next season. We won’t be able to afford him and keep the defense rolling.

    I could back Jameis if he took any blame and said he would do what it takes to get better. He has shown nothing along those lines, god ain’t gonna fix him.

    Rather than an old QB, we should embrace the new standard of NFL QB. Draft a Jordon Love or Jalen Hurts and mold an offense around them. Their mobility would drive others defenses to distraction.

  26. Ndog Says:

    Agree on OJ but the reality is right now he is a better value than Brate unless we can get Brate to take a pay cut to stay.

  27. Gooch Says:

    Yep, Ian ain’t wrong. When JW does well, the canned response is “well who wouldn’t do well with Evans and Godwin”…. then when he makes a bad play, there seems to be a standing ovation and the comment section BLOWS UP with glee and told you so.

  28. Ndog Says:

    Guys I don’t want to be disrespectful but putting Hurts in the same conversation as Jameis is flat ridiculous as the guy is a slower less accurate version of Lamar Jackson and you have to realize that he is not a fit at all in our offense. Lamar Jackson would struggle mightly on our offensive system and he is WAY better than Hurts. Fit means a lot when it comes to Football especially the QB position.

  29. MagicMarpet Says:

    I agree about Gholston. He was so fired up all season. I think Suh’s impact on the line this year with just his attitude can’t be said enough. Keeping the dline together is the key to success next season.

  30. T REX Says:





  31. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Ndog Says

    “Fit means a lot when it comes to Football especially the QB position.”


    However when it comes to Brate vs OJ I’m taking Brate talent wise. If you mean “value” contract wise then I agree. But Jameis has a special connection with Brate. I just don’t like the idea of taking Brate away from Jameis. We need a solid run blocking TE to replace OJ.

  32. stpetebucsfan Says:

    “I don’t feel like [fans] want Jameis to be successful.”

    I’m a Buc’s fan and I want WHOMEVER is at QB to be successful. But I’m over rooting for JW. If we bring him back I obviously will root for the team which means indirectly I’ll be FORCED into rooting for him.

    For me it’s not even about whether he’ll win in the future. HE HAS BEEN THE MOST DIVISIVE PLAYER IN THE HISTORY OF THIS FRANCHISE.

    Started with his selection and his FSU rep. The debate was beyond contentious and alas sometimes racist. I was leery because he appeared to me to be the quintessential spoiled entitled athlete. 87 and others convinced me it was just his immaturity. To his credit 87 has seen enough as well.

    The rape allegations…he said he said..but giving him the benefit of doubt…it still showed bad judgement to pick up a girl drunk (yeah I’ve certainly done that) but I never brought my posse along to record it. But I’m certainly not the morality police so I moved on.

    The FHITP shout really disturbed me for the total lack of judgement of an entitled spoiled athlete who felt he could do whatever he wanted. Just a little more than a year later that horrid, entitled attitude led him to getting blind drunk with a convicted rapist and then getting accused of groping and a 3 day suspension that turned the 2018 season into a true circus costing Koetter his gig.

    Now, after throwing a season ending pick six, HIS 7TH PICK SIX!!! 30TH int! guaranteeing us yet ANOTHER losing season. So he comes off the field contrite eh? NAH…after a little reprise of FIVE YEARS of I gotta protect the ball better he adds that… check it out…he’s been ballin’.

    Again the remarks of a spoiled rotten delusional entitled athlete. That tore it for me!!! He’s come full circle from yelling FHITP…drunk at 3AM with a convicted rapist.

    I do not loathe or hate JW. I’d be happy to see him go somewhere else and find success and ACCOUNTABILITY. But after ALL the damage JW has inflicted on this franchise it’s time to go!

    At least one of the Joe’s will be apoplectic believing that QB’s don’t grow on trees. True dat but OTOH they are not scarce as hens’ teeth.

  33. MTM Says:

    The run is always a mystery with Winston in the game. Many times they have tried to run the ball take it out of Winstons hands because of interceptions. The opposing team sniffs it out every time and stacks the line. Running the ball only works consistently when there is a threat of a pass. It’s rare in the NFL that a team can run the ball over and over.
    Leftwich has been put in some really tough situations trying to reign in Winston and still be aggressive. I wouldn’t want the job of calling plays for America’s turnover machine.

  34. Ndog Says:

    Yes I meant value money wise.

  35. Old Sombreo Says:

    It is always a pleasure to hear Ian Beckles speak about the Bucs.

  36. Sport Says:

    An interesting perspective is to look at the QB situation through the Le De of his teammates.

    WR – have to love him, he throws the ball everywhere. Tight windows, triple coverage, falling on his ass. Picks? Who cares, I’m being fed. It’s a WR dream.

    Oline – Dude is a warrior, however hangs onto to the ball too long trying to make every play a home run. It’s devastating to see a pick thrown after busting your ass. 50/50 on JW

    Defense – some good and loads of horrible, the longest rest they get is when he throws a pick six, multiple commercials around the score and a few special teams kicks. Not to mention he is screwing his defense as those numbers go against there total points allowed stats. The worst is the ‘I just friggin sat down, where’s my helmet? What side of the field are we gong to? Ours again? Friggin great…😤

    Special teams – doesn’t matter to us much

    Coaches – same reaction just different inflection. ‘Sweet jeezus, he did that again!?’ This guy might get me fired and I have no idea if he can keep it together in a meaningful game.

    Owners – we already ate the crap sandwich of his off field issues. (Especially Darcy). He’s been on good behavior lately. Really wish he didn’t lie to us and his team about the Uber incident. I mean, we are paying him millions of dollars, if he can’t figure out how to handle it like a man of character, he certainly has the coin to afford the counsel of someone who has it. Do we truly believe a $100m plus contract will make him a better player and a better person? Does he give us the best chance at a Super Bowl?

    After that thought exercise, the choice becomes a little more clear.

    In BA I Trust!

  37. Sport Says:

    Lense. Not Le De argh

  38. fernando diaz Says:

    Ian for the first time ever I agree with you
    RoJo was under used definitely.
    Running game minimizes int.
    Exited about next year

  39. 813bucboi Says:

    surprised beck didnt mention cappa…..

    i think cappa is our best lineman….physical and consistent…..

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  40. Old School Athlete Says:

    This is why a lot of fans were upset last summer when it was learned that BA had handed off play calling duties. We all – for the most part – expected these kinds of growing pains with BL. Also don’t understand the constant crushing of our RB’s. They have absolutely no gaps to hit. Watch the games.

    Beckles’ statement about fans not wanting Jameis to succeed is ridiculous. Why would a Buc fan not want any player on his/her favorite team to succeed? It sounds like Beckles has been swept up in the derangement that Jameis feeling loved and wanted is more important than the Bucs winning.

  41. stpetebucsfan Says:

    The saddest part for me of the JW debate is that we’ve spent how much time on him. I get it…he plays the most important position…is incredibly controversial and it IS a MAJOR decision.

    But lost in all of this is IMHO a GROSS lack of appreciation to what happened to us on defense. We discovered…not just one..or two..but three DB’s any one of which and perhaps all three can become stars in this league. Shutting down Julio and Deandre Hopkins was indeed special.

    The front seven played lights out and when he regained his health after the tonsilitis and bad knee he has won two consecutive rookie of the month awards and was a true PLAYMAKER. He has a nose for the ball.

    Depending on our direction…take LUV’s model and add another first and second round draft pick…then you can do some REAL damage and pick up some cheaper younger guys to balance off the money to pay the existing players.

    I get a woody just thinking about how good this defense might become.

  42. gotbbucs Says:

    I think all of us wanted Winston to be successful, but he’s proven to be unbelievably unreliable with the football in his hands. I wish there were a pattern for when he was going to throw an interception so they can focus on certain things, but it doesn’t matter what the situation is, he can throw a pick in it.
    I don’t know if there’s any way to sell another season of that to many of us. It would be one thing if he were still going to be on a rookie deal, but the deal is up and a ton of cap space is on the line. Cap space desperately needed to keep the parts of the team that were performing well enough to win games together.
    The 5000 yards and 33 TD’s look like fools gold to me.

  43. Buczilla Says:

    I’ve never had anything personal against Jameis and his past is his past. Everyone living today has done things that they regret and Jameis has kept his nose clean for awhile now. My issue comes with his play. If you are going to throw 30 picks and lose 5 fumbles then I expect at least 50 passing/rushing touchdowns to make up for putting your defense in a tough spot time after time.

    I will be ecstatic if he puts up the numbers he needs to be a franchise quarterback next year. He is a seriously f!awed quarterback right now though and I have very little hope that he will improve. There has been 0 proof in 5 years that he can reduce or eliminate the bizzare, looney a$$ plays that he makes on a consistent basis.

  44. Stanglassman Says:

    OJ did play major part in the last game. His illegal block stalled a important potentially game winning drive.

    When I listened to this podcast I thought his point that “We should all want Jameis to be successful. I don’t feel that. I don’t feel like [fans] want Jameis to be successful.” was salient and very sad.

  45. Allbuccedup Says:

    Deshaun Watson, Josh Allen, Carson Wentz, Russell Wilson, young quarterbacks in the playoffs and we are stuck with Jaymiss.

  46. Allbuccedup Says:

    I forgot about the mvp Lamar Jackson.

  47. Patrick Says:

    Any person with common sense knew that we had no running game going into the season!!

  48. Alanbucsfan Says:

    I don’t feel like [fans] want Jameis to be successful.”

    Sorry, Mr Beckles, but that is total BS

    Fans are tired of losing and too many times Jameis plays losing football.

    There is no successful football team on earth where the QB throws double the amount of acceptable interceptions – and he shows NO sign of improvement in that department.

  49. Stanglassman Says:

    What do all those teams have in common? They’re better teams than the Bucs this season. Good if not great defenses and production in their running games. Put that around Jameis and we will be their too. Go get some washed up vet /noodle arm or rookie and we’re years away again. Give Jameis one more year and continue developing the team.

  50. Bird Says:

    Thanks for the article logical joe .

    Yah. I was expecting an INT in overtime. Just not a pick six

  51. stpetebucsfan Says:


    May I respectfully disagree or perhaps I should say HALF disagree.

    The defense the final 8 games was not the same D that played the first 8,

    So you could take those first 8 games and provide all kinds of excuses for “Alibi Ike” Why stop with just the defense he had other legitimate reasons…horrible schedule…worst ever in fact…no running game…ROJO didn’t get 100 till the final game.

    But the last 8 our defense played at an incredibly high level as our young kiddie corps DB’s grew up and turned into absolute studs the final two games and our #1 pick got healthy and won back to back rookie of the month awards and counted for 14 points himself…OK before some wise guy points out with our kicker nothing was automatic so 13 points.

    And indeed the team’s record was improved at 5-3 but coulda shoulda been 7-1

    At the end our record came down to getting lucky and winning a coin toss…oh but our QB is not money for us….but other teams love him.

    When is the last time JW played well in money games. The year of the national title…next season he was humiliated against Oregon. Who had the ball come out of his hand without even being hit!

  52. Dave Says:

    Strange how nobody here acknowledges that our field goal kicker missed field goals that lost us 2 games and officials bad call that cost us another. Despite Winston’s 30 ints that gives Bucs a playoff 10-6 record. 10-6 with 30 interceptions. Bucs top 3 in offense and scoring without a running game and no defense first half of season.
    Better think twice before all you ‘experts’ run Winston out of town.

  53. Stanglassman Says:

    St. Pete Re:Jameis 2nd national champ game in a row. You can’t blame the game on him. The team was down 19 going into the 4th quarter. On that play He had 3 guys he alluded that were about to sack him then slipped and lost the ball. Once again down 19 trying to make something happen when his team was outplayed all night. It sounds too familiar. Lots of Qbs would played it safe and keep his stats looking good for the draft. No matter how slim the chance if Jameis thinks he can do something to help his team win he’ll do it personal stats be dammed. That’s one thing I love about the guy. I remember you were always a Mariota guy and never really liked Jameis.

    I don’t know about 8 games. The defense did play better down the stretch id put it more at 5/6 games. Unfortunately 3+ of those Jameis had to play with a broken bone in his right thumb and 2 without his top two WRs. Next year Jameis with another year in the system healthy with his top WRs and the defense playing well is worth trying.

    The guy deserves another year with BA and this system. Put the tag in the guy and let’s see what happens. Maybe you are right and he’ll play bad but I think it’s more likely that we have a winning season contend for the NFC South title and hopefully make the playoffs.

  54. T REX Says:

    Stan, you’ve been making excuses for Jameis for how many years? 6? Off the field stuff too, right? He was just a kid. You’ve been a Winston enabler. You’re one of the reasons he showed no remorse after his game ending pick 6. He thinks he’s balling because of loonies like you. Instead of holding him accountable, you make excuses for him. Thanks.

  55. Allbuccedup Says:

    All the young QBs in less than five years leading their teams to the playoffs and we are stuck with Jaymiss. The song remains the same if this team sticks with this guy the losing will continue. And by some miracle if they make the playoffs they will be elimnated after the first game after he throws 4 ints. They baby this guy and he still sucks. They didn’t sign Fitz because they didn’t want him looking over his shoulder. They don’t scold him when he makes a mistake they hugg him instead. This guys got it made there is no ramifications if he f___s up just praise.

  56. Mrs. Entertainment Says:

    Gotta hand it to two posters: SteveK and DefenseRules. Love the measured and thoughtful insights that your comments always provide. In response to Beckles’ notion that fans do not support Winston, I say, “thanks for the thrill ride but I’d like to get off.”

  57. Mrs. Entertainment Says:

    I do SUPPORT Jameis. And I will continue to support him — wherever he lands. I support him, for sure, but I support my team more.