“If I’m Jameis, I’m Asking For $30 Million Guaranteed”

January 15th, 2020

Yes, Jameis Winston is expected to scoff at the likely $27 million value of the 2020 franchise tag for quarterbacks.

He’s worth more, many folks think. And one would be longtime NFL insider for CBS, Prickly Pete Prisco.

Prisco isn’t celebrating the greatness of Jameis the quarterback, just the value of Jameis in the marketplace.

“If I’m Jameis, I’m asking for $30 million guaranteed money,” Prisco told WDAE radio. “Again, Dak Prescott’s probably going to get [$35 million annually]. The new CBA money is going to go up. What I’ve been saying all along is you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t with those guys. And Dak included [and] Jameis Winston. What if you do if don’t bring him back? If you’re the Bucs, what do you do?”

Prisco likes that “you won’t find better” argument and noted Jameis should improve in Year 2 in Bruce Arians’ offense.

Options like Josh Rosen, Philip Rivers, Marcus Mariota and not viable answers, Prisco said, though he suggested Cam Newton, if available, is someone the Bucs should prefer over Jameis.

Fixing Jameis is simple in theory, Prisco said, adding that Bucco Bruce Arians just “has to get him down from 30 [interceptions] to 15 or 16” while maintaining Jamies’ high touchdown totals.

Yeah, Pete. Piece of cake.

261 Responses to ““If I’m Jameis, I’m Asking For $30 Million Guaranteed””

  1. Robert Says:


    you could get 4 BETTER QB’s (combined) for that amount!!!!

  2. westernbuc Says:

    I don’t want to dedicate that much cap space to a guy that turns the ball over at a historically awful rate. If he was a running back or a wide receiver he’d be gone by now.

    If we pay him 30+ a year, that keeps us from resigning guys, like Godwin. It keeps us out of free agency.

    I’d rather keep the team together and get a value QB like Dalton.

  3. ATrain Says:



  4. AwShbucs Says:

    Majority of Bucs fans are idiots plain and simple. Every year I see them pining over players in the draft that turn out to be garbage but that doesnt stop them from think they have all the answers.

    Yup you got it Robert. Any QB in the league can throw for 5,109 yards and 33 touchdowns with no running game to speak of whilst getting sacked 50 times.

  5. bucfanforver Says:

    $30 million a year for Jameis is a steal. lock up up for 5 years at that. market rate for him in 2 years will be $40mil+

  6. BeaverSqueezer Says:

    Jamus couldn’t wash Prescott’s jock.

  7. mickman Says:

    @robert….really name them, i don’t think so. Bridgewater won’t get that kind of money nor the red rifle, certainly not tannejill or Marriotta. if you mean brady or bree’s they are going nowhere. but you said 4 so who are they?

  8. AwShbucs Says:


    Seems you’re part of the minority of Bucs fans that arent imbeciles.

    These guys really dont get that the cap continues to go up every year and that $30 million is roughly market value for QB’s in this day and age.

  9. bogiedr Says:


  10. Jaywill Says:

    Winston is better than Dak

  11. runnerdoc Says:


    You are absolutely right, idiots, plain and simple.

    You forgot “led the league in offensive penalties” and “a terrible defense against the score” and “management asked him to go for it because it’s the only chance the bucs had to win”

    Then, of course, management (other than the good cop offensive coordinator, as he an Arians played good cop bad cop in the press) blames it publicly on Jameis when it suited them.

    Of course, the player can say nothing (after 5 years of the same mismanagement, albeit somewhat improved late this year) to the press. Player has to stand up and be a good soldier. That’s the way the game works.

    Jameis will get his.

  12. Formerly Tampa 2 Says:

    I guess Jameis wants a million for every pic he has thrown. Hopefully, Arians is a little smarter than the Glazer boys and trades or lets him go. The defense has earned their money. And there will be a decent veteran to train a young one.

  13. BrianBucs Says:

    I hope I can stop laughing sometime tonight.

  14. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    Sure give him 30 million

    But deduct 500k for every INT

    Also give him 30 million but you better be ok with losing JPP

  15. Crabby Fan Says:

    I say give him 40 mil/yr including incentive clause for 1mil/yr deduction for every boneheaded turnover.

    Sounds fair to me…

    Go Bucs!!

  16. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    Offer the Bengals three #1’s for the #1 over all pick.

    This year’s 14th pick, next year’s #1 and OJ Howard.

    I’m a Jameis supporter but not at $30 Million guaranteed.

    BA will do wonders with Joe Burrows.

  17. Hamsadwitchtime Says:

    Sign him!

  18. Buccernutter Says:

    Lots of intelligent comments in here. 30 mil for jameis isn’t s***. He’s gonna get it too.

  19. SteveK Says:


    Now, now. No name calling. Jameis ain’t it! Sign the front 7. It’s clear to see they’re the worthy players.

    Wake up and smell the turnovers!

  20. Warrenfb12 Says:

    I’m not sure how people can’t see cam newton trending down. He’s not a good thrower and now he can’t run. I just don’t get it.

  21. BigMacAttack Says:

    Winston is not the future. Cut ties now and move one. Bridgewater made less than $8million and is much better than Shameis. Or let’s franchise the blind clown and aspire to go 8-8 for each of the next few years, have another staff change and …… drum roll……. EMPTY STADIUM!!! Yea let’s do it.

  22. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Franchise him……$27 is more than he is worth……this is exactly why there is a franchise tag…..

  23. Adrnagy Says:

    Joe article on Winston blows up quick.

  24. Craig Says:

    It is my greatest hope for the upcoming season, Jameis, or his agent, price their way out of the Tampa market.

    I had found myself on the fence during the win streak. Then Cappa started to block holes big enough for RoJo to see, the defense was humming along, and Jameis gave the last two games away.

    That set the fence I was sitting on on fire. I landed on the “Don’t come around here no more, Jameis” side. See’ya.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    It’s simple the qb market is what it is….. if you are trying to convince yourself theirs better then you probably should stay with what you got….get a dependable running game to cut down the turnovers and you left with a qb who can make the throws for this offense!!!!

  26. bucnut2 Says:

    The Bucs hold ALL the cards. Franchise tag Barrett, Transition Tag Winston. If another team makes him an offer we can match OR walk away and get two first round picks. With this approach we can keep the ENTIRE D in place, and deal with the QB position on terms favorable to us.

  27. TexBuc Says:

    Winston will be under center year

  28. Thisisouryear!!! Says:

    He won’t get 15 million as a free agent. Why on earth should we pay 30? This is ludicrous. The market isn’t there,
    Not enough teams after a starting quarterback plus one that leads the league in turnovers over the last 5 years and a history of off the field issues. The yards are from the best receiver combo in the league.

  29. ClodHopper Says:

    Someone else can pay the MSRP for the Edsel

  30. Buczilla Says:

    If it’s for one year I think that you almost have to do it in the hopes that Jameis can finally pull his head out of his a$$. There is precedent for quarterbacks improving in their second year with Arians. We just have to make sure that we cover our bases with a free agent qb as well as drafting one.

    My only caveat would be that if signing Jameis costs us the ability to sign Shaq, JPP, or extend Godwin, I couldn’t get rid of him fast enough.

  31. Mort Says:

    He has never even thrown 20 picks in a year and now all the sudden people think 30 is his normal? Y’all are nuts. He will be back at 15 to 18 or so next year. That’s a lot. You can still win with that. Pay the man!

  32. SirClicksAlot Says:

    Please stop this false narrative that the Bucs have to pick between paying Jameis and the D-line. We have 90 mil in cap space, more than enough to re-sign him and the top 4 FA- Shaq, Suh, JPP, and Nassib.

  33. mark2001 Says:

    Please demand that, Jameis. Make Arians and Licht say, “hit the road, jack”.

  34. Pewter power Says:

    In his defense it’s the first year the interceptions have been astronomical however he can scoff at $27 all his wants, if he doesnt sign the franchise tag he’ll lose money for that misplaced value.

    I would be fine with him making $35 annually but not base salary but incentives. $28-30 million is the starting point but Winston on typical fashion thinks he is better than he really is

  35. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Neither Dak nor Jameis getting $30 mil this year they will both be franchised

  36. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Robert this is why people defend Jameis Winston. Not because people think he is the greatest but because bean stains like you just spew bull spit at record pace. The level of idiocracy and football ignorance is insurmountable here at JBF.

  37. tkiv18 Says:

    Mike Glennon got $15 million in free agency… And Jameis won’t?

  38. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Enough is enough already. Forget $30M+ guaranteed; Here are the numbers that tell the tale:

    In 70 games over a 5 year career, JayMiss is 28-42 (.400).
    He has thrown 88 INT and fumbled 50 times losing 23.

    If these stats make him worth $30M+ guaranteed in a multi-year deal, I’m the King of Siam.

    Peace, out.

  39. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Since he now owns the NFL single season record for pick-6’s, I expect blind Joe to now call Jameis, America’s Quarterback Mr Entertainment Mr Pick-6 Jameis Winston. If you want more dubious records for buccaneers, then by all means lock him down long term at 30 million plus a year. I say offer him 2 million per game for every game he throws and/or runs for 3 touchdowns with no interceptions. Otherwise, you get league minimum for the game.

  40. mark2001 Says:

    Maybe you should stop clicking and start reading. Those guys you mentioned will get paid…but then we also have Godwin who is on his last year, Perriman and such. And other players. Might want to check it out…almost everyone that knows anything about our cap situation says it will be quite tight.

  41. SB Says:

    Franchise Tag him.
    Find a way to keep Barrett and JPP
    Draft a OL in the first unless BPA and get a RB in 2 or 3. Deeeeep RB class

  42. Bill Gootee Says:

    30 million for a QB who was directly responsible for 6 losses last year? Not a chance. Pete is high as a kite.

  43. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Bucnut2 Says:
    January 15th, 2020 at 6:40 pm
    The Bucs hold ALL the cards. Franchise tag Barrett, Transition Tag Winston. If another team makes him an offer we can match OR walk away and get two first round picks. With this approach we can keep the ENTIRE D in place, and deal with the QB position on terms favorable to us.

    The transition tag only gives us the rights to match the offer….it doesn’t come with draft picks if we decline…..only the non-exclusive franchise tag comes with that…..sorry.

  44. Thisisouryear!!! Says:

    It’s a completely different market than when Glennon was a free agent. Yes I think Jameis is a better QB then Glennon, but I don’t believe the market is there for him. Tell me who coughs up over 15 million for a quarterback that leads the league in turnovers over the last 5 years plus off the field issues. I do not see it happening. Plus if he’s available it’s because Bruce doesn’t think he’s worth bringing back. That means he’s about as valuable as Mariota.

    I think Mariota is better than Glennon and he’s only expected to bring 7 million.

  45. tkiv18 Says:

    Bill Gootee knows a thing or two about being high as a kite.

  46. mark2001 Says:

    Jameis gets thirty, and you can rent RJ out for Sunday Yoga classes, as a place of peace and quiet. I know FSU fans have nothing worth watching on Saturday afternoons. But why would they want to watch a clown show on Sundays, too? And since Jameis’s ultimate success assumes he can do something he hasn’t done in five years, which is to stop throwing the ball to the other team as much as you do touchdowns, and stay out of trouble long term, which could result in long term suspension or permanent suspension if things happens again. Only in Flori-duh.

  47. SB Says:

    Howdy TBBF. I think I get what you are saying.
    Can we Not use the non-exclusive Franchise And the Franchise.
    Or just a version if Non/ Franchise and the second being a transition. ?
    If that were the case I would say non exclusive on Shaq and transition on JW.
    ONLY way we let Shaq go is for two first rounders IMO

  48. Gambelero Says:

    No really safe options. Even the seemingly safe franchise tag isn’t safe. If Jameis has a great year, he might walk away. Back to back tags are one thing that definitely won’t be in new CBA. Or in the unlikely event he wants to stay, you’re looking at paying him $60-$80 million more than if you locked him up this year.

    If you do an extension now and he plays poorly, you might be stuck with dead money and a contract that haunts the franchise’s books for years.

  49. eric Says:

    igMacAttack Says:
    January 15th, 2020 at 6:25 pm
    Winston is not the future. Cut ties now and move one. Bridgewater made less than $8million and is much better than Shameis. Or let’s franchise the blind clown and aspire to go 8-8 for each of the next few years, have another staff change and …… drum roll……. EMPTY STADIUM!!! Yea let’s do it.

    your dumb AF! I bet you don’t even go to the games if you do its only when someone give you tickets! I pay 4K plus for club seat and if the QB is not JW3 I wont be renewing fake ass fan!

  50. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Prisco said the Bucs “should prefer Newton” over Jameis? That seems to be one of the worst options, in my opinion. It looked like Cam was totally shot when we played the Panthers last year.

  51. Rob Says:

    See you later ATM (America’s turnover machine). You check your sheet bro. I don’t care if you throw for 5000 yards but throw almost as many interceptions as touchdowns 33/30. We cannot win the Super Bowl with the ATM. Winston would get destroyed by a playoff defense and lose the game for the Bucs. He doesn’t care where he throws the ball or he would have cut down on the turnovers. He got worse and quit making excuses for him. As the ATM says, “Check your sheet”. I checked Jameis and I see 30, THIRTY, interceptions. And 7 pick sixes. Get out of here with your sheet. Go Bucs!

  52. Rod Munch Says:

    OK, great, thanks for your input.

  53. Pryda...Sec147 Says:

    Take the tag Jameis and next year get that super max deal with the new CBA

  54. SteveK Says:


    In the board game “Risk”, I’d always try and acquire Australia- stacking your defense in Siam!

    I share your sentiments. I own a Winston jersey- rooted like hell for the guy until the Uber suspension. At that point, I was willing to give him a second chance and his play had to do the talking/convincing to resign. So far, no dice. The good is outweighed by the bad, in all three phases: dashed hope for the fan base, more losses than wins, and more turnovers than touchdowns in 2019.

    In the contract year, he blew up. Bad and good. And it was good enough for a first class ticket to FA!

    We need a bargain salary at QB to compete. Pay: Shaq, JPP, Suh, Nassib and extend Godwin. That would be the smart/winning money. Send a message to the team! Chris Godwin is “ballin’l”, thus his shiny new contract.

  55. Adrnagy Says:

    Kinlaw with 1st.
    Sign Nunez 2m roches. Shaq. 15m Jpp. 13m .nassib. 8m. 38m. Very doable.

    Vita. Gholston. Kinlaw.nassib. Nunez.
    Jpp. Nelson. O’Connor. Shaq. White. Lvd. Minter. Cichy.

    Walk . Suh. Perriman.

  56. BigMacAttack Says:

    Eric I had season tickets for 15 years. Don’t take yourself so seriously. If you pay $4k for tickets, good for you. I sat in 310 and spent much less. I am impressed though. I bet you also lease a $50k BMW. Winston needs to go and if you go with him, you won’t be missed.

  57. BigMacAttack Says:

    Yes and after leaving Ray Jay after losing year after year after year, I told them to stick their tickets, as many other long time ticket holders did.

  58. SteveK Says:


    Where is the winning? How was BigMacAttack wrong?

    Enough with the lashing out in anger. You’re an apologist and we understand.

    Jameis is a turnover machine. Wake up
    And smell the turnovers.

    Biggest contributors in winning and losing ball games:
    1. Points
    2. Turnover Margin
    3. field Position

    Jameis averaged 28+ ppg. Jameis’ opposing defenses averaged 7.5 ppg off his turnovers. That is a net of 21ppg.

    Turnovers: 35 by Jameis. 34 touchdowns.

    Field position: not counting the 7 pick 6’s, think about all of the early
    Drive/early game picks and the flip-flopping of field position.

    I hope all the fans can agree to disagree and stop name calling.

  59. BigMacAttack Says:

    Eric, I’m sure you can look up when I left. There’s plenty there. I’ve only been reading and posting on this site since the first week Joe started it.

  60. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    $30 million is a deal.

    However…I would take Dak Prescott over Winston in a heartbeat.

  61. SteveK Says:


    I enjoy reading your posts. Sorry for the hate. I’ve read your stuff on here and PR. You’re level headed.

    And, good for you for no longer spending money on tickets if they choose to

    I wish all Buc fans could that the turnovers are killing us.

  62. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I remember when Warren Sapp said that if the offense scored 14 points per game, the defense would make sure they won.

    so 28 points per game looks awfully good, especially since just 2-3 years ago the average in the NFL was under 23 points per game.

  63. BigMacAttack Says:

    Eric, I dvr’d most of the games this year because I found that working on Sunday is something I missed doing.

  64. Defense Rules Says:

    Still trust that BA will make the best decision for the Bucs, BUT … I don’t think that I like using the franchise tag or transition tag in cases like this. IF BA decides that Jameis is the future … offer him what we can afford & STILL build a winning team. After that, the choice is HIS whether he stays or goes.

    The TEAM comes first. We KNOW that Jameis can’t win without a strong defense. We also KNOW that Jameis needs a decent running game to be effective (yes, to help him keep passing attempts reasonable & thus limit turnovers). We also KNOW that he needs quality receivers to make this passing attack work. Guess what: all of that COSTS MONEY. Money that won’t be available IF we continue to overpay players.

    Personally don’t want key players on the Bucs who are unhappy being here. Jameis has already indicated that he wouldn’t be happy playing for franchise tag money ($27 mil). Personally, that’s not the type of attitude that we should promote in our TEAM leaders. Jameis’ agent has gotten into his head me thinks. He needs to be reminded that the Bucs have surrounded him with solid pass protection & quality receiving weapons … weapons that provided him with 1,873 Yards After the Catch (YAC), almost 37% of his 5,109 passing yards total. It’s a TEAM game, and no player is above that.

  65. Man of Constant Sorrow Says:

    Non exclusive tag @$27mil ….period.
    If another team makes a better offer then let him walk and we’ll receive 2 first rounds picks for compensation. Enough to make a play for Burrows.

  66. BigMacAttack Says:

    You too SteveK. You’ve been around a long time too. I like to joke around and have fun. If I can at least crack myself up, I’m happy. I love the Joes, they’ve come so far. Hard work pays off.

  67. tkiv18 Says:

    Neither Glennon nor Mariota are starters in the league, so there’s no debate that Jameis has more value than either. The money Jameis might get on the open market would assuredly be more than Glennon or Mariota (or even Rivers, Manning, Dalton, Flacco, etc.) Regardless of any of that, how can we even have a legitimate conversation about Jameis’ worth when we have people suggesting he earn league minimum unless he throws 3 or more TD’s a game…? Or that he’s docked $500k for every INT he throws… They’re not realistic, rational suggestions.

    I’d love to see Jameis take a (more) team friendly deal because he still has something to prove and it would allow the team to allocate more funds to other areas of the roster, but I’m only talking about a few million. And that’s my fan hope/opinion. I want the Bucs to win, not just Jameis. But even with the turnovers, we’re still talking about the NFL yardage leader on a top 3 offense. He’s going to get paid.

  68. Ndog Says:

    Man it’s going to be crazy on this board next year when Jameis returns to Tampa next year with his new team to play in the Superbowl. Wow that is going to be nuts.

  69. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I guarantee Winston would get $30m on the open market.

    The haters won’t admit it because they have their agenda, but watch how they shut up when he gets it…if he leaves, which I do not believe is going to happen.

    Bucs will offer him a contract and if he does not accept it, they will franchise him, and it does not matter if anyone here agrees or disagrees with it. It will happen regardless.

  70. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Ndog Says
    “Man it’s going to be crazy on this board next year when Jameis returns to Tampa next year with his new team to play in the Superbowl. Wow that is going to be nuts.”

    Would be nuts if we went with him as our QB next year…and had home field advantage!

  71. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Here is what I understand…(and I think I’m correct)

    This year only teams can use the transition tag in addition to only one of the franchise tags.

    The transition tag is the average of the top 10 at the position…..QB that would be a bit over $23 million…….with that you get the opportunity to match offers….if you don’t match…..you get nothing and he is gone.

    The exclusive franchise tag is the top 5 salaries….about $27 mil…..with that….he stays and cannot test the market.

    The non-exclusive tag is also the top 5 salaries but he can test the market….the Bucs can match an offer but if they choose not to….they receive 2 1st round picks.

    I have been suggesting the transition tag for Jameis…$23 mil….with the expectation that another team will not exceed that…..but if they do, we can match.

    If they want to keep Winston, they may not want to gamble and may go for the non-exclusive franchise tag.

    That would leave only the transition tag option open for Shaq or a negotiated contract.

    Say what you will about Licht….but he certainly has his work cut out for him this year.

  72. Rob Says:

    Check your sheet ATM, and check out the empty seats because of your picks and carelessness in regards to protecting the football. I was at the last game you threw away. Not one person in the stadium, or those watching you on television, were surprised you gave the game away with your 7th pick sick of the season. And you did it in spectacular fashion with your first pass in overtime. Yeah, I know our kicker sucks but what’s new? Take care of the damn football and you would be insanely rich bro. Go Bucs!

  73. SirClicksAlot Says:

    Mark, you should stay in 2001; it’s a safe space where the defense is so good, qb didn’t matter. Today we have a gunslinger that feeds two of the league’s best receivers to lead the NFL in passing yards.

    INTs can be fixed, and there are ways to limit these by rushing more effectively, reduce line penalties, and reduce the sacks given up. For $30 mil (he’ll probably end up taking less), we got one problem to fix with multiple ways to get it done. The alternative is finding a solution that can limit INTs, be explosive, prolific, and red zone efficient in passing for less- not gonna happen.

    90 mil
    JW -30
    Shaq- 17
    JPP- 11
    Suh- 7
    Nassib- 9
    Perriman- 0- we don’t need the luxury

    16 mil left to sign rookies and other teams’ free agents. These numbers are based on Sportrac info. There are also a handful of other contracts that could renegotiated or cut to add space. We have plenty of space; I’m more interested in who we might be able to get at RB, S or OL than our own FAs.

  74. SB Says:

    Yes Sir TBBF.
    We will certainly find out.

  75. BigMacAttack Says:

    Eric, riddle me this. Jameis wears glasses. He’s nearsighted and I am too. I’ve been told that he will not wear contacts when he plays. If this is true, it explains a lot. If it is true that he won’t wear them, that’s all the more reason to cut him loose because it’s a blatant disregard for his team and his teammates that leave it on the field every week, while he literally throws it away. The Bucs don’t need a great QB. They need a good QB that doesn’t repeatedly make the same mistakes. They need to retain that D line, draft and OT RB, and keep building the team. Brad Johnson was not a great QB. Trent Dilfer was worse but both won Championships because they were on great teams and did their jobs. Winston doesn’t do his job of protecting the ball. I would still make a play to bring in Drew Brees for $35 million. That should get your $4k feathers ruffled. And that’s all I have to say about that.

  76. jerseybuc Says:

    Just for reference to all the big Jameis fans, most of whom probably haven’t gone to a Buc game in years. Wilson, Rodgers and Mahomes all had 5 or less INTs all year.
    They are, for those not aware, in the playoffs.

    Our guy, number 3, matched those numbers not once but TWICE in single games this year. Both of those were winnable games if he didn’t play like Benedict Arnold and help the other side win the game.
    I hope someone gives Winston $30 million next year. But not us. I have seen enough, he cannot shake the bad decisions, and there are only so many possessions per game. Been a Buc fan since very first day in 76…. I can’t wait to see a new QB, five years of this nonsense is enough. Go Bucs.

  77. Defense Rules Says:

    @SirClicksALot … “Please stop this false narrative that the Bucs have to pick between paying Jameis and the D-line. We have 90 mil in cap space, more than enough to re-sign him and the top 4 FA- Shaq, Suh, JPP, and Nassib.”

    Sorry, but YOU’RE the one spewing the false narrative. Just to make a statement like that tells me that you have no idea where the Bucs REALLY sit in relation to their salary Cap this year. The Cap space number that you quoted ($90 mil) is totally IRRELEVANT at this point in the 2020 season. Do you even know how many players under contract that represents at the present moment? Any clue how many of those will make the final 53-man roster? Any idea how much of our salary Cap will be ‘allocated’ to this ‘strong defense’ that BA speaks of? How much to the offense? Do you intend to bring back Perriman? If so, for how much? Do you intend to do a new contract for Godwin? If so, for how much on that one? (Hint: that’s just the START of the questions that Bucs’ management is having to sort through at the moment to BUILD A TEAM THAT CAN WIN.

  78. Adrnagy Says:

    Joe burrow smoking cigars. Taking cash is not a big deal for his character right?

    But if it’s Jameis doing wrong … the whole world comes down on him.

  79. SB Says:

    Stop making so much sense DR.
    That is not allowed at this time of Year.

  80. SB Says:

    Lol Adrnagy. Racist much?

  81. Pewter power Says:

    For you that dont know the NFL rules….

    Under the franchise tag, a team that declines to match the offer gets two first-round draft picks as compensation. Under the transition tag, the team that loses the player gets no compensation.

    Transition isn’t a wide option for Winston or barrett. Barrett will get paid before free agency arrives anyway so dont know why it keeps getting mentioned. Winston will get franchise tag to see how he does in year 2.

  82. Jonzey Says:

    We need to sign Winston, Suh, SB, JPP, and Franchise Godwin

  83. AwShbucs Says:


    When the bucs start the season off blazing hot next season and win a bunch of games, the fans will come back.

    Winning is a cure-all for an apathetic fanbase.

  84. Serge Says:

    It is fun to watch Jameis play, win or lose, every game keeps you on the edge. Arians will make the call and whatever it is I’m ok with it.

  85. SB Says:

    @ Pewter.
    I think it makes more sense to Franchise Barrett than Winston.
    I think we are bidding against ourselves with Winston. Transition would make more sense there. Im just a carpenter though.

  86. MadMax Says:



    so tired of this

  87. mark2001 Says:

    CClicker… D R explained it very well. And further, every expert that looks at our situation and the cap says we have tough choices to be made. And BTW… you just cast aside Perriman that way? I’d love to find a way to keep him here. But you know more right? LOL..typical Flori-duh.

  88. mark2001 Says:

    AW…same old mantra.. the Bucs will win a bunch of games next year and the fans will come back. Funny…that is a far cry from our home record the last few years. And the same thing we hear every year. But hope springs eternal… just like the hope Jameis can cut his Ints. in half. Lol.

  89. Ndog Says:

    Man I want him to take a discount to but at the same time he is human and he has been getting trashed in this town since day one. He has been given very little chance to complete with this team year consistently blamed for everything. He’s probably saying to himself if I’m going to stay there and still have to deal with that crap then you better damn well believe I’m going to get paid. Like it or not that’s probably how he feels to a certain extent.

  90. mark2001 Says:

    I trust in Arians…and seems Jameis might make this thing easy for him.

  91. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Thanks for showing me Prisco doesn’t follow the NFC South. His opinion is worthless after a statement like this…

    “Cam Newton, if available, is someone the Bucs should prefer over Jameis.”

    I’m hardly confused as a “Blameless” jock sniffer…and I did actually respect Cam’s talent if not his personality. But in 2020 I gotta take “Blameless” over Cam and his broken down body and seeming loss of interest in the game.

    In his prime…yeah Cam was much better than “Blameless” because he’s larger and a far better athlete.

  92. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Defense he led the league in passing with no running game, a bad defense the first half of the year and averaged over 300 yards per game without his top two recievers the last three games of the year. So basically he can be extremely effective without any of the things you claim he has to have to be effective. Give him all of what you say he needs and this team wins 12-13 games with him as the QB.

  93. MadMax Says:


    You can have the best D and O line…whats he gonna do? THROW AN INT.


  94. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Hopefully Jameis doesn’t read the message boards, Ndog.

  95. LaMarcus Says:

    Here. Let me help out the Glazers. 6 years 200 million guaranteed with 10 dollars incentives

    Please do this and help run off all these JW hating crybabies

  96. SB Says:

    Franchise Tag him.
    Find a way to keep Barrett and JPP
    Draft a OL in the first unless BPA and get a RB in 2 or 3. Deeeeep RB class.
    Oh no Ndog just saw me want to franchise JW

  97. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Prisco did lose some credibility (if not all) with the Cam comment.

  98. BucsSuperbowlChamps2020 Says:

    As said previously if you were to lock him up for a longer term deal at 30 million annually he would be a steal in two years. A lot of people are gonna overlook the facts regarding Winston sure the dude turns it over a lot and it has to go down any Winston supporter would say that the turnovers need to stop but there is also a lot of contributing factors to the turnovers that are overlooked.

    1.Imagine if the man had an offensive line that could not get him sacked all the time and could actually run block so the man doesn’t have it in his hands 40 times a game.
    2.Or think about how many of the turnovers weren’t on him receivers dropping/popping up the ball wrong routes getting hit while throwing etc. just to compare back when Jamies had twenty interceptions Bruce said at least half weren’t on him so I’m sure that number increased as the interceptions increased
    3.Or the fact that every quarterback who has played in Bruce Arians’s offense the first year has had a large amount of interceptions and then it’s cut down drastically the next year.
    4. Or maybe in the last two weeks of the season when people got super critical of him forget how his kicker failed to finish the game against the falcons or how he was playing with scrubs in his receiving Corps or how he literally was playing with a broken bone in his throwing hand.

    People may read this and just say these are excuses but these are absolute facts and it would be a mistake to not keep Winston even the biggest Winston haters have to see the obvious talent if these setbacks listed above are improved upon and fixed he will be the QB we have all been waiting for in Tampa bay.

  99. SB Says:

    I agree Joe in Mich.

  100. gotbbucs Says:

    Again, why is 15 or 16 interceptions going to be acceptable for a QB making elite money? Elite QB’s throw less than 10 a year.
    What in Winston’s past suggests that he will improve in the dumb decision/turnover debate? He has better skill players than any QB in the league at his disposal, and still he can’t get on the same page with them.

    For the record, no I do not believe the Winston is the only reason why this team has not been able to get over the hump the past five years, but this year when the defense was obviously playing well and the running game was starting to come around, still Winston couldn’t get out of his own way and in fact got worse in the turnover department.

    A clean split would be best for both parties. This team can lose just fine without him, but will more than likely take the next step forward when he’s gone. Much like the need to remove Gerald “Icecream Man” McCoy from the roster last year.

  101. GoldBoy Says:

    Bottom line, we don’t win with Jamoist under center. Even when he doesn’t throw 30 interceptions. It’s not necessarily the amount, it’s the terrible timing of them. Game on the line, Winston drops back, and it’s intercepted. 5 years is plenty of time to endure a busted first overall pick. He was supposed to lead by example and get us back to the playoffs. I’m tired of waiting. Next!

  102. James Walker Says:

    Let’s sign the other QB that threw 30TDs and 5000 yards last season.

  103. eric Says:

    Look my point is this I’m not willing to go through another 5 year plan, one more year for JW3 in the same system with hopefully a better use of the talent! How is OJ not a big part of the offense when are we going to get a consistent running game? The defense came alone should be no excuses next year a slow start by the defense should be u acceptable!


    GO BUCS!

  104. Adam Lakers Carolla Says:

    I’m with @mickman

    Name the 4 starters the Bucs can get for less than Jaboowins Big Shot Bob. He will set the league on fire in 2020.

  105. MadMax Says:


    We fked up, got a bad one, oh well….like we’ve never moved on before from a bad choice.

  106. BigMacAttack Says:

    The Bucs won’t miss Jameis just like they don’t miss GMC. Look at the teams still playing right now. The Bucs could and show have beat the Titans and the 49’rs. This team is close now that Bowles has the defense coming around. They don’t need much but they do need better blocking or more consistent blocking, they do need a really good running back, and they definitely need a quarterback who can do the job and not continuously turn the bell over. As for kicker, I don’t know because nothing seems to work out there. I guess just stop kicking it. Go for 2 and if you get it 50% of the time you’re doing better. Go for it on 4’th downs inside the 40 and don’t have a kicker. Spend the roster spot and money somewhere else 😂

  107. Troy Says:

    It’s funny how your a hater if you refuse to sign Winston for a ridiculous amount of that he doesn’t deserve. I don’t hate Jameis. I just think history has proven that he can’t win in this league. I don’t care about the yards, the interceptions, all the other statistical nonsense everyone tries to bring up to shade things to their point of view. The bottom line is that Winston doesn’t win enough games. All the excuses about defense, run game, O-line don’t matter. He’s doesn’t win and I don’t think he’ll ever win. I have 5 years of history to support my position. Paying a player $30 mil a year that can’t win is insanity. Signing him as anything more than a backup is questionable.

  108. MadMax Says:


  109. Ndog Says:

    Guys can we take a step back for a moment. Please look at these names below.

    Andy Dalton
    Teddy Bridgewater
    Phillip Rivers
    Jordan Love
    Joe Flacco
    Ryan Tannehill
    Cam Newton

    Listen guys I know you hate Jameis but honestly do you really believe in your sole that any of those names above are worth giving up on a 26 year old QB who just threw for over 5,000 yards 33 TDs and yes 30 INTs? We have put in 5 years he was OUR #1 overall pick, we have seen him grow up, get his life together, be a great member of our community and work as hard as anyone. It is not about just getting a guy it’s about us finally having OUR guy and we are sooooooo close. Now ask yourself again are any of those guys above worth giving up on that chance for us the fans of The Tampa Bay Buccaneers to have OUR OWN GUY like the Packers fans, Colts fans, Broncos fans, etc… have experienced?

  110. MadMax Says:

    its spelled “SOUL”…..holy jit im not one to take it to people on grammar but dang dude, thats a hard one to get wrong……sole vs. SOUL…..now i’ll read the rest of your post….sorry everyone, smdh

  111. Ndog Says:

    Madmax this video says you are not being truthful my friend.


  112. BrianBucs Says:

    The very best thing that could happen for the Bucs in this situation would be for Winston and his agent to price him out of the Bucs price range and him go to some other desperate, stupid QB needy team, where he could again disappoint and cost another coach his job.
    Then, the Bucs could keep their front 7 and sign a cheaper QB who doesn’t turn the ball over and cost the team games

  113. Ndog Says:

    My bad max missed that as I was more into my thoughts, good catch.

  114. Aaron Says:

    I think 15 interceptions is acceptable when he’s going to throw 600x and lead the league in air yards per attempt.

    If you want him for 1more year – I wouldn’t transition him…even if the contract is reasonable it would be for multiple years…

    The issue we have is time…this all happens in March..if Barret wants $25m a year…then we may need to sign Winston to a 1yr contract with large salary increases in year 2 and 3…not guaranteed…but a work around so we can use the franchise tag on barret…

  115. MadMax Says:


    Im sorry you cant handle it…..but we’re moving on bro. Hope you climb aboard and support our new QB, whether it be a rookies sitting behind an aging Vet or just supporting a Vet. BUCS FIRST! TEAM FIRST!

  116. #1 BUCFAN Says:

    I don’t like giving 30 mill. To any player unless you can say 30 mill when we get to playoffs.. a guarantee of 30 M then gets hurt and out for season, NOT GOOD. 30M with incentives OK then if he’s hurt, he ends up with a portion. Franchise him for 27M. he’s pissed and may not play to potential. Screwed if they do screwed if they dont.

  117. JimmyJack Says:

    30M if they lock him up long term is actually a very affordable deal. Just get it a year from now and QBs will be pushing 40……That will not be the time we wanna be negotiating. Sign him now while the gettins good!!!

    GO BUCS!!!

  118. Thisisouryear!!! Says:


    Yes. I think Jameis big problem is between his ears. Who starts like that game after game? It was disgusting listening to every announcer laugh at us before during and after every game. The comments after the final pick 6 the perfect ending.

  119. Pete Mitchell Says:

    Watch us let him go and Tennessee scoop him up!

    He’s sooooo much better than Tannehill.

    Dude would have it made.

  120. Mike Johnson Says:

    OK//30 mil after the franchise tag this yr. Make or break Jameis. Perform? Get the money and long term contract. Perform not? And go elsewhere as a career backup. That’s more than fair in my book.

  121. JimmyJack Says:

    NDog what if you add Luck to that list. I say that changes things. Also Don’t leave out the possibility of a trade. Oh and you left two future HOFs off your list that could become possibilities.

  122. LaMarcus Says:

    Mad max

    So u think any one could have 5000 yards because of our recievers? Hahaha

    Only 6 qbs have done it 8 times in 100 years!

  123. Thisisouryear!!! Says:

    Fitz and Jameis did it last year w the same receivers.

  124. Ndog Says:

    Well JimmyJack Luck is retired and even if he comes back you have to pay him AND give up draft picks as he is property of the Colts. Plus he is not that different than Jameis, other than he has been hurt way more often, please refer to the FACTS below:

    Both QBs in their first four years in the league:

    Games started: 55
    Attempts: 2,106
    Comp%: 57.8
    Yards: 14,838
    TDs: 101
    Rushing TDs:12
    Total TDs: 113
    INTs: 55
    Fumbles: 24
    Total TOs: 79

    Games started: 54
    Attempts: 1,922
    Comp%: 61.6
    Yards: 14,628
    TDs: 88
    Rushing TDs: 9
    Total TDs: 97
    INTs: 58
    Fumbles: 22
    Total TOs: 80

    The other two guys seriously you would give up a chance on a long time franchise QB for a 1 or 2 year stop gap? Really?

  125. Thisisouryear!!! Says:

    I totally would take another on the list esp since they get to work w the best qb coach of all time.

  126. MadMax Says:

    Marcus, you silly…..how hard were those catches? Many of them. And some planned because……But did you watch the games thoroughly, i mean the tape afterwards bro…its clearly there.

  127. Ndog Says:

    And BTW I truly believe it would cripple this franchise if he did leave and went onto wild success elsewhere. That would firmly entrench us as the worse organization in football to play for, hands down.

    Bo Jackson
    Steve Young
    Doug Williams
    Aquib Talib
    Lagrette Blount
    Michael Bennett
    Then to put it over the top Jameis Winston

  128. Thisisouryear!!! Says:

    No way!!!

  129. Jameishas2go Says:

    I think we get to attached to draft picks and potential.

    Ask yourself this question:

    If you THINK Jameis will cut the turnovers in half, that means Jameis is going to either work harder at it or Be smarter with the football.

    Has Jameis not worked hard in these 5 years?

    How many stories have we read where he is studying his play book backwards and forward and he is so smart?

    Because if you THINK that he will have to do those things, then he will have to WORK HARDED THEN HE ALREADY DOES, OR HE WILL HAVE TO BECOME SMARTER THAN PEOPLE ALREADY SAY HE IS.

    Is that possible?

    If you don’t have the hand eye coordination necessary to play a sport, doesn’t matter how smart you are or how hard you work you don’t have the skills to pull it off.

    Jameis cannot produce consistently because he is missing those skills necessary to do so and he can work as hard as he wants, and watch as much film as he wants, the bottom line is he will not become the player we want him to be if he doesn’t have that little something to be consistent.

    Wishing it so, and thinking it so, doesn’t make it so.

  130. Jameishas2go Says:

    Move on, and quit the darn hand wringing about this decision.

  131. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Mike do you really think the guy that just led the league in yards and top 3 in offense and TD passes is headed down the path of a career back up? No of course you don’t really believe that. You just don’t like Winston and hope that is the case. You know deep down that isn’t going to happen but you tell yourself that because that is what you hoping for. It is ok, just say you hope he fails because you don’t like him. When you say stupid stuff like he is a career backup is when you sound dumb!

  132. Thisisouryear!!! Says:

    I agree and put the fan base out of their misery in multiple ways.

  133. JimmyJack Says:

    Oh I didn’t know Luck still belongs to Colts if he comes back. They probably wouldn’t even trade him.

    And no. I would not take them old guys I would keep Winston. But I would definitely give it a good thought……But the decision is Bruces. I wouldn’t put it out of the realm of possibility is he makes a play for one of them if avialable. Don’t think he will but think it’s worth discussion.

    Also could see Bruce liking Rivers. Eli Manning is going under the radar too. I bet he still got something left in the tank.

  134. Thisisouryear!!! Says:


    Have you not kicked the couch wit the rest of us because Jameis has to start off w an int or a pick 6. It’s a hurdle between his ears. He works extremely hard and has all the physical abilities just does not have the mental game. That’s why he’s not a starter at this level IMO.

  135. Thisisouryear!!! Says:

    Our team has thrown for over 5000 years two years in a row and a traveling qb started 6 games. It’s the receivers not the qb.

  136. tickrdr Says:

    Didn’t Luck play for 6 seasons?
    What happened in his 5th and 6th seasons?
    Didn’t Luck throw for 40 TDs (6.5%) and only 16 INTs (2.6%) in his 3rd season?
    Didn’t JW3 throw for 19 TDs (4.3%) and 11 INTs (2.5%) in his 3rd season?
    Didn’t Luck play in only 7 games in his 4th season, because he was INJURED?
    Didn’t Luck have 31 TDs (5.7%) and only 13 INTs (2.4%) in his 5th season.
    Didn’t Jameis just complete his 5th season this past season?
    Didn’t Luck have 39 TDs (6.1%) and only 15 INTs (2.3%) in his 6th season?
    Which season (any of the 5) compares favorably with Andrew Luck?


  137. Ndog Says:

    Mad you are just not being honest with yourself. There about 5-10 great catches this year the rest were thrown perfectly. The tape don’t lie man, just the ones listed below to name a few.

    Deep shot vs Rams
    TD throw to Brate with Talib all over him
    Deep shot vs Colts to Evans TD
    Perfect back shoulder throw to Perriman for the game winning TD vs Colts
    Deep shot vs Lions to Perriman TD
    Deep shot vs Lions to Miller TD
    Deep shot vs Lions Perriman TD
    Deep shot vs Panthers to Evans
    TD vs Panthers to Godwin
    First TD vs Giants to Evans
    Second TD vs Giants to Evans
    Deep ball vs Giants to Evans
    TD throw to Godwin at Saints
    TD to Evans while under pressure rolling out to Evans at Tenn.
    TD to Evans on a perfect fade route vs Tenn.
    TD to Evans at Seattle while scrambling to his left perfect throw low and away from the defense for a TD
    Perfection on a throw to Godwin on a deep TD at Falcons
    Ridiculous tight throw vs Houston for a TD to Watson

  138. BucsFan81 Says:

    I would give him 30 plus million but in the contract I would put he has to pay the bucs organization 1 million for every interception he throws. That way if he continues to turn the ball over then we are covered. I bet he gets his interceptions down when it’s start costing him money.

  139. Ndog Says:

    tickrdr that is why I did number of games so it was apples to apples.

  140. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Everybody is throwing out numbers….so I will too.

    Since 2005:

    Teams that are +1 in turnover differential win the game 68% of the time.
    Teams that are +2 in turnover differential win the game 76% of the time.
    Teams that are +3 in turnover differential win the game 88% of the time.
    Teams that are +4 (or higher) in turnover differential win 96% of the time.

    Since 2015 (when Winston was drafted) the Bucs TO/Diff’s are:

    2015: -5. Bucs record 6-10
    2016: +2. Bucs record 9-7
    2017: -1. Bucs record 5-11
    2018: -18 Bucs record 5-11
    2019: -13 Bucs record 7-9

    So the only year we had a winning record was when we had a POSITIVE turnover differential. When your QB throws INTs at an alarming rate like Jameis does, you are not going to win the turnover battle, and you are not going to have a winning record. PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

    Why in the hell would we pay a QB $30mil a year for an average of 6 wins per season?

  141. Joe D Says:


  142. Ndog Says:

    Here you go JimmyJack, since you asked for it.

    Threw 5 years Luck:
    Yards: 16,719
    Passing TDs: 116
    INTs: 67

    Threw 5 years Jameis:
    Yards: 19,737
    Passing TDs: 121
    INTs: 88

  143. LaMarcus Says:

    Might as well trade for a qb that dont throws picks. Maybe a guy that’s sitting on his couch that just threw for 5109 33 tuddys with about 2 picks. We will get him for 20 million because yes the cap room. We have some certified accounts here on JBF that can tell you how to spend it and who gets what from a base called stats.

    I think we have Marvin Harrison, TO, Moss, Jerry rice they yall say it makes a qb.

  144. LaMarcus Says:

    Why cant the Bucs get a turnover? Its every now and then. Always then and there.

  145. SteveK Says:

    Guess who Jameis’ third leading touchdown receiver is?

    I’ll give you a hint, they don’t wear a Buccaneers Uniform. That’s right, more touchdowns that turnovers, and 7 pick 6’s- a new record.

  146. SteveK Says:


    Imagine if other QBs could throw 30 picks and not get benched? It’s a Buc’s Life!

  147. Ndog Says:

    Jeagan1999 because contrary to what you are told all those TOs are not only on the QB. I know you don’t want to believe that but it is simply true. Other players make mistakes too, situations create more opportunities for TOs like penalities, being one dimensional (sound familiar) and injuries. Yes TOs kill teams but the folks that repeat that over and over and over again simply are blaming one person when in reality it is way deeper than that.

  148. LaMarcus Says:

    We only had 12 ints. NE Patriots had 25 ints. Wow. Saints had 20

  149. JimmyJack Says:

    NDog I Don’t care about them stats……..What would Luck have done on our team in week 17 in OT with the ball in his hands? If the answer is throw a pick first play then keep Winston.

    If the answer is drive the ball then we might win more games with Luck.

  150. tickrdr Says:

    Oh, is THAT what you intended?
    They now have both completed FIVE seasons. Why don’t you compare and contrast their 5th seasons?
    Then you can tell us how Jameis will do even better in this, his 6th season.

    Maybe you can even enlighten us just exactly HOW Jameis plans to cut his INTs in half, while maintaining productivity (TD% >5.0 and TD/INT ratio >2:1). Others can feel free to chime in as well.

    And before you tell me all about Carson Palmer, please remember that Palmer had already had two seasons in the league with TD/INT ratios > 2:1 before Arizona, and JW3 has never had even one season close to that minimum.


  151. Ndog Says:

    SteveK imagine being a QB and knowing that you playing perfect football is the only possible way to win football games for pretty much a five year period in the NFL.

  152. Ndog Says:

    No JimmyJack the answer is he would have been hurt.

  153. SteveK Says:


    The QB committed more turnovers than touchdowns. That, by and large is the problem. Turnover margin is second to points and then field position thereafter.

  154. Ndog Says:

    Here you go JimmyJack

    Ndog Says:
    January 15th, 2020 at 9:27 pm
    Here you go JimmyJack, since you asked for it.

    Threw 5 years Luck:
    Yards: 16,719
    Passing TDs: 116
    INTs: 67

    Threw 5 years Jameis:
    Yards: 19,737
    Passing TDs: 121
    INTs: 88

  155. SteveK Says:


    Fitzmagic won games.

    This team can win. It’s the turnovers committed by the QB. Inefficient football at its finest. Everyone gets a biscuit, the offense and the defense!

  156. Defense Rules Says:

    @TDTB … “Give him all of what you say he needs and this team wins 12-13 games with him as the QB.” Oh wow, so many still don’t get it. This year Jameis made $21 mil and we couldn’t afford a decent running game to support him. We had one of the least costly defenses in the NFL thanks to a bunch of youngsters on their 1st contract AND some critical FAs on 1-year contracts … that are now due IF we expect a strong defense this year.

    Guys like JPP, Suh, Barrett, Nassib, Perriman (IF we can afford to keep him) ALL expect a BUNCH more money than they made last year (I’d estimate that about $25-$30 mil MORE MIGHT do it). Now add in Jameis making say $5-$10 mil MORE and voila … all you have to do is come up with ANOTHER $30-$40 mil OVER what we spent last year and we’re good.

    Did I mention that when last season started the Bucs had ZERO Cap space left? So those ‘little increases’ that you’re talking about would put us about $30-$40 mil IN THE HOLE salary Cap-wise. The problem TDTB is that Bucs can’t afford a $30 mil-plus Winston AND also afford the ‘support’ that he NEEDS to win. He’s not a ‘force multiplier’ like some QBs are (Wilson, Rodgers, Brees) who can ‘get by’ with just average talent around him. (And even they struggle to do that). Jameis is pricing HIMSELF out of contention for the Bucs’ starting job.

  157. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Ndog…..of course other players make mistakes….nobody said they don’t. But remind me again, which QB has the MOST TURNOVERS since 2015???


  158. JimmyJack Says:

    It is not fair to discount turnovers saying others make mistakes. If you want to do that and be genuinine and fair then you have to be totally transparent. You must also include every bad pass that should have been picked but the play wasn’t made by the defense.

    At the end of the day you have to be better then your opponent. Turnovers happen to the opponent too that aren’t their faults. They also get away with bad passes too……..Twist it and turn it any which way you want but we all know that no matter how you dice it Winston makes more mistakes then his opponents. That’s a bottom line and thats a fact.

  159. Ndog Says:

    SteveK no he didn’t, I’m sorry I don’t count a snap off the QBs face a TO on him, or a TE putting the ball behind his back on him, or the TE batting the ball up in the air to get picked or a WR not even turning around for the ball to get picked on the QB. I look at reality of what happened and don’t just repeat the same line over and over. I actually believe in context.

  160. JimmyJack Says:

    It’s high time to knock off the nonsense. Winston has to limit his bad plays. Everybody knows it. Just stop being dumb about it like it aren’t a real problem. It’s very real stop pretending.

    Even the biggest staunchest Winston supporters say so. All except you who likes to himself and us in the process.

  161. tickrdr Says:


    I have developed immense respect for your posts. Kudos to you, sir!


  162. Ndog Says:

    Jeagan1999 remind me who has had a horrible running game, defense and kicking game over the past five years?

    What had been the only part of our team that has given us a chance to win consistently over the past five years?

  163. JimmyJack Says:

    The answer is no he would of been hurt……So your are just ignored the question? Grow up bro……And Don’t pretend because I know you know exactly what I meant.

  164. JimmyJack Says:

    Appreciate it tick. Likewise to you.

  165. tickrdr Says:



  166. Ndog Says:

    So let me get this straight you guys expect a QB to out score his own horrible defense with no running game, average oline and horrible kicker and also not have TOs? Now that is something players do all the time, right?

  167. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Ndog’s favorite answer…..but the running game, but the defense, but the weather, but the sun was in his eyes, but, but, etc, etc….

    It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad 🙁

  168. Ndog Says:

    There is no way to know the answer JimmyJack it is a 100% hypothetical but the FACT is that he retired cause of injuries. Plus Jameis brought us on game winning drives this year vs Arizona, Indy and should have been vs the Giants but our kicker sucks, but I know all you remember are the ones it didn’t happen. But I know I know you expect perfection. Oh yeah he also keep coming back time and time again on the road at Seattle including a late game tying drive only to see our defense blow it again, but that never happened right?

  169. JimmyJack Says:

    The defense excuse is razor thin at this point. Defense played good to great in several games this year and Winston made plays that helped us lose.

    Prime examples being San Fran, Texans, Atlanta.

    Yes, the defense was inconsistent and helped us list other games. That does not absolve the QB from his own inconsistent play. It’s a bold lie to say otherwise.

  170. Ndog Says:

    Jeagan1999 what’s sad are you saying that we have been good in those areas? Instead of talking trash how about you provide a reason I am wrong? Cause the FACTS say I am correct and you are wrong. And BTW so does the eye test.

  171. LaMarcus Says:

    Jimmy Jack

    The season was over. Started 2-6. Season is over buddy. Why?

  172. Bird Says:

    Lamar jackson last game in playoffs:

    1st qb to throw for over 350 yards (364) and rush for over 100 yards (124 yards) in one game in nfl history .

    They were 14-2 in regular season as he threw for 36 tds and 6 ints
    6 to 1 td to int ratio is winning football


    But guess what …he turned the ball over 3 times in lasy playoff game all by himself and they lost
    People keep posting that this is just a wash rinse repeat talking point
    Its not. Leading the league in turnovers since he entered the league has cost the bucs many games over the years.

  173. SteveK Says:


    Ok. What about the dropped INTs? Or the several INTs called back by penalty?

    I remember at least two balls dropped by Texans DBs. And there were several other errant passes dropped by defenders. Can we count those poor decisions/throws against him? I bet it makes the actual number of turnovers more indicative of Jameis’ recklessness with the ball.

  174. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The only way you can determine Winston’s value is by whatever contract he receives…..for the exception of the exclusive franchise tag…….that doesn’t give him an opportunity to test the market….in that case he would receive $27 mil….and that would be his value…..not $20…..not $30……

    If you want to gamble, place the transition tag on him for $23+…..
    If no one exceeds that offer, then that is his value.

    We will see and all this will end fairly soon…..thank goodness. These QB controversies are a b.tch.

  175. JimmyJack Says:

    NDog I know it’s a hypothetical. But I’m sure you know enough about football that deep down you know if Luck has the ball in her s hands with a chance to win he is going to drive the ball down the field. More times then not.

    There’s probably a few other avialable QBs who would too.

    Winston was not able to perform in those moments this past year(most of the time). Sorry bud but facts are facts.

    Doesn’t mean we gotta run him out of town. But he does have to get better. No excuses.

  176. LaMarcus Says:


    Yea man. There is no accountability other than JW. Yall pretend like “we are world beaters now” mode because of what?

    Hating on JW for dominating weak teams than say our defense was tough against what? Same teams MFs. Yall nuts.

  177. Wesley Says:

    He hasn’t won anything, and just threw 30 int’s. Paying him anything near 30 million would be just plain dumb.

  178. SteveK Says:

    46 sacks

    12 Fumbles

    5 lost fumbles

    30 INTs

    34 TDs

    35 Turnovers

    4.8% INT rate

    2.3% NFL Average INT Rate

    “I’m ballin’”.

    If he’s ballin, then what would you call Pat Mahomes, Ryan Tannehill, Aaron Rodgers or Jimmy Garropolo? Add up their INTs threw and it’s 28. That’s 28 INTs combined for 4 playoff QBs. Jameis crushes that himself
    With 30. Inexcusable. We can’t break the bank for inefficient football.

  179. JimmyJack Says:

    If you got the ball in your hands with a chance to win the game you can throw all the defense/RB/kicker excuses out the window.

    The defense is off the field. The clock is ticking and you Don’t have time to run the ball. You need a TD and the kitcker is a nonfactor.

    Personally it’s these moments where I judge a QB the closest. These are the moments where the elite separate themselfs. Winston did fail in thoseoments this year and must get better.

  180. snookman Says:

    what team is giving him 30 million besides the bucs?
    he is worth 20.

    There are too many vet QBs available in FA that can be had for much less.
    Im all in favor of Jameis at 20-23 Million per with 1 year guaranteed. I would draft a qb if a hidden gem is available in the 2nd or 3rd round.

  181. Ndog Says:

    How is it razor thin?

    Seahawks = Horrible, Giants= Horrible, @ NO game = Horrible, Rams = Horrible, Cardinals = Horrible, heck they even gave up two FGs in the 4th quarter of the last game to send it to OT vs the crappy Falcons.

  182. JimmyJack Says:


  183. SteveK Says:

    Check your sheet!

    Here is a link to football outsiders QBs stats. Jameis ranks 22nd in DYAR, and 25 and DVOA. That is not $30 million QB play.


  184. SteveK Says:

    Check your sheet!

    football outsiders QBs stats has Jameis ranked 22nd in DYAR, and 25 and DVOA. That is not $30 million QB play.

  185. Ndog Says:

    So SteveK which one of those QBs can do what they did with no running game and a defense that for AT LEAST half the year was all time bad?

    Apples to Oranges bro.

  186. SteveK Says:


    If you classify those games, and specifically the defensive efforts as “horrible”, then how do you describe Jameis in Week 1- 4 INTs and 2 pick 6’s, London debacle, and (for me, most importantly) the last two home games. Six picks and a pick six in OT to end the season.

  187. Ndog Says:

    JimmyJack Says:
    January 15th, 2020 at 9:59 pm
    If you got the ball in your hands with a chance to win the game you can throw all the defense/RB/kicker excuses out the window.

    The defense is off the field. The clock is ticking and you Don’t have time to run the ball. You need a TD and the kitcker is a nonfactor.

    Personally it’s these moments where I judge a QB the closest. These are the moments where the elite separate themselfs. Winston did fail in thoseoments this year and must get better

    Did he fail against the Giants, Cardinals, Seahawks and Colts in those situations?

  188. JimmyJack Says:

    Because it is razor thin. Cards and Rams both wins……Those games aren’t factors for losing season.

    San Fran, Texans, Atl at home all loses where defense was stout. That means the point is that it’s completely false to scapegoat the defense.

    Fact is part of the losing was due to defense. Part was RBs. Part was kicker……and yes part was QB. Foolish to say otherwise.

  189. SteveK Says:


    Did you see Fitzmagic play last year? He could
    Replicate this production. :
    Passing yards, points, turnovers.

    What is the PRICE VS PRODUCTION? That’s got everything to do with this and you need to see that. We can pay 7-8 million to a veteran and draft a guy who will have less yards passing and points than Jameis, but guaranteed to also have less turnovers which help us win.

    Jameis did more harm than good overall: 35 turnovers to 34 TDs.

  190. JimmyJack Says:

    NDog….Winston was successful against the Giants.

    Seattle was a loss so he quit obvisous did not get a chance to go on a game winning drive. Did tie it late. Deserves credit for that.

    Cardinals and Colt games were both games closed out by the defense. Never a chance for a game winning drive.

  191. SteveK Says:


    How about when Jameis comes out on the first possession and fires a pick? What does that do for the defense?

  192. Ndog Says:

    So the most important to you is a QB playing despite nothing to play for, with 3 of his top 4 WRs out and broken thumb on his throwing hand? Dude he could have just shut it down and said pay me after going back 2 back 450 and 4 TDs and you punish him for playing and having a tipped ball pick 6ed in OT in the same game his perfectly healthy kicker missed not one, not two, but THREE FGs?

    Think about that for a minute.

  193. Ndog Says:

    Vs the Cardinals we scored to take the lead with flipping 1:34 left on the clock and Vs the Colts we scored to take the lead with just under 3:50 which was our last possession. You seriously don’t consider those game winning drives? Bro you’re losing steam on me.

  194. JimmyJack Says:

    NDog yes…..Winning is the most important thing to me. I’m a little funny that way.

    Could excuse Gay if I wanted too. I heard he was hurt too. But I won’t. Your in the freaking game do your job and make your kicks a$$whole.

  195. SteveK Says:


    Per football outsiders regarding the season ending pick six:

    “And Winston took it from there, staring down his intended receiver Cameron Brate and never seeing the linebacker Jones who baited him into the throw. Jones secured the catch and a Falcons win with a 27-yard interception return for a touchdown. Winston achieved his 30-30 season and broke the NFL record with his seventh pick-six of the season for good measure.”

  196. Ndog Says:

    Steve K was the ball tipped at the line?

  197. JimmyJack Says:

    Certainly wouldn’t consider 3:50 left the same as having the ball knowing it’s your last possession. 4 minutes is a lot of football.

    The Cardinals game worked out a little funny where it looked like they was gonna go up big very late when Dean made that huge INT. Later the defense shut them down in the last posession. Defense was the real heros in that fourth quarter…….But you are right. That was a clutch drive Winston had late in that game. I won’t take that away from him.

  198. Rod Munch Says:

    and then I said…

    and then he said….


    and you won’t believe it…

    and then I told him…


    I know, right?!

  199. LaMarcus Says:

    There is an excuse every year since the super bowl of why this team dont win. Now JW turnovers. Last year was the defense, then it was the kickers, then it was…… we ain’t won a playoff game since the SB

  200. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Can someone tell me what is going on here? Why are the “Blameless” supporters so emotional? Has JBF been hit with a bad case of Menstrual synchrony,

    Just review the threads yourself! The “blameless” crowd responds with insults, name calling…they really..really..really have hurt fee fees eh. The people considering a change at QB have rarely responded in kind.

    But why? Their reactions truly transcend a simple disagreement about Buc personnel.

    And so…imagine this…a QB who is wrapping up a five year run with a team.

    His record is 50-26…Pro Bowl 3 of those five years…his team made the playoffs 4 of those 5 years but never past the Divisional playoffs..his biggest sin..he averages 3500+ yards 20 TD’s against 6 ints each year..and yet…his coach moves on…imagine the “Blameless” crowd if he had those kind of numbers.

    And yet Andy Reid didn’t hesitate trading Alex Smith once Patrick Mahomes shows up. Because Reid wants to WIN!!! I mean win a Super Bowl.

    And yet the emotional crowd here is going nuckin futs because we are “considering” releasing a LOSING QB…ONE year with a winning record…oh but I forgot how the rules are played here. “blameless” has ONE winning year…9-7
    the TEAM has four losing seasons.

    What do I know…old..senile..idiot…I’m too lazy to scan the threads for more insults and I realize there will be plenty of new ones after this post. LMAO

  201. SteveK Says:


    The ball was tipped. But the decision to throw and the staring down of Brate still stands. It was a bad decision rewarded with a slightly tipped pass for a pick six. Even if it’s not tipped the ball is meat.

  202. Rod Munch Says:

    ProFootballOutsiders is generally pretty good – but that quote is as snarky as it gets. Lazy writers/reporters love joining in social media lynchings – until of course they’re called out, and then they claim to be a protected class and above criticism.

    What isn’t said in that quote is that Winston is playing with a broken hand on a team with no one to throw the ball to. Perriman was shutdown after halftime and who else is left? Also Brate just stood there waiting for the ball to come to him (but again, I won’t completely criticism him for that as it’s a play they run a decent amount, but still I hate it when guys stand there waiting for the ball with a defender around them).

    It wasn’t a good play – but not seeing someone is most of the a result of a good defensive scheme. As for staring down Brate – it wasn’t a long developing play and Brate, I assume is the first read. So saying staring him down is once again just a snarky comment – if he ‘stared’ him down, it’s because that’s where the ball was going. But generally staring someone down is what happens on longer developing plays. For example McNabb wasn’t staring anyone down in the NFC Championship game, Barber just knew the ball and was waiting on it. McNabb wasn’t a tard for making the throw – he got tricked. With Winston it’s never about the defense making a good throw, it’s ALWAYS on Winston – a standard no one else in football has ever been held to.

    With all that said ProFootballOutsiders also said Conte was the worst safety of the 2000s and Ryan Smith was somehow only the 2nd worst corner a couple of years ago when he played enough to get ranked. So their credibility is kinda OK since I don’t see how Smith was only the 2nd worst – I don’t see how there was anyone in the NFL worst than Ryan Smith at playing corner.

  203. Rod Munch Says:

    stpetebucsfan – What time does the old folks home turn off the wifi?

  204. Adrnagy Says:

    Even with a great defense and good kicking I do think jameis would throw the game ending pick six.

    The guy has skills. Good arm. Etc etc. but he lacks or I should say consistency in decision making. And that has to be the main factor on resigning jameis. If the game is tie 10-10 or what ever can jameis execute without turning the ball.

    This year alone he had chances and fail. Regardless of the outcome. He ended the game himself. Not a 4th down or penalty or whatever.

  205. Rod Munch Says:

    Adrnagy Says:
    January 15th, 2020 at 10:44 pm
    Even with a great defense and good kicking I do think jameis would throw the game ending pick six.


    Based off what? Your feelings? Because there are zero stats that back that up since Winston has never had a good defense or kicking game.

    Jameis has had the worst kicking game since 2015. Jameis has had the worst defense since 2015. All while playing the hardest schedule since 2016.

  206. BigMacAttack Says:

    There was a time early on that I really liked Jameis and thought he could be great. The first year and after that the coaches wanted to change him. It was a mistake. I supported Jameis for 4 years and pulled for him, wanted him and every time he let me down. Even this year mid season I thought he was getting back on track, supported him again and then bam, he reverts back to stupid decisions leading to horrible plays, followed up with losses. The final pick six was the icing on the cake. It defined his career as the Bucs’ QB, a leader without leadership traits, a floundering bafoon, an inarticulate kid in a man’s body who just doesn’t get it. There were enough flags before they drafted him saying this guy is a mistake. Well Lovie was a mistake too. Jameis is the guy who will commit a heroic act in combat, and 5 minutes later get his whole platoon blown up. He really should try his hand at baseball. Maybe a relief pitcher but not a closer. He can’t close anything.

  207. Adrnagy Says:

    Future. … with a good defense. Good team. Jameis will choke.

  208. Adrnagy Says:

    Pick six = game ending
    Pick six = drive killer
    Pick six = 6 points immediately to other team.

  209. TampaTown Says:

    Ok what’s the plan when we get rid of Winston? Hmm? There’s no one out there that is better and does anyone want to start a rookie draft pick? As a paying and long time season ticket holder, I don’t. Of course Winston isn’t perfect but he is the best option we have. You never Winston’s are like never Trumpers. You can’t see the forest because of the trees.

  210. Adrnagy Says:

    No matter how you slice it. Jameis is not that good. He might be the best option but for what ?? To be bench 3 games into the season. ? And then what ? Keep your hopes he will do a 360 with decision making.

  211. MadMax Says:

    Sorry guys….i hit the bottle deep tonight…..im in it lol…..cant be here 100% right now….i love you, we may disagree but in tyhe end we all love our Bucs and want whats best fr them…..Love you, well figure it out….im going to bed…sorry man

  212. MadMax Says:

    Ndog, you are on your game bigdog….im trying to buy in and into it…great research points

  213. Rod Munch Says:

    “Adrnagy Says:
    January 15th, 2020 at 11:34 pm
    No matter how you slice it. Jameis is not that good. ”

    Yeah, he’s only the NFL’s leading passer, the 6th man in history to pass 5,000 yards in a season, destroyed all team passing records, destroy the team scoring record (which he set), just passed for 33 TDs – which blows away the old team record… and he did all that at the age of 25…

    The best QB, easily, in the history of the team leading by far the best offense the team has ever seen while not even coming close to the team record for INTs… but yeah, he’s not any good – he just lucked into it and if Mike Glennon was back there he’d have done the same thing. LOL!

    That’s a great summary of the anti-Winston crowd- the definition of the word triggered.

  214. Adrnagy Says:

    With or without jameis I’m a Bucs fan. Always will be. Lose or win.
    But I’m not stubborn to see reality. Jameis hasn’t matured in decision making. I’m ok with jameis slinging it. When he has Evans. Godwin. But when your thumb is broken. Your down receivers. Game in the line. Live for another down.
    Throw accurate passes. Good decisions.
    Not to the other guy on your first pass.

    The most disgusting factor is the horrible pick six. That’s embarrassing. Over and over. To him and all bucs nation. Hopefully … it burns jameis mind all offseason. And hopefully he’s with the Bucs and does a 360. If not what then?

  215. Pete I Says:

    I million for each Interception! What about a half mil for each fumble? Jameis is selling himself short!

  216. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    ANDREW LUCK (2012-2018)
    • Games Started: 72
    • Completions: 1630
    • Attempts: 2735
    • Incompletions: 1105
    • Completion%: 59.60
    • Passing Yards: 19576
    • Touch Downs: 136 ←
    • Interceptions: 71←
    • Sacked: 159
    • Y/A: 7016
    • Rushing Yards: 1451
    • Rushing Touch Downs: 14
    • Fumbles Lost: 19 ←


    JAMEIS WINSTON (2015-2019)
    • Games Started: 72
    • Completions: 1563
    • Attempts: 2548
    • Incompletions: 985
    • Completion%: 61.34
    • Passing Yards: 19737
    • Touch Downs: 121 ←
    • Interceptions: 88 ←
    • Sacked: 169
    • Y/A: 7.75
    • Rushing Yards: 1044
    • Rushing Touch Downs: 10
    • Fumbles Loss:23 ←

  217. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    • Y/A: 7.16

  218. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    ANDREW LUCK (2012-2018)
    • 187 – More Passing Attempts
    • 15 – More TouchDown Passes
    • 400 – More Rushing Yards
    • 4 – More Rushing TouchDowns
    • 17 – Less Interceptions
    • 4 – Less Fumbles
    • 3 – Playoff Wins

    Than Jameis Winston had over his 1st – 72 games to start his career.

  219. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Who had the better Rushing Attack over the 1st – 72 games

    COLTS (Minus Luck’s Rushing Yards & TD’s)
    • 2012: Rushing: 1416 || Rushing TD’s: 6
    • 2013: Rushing: 1366 || Rushing TD’s: 11
    • 2014: Rushing: 1339|| Rushing TD’s: 6
    • 2015: Rushing: 1242 || Rushing TD’s: 6
    • 2016: Rushing: 1287|| Rushing TD’s: 13
    Total: 6650 TD’s: 42

    BUCS (Minus Winston’s Rushing Yards & TD’s)
    • 2015: Rushing: 1949|| Rushing TD’s: 6
    • 2016: Rushing: 1451|| Rushing TD’s: 7
    • 2017: Rushing: 1313|| Rushing TD’s: 7
    • 2018: Rushing: 1242 || Rushing TD’s:10
    • 2019: Rushing: 1287|| Rushing TD’s: 13
    Total: 7239 TD’s: 43

    Bucs had 589 more rushing yards – and one more rushing touchdowns

  220. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    How about the scoring defenses?


    • 2012 Points Against: 387 (24.2/g) 21st of 32
    • 2013 Points Against: 336 (21.0/g) 9th of 32
    • 2014 Points Against: 369 (23.1/g) 19th of 32

    • 2015 Points Against: 408 (25.5/g) 25th of 32
    • 2016 Points Against: 392 (24.5/g) 22nd of 32


    • 2015 Points Against: 417 (26.1/g) 26th of 32
    • 2016 Points Against: 369 (23.1/g) 15th of 32
    • 2017 Points Against: 382 (23.9/g) 22nd of 32

    • 2018 Points Against: 464 (29.0/g) 31st of 32
    • 2019 Points Against: 449 (28.1/g) 29th of 32

  221. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Andrew Luck
    19 More TouchDowns
    21 Less Turnovers

  222. mark2001 Says:

    Tampatown…. Winston supporters are like Trump supporters, in that they think they will be made great as America is, based on some empty promise, when now they are simply as bad off or worse than they are before the last election. They just haven’t been handed the bill yet. And instead of dreaming about being made great by some snake oil conman rolling the wagon into town, or just hoping that a fifth year QB will suddenly change his game and stop throwing record setting Ints, do something about it. In the later case, add another QB that will push him. And financially at best, franchise tag him.

  223. Bucsfanman Says:

    LUV- I should have you arrested for willful disregard of caffeinated beverage imbibement this morning!! I spewed half my coffee reading your posts!!!
    There are some really thoughtful, factual posts in this thread.

    FACTS! They’re not just for breakfast anymore!!!

  224. SteveK Says:

    Agree, thanks Luv!

    Great info!

  225. tickrdr Says:


    Very Nice, and well-played.


  226. Allbuccedup Says:

    The chances Winston takes when he throws the ball he could easily had another dozen ints or more in 2019. The defenses in the NFL know his weakness if he returns to the Bucs it’s going to be another long season. The bucs should guarantee only one year if they sign him and draft a potential replacement.

  227. K2 Says:

    If you look at QB ratings Jameis ranked 27th last year. Obviously, the ratings have issues however….
    1 Ryan Tannehill TEN
    2 Drew Brees NO
    3 Lamar Jackson BAL
    4 Kirk Cousins MIN
    5 Russell Wilson SEA
    6 Matthew Stafford DET
    7 Patrick Mahomes KC
    8 Jimmy Garoppolo SF
    9 Derek Carr OAK
    10 Dak Prescott DAL
    11 Deshaun Watson HOU
    12 Aaron Rodgers GB
    13 Carson Wentz PHI
    14 Matt Ryan ATL
    15 Case Keenum WAS
    16 Gardner Minshew JAX
    17 Philip Rivers LAC
    18 Tom Brady NE
    19 Jacoby Brissett IND
    20 Daniel Jones NYG
    21 Kyler Murray ARI
    22 Jared Goff LA
    23 Ryan Fitzpatrick MIA
    24 Josh Allen BUF
    25 Joe Flacco DEN
    26 Sam Darnold NYJ
    27 Jameis Winston TB

  228. BucFanDuh Says:

    Give him 3 years at 30mil for his 33 TD, and NFL first 30/30 season. If number 3 can make his WR3 look like a superstar, imagine what he could do with any recieving group in the nfl…. just saying, 3 is the magic number..

  229. SteveK Says:

    Less than average QBs don’t make top dollar. Let him test the market. Nowhere near franchise tag money.

  230. T REX Says:

    Munch: How many Winston blow up dolls do you own?

  231. Anonymous Says:

    Can y’all stop wit the Bridgewater!!!! He doesn’t throw deep and doesn’t fit our offense jus stop!!! I would rather jameis back while we draft a qb

  232. Bobby M. Says:

    Everyone has been trying to get the turnovers down….the entire roster is built to offset his turnovers down to the kicker with a booming leg. The physical receivers with wide wing spans…pass catching TEs….offensive linemen that are geared towards pass blocking. The series of head coaches….from Koetter, Monken, Arians, Leftwich….the last 5 yrs has been about getting the turnovers down.

    Instead….they go up. They aren’t going down to 15 or 16 unless you get an elite RB and IMO if you need ALL THAT to make Winston work, he’s not worth $30 million or even $25 million. We couldn’t make it work with Winston making $20 million…while JPP, Shaq, Godwin and Perriman all played for peanuts. There’s no magical salary formula that works….You over pay Winston now, you lose multiple pieces somewhere else which weakens the defense or offense in some capacity and you’ll like end up with the same results you’ve seen 7-9…8-8…9-7…no playoffs, but lots of yards.

  233. TampaTown Says:

    What exactly about your life is different since the election? Snake oil salesmen- perfect description of Barack Obama. It doesn’t matter whether you like who is in office or not, your everyday life will not change. Except in this case with a historic economy and historic stock market, both of which have changed my life for the better.

  234. AmrandoG Says:

    One way to cut interceptions down would be to make sure WR’s “don’t run soft routes” (Ian Beckles). Those routes on the short outs and in’s probably accounted for 1/3 of JW’s interceptions and almost all of the TD’s

  235. Buccernutter Says:

    What is up with you guys? Everyone is talking about 30 ints and the last game of hte season that matt gay lost us. Jameis had it won and yes screwed up but that’s all you guys think of. That’s football. Casual fans like you guys only think about the googled stats and the last play of the season.

    If it wasn’t for matt gay, jameis and the average defense finished 6-2. Maybe even 7-1 if gay made his kicks vs houston.

    JAMEIS IS 5-3 in his last 8 games with no run game, kicking game, and an average defense. He can be 10-6 with that supporting cast. Get him a rb, improvement by the kicker and the same defense or even better and we’re in the playoffs.

    Everyone is complaining jameis can’t win, WHEN HE JUST HAD A 4 GAME WINNING STREAK AND WON 5 OF 8 GAMES! SHOULD HAVE BEEN MORE!!


  236. T REX Says:

    winstonnutter: He sucks when the season isn’t over. He always comes on late in the season when there’s nothing to play for and we are talking draft. How many winning streaks does he have after the season is over? He sucks when the chips are down. Sorry but you suck too by spreading lies. Games 1-8 – garbage 8-16 – he suddenly plays well for a few games and you nutjobs claim he’s turned the corner. Go back and look. I hate you freaking jerkoffs.

  237. MadMax Says:

    30 mill turnover machine??? ….i dont think so…..20 mill at most for 2 years each and we’re replacing you anyways unless u really turn ish around

  238. Buccernutter Says:

    This will always be the chicken and the egg theory. Does jameis throw ints cuz the defense gives up a lot of pts and he is forced to pass because there is no run game….


    The defense gives up lots of pts because jameis turns the ball over?

    I tend to use my eyes. Fact is the defense is giving up tds more often than most other teams regardless of circumstances. Wide open receivers from the beginning of the game when there are no turnovers. Not to mention it’s year one in a system that is notorious for ints. Yes palmer and manning didn’t throw as many ints but they also didn’t throw as many tds and yards. Casual fans will see the int numbers and remember the last play of the season.

    Jameis will win with the defense we saw at the end of the year and if gay can get it together then we will dominate. Especially if rojo can break out or if we get a #1.

    We were 5-3 to end the season! It will carry over to next year and jameis will be YOUR qb. Just wonder what the dialogue will be if he’s winning. something tells me his haters will still bark.

  239. Buccernutter Says:

    T Rex

    You are by far the dumbest person on this site. I don’t really want to debate that because it’s obvious and I see you get ripped all the time. Nobody takes you serious just so you know. Not being mean, just honest, really.

    The defense was the worst against the pass in the league to start the year. rojo and barber were average. Jameis wasn’t winning because it was entirely up to him. Give him the defense he has to end the year and it would be a different story. The ints are an issue but will go down and we will win wiht the defense that ended 2019. Especially if gay rebounds which he was injured and we can build the run game.

    It’s weird how mad you get. Especially when you know very little. Such a strong opinion for someone who doesn’t have any football iq.

  240. Buccernutter Says:

    Hard to take you serious when you say…

    He sucks when the season isn’t over.

    It’s also funny that you assume his improvement year one in a scheme in the second half of the season is meaningless. You have a lot to learn. LOL

  241. Buccernutter Says:

    Regardless of anything he will be your qb next season no matter what jc says.

  242. T REX Says:

    winstonnutterinyourmouth: LOL. You think I care what a bunch of Winston knob gobblers think of me? Are you still in high school? LOL. Like my feelings are hurt. You’re a real piece of shinola. You don’t know anything about me, probably never will. You winstonites are all the same…excuses and then when he plays well after we’ve been eliminated you claim he’s a new QB…how many years in a row. Dude, you’re a total loser. Are you an FSU fan? LOL.

  243. T REX Says:

    butternutsquash: Serious question, what’s Winston longest win streak in the 1st half of the season? Tell us? You’ll blame everyone but his turnovers and pick 6’s.


  244. Buccernutter Says:

    T Rex

    Wow so in your first post you wrote I’m a jameis knob gobbler, I’m still in high school, I’m a piece of s***, I’m a loser, and an fsu fan. Real original and funny content there t rex. Not to mention the puns on my screen name?! But I’m still in high school? That’s a lot of elementary insults from someone who doesn’t care. Like I said, I’m not really trying to insult you, you’re just dumb.

    That’s it dude, jameis didn’t have a win streak in the first half of the season so now your opinion is to be respected! Excellent analysis! You’re a true fan and very very wise. Forget what palmer, favre, sapp, moss, leftwich, arians, etc say. T Rex’s on jbf has go tit figured out.

    I would mop the floor with your opinions LOL. Oh ya and…

    GO GATORS!!!

  245. T REX Says:

    I say again…what’s Winston’s longest win streak in the 1st half of the season?

    I’ll hang up and listen.

  246. Buccernutter Says:

    I’ll say it again in a different way….

    If you’re putting that much merit into that evaluation, then you’re even dumber than I thought. But you prove it with every post. 🙂

  247. SteveK Says:

    T Rex,

    What is the answer? I don’t remember winning consecutive games early in the season, outside of Fitzmagic in 2018.

  248. SteveK Says:


    Wins are everything.

    Do you not give credence to a team’s playoff aspirations being tied to success in the first half of their season?

    Wins are not dumb. Did Jameis have/how many winning streaks in the first half of seasons? That’s important as hell dude. Come on. 2002 was the best thing ever. Super bowl or bust. Just because we lose with flare (Jameis’ turnovers), doesn’t mean it should be any less unacceptable.

  249. SteveK Says:

    T Rex

    You are onto something. We won two games in a row,
    In the first half of a season, in 2016: weeks 5 and 6.

    The only other occurrence was Fitzmagic in weeks 1-2 in 2018.

    In a quick check the first half of the season, each year since 2015, is marred with an ass ton of losing. Awful, awful results.

  250. Buccernutter Says:


    I’m not sure why, but a lot of my posts are going over your head. You butchered this exchange with this clown T rex and are actually supporting his logic. LOL

    Who said wins are dumb or not everything? I have said more times than I can count at this point, Jameis had the worst pass defense in the league, no run game at all, a new system, and new coaches the first half of the season. Some of you guys won’t accept those REASONS, but that’s what they are and not simply just excuses. Don’t forget this scheme is notorious for ints in a qb’s first year but I’m not sure how many qbs you think can come in and put together solid wins against very good teams in a new vertical scheme in year one with no support or chemistry. That’s ludicrous. Then you’re gonna lecture people on how important it was to have the opposite? You’re preaching common sense and really setting the bar astronomically high.

    It’s common sense success is dependent on the first half of the season, as well as the second half. Losses are not acceptable and I’m not even sure why you went on a tangent like that. It’s hilarious for any bucs fan to discredit no streaks but ignore all the negative influences. Not to mention the terrible schedule.

    You won’t hear many people agreeing with your logic until jameis has a supporting cast. Not a top 5 unit in every sense of the team, but average in most senses. I mean we can afford no run game with an average defense.

    Until Jameis doesn’t have a bottom 5 run game AND defense, nobody is going to conclude anything cuz until then you guys have unreal expectations on what a qb should be able to do with barely any help outside of receivers for a franchise that has never had a great qb. It’s just so funny how everyone hates the guy but we haven’t had better. Yet you see people saying “but but but brad johnson” while ignoring a top 3 defense most of his time here and those same people will swear up and down jameis woudn’t do better with a defense like that.

    If the bucs can put together a good team in most facets, then jameis hate will be respected. Until then he has had nothing to work with except a solid defense one year and we went 9-7 and a good run game another in which he was pepsi roty and in the pro bowl.

    To single out barely any win streaks during the first half in his tenure is very lazy analysis and makes me question your pulse of this team in it’s entirety.

  251. T REX Says:

    LOL. Butter nut busted. But Winston had a FOUR game win streak…but but but…defense stutter…running game… stutter…so only your win streaks are valid? What about losing streaks…let’s talk those?

    Do interceptions have anything to do with losing streaks?

    Dude, you’re too easy.

  252. Bucemup Says:

    Brian Grease, Byron Leftwich, Josh Freeman, Mike Glennon, Josh Mccown, Ryan Fitzpatrick. These are the QBs the Bucs have trotted out onto the field over the years and it seems the majority are ready to off Jameis because they feel they can find a much better replacement for the 26 year old QB who despite 30 pics had 33 passing TDs and over 5k yards. Our history tells us if we get rid of him it will be the same ol trash at Qb. You think a rookie will come in a light the league on fire at pick 14? 30 picks pissed a lot of fans off including me. I get it. But you can’t get rid of this guy yet. Improve your line and running game and make sure you keep the defensive core. A better Kicker and if it wasn’t for the injuries down the stretch we make the playoffs. We’re not that far off. This whole notion that getting rid of Jameis will make our offense still flourish is silly. The new Qb will take time to jell and that means we won’t see the 28 points we just averaged. You tag him and tell him to go out and earn his long term deal. Or lock him in at 30 per. People saying he is t worth 30 mil don’t understand market value for a starting QBs. Watch when Mahomes gets his new deal and resets the market. 30 per will seem like a steal. The market will be well over 40 per in a few years and that will be a deal for the Bucs at 30 per.

  253. Buccernutter Says:

    T Rex

    There’s nothing you will ever say to gain respect from anyone. Especially that response. More little kid insults and no substance.

    You’ve spent a lot of time trying to make yourself look smart when it should be directed towards watching games and not googling streaks.

    You’re truly an embarrassment to this fan base and by far the easiest person to embarrass on this site. I would say you’re easy but you’re the one who makes you look stupid.

    I would mop the floor with you little boy. 😘

  254. Buccernutter Says:


    Excellent analysis. Probably too much info though for people like t Rex. That’s about 3 years of lessons considering how well he can absorb information and logic.

  255. SteveK Says:

    Jameis isn’t worth the franchise tag. Draft a guy and sign an affordable vet. Allocate $20’million or less to QB and resign your FAs!

  256. SteveK Says:

    New contracts for nassib, Suh, JPP, Shaq and extend Godwin.

  257. T REX Says:

    fluffernutter: BUWAHAHAHAHAHA…so you have no answer. Wave your white flag punk. LOL. I own you. I’ll give you one more shot at it…what is Winston’s longest win streak in the 1st 8 games of a season? Come on buddy…lol. Punk. The only floor you are mopping is the one at your job. B#@#!

  258. mark2001 Says:

    BucNutter… Want to point out one thing you seemed to have missed.

    Many QB’s have shortcomings on their teams and overcome them. For years the Packers have had a poor running game and weak D, particularly secondary. Blame it on Capers if you wish, but Rodgers still found a way to help the Packers make the playoffs year after year.

    In the say of the Salary cap, this is often the case. Tell us that Jameis will be a winning QB when every other aspect of the team is top notch, and all I can say is you are saying the Jameis will never be a winning QB. Because a team is always in flux. Even our SB year, we had a suspect line, a journeyman QB, good but not great receivers, and Pittman and Alstott as our feature backs. Not exactly what you would want in an offense..was it?

    BTW…few teams have the talented receiver corp that Jameis had here last year. So that should have actually made it easier for him to succeed. But again…just think about it,

  259. T REX Says:

    SteveK Says:
    January 16th, 2020 at 2:37 pm
    T Rex
    You are onto something. We won two games in a row,
    In the first half of a season, in 2016: weeks 5 and 6.
    The only other occurrence was Fitzmagic in weeks 1-2 in 2018.
    In a quick check the first half of the season, each year since 2015, is marred with an ass ton of losing. Awful, awful results.

    That’s right Steve. Jameis only plays well after our season is over. He sucks when the chips are down and games matter. I called it on here. Go back and look…once we were eliminated I said Winston would start playing well because he’s mentally soft and mentally deficient. He’s a loser.

  260. Buccernutter Says:


    You just said because jameis wasn’t able to overcome weaknesses like one of the best qbs in history like rodgers that he isn’t a great qb. That’s such a weak analysis. I SAID MANY TIMES AT THIS PT THAT JAMEIS HAS HAD A BOTTOM 5 RB, OL, DEF, AND SPECIAL TEAMS MOST OF HIS CAREER! HE NEEDS ONE OR TWO TO GET THERE, NOT IN EVERY FACET OF THE GAME! When he had a good defense in 2016 we were 9-7. He was pepsi roty and probowler with a good run game his rookie season. Every other aspect of the team sucked. His receiving corps did make it easier to succeed, that’s why he did! 5k and 33 tds is a success. Yes the ints need to be lowered but when your defense is letting the opposition score every drive then he has to pass! When he cant hand the ball off he has to pass! When his kicker misses kicks he has to pass! Which he did and you know what’s gonna happen when you pass 40x a game?! Ints! Check any stat from any qb, there is a 90% chance there is one or more ints when they pass that often. Just something to think about.

    T REX

    You have nothing but your cute little win streak haha. It’s like a little boy telling everyone snoopy IS the best cartoon because he’s got a red collar. Nothing else to it, just his little collar. Little boy, nobody respects you man sit down at the kid table. I see more people rip you directly to you and in threads you’re not apart of on a nearly daily basis. YOU ARE BY FAR THE LEAST INTELLIGENT POST ON THIS SITE. Don’t get mad me for those facts. I know it sucks you probably dont have any girlfriends and your friends are mostly online so this is where you go to to get satisfaction but internally you know you fail because you get laughed at so much yet respond with insults you repeat from nickelodeon. But no, t rex says cuz jameis can’t overcome his bad defense,, run game, special teams, ol and coaching to put together a win streak, he must suck. That’s the dumbest, cherrypicked reach of a stat I’ve seen yet HAHA. You won’t raise your white flag cuz it’s stuck to your hand from all the dried c** from living your life on the internet all day. If you want to speak in person let me know I am more than happy to give you my info so i can embarrass you on a podcast. Just don’t get so mad that you’re not even good at the one thing you value most in life and that’s posting on a bucs site.


  261. Tk RaXXtchYY Says:

    Wow, Winston is the best we’ve seen since the ’76 start of the NFL season/franchise Peyton manning had “101 INTS his first (5) seasons also, with (2) of them (5) seasons he had a record of 3-13 and 6-10 , Winston has improved in every catagory, erase 15 ints from our TE’S AND WR’S missing balls. Also, put into consideration? Winston has been with (3) head coaches ! That’s puzzling for me to think of! So imagine him and his family , and the stress-friction he’s has to encumber from horrible “Home-bw-Fans” putting down a QB! THAT JAS POSED 5100 YARDS! leading in every passing catagory ! He was sacked 50+ times! With our O-lines inconsistency. Give is the cowboys O-Line? Now sit back and theoretically speaking-watch him throw for 5500 yards! Erase 25 sacks and that’s am easy number to achieve “When your jameis Winston. Case closed…See ya in the playoffs next year! We’re gonna play the saints 3 times!