A Sad League Leader

January 7th, 2020

Standard home gear.

The Bucs have done it. And it is nothing to be proud of.

In fact, there should be remote control tossing and quite a bit of hollering done at One Buc Palace after the suits read the following.

After years of trailing the Browns, the Bucs are in second place no more. As a result of this season’s putrid yet traditional 2-5 mark at the Den of Depression, the Bucs have overtaken the Brownies.

In the post-Chucky era, Tampa Bay is the proud owners of the worst home record in the NFL. That’s right, since the Bucs ran off Chucky on that dark January Friday afternoon almost 11 years ago, no team in the NFL has lost more home games than the Bucs.

And just think, there are those that believe the Florida summer heat is an advantage for the Bucs. Ha!

This data is coming from TeamRankings.com.

For years the Bucs trailed the Browns by a game or two after each season. But after the Browns finished this season with a 4-4 record at home, it allowed the Bucs to vault past them. Tampa Bay’s winning percentage at home since Chucky left stands at a dreary 35.6 percent.

Interestingly, the Bucs road winning percentage is almost identical, 35.2 percent, in the same time period.

And people wonder why Joe calls the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway the “Den of Depression.”

It’s no wonder attendance has plummeted in the past few years. Who among us wants to pay thousands of dollars a year for the hassle of going to games and baking in the sun when you just know the likelihood of getting kicked in the groin by a missed field goal or a pick-six leads to yet another loss?

63 Responses to “A Sad League Leader”

  1. Robert Says:

    win, i.e. sign a consistent qb, and it will change.

    hell, we might even get positive coverage. and please send crabman to a division rival. our secondary could use the easy picks.

  2. Aceofaerospace Says:

    It’s bad paying Directv to watch these clown shows, I can’t imagine shelling out real money and time to watch this.

  3. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    “Baking in the sun”…….The Bucs DESPERATELY need a domed stadium. Until then, 40k average, at least for the first two months of each season.

  4. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Can you even imagine the hype if a new air conditioned stadium becomes a reality?

  5. Pewter power Says:

    I’d still rather be a buc fan than a browns fan and it ain’t even close. Winston cant win at home oh well not what you expect from a first overall pick. At least the losses can be explained by poor drafting and horrible coaching hires. The browns suck for no reason at all even with a stacked roster people on this page were constantly picking to automatically be in the playoffs.

    Cant lose the turnover battle thanks to interceptions and hope to win games, troubles are easily explainable

  6. PUGS&BUCS Says:

    We went to Miami for the Bills/Fins game. What Miami did with the sails above the upper deck is amazing. It’s still open-air, but the entire stadium us shaded now. If the Bucs are creative, they can make them look like pirate ship sails.

  7. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I certainly comprehend using “Chucky” as an historic marker. A place to start.

    But let’s point out…coincidence is NOT the same as causation.

    Firing Chucky may mark the timeline but not the cause. After the SB Chucky was a LOSING COACH IN TAMPA. In the six years 45-51. If math doesn’t fail me that is a losing record. Like most here I revere Chucky for 2004…but after that…not so much. In the following six years he put up seasons with 12-11-9 losses! One could argue that his two winning 9-7 seasons meant he had finally figured it out.
    Except…That last 9 win season started out 9-3 a slam dunk for the playoffs but then lost the final four games failing to qualify. We love Chucky’s SB and will be forever grateful but it’s hard to make a case if he had stayed things would be that much different.

    IMHO it wasn’t the loss of Chucky that cost us…it’s the continuing ineptitude of this franchise owners to find the right replacement. I think the jury is still out on BA…I’m still on board but no doubt I’ll join Joe in hurling a remote at the TV for this abysmal record which to this date…BA has only added.

    BTW I’m heading out…perhaps somebody can find out JW’s home record. Just curious. I do not expect it to be good since the entire franchise has sucked at home…but if there is a wild difference between his road record and home record….

  8. tmaxcon Says:

    Why did you pansy arses move to Florida if you cant hanfle a little heat… freaking babies…. oh the heat…. the hand sanitizer and bubble wrap mentally of the mentally weak is astonishing…..

    Cancer93 was king of giving up the booty and blowouts at the goat pasture formerly known as rayjay….. cancer93 set this franchise back almost as much as dungy the clown did wasting sapp for 6 years….

  9. stpetebucsfan Says:

    “Baking in the Sun” is certainly a challenge. But the sun was shining back when attendance demands let the Glazers hose everybody with those seat licenses.

    IE…The Bucs used to be a hot ticket at one time. I think we all know the difference between then and now and it’s not the Sun. It’s the RECORD.

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’ve been a Winston supporter but I must admit it seems Winston performs particularly poorly at home……his stats bear that out…..that, coupled with his off field behavior has probably turned many potential fans away.

    It would be interesting to see what impact a QB like Phillip Rivers would have on attendance…….I suspect it would be positive.

  11. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    And media members who don’t pay to get into games try to bash the attendance

    I fly 6-8 times down to Tampa a year to watch this team and 4-5 of the games I leave pissed

  12. tmaxcon Says:

    Bucs have been embarrassing themselves at home long long before jameis so please stop with blaming a 25 year old savior for a 43 year old problem…..

  13. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ St. Pete

    Yes….the coaches since Chucky have not succeeded but I pin the blame more on our 2 GMs……Dominick & Licht combined have an awful record with draft picks…..especially rounds 2 & 3 but also some misses in round 1.

    When you draft poorly for over a decade your coaches suffer from poor talent and you are forced to build your team with FAs & UDFAs….

    Hopefully BA & Bowles have put a stop to this….I attribute our 2019 success in the draft & FA much more to them than I do Licht…..as a matter of fact…IMO….Licht was more of a bystander than with Koetter & Co.

  14. Dewey Selmon Says:

    If Jameis plays better on the road he should feel right at home in RayJay. Silent counts on offense and chants of DEFENSE! when the Bucs are on offense. Almost like playing on the road.

  15. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Why dont the bucs play all of their games in September and October that are home games at 4 pm? Its tough to rent the beer at the 1 o’clock games. I like the idea mentioned above to try and duplicate the stadium in Hollywood that the phins have. The bucs should not have fired gruden that was a joke and now the bucs have the chucky curse; maybe they can exorcise that in las vegas next year

  16. Alanbucsfan Says:

    8 teams left-

    Ravens- Jackson and Ingram 2200 yards rushing
    49ers – Mostert, Coleman, Breida 1950 yards rushing
    Chiefs- committee 1500 yards rushing
    Packers- Jones and Williams 1500 yards rushing
    Vikings- Dalvin Cook and company 2000+ yards rushing
    Titans- Derrick Henry and company 2000+ yards rushing
    Seahawks- Chris Carson and company 2000+ yards rushing
    Texans- Carlos Hyde, Duke Johnson, Deshaun Watson 1800+ yards rushing

    Passing league my ass
    If Bucs upgrade running game, they will start winning

  17. Craig Says:

    I hope all of the rest of you will turn on Jameis if he opens next season 0-2 at home. We will never make a Stupor Bowl if we start in a hole at the beginning of the season. Jameis has come in rusty every season so far, no reason to expect a change this year, but it is nice to be first in something.

  18. tmaxcon Says:


    the reason bucs will never sniff a playoff game again much less a super bowl appearance is the glazers have ZERO intentions of trying to compete…. You can’t be this bad for this long without trying to be this bad…. glazers have trained low standard bucfan well….

  19. LaMarcus Says:

    It doesnt help that the Bucs have the dubious record of being the worst win percentage franchise of all sports.

  20. LaMarcus Says:

    And dont act like the stadium was filled before JW got here and now he is here fans dont want to see him play yet turn on their tv.

    Just admit Tampa has some lazy ppl and rather be coach keyboard warriors than actually get out of the house

  21. NPRSageBoy. Says:

    When you stink, the odor will spread rapidly.

    JayMiss is not the answer. When TV talking heads start referring to Pick-6s as JayMiss Specials, you’ve made your mark.

    Time to move on.

    Peace, out

  22. SteveK Says:


    Look at the QBs of those teams you listed. Look at their TD:Turnover Ratio.

    Jameis had 39 turnovers and 34 TD. No playoffs with that inefficient output.

  23. Tye Says:

    Lets evaluate those 11 years;
    Raheem Morris ( No experience; immature for position like He’s one of the players)
    Greg Schiano (disconnect with the players)
    Lovie Smith (the game had long passed him by)
    Dirk Keotter ( HC position was just to much for him)
    Bruce Arians (full of excuses and himself)

    Byron Leftwich (slow, long wind up)
    Mike Glennon (captain check down as I remember it)
    Josh Freeman ( not good enough to even backup another team)
    Jameis Winston (King T.O.; can’t read defenses; fumbler; 30-30; record holder for 7-pick 6s; the real life ‘can’t get right’)

    All horrible choices compounded by one bad choice after the other..
    The only glimmer of hope is if Arians can naw his leg free from the shackles of Jameis ‘Career Killer’ Winston and actually produce a quality qb to drive this team to win consistently at home and on the road..until then, the Bucs are the ‘Browns’ of the NFC!

  24. tnew Says:

    When will the Bucs stop wearing their dark Unis at home when it is sunny and 85?? Just a thought. Even with the super new breathable Unis it still makes a difference.

  25. Ocala Says:

    I agree Morgus

  26. tmaxcon Says:


    Cancer93 is the career killer get your facts straight….

  27. tnew Says:

    No matter what anyone here says, one of the big factors this year and the fan apathy was the schedule. Losing that crushing game vs the Giants then being gone for 6 mostly unsuccessful weeks (sans the Rams game) made all but the most hardcore fans apathetic. The fact the Glazers preferred getting a Super Bowl over throwing a hissy fit regarding this schedule tells me everything I need to know.

    Also, the Bucs, need to know what the identity of the Bucs and the fan base is. This fan base and Tampa is highly blue collar and love teams that physically dominate the other team. Give the fans a dominant (not 30th vs the pass) defense, a top 5 running game that will make the other team wilt in the Florida sun, and a top 15 passing game that keeps the other team honest and the stands will be full. Glazers seem to want this high flying circus type team. Fan base doesn’t relate.

  28. Mr. Reality Says:

    Joe, why do you have a picture of the fan who actually went to the game? Why not show the actual culprits: Winston and Licht — men of no sense, no character, no wins, no problem. Figure out which sign to hang on which. Nothing but lots of BS, smoke, and turnovers.

  29. Mr. Reality Says:

    Where do the Bucs stand on average price per ticket? Somewhere around the middle. Where are they in attendance? At the bottom with the Bengals. Gameday experience had improved over the past several years but it fell off this year. Going to Bucs game is not much fun, even though the Gameday still far exceeds what other teams put on. Problem: to much $$$ to see loser/thugs like Winston play, year after year, with a new HC and some old GM who swear they can fix it…and owners who continue to let them all try.

  30. Mr. Reality Says:

    Morgus…domed stadium? That will never happen. The area is now full of deadbeats who want everything handed to them, like “check your sheet” Winston. They will never pay their share for a new venue. The product is not worth it anyway. A roof on a stadium that retracts/opens is roughly 1/2 to 2/3 of the cost.

  31. 813bucboi Says:


    i agree….

    NFL was,is and will always be about running the game…..

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  32. catcard202 Says:

    If, baking in the sun is bad for attendance…Why does UF draw over 80K / home day games??

    Losing is what has driven down Bucs attendance. A decade of losing has been a huge factor in fans decreased enthusiasm & that isn’t changing anytime soon.

    This franchise has given fans nothing for a decade to garner devotion & hard earned coin. “Fan experience” BS additions to the stadium mean nothing, if the team is a perennial loser.

    No one is going to the game to see the new jumbo-tron or hear crisp new speakers blare music between snaps or to see a 50 girl cheer squad. Fans go to games to see WIN’s & the Bucs just aren’t doing that enough to draw a full house.

  33. Mr. Reality Says:

    LaMarcus, post 2017 when the Uber debacle on this “face of the franchise” came out the crowds got even smaller, after the Bucs spent years trying to “make” Winston something he is not (a local favorite who has good character and is not a reckless gunslinger) and rebuild gameday. They even put $170 of their own money into stadium upgrades. They screwed up in drafting Winston, and they know it. Season ticket sales are down worse than 2014, year before Winston vomited onto the scene in Tampa. After they kept him, more decided not to waste time and money in 2018 and 2019. BA coming in helped stop the bleeding but fans do not seem to be running and buying more after we saw an unfixed Winston and another dismal year, gone before the mid point. More fans will decide to renew if they dump Winston and get someone like Rivers and rookie that gives hope, rather than the same old BS line and INT thrower.

  34. Mr. Reality Says:

    ^^^$170 million.

  35. Mr. Reality Says:

    @carcard…it is not just losing, it is the demonstration of continued bad decisions (like keeping Licht and Winston) that remove hope that promises more losing…much worse than losing itself. If they keep Winston…look out. New lows. And no folks, he won’t suddenly change in 2020.

  36. TempcoPest in Fort Denaud Says:

    Been season holder since 2000. Drive 5 hour round trip from Fort Denaud, FL. Really trying to decide if I am going to renew. Is it worth the $5,400.00 for tickets a year? I am not sure.

  37. El Buco Realisto Says:

    The worst part of this beyond a decade of failure is that the local media and sheep saying and thinking how talented the roster was year after year!!!!!!!!!!!! How it was a playoff roster and how they padded the terrible GM’s on the back year after year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Nosetackle Says:

    It’s so Winston can tell the difference between team’s players. I’m convinced he’s color blind as well as near sighted but must be able to “see” the darker colors”a little” better. I still like Winston and he is one of the least thug like players in the nfl. I’d like our new unis to be in braille or at least raised numbers please. 😎

  39. Buccaneerscotty Says:

    Only a d@ck licking b@tch would still be talking about McCoy!

  40. D-Rome Says:

    This is why I laugh every time I hear a mouth-breather call other Bucs fans bandwagoners. The only people left that follow this team are the die-hards. There is no such thing as a bandwagon Bucs fan.

  41. tmaxcon Says:

    little hypocrite scotty still butthurt his boy toy left for Carolina and sealed the deal in that coaches firing. it’s a shame you liked a football like who was more like Michael jackson that Michael strahan…. a good jbf pole would be who do would you trust your kids with on an overnighter the king of pop or the king of blowouts and udnerooos…. tough call both equally creepy….

  42. SteveK Says:


    Exactly! I’m convinced most of the JBF commenters and those that don’t comment are diehards. It’s been a painful, playoffless 12years.

  43. Bucs 14 Says:

    Worst home record in the NFL, yet there are many who would resign Jaymiss “Mr. Magoo” Winston for $30 million. No I am not blaming Magoo for the record, BUT he sure does not help with the 30 INTs and 7 pick sixes while still considering himself a ‘baller.”

    The D turned around after we got rid of IceCream 93 and VH3. Let’s turn the O around by getting rid of Magoo. Entertaining or not, the guy is not a winner at this level.

  44. Buccfan37 Says:

    The Tampa Bay Busts sounds more appropriate.

  45. Mr. Reality Says:

    @Tempco…I still went to two away games this year for the party outside of the gameday disgust…and live locally. I decided the NO and ATL games were not worth 5 miles, much less 5 hours. Good decision. Just paid my 2020 season up but if they keep Winston and he performs as we really know he will (fail) 2021 is out. Happily , under the contract, even though I’ve paid my $6K for 2020, if they raise the prices more than 5%, I can get a full refund. So Winston staying and prices up more than 5% I’m backing out. So watching the Winston decision and prices closely. Used to be there were decades of waiting to get season tix lower bowl between 35 YLs. Now it is a cinch, and more cost effective to just buy single games. The storied West Club is now half full on a good day. Sad. But the Glazers let Licht and Winston be their team. And it is fail. No way do I drive 5 hours for this “show.”

  46. Alanbucsfan Says:


    I agree, but a good running game should make the passing game easier.
    Just don’t know if Jameis can be trusted even with a good running game.

  47. adam from ny Says:

    – if the team can’t win at home…

    – if the look of the team sucks (the uniforms)…

    – if the qb has a lot of issues on and off the field…

    no wonder it’s an empty venue come gameday…

    fix the qb, change unis, start winning at home…

    stadium fills up…


  48. Bucsfanman Says:

    The story says it all. When the product on the field is GARBAGE, who wants to spend $100’s to see it?! I mean, I still go to at least one game per year BUT, I can’t tell you the last time we won when I went! For instance, the home opener against the 49ers; LOSS!
    After $100 on tickets, $25 on parking, a “few” $7-8 dollar beers, a couple of $5 dogs, and a $4 dollar pretzel, I’m out 2 bills before blinking an eye. AND, I have to stand in line for 10-15 minutes if, god forbid, I break the seal. Let alone if you want concessions at halftime.
    So unapologetically, I choose to stay home with my $40 handle of Crown Royal, my 2-for-1 8 packs of Nathan’s hotdogs, my $5 Velveeta queso dip, my AC, free reign on the facilities, my dog, and my wife!!!! And if the game is out of hand, I don’t have to wait 40 minutes to leave the parking lot. I simply grab the remote and turn the channel.
    Want me in the stands for more than a game a year? Put a good product on the field and win where you’re supposed to win…….AT HOME!!!!!

  49. Howard Cosell Says:

    contraindications glaser siblings…you suck in epic fashion.
    Pathetic, dishonest, horrible terrible leaders.
    Self-centered ass-hats…pathetic sliver-spoon babies who couldn’t mamge a 7-11

    In the name of God please please sell

  50. Joe Says:

    Firing Chucky may mark the timeline but not the cause. After the SB Chucky was a LOSING COACH IN TAMPA.

    Maybe so but he won three division titles with the Bucs in seven years. The Bucs haven’t been in the playoffs since. And Chucky was fired after back-to-back 9-7 records.

    The Bucs have been so bad since that now, a nine-win season gets a coach a contract extension.

    The Bucs have never recovered from that dark afternoon when Chucky was fired, and that is a fact.

  51. Joe Says:

    my dog, and my wife!


    The dog doesn’t command you to take care of a honey-do chore and miss kickoff, right? 🙂

  52. Howard Cosell Says:

    Throwing out my Bucs mini-helmet today. Had it since 2000.
    Not buying another one. I’ve thrown out a lot of BUcs swag over the last years. Tries to give away some of it but no takers.

    If I was glaser sibling I would be embarrassed.
    But I’m not….I’m smarter and more ethical and I actually care about other people…therefore I work hard

  53. Howard Cosell Says:

    glasers are fast approaching singularity where only people who care about Bucs are the ones who are paid to do so…..that illusion won’t hold up for long

  54. Bucsfanman Says:

    Joe- It should be noted that the dog is mentioned before the wife! LOL!

  55. stpetebucsfan Says:


    All very valid points and I concede that the SB raised expectations…but the four game slide is probably what did him in.

    Where my knowledge is thin…your’s better I’m sure…love to get Ian Beckles take…but in addition to losing those last four games he was widely rumored to have lost his team. Words like “backstabber” “untrustworthy” bubbled up.

    I do not count malcontents like MEshawn but perhaps it was a growing rebellion?

  56. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Agree completely about Dominik..but depending how the JW debate turns out Licht may not have that bad of a record. Some horrid KO’s with guys like Aguayo but some home runs with LVD…Kwon…others….

    I bump the reason upstairs to the Glazers. We sometimes forget this was the period they had OVER LEVERAGED big time to purchase Man U. Wise family decision…now a great investment but until Man U started to make money the Glazers shortchanged the Bucs…talentwise and coaching…Schiano and Rah.

    They clearly are spending again with BA and his cast of coaches. In addition the Glazers purchased the Vinoy Hotel last year or the year before.

    I do not expect them to get anywhere near Jeff Vinik for local involvement…but he’s one of the top owners in all of sports. But it still good to see them increasing their investment in the Bay area beyond the Bucs.

  57. Mike Johnson Says:

    To follow and Luv our Bucs, You gotta be a cold bloodies Die-hard fan. Who else would follow this franchise? I luv my Bucs But..I’m already prepared for most Sunday’s outcomes. When we win, I’m Shocked. I’ll just keep repeating the Mantra, There is always next year..over and over again.Until its that time to..line up my shot glasses come gametime.

  58. Kord Says:

    Pick six’s indeed, pick six’s indeed

  59. Wayne PEREZ Says:

    Next year will be my 22nd year as a season ticket holder it gets harder every year my grandson enjoys the defeats go bucs

  60. Rodney Munch Says:

    The Bucs are the most losing professional franchise in sports history…period. Not just the NFL, but the NFL, the MLB, the NBA and the NHL.

    Bucs all-time winning percentage is .387.

    The next worse team is the Cardinals at .425… that’s a HUGE difference.

    In the MLB the worst team is the Padres at .461…
    In the NHL the worst team is the Coyotes at .478…

    And finally, the closest thing to competition for the Bucs, in the NBA the Timberwolves come in at .398.

    So not only are the Bucs the biggest losers in professional sports history – they’re the biggest losers by a wide margin. I think I did the numbers last offseason, and if you kept everyone else’s record the same, the Bucs would have to go 11-5 for like the next 14 years straight to overtake the Cardinals and get out of the basement.

    Also the Rays are the 3rd most losing franchise in MLB history. Thankfully the Lightning have been the top regular season team in hockey for years so they’ve risen up the ranks all the way to the 23rd most winning team in hockey.

  61. Buczilla Says:

    The only thing that’s worse than that record is our uniforms.

  62. Matt Says:

    I am also blaming most of the losses of the last decade on betaboy McCoy. He stole >$100m from us in broad daylight never giving 100% effort in any single game. He stepped in day 1 the highest paid Buc in the history of the team and never had to earn his position on the team. Our team immediately played tougher and with more passion this year without him. The highest Paid players on the team must must be the alpha dogs of the team and we haven’t had that since Warren Sapp. We finally have some dogs back in the house and we are turning this franchise around.

  63. Fire the Glazers. Says:

    Am I the only one who is surprised that their home winning percentage is that high? I would have put it in the low 20’s. I guess one good year under Raheem Morris really brought it up.