What Changed?

December 20th, 2019

Scorching hot.

Have Bucs wide receivers been making Jameis look good or has something clicked in the noggin of Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston?

The last two weeks, Jameis has been totally on fire. That is how you define throwing for 450 yards and four touchdowns in back-to-back games.

Now the NFL releases its NextGen stats in blurbs, stats from data collected from sensors embedded in players’ equipment. And per NextGen stats, Jameis has been throwing to open receivers almost exclusively the past two weeks. Previously, Jameis was throwing to tight windows.

What has happened since Jameis has been targeting open receivers? His interceptions have dropped like a rock.

But here is what Joe doesn’t understand. Has Jameis had some sort of epiphany — perhaps based on how he’s being coached up — or have his receivers just been getting that much better separation than they have previously?

Or could it be as simple as Jameis has been facing lousy defenses?

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  1. Robert Says:

    season is over, no pressure. that’s what changed. happens every year.

    whats different?

  2. Slugglife Says:

    We always play great once the season is over.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Facing weak defenses…..for sure.

  4. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    No just backup wideouts are finally comfortable in the new offense. That’s why they’re back ups. Tightends are rarely used in game plan other than blocking so of course it takes longer for them. Don’t forget it was just one game ago here threw 3 ints in a game. He finally started to trust Perriman after the Jags game because he made some very good catches on some not so well placed throws. Evans and Godwin had no problems adjusting that’s why they’re superstars as opposed to half stars. Hopefully Perriman balls out three last two games and proves why he was chosen in the 1st round.

  5. mark2001 Says:

    All of the above….and didn’t hurt that Miller and Perriman raised their games.

  6. Pa bucs fan Says:

    Playing for his future aka a contract extension. Yea no pressure. Lol clown.

  7. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    Maybe some minor adjustments in play calling? Not that BL or BA would admit to that…

  8. Chris Says:

    He always tries to get Mike Evans a fair amount of touches a game and I think forces it to him. I wonder if him being out has forced Jameis to see the field a little better and actually hit the open guy. Mike Evans isn’t the best at getting separation either… probably a few factors come in to play here.

  9. Defense Rules Says:

    Not sure that I understand the question Joe. You started off with 2 possible answers to why Jameis has been so good lately: (1) our WRs making him look good; or (2) something ‘clicked’ in Jameis’ noggin. But then I see a 3rd option: (3) Bucs’ receivers are getting open & Jameis is finding them (versus throwing into tight windows). And then a 4th option: (4) Jameis is being ‘coached up’ better. Oh wait, we’re not through yet; one more option: (5) Bucs have been facing lousy defenses these past several weeks.

    Personally I’m going with Option 6: ALL OF THE ABOVE. Got me through high school & college & the military. I’m sure THAT’S the ticket. Yup, ALL OF THE ABOVE.

  10. Jonathan Limpchimpi Says:

    You gotta tip your cap to JW, BL & BA. They’ve stayed the course despite a lot of “hate”…from me included as a decade+ of mostly awful football had taken it’s toll. Seeing just how difficult the position is and how few truly elite QBs there are in the entire world, the best case scenario for the Bucs is for this thing to continue to improve. Long term deal for Winston likely forthcoming at this point…

  11. Sharthappens Says:

    How about he racks up stats against losing teams with either weak DB’s or teams decimated with injury? Last winning team we played was the Saints and they blew us out at home. I don’t count the Colts since over half of their starters on D was on IR when we played them. Better question is why do we want to win when we need to draft a QB???

  12. Marlow1976 Says:

    20+ turnovers and you post this mess of an article.
    2 weeks “on fire” and 15 weeks in the crapper.

  13. idiaznet Says:

    I think it has been a combination of everything.

    Receivers are performing better route running more precise routes, this is allowing them to get more open and prevent tight windows.

    Jameis has had more confidence in them with better footwork and coaching for him. ( a good staff will do that)

    Finally we have player against more deficient defenses with their injuries hence the Lions games allowing for more vanilla defenses as well.

    The signs of a good coaching staff is that players get better as the year goes on and this is why the good teams play well in November and December. If it was just that the season was over then every team would be that way and logic would say that your hardest games of the season would be your last for every team. We all know that isn’t true. Only some of the teams play well at the end of the year.

    My only worry is that Jameis now has to throw to new WR not only to him but to the system. Now he has a good handle on the system but they do not. This system requires that they see the same thing he does so they are on the same page with so many option routes. I feel he is going to regress these last 2 games because of it. Then all the boo birds will be out because all they see are the stats, not the real issue.

    In my humble opinion you are going to see a really good team next year. We are getting to maybe 5 players away from a playoff caliber team. Put Smith at RT and draft a LT, get a good RB in draft, Pick up another OLB for pass rush and then depth. But we will see a really good team next year.

  14. The Buc Realist Says:

    Weak, soft schedule for sure!!!!

    Wait until the sheep and local media finally, start to look at next year’s opponent list!!!!!!!!!! Its no where the cake walk that it is for this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its funny to see the sheep and local media ready to back up the brinks truck and start handing out big money after a couple wins against the bottom of the barrel teams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then they will all wonder what went wrong in 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Huh Says:

    Jameis is The same qb hes always been. Not sure what changed? I guess more ints… but that’s what everybody freaked out about before

  16. idiaznet Says:

    Joe why was my comment deleted? What did I say wrong??

  17. H8JWLVEBUCS Says:

    “Heading into Week 12, the Bucs were 3-7, but they found their way to 7-7 with wins over the Atlanta Falcons, Jacksonville Jaguars, Colts and Lions. Other than the Saints, the Texans would be the only club the Bucs have faced in the second half of their season with a winning record”. ESPN

    Nothing has changed.

  18. German Buc Says:

    The defense.

  19. German Buc Says:

    H8, you know, that the Falcons, Jags, Colts and Lions expected easy wins against us to bolster their own records, don’t you?

  20. Buc believer Says:

    What changed is called COACHING

  21. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:


    He cracked his thumb.

  22. Wesley Says:

    It helps to play crap teams, people need to settle down.

  23. ocala Says:

    There are a lot of dumb fans that post on joebucsfan.

  24. SteelStudBuc Says:

    The lions suck

  25. ClodHopper Says:

    Sucky teams, the players trusting the process, and BA&BL being stubborn enough to stay the road

  26. adam from ny Says:


  27. adam from ny Says:

    #noggining is the act of thinking like BA

  28. Defense Rules Says:

    Noticed something a little bit ago that I can’t explain Joe, but I’m sure that you can. Bucs’ defense is currently ranked #30 in Points Allowed (398 pts), but we’re ranked #15 in Yardage Allowed (4,901 yds). That’s a HUGE difference in rankings IMO, when considering that we currently rank #1 in the NFL in Rushing Yards Allowed (1,026), #5 in the NFL in 3rd Down Conversions Allowed (34%), and #16 in 4th Down Conversions Allowed (48%). With those numbers, why have we given up so many points?

    On an even more bizarre front, Bucs’ defense ranks #9 in the NFL in Percentage of Drives Ending in an Offensive Score, AND also rank #6 in the NFL in Takeaways (with 25 now). ALL of that would SEEM to indicate that our defense is doing quite well.

    And yet, we’re ranked #30 in Points Allowed. Doesn’t compute. I mean, yes, the Bucs’ offense has thrown 5 Pick-6’s this season, but that’s only 35 points that our defense has been charged with. And yes, the Bucs’ offense has committed 27 other turnovers, many of which resulted in, shall we say, ‘unfavorable field position’ that ultimately led to opponent scores, but still, there has to be more of an explanation.

    Can’t find any stats on it, but after watching all our games it SEEMS like our pass defense (not JUST Secondary) has given up a LOT of ‘explosive’ pass plays (as in ‘we’ve been burnt a LOT with long pass plays this season’). FIXING THAT, combined with FIXING THE GIVEAWAY PROBLEM, could very well make THIS defense at least a Top-15 and MAYBE even a Top-10 defense IMO.

    Bucs have the foundation in THIS defense of a playoff contender for next year IMO. And IF that’s true, Bucs’ management needs to do everything in their power to bring back Barrett, JPP, Suh, Nassib & several other defenders who’ve played major roles in getting this defense turned around this season. Last thing we need is to start over with Swaggy Baker et al.

  29. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Pa bucs fan Says:
    December 20th, 2019 at 8:17 am
    Playing for his future aka a contract extension. Yea no pressure. Lol clown.

    You’re right. How’s he going to make ends meet if he plays mediocre? Food stamps?

    Since football is a team sport, the team’s “future” ends in two games no matter how he plays. Pressure could be ratcheted down a tad maybe.

  30. Coburn Says:

    Mostly lousy defenses imo. It’s why I’m not ready to crown him yet. He plays really well against lousy defenses and really bad against good ones. It looks like we don’t have much choice to at least tag him do hopefully he can play better against good opponents next year but qe will see. Have a feeling we will be frustrated with his inconsistency next year too.. or maybe he is consistent depending on opponent

  31. Coburn Says:

    I will say he plays eay better when rolling out and moving around more. Could also explain his receivers having separation

  32. 813bucboi Says:

    BL happened…..thats what changed…..

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  33. BigHog Says:

    Craig and them: The BA process is in full swing …FAMOUS has bought all in and it’s beginning to show! In FAMOUS we have a gunslinger..scrambler…fearless leader and his brain is beginning to see the play before it develops…like a Tom B. and all the other great QBs to play this game!LLEEP GRINFING FAMOUS…and keep your eyes down field!!

  34. German Buc Says:

    Defense Rules said it much nicer than I’d be ever able to do!

  35. buc15 Says:

    It took a few weeks but he is familiar with BA/BL’s system. Some of you clowns tend to forget it was a brand new staff with a brand new offense. The only downside is the turn around was a couple weeks too late for the playoffs.

  36. jmarkbuc Says:

    Anyone else notice that since he cracked his thumb he throws spirals? No kidding watch the Lions film… strange but true….

  37. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Gotta be the thumb brace and the way he used to grip the ball ( too hard)…I have never seen Jameis throw the ball as consistently well as he did last game…full disclosure….I wasn’t at the fabled Pittsburg game 🙂

  38. adam from ny Says:


  39. DoooshLaRue Says:

    He be JayMiss Wisdom…….


  40. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    HEY REALIST glad to see you’re back. Also man you can never say anything good about this team yeah bro one of the hardest schedules in the NFL that we are 0.500 right now with a shoddy team. Great narrative you’re trying to run realist you and tmax should get a apartment

  41. Ace Says:

    When the schedule came out everyone claimed it was a tough schedule.. now JW plays well and its soft schedule with bad defenses LOL some just DO NOT want to accept the fact that this guy is Good

  42. gotbbucs Says:

    Playing bad defenses. Still two games left, let’s cool our jets.

    Let’s also not forget that he has still been throwing interceptions against these bad teams, and not just late game interceptions, but the back breaking kind that against good teams would be catastrophic. Openning posession INT’s are inexcusable, and he has a horrible habit of throwing those.

    These last couple weeks have been fun, but this is vintage Jameis Winston. The wheels will fall off again, it’s not a matter of if but a matter of when.

  43. Pewter power Says:

    Not sure how most of you haters call yourself bucs fans. Playing crappy defenses doesnt improve your accuracy. The fact is that for his career hes often had wide open guys he would consistently overthrow or he saw the route too late. Playing lions is no reason why you throw dimes. They’ve worked on his accuracy by teaching better mechanics, they worked on decision making also. You idiots simply cant give a guy credit for playing well. We weren’t eliminated until last week morons, give the guy credit for playing well.

  44. Coburn Says:

    If you really were holding out hope until next week we would still go to the playoffs I have a bridge to sell you. Even the players have know for weeks they were going to be playing

  45. Craig Says:

    I think a talk with his agent about getting paid finally sunk in at the same time that the Bucs ran into a string of teams feeling the sting of a long season.

    Maybe he finally grew up, he does have a wife and kid now. That can change the perspective of things.

    Maybe the coaching struck a chord with him too.

    There is still time for it to all fall down again. I just have seen too much bad, to many false hopes to think this is the real thing. I hope it is because I know Jameis will be back and I want to see a good team fielded at what was once the old sombrero.

  46. Cgmaster27 Says:

    @robert no pressure? Yeah jameis has zerp pressure with a new contract looming. You continue to dazzle with your stupidity.

  47. Coburn Says:

    *last week

  48. Jonny Says:

    I think Jameis has stopped caring about throwing interceptions. That used to be his mindset coming from FSU. Koetter tried to coach it out of him and it made him a tentative passer. Now he is just slinging it out there. It definitely helps that Bucs are not playing for anything, the stakes are low. But these few games are a great opportunity for Jameis to tap into his aggressive psyche without regrets and discover that sweet spot of controlled aggression.

  49. Bculaw Says:

    Oline is allowing Less pressure. Gives routes time to fully develop and gives JW time to find the open guy.

  50. Dapostman Says:

    2020 schedule. Doesn’t look that daunting Realist.




  51. Colonel Angus Says:

    @Defense Rules

    I read last week the BUCS have given up 108pts off of turnovers this season, which is 2nd most in league. Cut that in half and our D would be giving up somewhere around 23-24 pts a game. Plus the yards given up on those extra drives, and the loss of potential points scored for our offense, etc. How many more wins would that have led to? Turnovers matter.

  52. Hamsadwitchtime Says:

    All the haters .. I wouldn’t say Rams, Seattle have lousy defenses

  53. DalvinCookRules Says:


    You are absolutely correct, altho your point doesnt have much to do with the original writeup. The reason I have stated that Winston’s turnover rate spiked this year, and I predicted it would happen before the season, was precisely because of Leftwich/Arians new offense.

    A QB like Winston absolutely requires the offense to be tailored to his strenghts AND mask his weaknesses. The Bucs staff still is learning how to do that. Had the old offense been retained, Winston’s turnovers would be 40% less this year and that would’ve translated into at least 2 more wins.

    The biggest reason for the last two weeks’ passing explosion is mostly due to the very bad teams the Bucs were facing.

  54. Smashsquatch Says:

    Useless stats piled up after the game has been lost or the season is long gone cloak Jameis’ short comings and further complicate evaluating him. Jameis, I’m rooting for you to put it together once and for all in 2020. Live to play another down or live to win the next game should be your mantra. Ditch the superhero mentality and stop thinking every play is salvageable. Use the off season to look at aerial pictures of the forest and stop focusing on the trees. Only then will you be able to lead the Bucs to the playoffs and capable of running WITH the Squatch!

  55. tnew Says:

    This is pretty easy.. Mike Evans got hurt. Mike Evans gets some of the least separation of any WR in the league. Love Mike, think he’s the best player on the roster, on two of the past seasons… (not this year tho), but the facts are his game demands tight window throws and he has shown he can make them..

    No matter this is not where Winston throws INTS.. short over the middle passes are the bulk of the INTS.

    Have to say this..

    Regarding the schedule, this schedule was seen as borderline UNFAIR by EVERYONE here and most people outside of the bucworld. The schedule makers themselves called out the Bucs as the one they wish they could have a do-over on. All of that travel had an effect. Especially early in the season, with an entirely new coaching staff and the 2nd youngest team in the NFL. Its easy to say oh, the Bucs are winning so the schedule is easy but many of you guys are just wanting the team to lose so that Winston will be moved on from or you were so in love with the last regime (why??????) that you want to see this group fail.

  56. tnew Says:

    Colts are NOT a bad passing defense.. not great at 21st in the league but not as bad as say the Bucs at 30th. Dismissing Winston’s success because he does it against the 21st ranked defense, (11th coming into the game ys the Bucs BTW) but acting like our passing defense doesn’t have an effect… SMH.

    Facts are if the Bucs had Indy’s pass defense, they would be thinking of playoff seed.

  57. Stanglassman Says:

    Johny. Great post. I knew I sifted through all these crappy comments for a reason. Thank you for adding some thoughtful insight.

    Ocala-You couldn’t be more correct. JBF is definitely where the stupid fans hang out. Love JBF and lots of their contributors but there are so many negative crybaby comments on this site it makes me question why I come back every time.

  58. VA Tom Says:

    Not throwing to premiere receivers he may be paying more attention to his receivers because he has less faith. Better progression because he doesnt feel they’ll bail him out like Evan’s and Godwin are capable of. So he’s finally paying attention.

  59. whats the bucs plan 2020 Says:

    you are what your record says you are !!…… we will have a good test tomorrow …. missing evans and godwin …. it doesnt look good…….

  60. Robert Says:

    no pressure. yes, thats what I said. he will NOT be a buc net year. he may be going to get paid, but the bucs are NOT going to pay him what he THINKS he is worth. and they shouldn’t. let him hit the open market.

    difference to be playing to get paid, which and playing $hitty at the beginning of seasons, which he always does. ALWAYS!!!!

  61. Player 1 Says:

    For all those saying JW was giving the defense short fields to work with due to INTs, it goes both ways. How many short fields has JW been gifted with since hes been here? Not many man.
    I dont care that we are winning after being out of contention. At least we are winning. A little confidence goes a long way. For the first time in half a decade, I no longer cringe when I see that we are facing a back up QB

  62. gambelero Says:

    Defense Rules: Look up drive efficiency stats. Much more unbiased estimator than points allowed. You can look up average drive start there as well. Mean for that is 28ish most years.

    When you have a proflific offense that scores quickly, and passes downfield a lot you skew the numbers for simpleton stats like points per game.

  63. 813bucboi Says:


    2019 revealed you were wrong again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    only losers like you and smitty care about the schedule and make excuses!!!!!

    this staff finds solutions not excuses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BA has exposed dirk…..BL has exposed monken…..TB has exposed smitty….

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  64. Rodney Munch Says:

    It means the receivers were getting open, probably because the defenses we played weren’t as good prior defenses.

    As I’ve pointed out many a times… Winston, since 2015, has had the worst defense in football and the worst kicking game, and since 2016 has played the hardest schedule.

    This should be covered under the ‘hardest schedule’ comment.

    That stat, however, is from like mid-season. I don’t think the run of Cards, 2x Falcons, Jags, Colts and Lions undoes that since division leaders Saints and Texans are in there, but I’ll have to check the stats again at the end of the season. I believe Carolina was 2nd on SOS, and it was close, so they’d be the competition for that title.

  65. Crabby Fan Says:


    The opposing defenses aren’t getting as open as they have been.

  66. Defense Rules Says:

    Gambelero … Some of the efficiency stats still confuse me because I’m unsure what criteria goes into compiling them. Some don’t though, like 3rd & 4th down efficiency numbers (we’re doing very good there IMO). Points Allowed is very biased IMO, since the offense’s giveaways (and especially Pick-6’s) impact it so greatly.

    Our offense’s stats themselves are somewhat misleading IMO. We’ve done rather meh against strong defenses, but eaten well against poor defenses. Our defense has directly helped by scoring on 2 Pick-6s and 3 FRs, for 35 points. They’ve also provided 20 other takeaways, many of which resulted in very favorable field position for our offense to turn into points. Beyond that though, our offense is racking up lots of yards AND points this season. Shore up the OLine some, draft a stud RB, add a 3rd WR for depth and voila … we’d be in good shape offensively for 2020.

  67. Defense Rules Says:

    Colonel Angus … Our defense is clicking during this 2nd half of the season. I think it’s because the Secondary was so very young & inexperienced, and is now ‘getting it’. Also because JPP made it back into the fold … our pass rush has definitely improved since then (he’s not the ONLY factor in that to be sure, but he is a big factor I’m convinced).

    The Bucs’ offense has actually had MORE giveaways/game this second half of the season (2.5 per game) than they did in the 1st half season (2.25 per game), and yet our defense has given up considerably fewer PPG (31.5 PPG 1st 8 games versus 24.3 PPG these last 6 games). That bodes VERY WELL for next season IMO, providing that Bucs’ management uses their heads & doesn’t try to get cute.

  68. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I want to believe since we’re getting ready to drop a boatload of cash into Jameis’s lap that he is getting better.

    I want to believe that but we did just play a stretch of bad defense that might be the catalyst for false hope.

    Let’s see how he stacks up against the Texans without his studs. Basically he needs to learn how to play with lesser talent around him anyway since his future salary will suck up 15-20% of the salary cap every season.

  69. Tval Says:

    6 straight games, AWAY FROM your home bed(albeit with 60% IDIOT FANS)m is now “an easy schedule”?
    Hater buc fans BAFFLE the mind.
    No more excuses for you.. go cheer for the Dolphins. Lol!!!!

  70. Bucsfanman Says:

    I say all of the above when asking “why” he’s looked better.
    Saturday’s game will be the true barometer of where Jameis is at. He will be without his top WRs playing against a good defense.

  71. Robert Says:

    the reason for idiot fans is most sane people signed off of when they signed JW or not too many years later. I still love the bucs, but they won’t get my time once they are out of the hunt.

  72. ocala Says:

    The Bucs wont get your time yet you constantly post on JBF.

    I get the frustration of fans regarding some of Jamies plays, but if you are watching Bucs games it is obvious the guy has elite NFL talent, is a strong leader and great teammate.
    The reality is Jamies needs to be more consistent, but with him only being age 25 he is a QB the Bucs should sign to a long term contract.

  73. Robert Says:

    this is my dumb time for a work distraction. completely different from taking time from family……this is for entertainment purposes.

    the bucs should be, but not entertained by meaningless games.

  74. Ljsolutions Says:

    You cannot fix stupid. Next year will we be allowed to carry a true backup quarterback or will it be to much for our guy?

  75. mark2001 Says:

    LJ…that is why I wouldn’t be surprised to see us draft a QB in the second or third round, if the right guy in Arians and Lichts mind is there. We need a guy that we can groom should Jameis plateau or regress. That position is far too important to gamble to the extent we are right now.

  76. Dapostman Says:

    This team is one FG from PAT length from being 8-6 without a run game and a crappy defense for most of the season. Think about that. 8-6.

    The next step will come when the running game and pass defense improves. Offensive lineman, defensive lineman, running back and a safety who can cover are paramount in taking the next step towards the playoffs.

    QB, skill pass positions on offense and the front 7 aren’t really an issue.

  77. DBS Says:

    This team is where they are because of themselves. Put yourselves in a bad position and bad things happen. They are the Bucs. Out of the playoffs not all of a sudden look good. SOS.

  78. LongSeason Says:

    One observation I made a few weeks ago when Jameis had another big turnover day was he was looking at the pass rush.
    Another observation is the O-line was playing like a sieve.

    The pass blocking has gotten a bit better.
    Jameis is no longer looking at the pass rush. He is looking downfield past the pass rush.

    There probably is a bit more of a comfort zone for the receivers (even Mike Evans and Chris Godwin) as they get more familiar with the playbook.

    Plus you add in the pass defense is playing better. Consider last year they allowed 72.5% completion and this year that has dropped to 61.8%. Perfect? No. But much better since VHGIII was given the boot.

  79. Buczilla Says:

    We beat 3 cupcakes and barely beat an average team. I’m thrilled with the wins and the team’s direction, but I’ve read this story before. If we beat the Texans without 2 of our best players I will be impressed.