Dixie Chicks At Bucs TV Map

December 28th, 2019

Where the Bucs game will be shown on free TV

Unless your local FOX affiliate broadcast signal originates from one of two states, you will be shut out watching the Bucs on free TV tomorrow.

Essentially, only FOX affiliates in Florida and Georgia will broadcast the Dixie Chicks-Bucs game to be enjoyed free in the luxury of your home.

Everyone else, it’s either NFL Sunday Ticket or off to your favorite watering hole.

Of course, Joe always recommends local fans take in the Bucs and the full slate of NFL action at Abe’s Place in Clearwater. The menu rocks.

Some of Joe’s favorite announcers, veteran play-by-play man Tim Brando and three-time Super Bowl champion linebacker Matt Millen, will call the game. Sara Walsh will prowl the sidelines. Too bad Joe won’t hear them until Joe watches the replay.

As always, the map is courtesy of 506sports.com.

FOX early broadcasts:


Yellow: Atlanta @ Tampa Bay.
Red: Green Bay @ Detroit.
Blue: New Orleans @ Carolina.
Green: Chicago @ Minnesota.
Brown/Orange: Cleveland @ Cincinnati.

9 Responses to “Dixie Chicks At Bucs TV Map”

  1. PSL Bob Says:

    Can’t understand why the SE Florida coast can’t watch the Bucs game instead of the Green Bay-Detroit game. I guess playoff implications for Green Bay, but still.

  2. #1bucfan Says:

    I’m visiting family in Arizona an want to watch the Bucs game. Does anyone got any suggestions besides going to the local watering hole? I’m out in the desert an the watering holes are far.

  3. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Agree with your observation. I have hope that our game tomorrow will be interesting…Green Bay should handle Detroit easily…I don’t see either the Falcons or the Bucs winning easily.

    It’s kind of like do you want to see the more “important” game or the most competitive contest.

    For my birthday this past Monday wife got a night in the Marriott Water St and we purchased a couple of our favorite seats to the Lightning game against the “Stinking Panthers”.

    GREAT way to see the game. Check in at two…enjoy a nice dinner and then walk to and from the game…NO TRAFFIC and no parking lot crazy competition to escape!!!!

    I don’t own stock in the Marriott but I gotta recommend this highly!

    Oh and the game. Great in one sense…the Lightning just crushed the Panthers 6-1 but in reality it was a boring game from an unbiased viewpoint. The outcome was decided so early and never really in doubt. Great to see the home team shine…not so great to have zero suspense in the outcome.

  4. Mort Says:

    Green Bay / Detroit – why?

  5. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    …..cause Noone in florida likes the stinkin rotten Fins!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Dolphins have been terrible for so long that they should just sell the team to someone in St Louis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Mike Johnson Says:

    Come on Florida. Do better. I mean we got parts of our state watchin
    GB/Lions? Come On man!

  7. Mike Johnson Says:

    Say #1 bucfan, Arizona has so many great sports bars. And if you are in the Phx area, there are to many to name. some of the best ones are over in Scotsdale, Glendale, and a few of the..other burbs there. I often visit ZIPPS because I like the Wings there. Half Moon is great also. Enjoy your stay.

  8. Buccfan37 Says:

    Count me in on the Dolphin haters fan club.

  9. D1 Says:

    Bucs anthem,

    There’s something about the Dolphins that is markedly different than the bucs.
    It is the amount of transplants who become fans of the fins even though they may have grownup fans of another team. Tampa Bay area transplants follow their hometown team and if they follow the bucs it’s always second.

    Living in the area you pick up on that real fast because it’s not the norm for the rest of the state.

    There’s another thing, the stadium is installing gondolas , like a ski lift, that extend into the parking lots. Fans won’t have to take a long walk through a parking lot to get to the entrances. Add that to having shade cover on 90% of the seats and it makes me wish for new owners.

    For some odd reason ownership seems to care about fans and the game day experience. Wish that would rub off on the glazers. I know they spend time in Miami, just hope a light bulb goes off and they say, we could do this for our fans.