Combo Package

December 26th, 2019

Blame game.

Some day in a psychology class, there will be a chapter on why Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, throws so many unlucky passes.

Take his habit of throwing picks on his first attempt of games (just like his NFL debut). Jameis throws so many first quarter interceptions it almost has to be mental. It just cannot be dumb luck, can it?

Well, while not excusing Jameis, Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich hinted Jameis’ interception on his first pass attempt last Saturday was a combination of bad luck.

Leftwich was asked whether the pick was a bad route or targeting a bad receiver. Leftwich explained it was several things.

“It is a guy making a play on the ball,” Leftwich began. “It is probably ball location not where you want it and it is probably iffy if it should go there (to the intented target, Justin Watson).

“It is all in one. It’s all a fine line with those three. You put all of those three together and you kind of get that result. You get one of those, you probably don’t get that result.”

Well, two of those three are on Jameis. That’s bad.

Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians in the past admitted he didn’t believe in team shrinks but he thought the team may need one due to how hard they practice but ultimately they shat on themselves in games.

That obstacle seems to have been cleared. But why a good quarterback makes the same mistakes over and over sure needs to be cleared up.

43 Responses to “Combo Package”

  1. geno711 Says:

    What Arians calls “grit” is a must have ability to make the dozens of decisions that need to be made in the twenty five seconds the quarterback walks on the line of scrimmage and scans the defense to when the play is over.

    On the practice field Arians is known to spend most of the time with his quarterbacks reviewing what transpires during the three to four seconds of a basic pass play. He believes the first thing the quarterback has to understand is his protection, because the defense can always blitz one more guy then your linemen can block. Because of this the quarterback has to look and read what will coming from the opposing defense.

  2. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    Can’t fix stupid decision making

    We constantly hear he has a high football IQ too bad it doesn’t translate to good on field play

  3. JGhoti86 Says:

    Maybe the answer to your first paragraph is, Bipolar Reversal Magnetic Theory :p

  4. Tackleblockwin Says:

    The blame game on the interceptions is becoming comical. I agree that some interceptions you can’t blame a QB 100%. Regardless, Winston has way more than any other starter in this league. Therefore his bonehead decision making is still superior to all other QBs. I’m in the middle when it comes to Jameis. There is good and bad with him. But when it comes to interceptions don’t try to point fingers. When you have 28 picks, you have 28 picks. Just like when you have 30 TDS you have 30 TDS. We are not trying to take them away are we?

  5. 813bucboi Says:


    But wait, there’s more. Of the 28 INTs, 6 were Pick-6’s (42 points), 6 resulted in our defense surrendering TDs (another 42 points), 4 resulted in our defense holding the opponents to FGs (12 points), and our defense held on the other 12 INTs. So Jameis’ 28 INTs resulted in our opponents scoring 96 points … ALL TAGGED AGAINST THE BUCs’ DEFENSE I might add.

    But wait again, there’s even more. Of Jameis’ 22 INTs that DIDN’T result in a Pick-6, 15 of those 22 INTs resulted in our opponents getting the ball on OUR side of the field, almost always ALREADY in FG territory. That’s right Rod, OVER TWO-THIRDS of the time they got the ball in Tampa territory pretty much in FG range BEFORE our defense even took the field.

    but we know….its never JWs fault…..

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It’s all about the money and the terms…..we know what we have in Jameis and all we can really expect is marginal improvement.
    It is most certainly a problem between his ears…..he simply doesn’t read the defense well enough on a consistent basis and makes throws he shouldn’t.

    Last week Aaron Rodgers threw his 3rd pick of the year when Jameis threw 4 in one game…..

    We need to give him the non-exclusive franchise tag…..if we lose him, we get 2 1st round picks……we’d never get that in a trade. We have the option to match the offer…..if we do anything other than that for more money, we deserve what we get.

  7. passthebuc Says:

    WTF is an unlucky pass????????????

  8. ben Says:

    a lot of fans says Winston will be better next year or maybe the year after that … Maybe …

  9. Jean Lafitte Says:

    That terrible alley oop pass was destined to be picked.

    In the words of the famous scholar, Forest Gump

    “It’s as simple as that”

  10. IrishTony Says:

    @813bucboi; well presented and exactly my problem with current QB.

  11. tickrdr Says:

    But, but, but ……….yards?
    Of the top five QBs in the NFL for passing yards (all over 4000 yards),
    not a playoff spot among them.

    But, but, but ………. INTs don’t matter.
    Of the top 6 QBs in INTs for 2019, not a playoff spot among them.
    In 6th place for most INTs is Matt Ryan with 14. JW3 has TWICE that number.
    Of the top 20 QBs with the most INTs in 2019, only 4 of them are in the playoffs.
    All four of those (Garoppolo, Watson, Allen, and Brady) have thrown TWICE as many TDs as INTs. i.e. they all have a TD/INT ratio of at least 2:1!

    The Bucs have had 38 giveaways (INTs and FUMs lost, WORST in the NFL), which means that 19.8% of all offensive drives ended in a turnover. Roughly one of every 5 drives!
    The only reason the Bucs’ record isn’t even worse, is that the defense had 27 takeaways, which was sixth best in the NFL.

    But, but, but……. we couldn’t possibly do better than Winston?????


  12. VA Tom Says:

    Right…how does a “good” football qb make that pass? The answer is there. He isn’t good. Not in the well rounded sense. Just look at his win vs loss ratio. Just look what happens when the defense is improved? He has a lot more work to do. Is he salvageable? Man, he is pretty far down this path. 17yrs of football playing is gonna get fixed in this off season? I can’t imagine Jameis can prioritize not throwing picks anymore than he did in this contract year. But I’m not a pro athlete or a coach…so…?

  13. AwShbucs Says:

    All of you that think we shouldn’t bring Jameis back Kent year are going to be exposed for the fools you are when this team makes a playoff run next season.

    Provided the defenses growth this year isnt a mere mirage like the 5 game fluke of 2016 was, the playoffs are an inevitability. Now if the defense manages to stay good next year, and we see a competent rushing attack, we’ll win the division and be capable of winning a couple games in the postseason.

  14. Ndog Says:

    Honestly I think it is the scripting of plays in that Jameis knows where the ball should go so he’s throws it there (which is extremely stupid). So why don’t they still just script plays and not tell Jameis the plays so those plays are like any other in the flow of the game. Also the last pick he threw was after a time out, which you know they talked about in detail before the play on the sideline. I really think he just trusts the play/coaches so much he just does what the play calls for instead of reading the play out. Again this is really crappy QB play if you identify it and everything else is outstanding why don’t you work within that structure to amply the great aspects of his game and minimize the things he struggles with. Let’s be honest Jameis should just read the freaking play out but again if this is happening a lot, which of course it is, why not adjust as a coaching staff?

  15. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    I love Jameis…. but this stat……

    OJ Howard has more TACKLES this year than TD receptions.

    Register that.

    More…. more….. TACKLES??????

    Yeeeee……. that is pretty embarrassing.
    For Jameis.

  16. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Agree completely with your use of the “transition” tag as opposed to the “franchise” tag. You’ve given the very best reason…two first round picks and the right to match any offer.

    What is rarely discussed in these match any offer schemes is that JW wants 30 million…a transition tag which averages the top ten instead of just the top five like a franchise tag QB salaries which means JW could be looking at five million less than he wants.

    But what if he turns down 25 million and the highest offer from any other team is substantially less? Do the Bucs then get JW for that cheaper offer? Does the market value thing really work both ways?

    I agree also TBBF that we might as well plan on JW for one year at minimum. As folks have pointed out minimal improvement could make JW a truly competitive QB…namely eradicating those five games with the majority of picks.

    If JW cut those five games down to a pick or two he’d improve more than just marginally and if our defense continues to improve we’re on our way.

  17. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:


    We are discussing reality not fantasy here

  18. Ndog Says:

    So 813 everyone of those picks were the QBs fault? Forget the wrong routes, forget the ball off of the hands of the TE, forget the behind the back catch, forget getting hit as you throw, all of those are just excuses right? So those same things that would happen with any QB will be fixed with a new QB right? This is s what kills me you take last week, which a HORRIBLE game by Jameis a f act like that is the norm, when it simply is not at all.

  19. AwShbucs Says:

    25 years old. 1st year in this scheme. Has produced his whole career. Owns every franchise passing record and is either 1st or 2nd in numerous NFL records. All his teammates and coaches love him. And his stats to this point in his career compare favorably to HOF QBs from every era.

    And you dingus’s think we should just dump him. Pathetic.

  20. Craig Says:

    An unlucky pass; one that has a defender at the other end of it.

    Maybe an unlucky pass is a suck-ups euphemism for the stupidest pass since the last stupid pass.

    This was an audition year for Jameis to become the 100 million dollar man. This was as good as he can give us. Imagine him being pissed off next year because he is franchised. Think of what kind of damage a narcissist person like him can do.

    Franchising him will be a waste, unless you like lots of leg room at the stadium. Just tell him to not let the door hit him on the way out.

  21. Defense Rules Says:

    Those 3 REASONS by Leftwich are wrong on so many levels it’s mind-boggling.

    o First, it’s “a guy (opponent ?) making a play on the ball”. Wow, who’d have expected any of our opponents to do such a thing.
    o Second, it’s “probably ball location not where you want it”. Probably? As ‘in the opponents hands’? No probably about it Byron.
    o Third, it’s “probably iffy if it should go there (to the intended target, Justin Watson).” I’m wondering now if the INTERCEPTION gave it away.

    Here’s a thought. Jameis has thrown 10 INTs in the 1st quarter of 9 our 15 games … 8 of those have been short passes, and 2 have been deep passes. Yet he’s only thrown 1 Pick-6 in the 1st quarter: that short pass intended for Watson in the Texans game. Of the other 1st quarter 9 INTs., 7 gave our opponents the ball in Bucs’ territory, while the other 2 gave them the ball at midfield. Defense surrendered 4 TDs, 3 FGs & held twice on those 9 INTs.

    Our record in those 9 games BTW is 4 wins, 5 losses. Starting off in the hole certainly didn’t do us any favors, and yet we ‘recovered’ in almost half the games to win. In the 9 games he threw a pick in the 1st quarter, Jameis went on to throw more picks in 8 of those 9 games (the exception was the Lions game). IOW, IF Jameis throws an INT in the 1st quarter, there’s almost a 90% probability that he’ll throw another one, and there’s almost a 50% probability that he’ll throw at least 2 more. Whoopee.

    So Byron, do us AND Jameis a favor. Compensate for his tendencies, as best you can, with better play-calling. Don’t let him self-destruct in the 1st quarter. It’s hurting the TEAM by putting us in early holes that we MIGHT be able to avoid.

  22. AwShbucs Says:

    Like I said. I’d our defense continues to play like it has the past few weeks, we make the playoffs next year. I’ll put it like this…

    If our scoring defense for 2020 is ranked 16th or better, I’ll bet you $100 we make the playoffs with Jameis as the QB.

    And in addition to that, if our rushing offense is ranked 16th or better on top of that, I’ll bet another $100 that we win the division.

    What say you?

  23. AwShbucs Says:

    If* our defense..

  24. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    I hear ya AwSh. There is a WHOLE LOT more good than bad.
    I love watching him play football. I truly do.
    I also love his passion for the game and for his teammates.

  25. Adrnagy Says:

    I never liked the type of pass to the sidelines. The same with the RB toss or sweep. Your throwing or running across the field.
    But I must agree 80% jameis fault. You can see a little bit of decision maturity on jameis by throwing away or at the feet of rb, wr.

  26. LordCornelius Says:

    I’ve been defending him for a while but man he is such a weird freaking quarterback.

    Like how do you reconcile going to LA & Seattle and playing the way he did on the road while having no defense and basically single handidly almost winning both games, to playing at home with a great defense, and playing so horrifically bad that he is basically the only reason the team doesn’t win?

    Wtf is this guy?

  27. Stravenite Says:

    Ranked 50th !

    “Winston has completed 367 of 602 passes for a league-leading 4,908 yards and a second-best 31 touchdowns, but his passer rating of 84.6 ranks 50th in the NFL. His 28 interceptions thrown are 10 more than anyone else in the league has thrown “.

  28. BigHog Says:

    Stupid people call others stupid because stupid is what stupid is …look in the mirror STUPID!!

  29. BigHog Says:

    LordC: He is the only reason that we win! Can someone…anyone give me another reason we win games!!

  30. Defense Rules Says:

    tickrdr … Your 4:50 PM post is EXCELLENT. Too many make it all about THE PLAYER and about HIS STATS, as opposed to making it about THE TEAM and about TEAM STATS. And the ultimate TEAM stats is Wins & Losses.

    Brad Johnson may not have been the best QB in the NFL, or even close to the best we’ve ever had, but he got the job done in the TEAM context. Obviously he had a great defense supporting him, but our rushing was nothing to write home about (1,557 yards ranked #27 in 2002, and the 6 TDs rushing ranked #31. But he (and Rob Johnson & Shaun King) protected the ball well (only 10 INTs & a total of 21 giveaways for the offense), while our defense forced 38 takeaways … a PLUS 17 Turnover Differential in the regular season. They were even better in the playoffs … 4 giveaways to 13 takeaways. THAT’S how you win football games.

  31. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Leftowich put it very well . Two of the things critical on Int’s are ball placement
    and whether the ball is going to the right target. If the pass is a little bit off , then the defender might have a better chance than the receiver to catch the ball.
    IMO this is the reason so many of Jameis'[s passes are getting jumped this year.
    It not unusual for Jameis to put a ball or two a game in or near the hands of the defender . As for tipped balls ,that is a shared responsibility and Jameis can
    help his receivers with better ball placement. We have all seen receivers blow easy catches. The only thing Jameis can do is help his receivers out by putting the ball where only they can catch it. Then its on them to haul it in.
    Lets face all receivers do not have the skillset of Godwin for instance that catches balls in the tiniest window. IMO , Godwin sure plays a mean football game. Sorry ,I can’t help it some of the words in the” Pinball Wizard ” also seem to apply to Godwin.

  32. Buczilla Says:

    Calling Jameis good is one hell of a stretch since a good quarterback wouldn’t do the boneheaded things he does as consistently as he does them. Does he have streaks of good play? Damn right, even dominant ones at times, but that is mitigated by streaks of play that you might expect out of an undrafted rookie making his first start. He’s a mess and the people making the decision on what to do with him have got to be losing their hair.

  33. Aubpierce Says:

    First one in the building last one to leave. After five years zero improvement. For me that says it all. Has all the physical ability,desire and toughness. Winston keeps making the same mistakes over and over which equals a man that can’t learn or is unwilling to learn from his mistakes.

  34. geno711 Says:


    He has the 2nd highest percentage of badly thrown balls at over 20%.
    That only has to do with his blunders not others.

    The receiving core has dropped only 3.6 percent of his passes. That is 6th best in the league. Just think if they were worse at catching.

    Just think how much worse Jameis would look with a bad receiving core and guys that could not catch or get open.

    I give Jameis a lot of credit for those Seattle and LA Rams games. But it is a team game and our receivers were wide open all day long in both of those games. 80 percent of those throws were not tight windows. Give the receivers and Leftwich credit for those games too.

    By the way, give the young receivers and Leftwich credit in the Houston game. Those routes with the new guys were open all day also. That was just Jameis being off. But I am sure a year from now, your dialogue will be that no QB could have a successful day without either Godwin or Evans so those were not Winston’s fault either.

  35. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    “Lol! lazy journalism and JBF posters

    Like ball and glove

    2 peas in a pod

    What’s longer? 4 years or 1 year?

    4 years seems like a descent amount of games to acquire an comparable average

    How come JW3 has 12 more ints only this year compared to 4 past years

    My Dad and I might not squint as much as JW but we dont see a bifocaled Klueless calling plays but a overgrown QB Coach intern Gary Coleman

    Everything is the same except the 813bucboi beloved overqualified OC Wannabe

    16 Games and endless amount of 20 yard comeback and deep out patterns and the JBF sheep is asking why?

    Whatcha Talkin about Willis”

    Son of Kobe Faker

  36. Chris l Says:

    Not saying it can’t be fixed but we aren’t even sure jameis can fix this? If he could wouldn’t it done by now? I hope he can but this has nothing to do with psychology except dumb football. The slogan of Bucs beating bucs starts with JW3.

  37. Dapostman Says:

    Jameis Winston is a notoriously slow starter. He has been his whole Buc career.

    So why is Leftwich calling plays 15/20 yards downfield so early in the game?

    The RB’s should be involved early in the pass game.

    Why the heck are the Bucs receiving first instead of the second half where Winston has been better?

    Leftwich runs the exact same offense no matter who is on the field. That means he does not tailor his game plan to the talent available.

  38. Losing hope Says:

    Hey Joe bozo… HE’S NOT A GOOD QB! Duhhhhh.

  39. bojim Says:

    ‘Keep firing’.

  40. Sport Says:

    There’s a reason why not many players have more INT’s than JW – because they get benched, then traded or cut.

    He’s prolific, but I have close to zero confidence with JW in true elimination games in the NFL.

    JW is a slump buster for opposing defensive backs/Safeties/ and now linebackers are having a run.

    He’s an enigma.

    As always,

    In BA I Trust!

  41. Ed Says:

    He’s not fixed, he’s just in a better offense than Koetter ran. Jameis tries, he is a hard guy to intimidate, his character has been reformed ever since he married. Most fans root for him and want to like him. Unfortunately those intangibles havn’t made him a better football player because:

    He doesn’t see the field well
    He isn’t slippery when there is a good pass rush, looks like a sitting duck when he is taking a sack
    His ball placement has always been high, too many overthrows
    Not good at throwing quick passes, which are neccessary when playing teams bringing pressure
    Tendency to not make correct reads, slow reaction time
    Doesn’t see defenders sliding into throwing lanes resulting in too many easy interceptions

    All of the above issues have not been improved over the 5 years so in my opinion. He isn’t athletic. Runs a slow 40, coordination is mediocre. Throwing form to exaggerated. All of those flaws have been uncorrected. He is who he is, a thrower, not a passer. A risk taker which works out part time and when it doesn’t the outcome is what helps the Bucs lose.

  42. bucnole Says:

    Sometimes I wonder if that was the play call and JW just went there or if he improvised the call. If not the call was wrong or the WR didn’t get open.
    I what Byron said is true the JW made 3 mistakes on one play.

  43. Says:

    Brees throwing a pick… Probably unlucky
    Rodgers throwing a pick… Probably unlucky
    Russ Wilson throwing a pick… Probably unlucky
    Mahomes throwing a pick… Probably unlucky
    Winston throwing a pick… Probably an ill-advised attempt