Bucco Bruce Arians Answers The Question, Who Impressed You Most This Season?

December 19th, 2019

It’s always great when a head coach is put on the spot.

Usually, these guys choose not to entertain and intrigue fans with a solid and candid answer.

Bucco Bruce Arians, however, danced a politically correct tightrope when asked this week, “Who would you say has impressed you the most this season?” The query came from a fan and was delivered on Buccaneers Radio.

Arians sort of game three answers.

The first answer was Vita Vea, but Arians cited Vita becoming an offensive weapon rather than his defense. Then Arians said, “I can’t single one thing out because there’s been so many, But Sean Murphy-Bunting would be one, for sure.”

That Murphy-Bunting answer means something, though Joe can’t put a finger on exactly what right now.

Murphy-Bunting is fully cross-trained at nickel and outside corner and has taken quality reps at both positions, which is no small task for a rookie out of Central Michigan playing in a blitz-happy scheme.

Arians and Todd Bowles want playmakers in the secondary and it seems fellow cornerbacks Carlton Davis and Jamel Dean can’t catch, per Arians. So that’s making Murphy-Bunting and his three interceptions stand out.

Of course, every coach Joe has ever encountered loves practice, so this tells Joe that Murphy-Bunting is delivering a daily work rate valued by the staff.

It’ll be interesting to see which of this year’s three rookie defensive backs, Murphy-Bunting, Dean and Mike Edwards make the big second-year leap that nearly every truly good player does.

24 Responses to “Bucco Bruce Arians Answers The Question, Who Impressed You Most This Season?”

  1. JGhoti86 Says:

    So what’s the 3rd answer besides Vita and SMB?

  2. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Yeah Joe….. #3?

  3. 813bucboi Says:

    cappa stood out….i thought he played very well all season….

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  4. Mikadeemss Says:


  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Admit it Joe…you were hoping he’d say Jameis!!!

    The third one has to be LVD…..

  6. Frank Menendez Says:

    JOE, what was the third? This article was poorly written, no offense.

  7. Cobraboy Says:

    Those drafts aren’t looking so bad now…

  8. Sport Says:

    Both guys mentioned are in the ‘Band of Brothers’ (2018 & 2019 Draftees)

    Our core is set. Now all we need is continuity.

    Keep this team together from top to bottom on defense.

    Upgrade RT and Running back.

    Go Bucs!

    In BA I Trust!

  9. LordCornelius Says:

    Those drafts aren’t looking so bad now…”

    For sure. The 2019 class actually might be one of the best in the end.

    Devin White – looking like a future all pro now finally
    SMB – at worst looks like a starting CB that can play nickle/outside already as a rookie. Potential huge
    Dean – might have the most upside of all our corners to be a shut down size/speed freak
    Mike Edwards – meh starter but was a rookie
    Anthony Nelson – was flashing before injury – bonus player for 2020 that I think we’re sleeping on.
    Matt Gay – solidified the kicking game
    Scotty Miller – looks like a faster adam humphries / legit deep threat

    4 defensive starters, with 3 being in the secondary and being part of a huge improvement in secondary play the last month or so

    1 special teams starter

    1 depth WR

    1 depth DE

    Potential for 7 legit contributors from that class, and at a minimum it’s looking like all will be back next year and 4+ starters.

  10. QBKilla Says:

    Dean is clearly our best prospect. He has the make up speed that the others don’t.

  11. Hodad Says:

    Give all the DB’s who can’t catch their own jugs machine for Xmas.

  12. Jean Lafitte Says:

    No Shaq?

  13. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    Still need to address the trenches, depth and RB.

  14. Defense Rules Says:

    I’m with Jean & Mikadeemss … Shaq & Godwin have made the biggest gains thus far this year. And oh ya, both are looking at huge paydays, HOPEFULLY from the Bucs.

  15. webster Says:

    I just want to know where are all the posters/armchair gms who was bashing licht for the smb pick? They screamed why did he not pick greedy williams? Nevermind the fact williams was the 9th cb taken. Smb leads all rookies in ints as well as the team and two picks were game closers!!!! Where are the arm chair gms?

  16. cmurda Says:

    It’s a rare scene in this here area of the world when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are better than the Tampa Bay Lightning. Tyler Johnson stinks and Vasy looks like a 1 hit wonder. Anyway, I digress.

    The third B.A. answer was Vernon Hargreaves? You never know. VH3 goes bye-bye and all of a sudden there’s no team hotter than us since.

    P.S. Good call 813. Cappa did stand out and I’ll be honest, it’s a pleasant surprise for me.

  17. Wesley Says:

    But where did he get those shoes? I want a pair.

  18. Sharthappens Says:

    Ha. No JW??? Let’s hope the clown is out of here

  19. Evolvingbucsfan Says:

    #3 could be a few Bucs IMO

    JPP- from coming back after a broken neck and being that leader on defense
    Shaq -Dominating like he has
    Cappa – Being a Beast and a great turn around from last year
    Dean – only a few games as a starter and lots of PBU’s
    D White – Balling out and creating TO’s
    J Winston- breaking records and letting it fly – to either team.

  20. mark2001 Says:

    Headline news “Bar Bouncer Look Alike Alex Cappa clears the detractors out of the Bucs fan club”.

  21. mark2001 Says:

    Wow Joe…this was a take off on your original visual assessment of Alex Cappa…and it is being “moderated”? Wow.

  22. #1bucfan Says:

    813 yes I think Cappa deserves a lot more credit coming from a no name school who’s football program was shut down he also played a whole game with a broken arm. From last year to this year he’s a totally diff guy. LOVE TO SEE OUR YOUNG TALENT FINALLY BEING DEVELOPED.

  23. FanO’Bucs Says:

    Cheers #1Bucfan!

  24. Owlykat Says:

    As BA has said the game tomorrow is a real challenge and will let us know where we are. If we win it, Katie bar the door, you are already looking at a Buc Playoff Quality Team! Our team needs everyone in our stadium tomorrow to do our part. Go Bucs!!!