Godwin’s Big Year

November 26th, 2019

Jogging into a payday.

As a Bucs-type texted Joe this week, just about every two-bit, wannabe financial advisor is likely cold-calling Bucs receiver Chris Godwin so often he can’t keep his phone on.

Because in the span of a few months, Godwin has gone from a talented part-time player to one of the NFL’s most dependable weapons about ready to cash in on the NFL lottery (free agency).

Yes, the Bucs have Godwin locked up for one more season (provided he doesn’t hold out) for the cheap sum of $768,000, per Spotrac.com.

Godwin reached 1,000 yards receiving for 2019 in the win at Atlanta on Sunday, and that’s with five games yet to play.

Joe talked to Godwin after the game and he was his usual humble self.

“Obviously this is a dream of mine,” Godwin said of reaching 1,000 yards receiving. “I always saw myself as being able to produce at this level. I’ve been blessed with being able to do what I do for a living and I am just trying to help my teammates get better.”

Godwin also credited America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, for getting him the rock.

“The one thing I will always say about Jameis is, he will always fight and that’s what we love about him,” Godwin said. “If the previous play was good or bad he will give it his all. You have to respect that.”

It isn’t out of the question that Godwin could finish the season with 1,500 yards. He already has 1,071, second only to the Saints’ Michael Thomas, who has 1,242. Godwin leads the NFL in touchdown catches with nine.

Generally, dudes who put up these kind of numbers are banking serious coin. Provided Godwin doesn’t get hurt, that’s what awaits him in a little over a year.

The trick here is, does Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht rip up Godwin’s contract and sign him to a pricey extension now, in part to keep Godwin happy and not risk Godwin holding out? Does Godwin play under his current pact and risk injury in 2020, or does Godwin’s agent talk him into sitting out until he gets a new deal, or does Godwin welcome an extension now that might be less than what he’s worth?

(Read into this what you will, but the agency representing Godwin, MBK Sports, prominently features him on its website. Pretty sure they would like to flaunt to prospective clients how they helped make Godwin a very rich young man.)

Something else to keep in mind: There will be a new CBA with the players before the 2021 season begins. It’s safe to assume there will be a higher salary cap.

Trick is, how high?

Would Licht take a risk in signing Godwin before knowing what the new salary cap will be, not knowing how much Team Glazer loot he has to play with?

30 Responses to “Godwin’s Big Year”

  1. Tom T. Says:

    Sign him up to an extension ASAP!

  2. Robert Says:

    jw…aka db55, you still owe me 98 bucks!

  3. Ndog Says:

    Robert Says:
    November 26th, 2019 at 2:48 pm
    you gotta trade him or jw.

    it’s an easy decision. you could put a monkey in there and play better than jw. dump him and use the cash in the trenches.

    How can say something so stupid? Apparently you have never seen Bruce Gradkowski, Brain Greise, Chris Simms, Shaun King, Mike Glennon, Josh McKnown, Luke McKnown or many many others.

  4. Cometowin2 Says:

    How would you feel if I called you a two bit writer? Great financial advisors save financial lives Joe!

  5. Buczilla Says:

    Pay the man market value, he deserves it. If we mercifully let the failed Jameis experiment end then we can easily afford Godwin. I don’t expect Licht to do the right thing though.

  6. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Godwin has too much class to sit out……..

    He’s just not built that way…..he’s your classic “blue collar” worker.


    If he did sit out next year awaiting a new contract extension, I wouldn’t blame him one single bit cause he’s earned it.

  7. MadMax Says:

    It sucks we have all these great players we need to pony up cash for, in order to keep them, but we’re a 4 win team so far.

    I think Jason needs to look hard at Evans and Jensen and come to the conclusion that we cant have it all. Evans drops and Jensen’s whiffs in particular. OJ too, he’s coming due….Brate? yeah that salary too.

    Decisions, decisions. But you better keep Godwin!!!

  8. Joe Says:

    Pay the man market value, he deserves it. If we mercifully let the failed Jameis experiment end then we can easily afford Godwin.

    Who is going to throw Godwin the ball then so he can earn that big payday, Andy Dalton?


  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I am confident that if we can extend Brate…..and extend Donvan Smith……Evans…..Ali, LVD & others…..we can surely enter into a successful contract with Godwin.
    The best time for it is in the off-season…..and I don’t think we need to be concerned at all as to what the cap increase is…..

    We will have some more difficult decisions with Suh, JPP, Shaq & Nassib….

    We desperately need to draft a RT & a DE/DT in rounds 1 & 2……that will save a few bucks.

  10. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe … I love the way that you espouse the most ridiculous alternatives to make your point. What makes you think that Jameis even wants to stay in Tampa? How much will it cost to keep him here? Franchise tag is expensive & it only buys you 1 year.

    And why are you so afraid to move on from Jameis anyways? Yes he throws for a lot of yards, but he does have 2 of the Top-5 WRs in the NFL to throw to (that kinda helps). But oh ya, he also leads the league in turnovers (the kiss of death to any defense).

    The 2020 & 2021 draft classes are supposed to be strong in QBs. BA may not like rookie QBs, but I’m sure that Andy Reid was quite happy when he saw what Patrick Mahomes could do in his offense. And there are some fairly decent QBs in the 2020 free agent class too. Our problem will be that we can’t afford to pay ANY QB an arm & a leg AND still pay for the several quality FAs we’ll need on the defense and still pay Chris Godwin to keep him (and if we don’t keep him we’re bloomin’ idiots). It’s all about choices.

  11. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Joe, it’s not hard to comprehend-

    Buc fans know Jameis has talent
    Buc fans know D needs to play like they did Sunday
    Buc fans know Jameis needs to cut his turnovers in half for Bucs to have a chance at playoffs.
    Buc fans don’t want Andy Dalton, but they don’t want turnover machine either.

    IMO , 1 more year with Arians is warranted, but not a Goff deal at this point-
    too risky

  12. OBP Says:

    Damn good thing we’re leading the league in cap space at the start of the off season. That 131 mil will go a long way in retaining our best FAs in Shaq, JPP, and Carl while giving us more than enough to give Chris his well earned big money extension (Licht BETTER have that contract ready and waiting for the first available moment you can legally extend your players on rookie contracts). We could even tag or extend Jameis and it would still just be a drop in the bucket. This off season is gonna be big for us, let’s hope BA and Licht pick wisely.

  13. Ndog Says:

    I was just thinking about this today. We have loss to the 49ers, twice to the Saints, Seattle, Tennessee and NYG. Those 2 losses to Tennessee and the Giants are going to kill us cause the other losses are to clearly the top 3 teams in the NFC. I mean it is not ok to lose to anyone but in reality that missed kick and horrible overall performance in Tennessee are going to kill us come the end of the year.

  14. Clw JB Says:

    Pay the man, now, before he sours on a chronic losing franchise with ME13 wallowing in misery his entire career – don’t think Godwin doesn’t see what a smaller market losing team does for your career

    If ME13 is on the Cowboys, Pats, Ravens, Raiders, Bears…..he is a 5 time All Pro

    Play in Tampa, be the best since Randy Moss and get selected as an alternate at the Pro Bowl, much less and All Pro invite

    Pay him, that is the only motivating factor we possess.

  15. Mike Johnson Says:

    OK Bucs. When it comes time for a new contract for Goodwin and he is still ballin out like he is now? Pay The GD man..Please!

  16. DB55 Says:


    How’s Hump doing these days?

    Brate was UDFA cut by the saints and with JW he competed with Kielce for most TDs by a TE before BA benched him for No-J.

    How about Martino who had like a 20 ypc avg?

    He’s even making snotty Miller look …. well idk about that nvrmnd. Lol

    Oh I forgot just sign a monkey or perhaps a bunny that lives in the jungle I’m sure they can do better than jiggaboo I mean jaboo. My bad.

  17. JimmyJack Says:

    Hey we never had a player hold out before. One of the few things you can credit our Front Office for.

    No reason to worry about it now. All’s I’ll worry about right now is Chris staying on the field and getting balls and helping us win game.

    Don’t really see the point in worrying about a contract in November unless you wanna worry about it for the next 4 months. Or am I mistaken and it’s normal for players to sign new contracts in the middle of season?

  18. JimmyJack Says:

    The only ones who should be worried about Chris contract right now is the Front Office & Commentor Defense Rules.

    And the only reason DR should worry about it is so we got one poster on here that fully understands the CAP situation to help share with us sheep and settle debates…….DR knows almost every in and out of the Bucs CAP and even knows some of the crazy bylaws associated.

    DR is the sheeps chosen one for any CAP related question.

  19. DaBux Says:

    Knowing Licht he’ll trade him for a punter.

  20. BucsBandit Says:


    We should have traded OJ Howard to the Pats for their 1st and 3rd and in 2020.

    Offer Godwin a big extension, he’s worth it.

    Then let Jameis WALK THE PLANK after the season and find another team dumb enough to pay him $20M+/year with big guaranteed money.

    Sign Teddy Bridgewater and/or another decent Vet QB in the offseason.

    Then trade up in the draft (if necessary) to land the future Bucs QB. Jacob Eason could be that player.

  21. BucsBandit Says:


    You must be new to the Bucs…

    Errict Rhett held out for over THREE MONTHS refusing to play unless he was given a new contract.

    The fact that you don’t know this reveals how you’re definitely one of the ‘newer’ Bucs fans. And that explains a lot about your history of posts on this site.

  22. BucsBandit Says:

    I love how Joe rips on Andy Dalton…

    The same Andy Dalton that has had FOUR seasons of 10+ WINS. Something Jameis has NEVER DONE even once.

    Andy Dalton that has a much lower turnover % than Jameis.

    Andy Dalton who has thrown for over 30,000 yards and is 3 TD passes away from the 200-TD pass mark.


    I’ll GLADLY take Andy Dalton over Jameis Winston. G-L-A-D-L-Y.

    RYAN FREAK-ING FITZPATRICK had (4) 400+ passing yards games and (3) 4 TD pass games with this SAME TEAM (but without Godwin starting).


    I’ll GLADLY take another decent QB over Jameis Winston to see what they can do with these same weapons.

    The *MATH* and *PROBABILITY* clearly shows that a decent QB can put up production (yards, TDs, and points) with our current Offense *AND* do so with a lower turnover %; which all but guarantees 3-4 more WINS per season.

    SO YEAH…

    I’ll GLADLY welcome any other decent NFL QB to replace Jameis “Hasn’t Gotten Any Better In Five Years” Winston.

  23. ElBajito43 Says:

    @NDOG …
    I heard of MCLOVIN but never “MCKNOWN” sorry but I don’t “know” of him.
    Plz go back to ending your posts with “WTFDIK”

  24. ElBajito43 Says:

    Hahaha JIMMYJACK gets EXPOSED!!!!
    While I was listening to Eric Rhett run for the first down in orangesickle from the voice of Gene Deckerhoff.

    JIMMYJACK is a stupid name too….. should of just put Jimmie Johns or some Sh!t

    I mean what are you like a big sandwich enthusiast?

  25. ElBajito43 Says:

    @JimmyJack Off
    I will give you credit. At least you challenged @Figures to a showdown at RAYJAY
    I HAVE TO SAY….. MAYBE YOUR TAKES ARE NOT MY SAME OPINION BUT YOU SIR AT LEAST HAVE GUTS….and maybe class 2 unlike @Figures who’s takes are TRUTH but who is basically a NAZI

  26. Slugglife Says:

    New fans. Old fans. Does it matter?

    Every one of us has suffered through years of futility. Not sure one post or a missed holdout fact changes any of that.

    Or are you celebrating the fact you’ve been a loser longer than JimmyJack? If so congrats bro. You win that one just for the idiotic call out.

  27. rhenry Says:

    Hahahaha, like your name exudes intelligence. Looks like it belongs on the side of a taco bus or something.

  28. orlbucfan Says:

    DaBux Says:
    November 26th, 2019 at 7:42 pm
    Knowing Licht he’ll trade him for a punter.
    Get LOST, troll/putz!

  29. orlbucfan Says:

    Ungodly likes it here, and loves his teammates. He’s not planning on holding out/leaving. Listen to what he says. Questions, Joes: which PA university did he graduate (completed 4 years) from? No snark here.

  30. unbelievable Says:

    lol at that quote, even Godwin is sick of the INTs…

    That said, those of you who think any old QB can come in here and move the ball / score points with ease like Jameis does behind this mediocre at best o-line and our wildly inconsistent run game / playcalling are fooling yourselves… There’s a few that certainly could, but many who could not / will not.

    Careful what you wish for.

    And LOFL at anyone wanting Andy Dalton, the king of folding like a wet blanket under pressure. Just LOFL