“That’s Old School Toughness Right There”

October 10th, 2019

The first thing you can do if want to impress Bruce Arians and win his football love is to block like an animal.

The second is a little more painful.

Arians was talking to America yesterday on SiriusXM NFL Radio and was asked about the new starters coming to his offensive line Sunday against the Panthers in England.

Nah, Arians didn’t want to talk about those guys on the right side of his O-line; he went right to the injured warrior.

“I gotta give Alex Cappa all the credit in the world. He broke his arm on a screen pass in the second quarter and didn’t tell anybody and played the whole game,” Arians said. “That’s old school toughness right there. You love that. Hopefully we’ll get both those guys [Cappa and Dotson] back by Seattle.”

Arians was talking to co-host Bill Polian, the Hall of Fame general manager and former boss of Arians. Man, Joe could hear the love in Arians’ voice for Cappa.

Joe went to the All-22 film and looked for Cappa breaking his arm on that screen pass. The screen shot below is of him on one knee holding his left arm on that play late in the second quarter. The crazy thing is, the Bucs ran over right guard, aka Cappa, on the first two snaps of the second half.

If you watch the film, you can see Cappa getting off the ground multiple times without using that arm.

What a warrior!

Alex Cappa (65) holding his broken left arm on a second-quarter screen pass.

19 Responses to ““That’s Old School Toughness Right There””

  1. Colorado Says:

    Humboldt State! Right in the middle of the famous “Emerald triangle!”

    My man Cappa

  2. DB55 Says:

    You know what I noticed? On screens, the oline goes for cut blocks rather than blocking standing up. Seems strange to leave your feet if your blocking, especially on a screen passes. Idk.

    I guess it’s better than running all the way downfield and not blocking anyone at all. Like duh I thought you had’em. See the Rojo screen v. Rams.

  3. DB55 Says:

    Anyway sorry cappa Hope your arm gets better. Impressive!

  4. Colorado Says:

    DB55 they want to cut block so the defense can’t get their hands up to block the screen. Remember that play on the 1 yard line where the Saints D-lineman tipped the ball and stopped an easy Mike Evans touchdown? That’s why we cut block them. The announcers tore Dotson a new one for that.

  5. Jmon300@gmail.com Says:

    By Seattle lol yeah sure

  6. Clean House Says:

    Impressive toughness

  7. Defense Rules Says:

    Wow I have mixed feelings on things like this. Like most, I’m very impressed when a player can tough out an injury, especially something as serious as a broken arm. But the other side of me says it was a dumb decision that might well have hurt the TEAM, and that’s not a good look.

    First off, BA said that Cappa “didn’t tell anybody and played the whole game”. It’s the NOT telling your coaches that I’d take issue with. They have every right to know IMO if a player isn’t capable of performing at 100% due to the potential impact on play-calling, etc. New Orleans has a VERY GOOD Defensive line, and it was hard enough for our OLine to keep them off of Jameis (6 sacks, 8 QB Hits) without having one of our OLinemen playing with one arm ties behind his back.

    Secondly though, Alex could very well have aggravated the injury even further by staying in. Had someone fallen on that arm while he was blocking, it might’ve made it MUCH WORSE and cost us him for the season, not just a few games. Heck, it might have even jeopardized his career.

    Guys playing hurt, like Cam Newton did in our first meeting, may be macho but IF it negatively impacts the TEAM performance then that’s not a good thing. Whether Cappa’s injury did that I don’t know (our entire OLine got pummeled pretty good by the Saints), but not at least making your position coach aware of your situation isn’t smart IMO.

  8. teacherman777 Says:

    I apologize to Cappa!

    I have also noticed that he took my advice this offseason.

    His butt is looking noticeably larger than last year.

    I like guards with big butts and thick legs!

    Cappa must have seen my comments because he has clearly worked on building a stronger foundation. Aka His butt and his legs!

    But I still want to draft a 2nd round OG/C next year.

    The 2nd round round is the place to get GREAT guards, centers, and RTs.

    Go Bucs!

  9. Hodad Says:

    Old school toughness, or stupidity? Jameis was running for his life most of the day. Cappa with two good arms is still average right now. He hurt his team more playing.

  10. Pete I Says:

    It was old school toughness, not old school wisdom. Could have crewed his arm more by playing. Old school toughness YES, but Old School toughness alone doesn’t seem to be getting the job done these days.

    Definitely a warrior.

  11. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Cappa might be tough but……….. It was dumb for him to continue, 1) For his own health, and 2) His effectiveness was absolutely diminished, and it showed. BA and the staff should have ABSOLUTELY seen that!!! And if they didn’t, they weren’t doing their jobs.

  12. Pugs&Bucs Says:

    Here’s a guy playing offensive line with a broken arm.

    Meanwhile, the Cardinals pitcher last night asked the Braves to stop the Tomahawk chop because it was offensive.


  13. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m split on this……tough but dumb, I guess.

    I do believe that the emergence of Cappa & Rojo has made the 2018 draft much better.
    Vea, Rojo, Davis, Cappa, Whitehead, Watson, Cichy…….not bad.

    MJ Stewart….no….but we got extra picks so, he’s ok for ST……

  14. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    teacherman777 Says:
    “I like guards with big butts and thick legs!”

    Hubba hubba…

  15. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Sometimes I think Bruce tries to baffle us with BS. With the 39 coaches on staff its difficult to believe that nobody recognized Kappa was hurt. Agree with Morgus’s prior post. He hurt it before halftime and nobody noticed during the break including players sitting next to him,

  16. mdsbuc Says:

    I’ve turned 180° on this guy. I thought he was another Licht bust…

  17. Rob Tanner Says:

    Wrap that arm up. If he could play two more quarters hanging it out, letting it swing around. Pull a JPP cement square block on that arm and swing that right up McCoys ass Sunday morning! #GoBucs!

  18. Bradinator Says:

    Ok, for the folks jabbing at Cappa for not coming out. He did not know until after the game that the arm was broken. He still played ok. One of those TDs was right off his left hip. Jameis might have had to run for his life, but it wasn’t Cappa’s guy. We don’t know the extant of the break, for all we know it’s a hairline fracture. He didn’t feel he was at diminished capacity so he kept playing. The bone wasn’t sticking out of his arm. He stated previously there was only a bruise there. How exactly was anyone else to know it was broken? All I know for sure is that we WILL miss this guy on the line. He’s been pretty good. Besides he doesn’t play db, so I don’t know how much he “hurt the team”. Name one team in the NFL that doesn’t want a guy like Cappa on their team? If some people were fish they’d complain about the water.

  19. TOM Says:

    WOW! Can’t wait till Dotson gets back. Will make everything right in Bucs land.