Slow-Learning Bucs

October 25th, 2019

Powerful comments

Joe really had to think long and hard about Bruce Arians’ various comments this week regarding his players not responding the way he wants them to.

On one hand, Arians said he likes how the Bucs are practicing because he can’t watch a week of practice and get sense of whether the Bucs will win or lose their next game. That tells Joe that Arians sees a team practicing consistently when it comes to execution and work ethic.

But then Arians also said “I thought we’d be a little smarter by now. We still have some growing pains that I was hoping would be gone by now.”

Given the solid practice habits, hearing the slow-learning take by Arians is basically him saying when the lights go on, too many of his players get stupid on the field and deviate from what they practice.

Is there a fast fix for that? Joe would think benching some starters might send a message, but Arians said not to expect any personnel changes of significance.

Joe also heard Arians say the Bucs are suffering from “a little bit of lack of preparation.” More film work is needed, he added.  Well, that tells Joe the team isn’t as motivated as Arians hoped, and that speaks to coaching concerns, having the right collection of guys from a mental (not talent) standpoint, and poor player-driven leadership.

Now what?

Read this 2013 ESPN feature on Arians and how every team he’s joined has improved quickly. It further underscores just how critical Sunday’s Bucs game is in Tennessee.

To fall to 2-5 would be a near-death sentence in a season where it likely will take 10 wins to be an NFC Wild Card team. As Ira Kaufman wrote yesterday, Arians is in very unfamiliar October territory.

Something has to change this week after a bye. The Bucs are out of excuses — and time — for the 2019 season.

34 Responses to “Slow-Learning Bucs”

  1. bucnole Says:

    so much for accountability. . .

  2. AllhailJPP Says:

    flush it all..time to start from scratch brother

  3. Petty Officer Buc Says:

    You see… Arians staff simply isn’t big enough.

    The missing piece is NDOG, the patron saint and wizard of football who knows more than everyone else who ever lived.

  4. Joseph Mamma Says:

    We didn’t get the Arians of 2013 or even 2017. Anyone paying attention knew that when he said he was not running the offense. Don’t really see the point of even looking at the linked ESPN article.

  5. Chris K Says:

    @Petty officer, don’t forget a GM job for Tmaxipad.. Guy knows more about talent and what it takes to win in the league than guys like Arians or Dungy could even dream of! 😂

  6. Tye Says:

    Was it just my experience or was it common everywhere that while growing up going to school, when you had a substitute filling in, nearly every student payed little to no attention… It was a cushy day..
    Arians is the HC but often is off wherever doing whatever and Left is like the sub..
    If the HC can’t find time to even bother, many may feel, ‘why should we!’…

  7. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Joe, this team isn’t going to the playoffs. They have faced teams with back up QBs and they have gone 2-4. IMO they need to use this season to figure out who they want to keep when the rebuild begins. It would be good if they could make this decision prior to the trade deadline and maybe trade some guys for a few extra picks next year. I think Jameis will go somewhere else and have good career. No need to tie him up though and cash strap the team for the next 3-5 years while the team attempts to rebuild. My hope is they don’t use any picks on QB for the next two years. Bring in some scrub like McCown that will help them get a very high pick those years and build the trenches. 2022 is the year they should start looking to draft a QB.

  8. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Once they get trounced in Tennessee and the bottom falls out the fire sale can commence.

    Then all good and true Bucs fans can do what we do best: wait ’til next year.

  9. tmaxcon Says:

    All Aboard Glazer Retirement Train…. non stop gig to peace of mind bring all your friends. no expectations, no stress and most important good cash….

    where are all my we finally have coaching friends at????

    BA’s BS is entertaining but he could not coach himself out of a wet paper bag anymore…. bucs need NEW, Young and Energized…. The OLD washed up has been route has NOT worked…. Lovie 2.0

    remember nothing old is ever good with the exception of booze… old people are a drain on society and simply just don’t get it.

    nothing makes me happier than to watch the delusional optimists meltdown and keep clawing at excuses and hope…. there was no hope before the season even started but thanks for the entertainment….

  10. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    “2-7 with beatdown by BAs former Arizona Cardinals at RJS

    We have been conned

    The great Golfcart Heist


    Son of Kobe Faker

  11. Adam Lakers Carolla Says:

    then it is settled…all of you “sunshine patriots” can get off of this bus and root for a new team. I will miss your doom and gloom anaysis. And as always…GO BUCS!!!

  12. Tye Says:

    2-5 is bad, I expect them to be 2-6 by the time they play a home game..
    No long confident they can even beat the Cardinals..

    Sadly, the games against the Falcons may be for the basement and slightly concerned the Falcons will win enough to shove the bucs back in the basement for yet another year!

  13. Smashsquatch Says:

    Focus, recognition and anticipation has been lacking from the coaches and players for years. Licht’s short sight has hindered him from pulling the trigger on trades in the past (DJack & Hump come to mind).

  14. Adam Lakers Carolla Says:


  15. DBS Says:

    Not buying in to the BA and Company BS is what they are doing. So we see the results.

  16. BA FAN Says:

    BA needs to start with Hargreaves and move him to slot CB because it is obvious that his past failures to cover the no. 1 WR on each team is well known in the league and QBs can easily pick on him all game long and win. That failure puts our Offense to far behind and puts too much pressure on Jameis to try and take the game on his back to win, resulting in turnovers.

  17. Ndog Says:

    Thanks Petty officer I really appreciate the keen observation of my knowledge.

    But seriously do you think they are using the running backs correctly?
    Do you think they are taking advantage of the skill set of Brate and OJ?
    Do you think it’s a good idea to take deep drops and put Wells and Wafford in situations to pass block for 3-4 seconds?
    Do you think it is smart to blitz basically every play when it has been proven we can cover man 2 man very well?
    Did you like taking a delay of game to move our kicker back?
    Did you like taking back 2 back time outs in Carolina to almost cost us the game?

    I mean knowing your comments you might but I am not a fan of any of those above actions.

  18. Bucs911 Says:

    I agree about going after a young energized coach that relates better to the younger generation coming into the league. But then I look at the success that Belichick has and I’m like well that theory is out the window so I don’t know just win some damn games Arians.

  19. Sport Says:

    TMax is clearly a bigot. His constant focus on age slurs is all the evidence you need.

    In BA I Trust!

  20. Ndog Says:

    Not trying to be Mr. Positive here BUT you people do realize we lost to the 49ers who are 6-0, the Panthers who are 4-0 since Kyle Allen has been starting, the Saints who have 1 loss and are also undefeated with Bridgewater starting and yes we lost to the Giants which is a horrible loss.

    But between the other 3 losses those teams with their current starting QB HAVE NOT LOST TO ANYONE. Now again not saying we’re good or anything just stating that we haven’t exactly had an easy schedule. Maybe just maybe with playing the likes of the Falcons twice, the Titans, the Lions, and the Cardinals we end up around 8-8 or something like that. Not great but considering first year with a new coach and ridiculously hard schedule not horrible either.

  21. Hodad Says:

    Instant turn around, a retooling, not a rebuild. The secondary is fixed! BA’s one hundred, and one coaches for one player learning system. Gee, I thought BA would be smarter at 68 to realize he didn’t have a talented team. BA doesn’t trust rookie O lineman, but he loves a young secondary. He crowed he had a vet, VH.03, they were happy with the draft. We all thought they needed a vet DB to bring in, and they didn’t. Now we’re to young, and stupid? The players aren’t stupid, they’re just young, and your vet VH.03 can’t play outside corner very well. So I really don’t know who should be smarter by now?

  22. richbucsfan Says:

    This is a good point…player intelligence

    Look at the Patriots. They have intelligent players football wise. They are a sharp group. Been that way for years. Look at the Bucs…hmm, not so much.

  23. Bucamania Says:

    Ndog nailed it

    Lots of head scratching decisions going on. I’ll add:
    – Why the heck is Scotty Miller getting targets?
    – Why is Dean not playing while VH3 gets abused every game?

  24. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    I love how Ndog is completely ignoring how his QB pissed away the 49ers game and Panthers game. Winston didn’t piss away the saints game because the team did not play well overall at all.

  25. Pete I Says:

    As long as its got a full charge, the Golf cart works just fine, so that is one less thing Bruce “lack of preparation H” Arians has to worry about.

    And that’s a good thing.

  26. tmaxcon Says:

    Sport Says:
    October 25th, 2019 at 10:52 am

    TMax is clearly a bigot. His constant focus on age slurs is all the evidence you need.

    In BA I Trust!

    lighten up Frances….. have your mom put you back in the safe space it’s too scary out here for your soft arse….

  27. tmaxcon Says:


    you and the rest of your spineless safe spacers have rendered the words bigot and racist absolutely meaningless now. these words once were powerful and carried meaning now you pansy arse thin skinned losers toss them around like the other meaningless words Sorry and Excuse me…. you are a punk simple as that… calling people those words used to carry consequences now they are meaningless.

  28. TOM Says:

    How come these other teams are getting above avg. players in trade for almost nothing while our genius GM does nothing. Glazer’s & Licht = DUMB & DUMBER.

  29. Bucnjim Says:

    When you’re 5th in the fine art of turning the ball over that will take the motivation right out of a team. Especially when your defense is actually tied for 5th in taking the ball away from the opposing team. Winston & Co. right there with the Jets and Dolphins. Bucs D has more takeaways than the Bears, Bills, Texans, Cowboys, and Saints. Just one less than the Seahawks. But like Winston fans will tell you it’s the secondary’s fault, coaches fault, Winds blowing the wrong direction, he’s butt hurt over the backup or needs glasses to see the field.

  30. Ndog Says:

    Tampabuscsbro Says:
    October 25th, 2019 at 11:09 am
    I love how Ndog is completely ignoring how his QB pissed away the 49ers game and Panthers game. Winston didn’t piss away the saints game because the team did not play well overall at all.

    I’ve been over this a thousand times he did not play great in those games but all those TOs were his fault. I will do it again for the slow ones

    49ers game:
    1st pick Peyton Barber ran the wrong route ( documented by the coach)
    2nd pick bounced off of OJs hands (documented by eyeballs)
    3rd pick bad choice by Jameis should have thrown it away (documented by coach)

    Panthers game:
    1st pick Evans did work back to the ball AND Jameis predetermined the throw 50/50 split (documented by coach)
    2nd pick his arm was hit as he was throwing (documented by eyeballs)
    Fumble Jameis held the ball to long (documented by coach)
    3rd pick Great play by the MLB BUT can’t make that throw pick on Jameis (documented by coach)
    4th pick had to throw it as it was 4th down cause the previous play our all pro WR didn’t come back to the ball (documented by coach)
    5th pick our all pro WR doesn’t even turn around/try for the ball and it is picked (documented by coach)

    So in those two games against great defenses with little protection or running game Jameis was solely responsible for exactly 3 TOs. That’s the truth you may not like it but it’s the truth. Just like Arains said before the season if we play better around him it will allow him to do his job. When we have vs the Rams and the first game vs the Panthers he was outstanding when we haven’t played well he looks bad and gets blamed for everything cause people need a scapegoat cause they are weak minded and can’t understand it’s a team game.

  31. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    “Since JW3 was drafted

    our secondary could suk

    our receivers could be average and traded MEME away

    our runningbacks could suk and be below average

    our Tight ends could be non existent

    all we needed was 2 very good offensive lineman to build an above average line to protect Jameis and we would have been and be in playoff contention every year

    it doesnt matter whatever our team weakness is without a offensive line

    Did Gump build a competent offensive line after the Lovie Smith backstabbing?”

    Son of Sam

  32. Buc believer Says:

    Get his fat old over paid arse off the golf cart and start walking the sidelines of a practice and the players may respond. I’m surprised he doesn’t have one for games.

  33. Defense Rules Says:

    Ndog … Excellent post at 10:52 this morning. Unfortunately far too many JBF ‘fans’ are more interested in bitching & offering excuses than they are looking deeper at what’s going on with our Bucs. We’ve played a very tough schedule thus far, and we’ve played most of those games away (traveling takes a toll on practice time). We’ve had several starters unavailable, on both sides of the ball, plus we knew we had some ‘holes’ in our starting lineups going into the season. Still, in my mind the Bucs SHOULD be at least 3-3 at this point (the Giants loss was inexcusable IMO, and I lay that squarely on coaching).

    Our biggest problem at this point IMO is that we’re INCONSISTENT on BOTH sides of the football. This team will do some really good things, followed by some really dumb things. We consistently BEAT OURSELVES. THAT has to stop.

  34. Jackpc1 Says:

    Former/current starting NFL QB’s who may possibly be looking for new homes next year:

    Andy Dalton
    Marcus Mariota
    Eli Manning
    Cam Newton
    Nick Foles
    Joe Flacco
    Teddy Bridgewater
    Kyle Allen
    Phillip Rivers
    Ryan Fitzpatrick
    Jameis Winston

    Bucs have bigger needs than a QB in the early first round. OL, RB, and CB – sign a veteran QB who can play and develop a young QB from later in the draft.