Scheming Mike Open

October 7th, 2019

Help him.

Now Joe understands that in 2017, Saints defensive back Marshon Lattimore was Mike Evans’ kryptonite.

Last year Evans owned him, but the krpytonite effect was back yesterday when Evans threw up a goose egg. Zero yards. Zero catches. Joe cannot believe it still, even though Joe witnessed it with his own eyes high above the turf at the Superdome.

And Albert Breer of wondered aloud this morning what would become of the Bucs’ offense without Chris Godwin.

No, the Buccaneers didn’t go into New Orleans and win today, but Chris Godwin was fantastic, going for 125 yards and two touchdowns on seven catches. By the numbers, he’s been better than Tampa’s No. 1, Mike Evans, through give games.

Joe loves Godwin and even though Evans has said repeatedly that Godwin is a No. 1 receiver, Joe wouldn’t go that far with the Bucs because Evans is putting up Hall of Fame numbers.

What Joe is concerned about is when the Saints come to town later this year, can Bucco Bruce Arians and Byron Leftwich scheme a way to get Evans open and somehow neutralize Lattimore?

Like he did last night, Arians confessed he should have moved Evans around more during his day-after presser. That’s a start.

But if Evans is tied up, why is it Arians and Leftwich couldn’t find ways to get walking mismatches like O.J. Howard and Cam Brate mixed in with the offense?

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  1. BucEmUp Says:


    Leftwich<most nfl play callers

  2. BrianBucs Says:

    As I was having my cereal this morning I saw Mike Evans’ picture on the milk carton

  3. JP_09 Says:

    You said it, Evans production will go up when this staff starts throwing to Howard and Brate more. Evans, Godwin, Howard, Brate should all be getting at least 6 targets per game. Great coordinators figure out ways to get their playmakers the damn ball

  4. 813bucboi Says:

    maybe mike was “sick” again….lol…

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  5. Tom Edrington Says:

    BA and HUGE staff: Over-rated.

  6. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Leftwich is the Mike Smith of the offense. So far, the play calling has been truly offensive.

  7. hizzieallen Says:

    I have wondered this for awhile now. The Bucs depending on players winning at the top of routes. The best offenses scheme players open. Howard should be unstoppable as well. Scheme him into matchups against LBs in the open field.

  8. pick6 Says:

    why not let Evans mess around a bit in that coveted slot role. he doesn’t exactly have the ideal frame for a slot blocker but it would at least give the D more to scheme against.

  9. Lamarcus Says:

    When you are practicing against VH3 you will feel like a top 3 receiver.

  10. Petty Officer Buc Says:

    It’s simple.

    If Evans has two in the backfield covering him, you get the ball to Howard, Brate, or Godwin.
    You don’t pray that short Scotty Miller is the next DeSean Jackson and force the ball to him. You throw it to your proven money makers. Brate has been criminally underused this season and he isn’t slow to start like OJ Howard. He has produced when he has been on the field. Problem is he has seen, what 15 snaps this season?

  11. Lamarcus Says:

    In all seriousness ME13 looks a bit overrated. His routes takes forever to develop and easily gets emotionally out of a game!!! “Look at Evans he is mad at JW’. “Look at Evans now he mad at Leftwich”. You know he can kick rocks. Tired of the man kids we have

  12. down in the dirt doug Says:


  13. Locked In Says:

    Would you rather throw to Bobo/Miller or Brate/Howard?

  14. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    Defenses can’t cover Evans Godwin Howard and Brate on the majority of plays this speaks to the ineptitude of the neophyte coordinator

  15. down in the dirt doug Says:

    During WW11 THE GERMANS CAME UP WITH THE TIGER TANK.It became a game changer for the German army. It was tougher than any tank during battles.Howard is our tiger tank–send him to war and let him take no prisoners!!!!!He is the man —use him BA.

  16. Buccfan37 Says:

    Don’t remember seeing Evans get open in the game. The look on his face said something wasn’t right. Yeah the blanket job on him and Winston too hurried.

  17. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Everything I said durig the summer that would happen to ME13 during this season is happening now. I said that with DJax’s departure the enemy would exclusively double team ME13 most of the time. Minimizing his contribution. Godwin is doing great but he’s not keeping Evans clean. I also said that ME13 would reach a breaking point, and mentally he’ll either check out, or become that greasy wheel. We’re 5 games in and wait till the press starts badgering him on his lack of production.

  18. ElioT Says:

    Three questions:

    1.) Is Byron not scheming or calling plays to maximize talent?

    2.) Is Winston not capable of cerebral play and identifying the mis-matches pre snap, before the pocket breaks down?

    3.) Is the offensive line capable of providing consistent protection to where Winston has the time to go through his reads?

    It’s probably a combination of the above.

    It’s clear to me, that everyone on this team, players and coaches need to step it up.

    I hope they can, collectively.

  19. Nptbuc Says:

    Start involving two of the leagues best tight ends and you will see the WR getting more looks. Elementary football but we haven’t figured it out yet. Why in the world are we afraid to throw slants to Howard or Brate? They both have good hands and are a load to bring down after the catch. It’s criminal that they have been left out of the mix. Either one on a LB should be a nightmare for any defense. What’s wrong with this picture? Get them some TOUCHES!

  20. Jim Says:

    Well, it’s great we got rid of “malcontent” DJax, ’cause now we have Perriman to stretch the field and…uh…

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The problem is that we needed OJ & Brate along with 12 guards & 14 tackles on the oline and that still didn’t work.

  22. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    “Let my Dad and I be Frank

    This scheme of twins BA/BL DOESNT WORK IN THE MODERN NFL

    There is a shortage of good offensive lineman, QBs will get killed

    The offensive scheme must contain and emphasize short passing attack”

    Son of Kobe Faker

  23. BringBucsBack Says:

    When Fitzmajic played in N.O. last year, there was no kryptonite on the Saints’ defense.

    Hate to say it but, this was were D. Jax helped, even when he was doing nothing but running.

  24. Bojim Says:

    Arians confessed he should have moved Evans around more

    You’d think he would’ve figured this out by half time. C’mon coach!

  25. BucEmUp Says:

    Leftwich said in one of his earlier pressers when asked about whether he schemes his offense based on the opposing defense and his response was ” No, not at all. It’s really shouldn’t matter what coverages are being shown. As long as we execute the plays it should be successful regardless of what they are showing. ”

    Good play callers and coaches put together game plans based on what their opposition tendencies are and their weaknesses are. Arians needs to get in on the offense now or the season is over. This was a must win game that could have had them 3-2. Coaching lost this game. Leftwich and Bowles both need to do a better job

  26. Aubpierce Says:

    Nptbuc is correct. If you continue to get sacked shorten the routes and use your running backs and tight ends. While watching the game I noticed on a couple occasions running backs were wide open in the flat and over the middle. Winston never saw them or decided 10 yards wasn’t enough. Take your 10 yards instead of a sack and your many hits. Winston can’t you play smart? Frankly I am ready to give the back up a shot. From what I have scene from him in preseason he makes his reads and has a quick release.

  27. DooshLaRue Says:

    Jean Lafitte

    Wise words again.
    I have felt that it’s time to move Mike for awhile now.
    He’s a very good receiver but all the negatives you mention are true.
    Let’s make a trade and make this a better team!

  28. DB55 Says:

    Yesterday I’m watching cowgirls v butt packers and Dak throws up a 50/50 prayer to I think Gallup.

    Gallup jumps in the air steals the would-be interception from the defender then proceeds to fight his way into the end zone

    I just wish the Bucs had more of that, what I’ve seen lately is a bunch of pouting when the ball isn’t perfectly thrown and outside of Godwin and RoJo I don’t see anyone fighting for extra yards.

  29. Bird Says:

    It’s funny to see all these posters act like mike Evans is all of a sudden “overrated”

    He can’t throw the ball to himself
    I’m sure he was never open in that game 😂
    Shame shame

    And no surprise from you know who above
    Double standards wastes
    You act like if Godwin got doubled he would still ball out. 😂

  30. Bucsalltheway Says:

    Hard to ask for te to run routes with a damaged line they had to stay home and block duh

  31. DooshLaRue Says:

    Mike Evans is a very good receiver, no doubt.
    I see him as more of a luxury than a necessity at this point and from a $ standpoint it makes sense… especially if we extend the Soiled Messiah.
    We have more talent than we need at that position.
    I’d rather we get immediate help via a trade for DB or OL or if not, then draft capital for next year.
    No disrespect to ME13 but he’s just not a must have right now….. as crazy as that may sound.

  32. adam from ny Says:

    look…here’s the f’in facts…

    we don’t have a number 3 or ever 4th receiver…

    at this point we are playing with a 1 & 2…and a 5 and 6…

    obviously howard and brate then hypothetically become your number 3 and 4 guys…


    wtf…should i be coaching this team or what…

    our tight end tandem is the most underutilized in the league…

    scotty miller is tiny…and so far rendered useless…

    oj and cam are huge and can out leap and out box all db’s…

    wake the f up…these are your 3rd and 4th receivers…

    now go use them …and just win…

    “win rocky win”

  33. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    More talent than we need at the position?……OK….we trade Evans….Godwin goes down to injury……now, what exactly do we have?

  34. JimmyJack Says:

    I personally blamed Mike last night after the game but after hearing more opinions today I’m also going to question our game planning.

    Agreeing with the base of this article that you gotta scheme a guy like Mike open. And that is really not much of a challenge at all since he is one of the best 50/50 receivers in the game. Yet I see us throw a 50/50 ball to Miller down the opposite sideline?

    Between Mike getting little chance to make a impact and 2talented TEs(one getting paid high dollar as a pass catcher) the gameplanning of the Arians offense is not imptessimg me at all. 5 weeks in and the learning curve of a new team and new players is over. Time for results starting this week……You say your scheme is the players??? Then what’s the excuse?

  35. adam from ny Says:

    mike evans guzzled like 3 long island ice teas with joe and his bad back on bourbon street in the wee hours of sat night…

    then snuck back in the hotel…

    his little pitter patter steps he was doing in front of lattimore couldn’t even get him a spot on dancing with the stars…

    sapp can out dance money mike when he’s still laced up with strong island ice teas in his system. on any given sunday…

    the dude was making boogie man moves by himself yesterday…lattimore literally could have put his hands on his hips to pause and watch those sad shake and bake, in the kitchen type moves…

    evans is the man – no doubt…

    but yesterday he played like left over camp meat shoved into number 13’s uniform…


  36. adam from ny Says:

    the thing with evans…and i’ve thought it for a while…is once he loses a step he’s no longer the same receiver…because he was never a speedster to begin with, and he’s a big dude…it’s good he takes care of his health and trains well for upcoming seasons…but in a few years he’s gonna hit that wall and lose a step…and he will be a different receiver…he’s definitely not at that point yet…this season and 2 more he shoud be fine…after that, watch out…and lattimore really has his number…he prolly gets jacked to play mike and shut him down after that semi fight with jameis and evans…he prolly stores that crap in his memory base and has an auto extra gear for mike evans…

    you know evans is gonna want to have a huge game at ray jay vs the saint in 6 weeks…he prolly circled it on his calendar first thing this morning before going to watch film

  37. adam from ny Says:

    barring injuries etc…if things stay status quo…fast forward to 6 weeks from now…i bet evans has a huge game vs the saints at ray jay and lights up lattimore for 2 tds and well over 100 yards…

    #MikeEvanShallGetRevenge #LattimoreShallBecomeLottaless

  38. ModHairKen Says:

    Just a good defense, home field advantage and better execution. The game was close. Tampa was in it. The Saints are a playoff team and there had to be some hangover with the Rams. Our DBs are young, and they have not played together for very long.

    Evans is the same guy he was against the NYG and Rams.

    There’s no reason to panic.

  39. JimmyJack Says:

    Adam you are right. I really thought we had a strong core at WR but we really got nothing behind Mike and Chris.

    At the end of the day we had a lot of potentail at that position that is just not paying off. Watson and Miller are still young enough in their careers that its still too early to write them off.

    Gotta assume BoBo is who he is at this point. A #5-6 WR like you said. Pretty sad that Perriman is still our best #3 because he has been a total non-factor.

  40. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    “The sooner the better for you dreamers that think we can win under BA/BL

    come back down to reality

    The Tampa Bay Bucs fanbase has been had

    Its all talk…BS

    The Great Golfcart Heist”

    Son of Kobe Faker

  41. DooshLaRue Says:

    Injuries are always a concern.

    So what if our QB1 goes down?
    Then what?

  42. ElioT Says:

    Good lord…

    Yeah, let’s get rid of Evans, genius idea.

    A few years ago it was all about “Weapons for Winston”…

    Now they have too many, and it’s a good idea to move one of the most productive WRs in the history of the game?

  43. Ndog Says:

    I love ME13 but the facts are facts Chris Godwin is the better overall WR. Blocks better, better after the catch, better at fighting through contact and better composure. Nothing against ME13 at all but Godwin is just more of a complete player.

  44. Lamarcus Says:

    Doesn’t matter how you scheme it. ME13 and Godwin could have 20 catches each per game and still wouldn’t matter with this secondary. It’s super bad and we ain’t winning anything if we don’t improve there.

  45. Lamarcus Says:

    Trade Mike Evans straight up for Jalen Ramsey because at this wouldn’t mean a thing having him on the roster if Vh3 is worthless. Along with special team Gunner Whitehead make a deal. Do something Bucs man come on

  46. Yuc life Says:

    I feel bad for Mike and he deserves to be on a playoff team and he will never do it as a Buc because this franchise has lost its way and it’s so obvious!! I hope the Bucs will eventually trade him this offseason and allow him to be on a winning team. Oh anyone see John Lynch’s team right now . Holy Moly they are good and what an exciting team about to go 4-0 and that defense reminds me of ours in the early 2000s. We are stuck with Jason, JW, and the Glazers and it’s sad !! Yeah JW has played average, but he will never be a top level QB because he doesn’t have the awareness. Yes FSU fans don’t want to see it, but it’s so obvious….Go Rays and Bolts

  47. unbelievable Says:


    Did he really say that? B/C that’s maddening (and idiotic) if so.

  48. soggy Says:

    what Bojim said.. OH YA

  49. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    “I asked my Dad what that was

    He said it was a QB pass to a Tightend

    Wow amazing stuff”

    Son of Kobe Faker

  50. Ndog Says:

    Great WRs can never get shutout because you can always just rise up and throw them a screen and they can make a guy miss and get some yards. Evans just can’t do that so it takes more to get him them ball. First it takes time for him to get open, second it takes the right coverage, third it takes the oline giving the QB time and lastly it takes a accurate throw. He skill set just doesn’t make it easy to get him the ball. If teams make it a priority to take him away they can do it but that’s OK with if it leads to wins if not that’s when it becomes an issue.

  51. tnew Says:

    Got news for Bucs fans. Two of the losses so far were agains really good teams that have one thing in common. Ability to get to the QB without blitzing. Whenever you can drop 7 and get consistent pressure on the QB you can win.

    Rewatched the game. Can’t wait to see the all 22 but when they iso’d on Evans, he sure didn’t look like he was competing as hard as his paycheck dictates he has to. Even if he isn’t having a huge impact he can’t check out. His routes were soft and not near as sharp as usual. Makes me wonder if there is a carryover with his hand injury from the Rams game. It might be like, “Mike we need you out there but with your hand, you won’t be a primary target.”

    The other thing was the Saints were getting there with 4 guys and dropping 7 consistently. The Bucs held in their TE and/or the RB most times to help with the pass rush. With those numbers, every throw was being contested. Winston was off a little early and the Bucs couldn’t consistently run either but once again, its not like he has a bunch of wide open guys flying around.

    Last point, everything seemed to be going against the Bucs.. but even with all of the negative momentum, if Whitehead somehow manages to make a tough INT late, that he will probably say he should make, this is a totally different game. Even if the Bucs got three there, the momentum would have been different and you never know what could happen.

  52. CPN Says:

    Might as well trade Evans to get another DB to fix this secondary. Licht you hear that?!?

  53. lambchop Says:

    This offense has confirmed one thing: if the pre-game plan is spot on, then we’re good otherwise don’t expect any mid-game adjustments. More of the same from the last coaching staff, except a hell of a lot less on payroll stealing from the pot. There’s gotta be someone in that 100+ staff with an inkling that maybe we need to create mismatches.

    Nope. We are cursed with inept leftover coaches. It’s always a piece of the pie but never the whole.

    If it’s not play calling, it’s game mismanagement, if it’s not game mismanagement, it’s bad drafts and a “fixed secondary”, if it’s not a “fixed secondary”, it’s JW holding onto the ball too long.

    Good grief.

  54. lambchop Says:


    You need to watch the game again, cuz we got pressure on TB, but he actually got rid of the ball unlike our QB.

    Teddy was playing extremely well and they tailored the game plan around him and put less on his plate compared to Drew Brees. That’s smart coaching. But, Teddy was smart and got rid of the damn ball before taking a sack.

    Watch it again.

  55. lambchop Says:

    If it weren’t for the hold on OJ that called that Winston INT back, I don’t know where that game would have ended up. In a close game, you can’t wing it and pray. His habits when we’re trailing in a game are set in cold hard stone.

    And how are those tv announcers paid and can’t see? They kept saying the refs didn’t call the number on who held. I mean, are you watching the game? It was obvious before the flag came out it was a hold on OJ; it was past 5 yards and he got mauled right near the umpire on what looked like was going to be a drag route.

  56. gotbbucs Says:

    I dont really care to hear what Arians has to say on the subject. He’s already stated that he stays out of those game planning meetings on purpose as to not put pressure on Leftwich.
    What offensive minded head coach ignores the game planning portion of the week? Leftwich is still in diapers and Bruce is giving him sharp objects to play with and crossing his fingers and hoping for the best.

  57. Bucsfanman Says:

    Wow, just wow! The two weeks prior we’re ready to put him in Canton. He has a bad game against a guy that we all know he struggles against, and people want to get rid of him! Sure, lets get rid of one of the remaining TWO starting WRs on this football team! That’s effing genius!
    Who do you gurus suppose we replace him with, hmmm?! Bobo Wilson? Scott Miller?
    I know it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, but you have to be out of your freakin’ mind!

  58. ClodHopper Says:

    “Like he did last night, Arians confessed he should have moved Evans around more during his day-after presser.”

    So BA said it takes half a season for his QB to understand his offense. My question is, “How long will it take BA to understand his offense?”

  59. tnew Says:

    Lamb… you show how tainted you are regarding your comments. You should watch it again. I have. If you think Teddy was “pressured” all day you are sadly mistaken. I can honestly judge the Buccaneers without allowing my feelings regarding any player or coach cloud my judgement. It was very hard at the end of the Koetter regime but I actually did.

    You are VERY correct in saying they put together a good game plan but this wasn’t how Payton used Bridgewater in ANY game. Bridgewater nearly doubled his intended yards per attempt stat vs the Bucs. He threw DOWNFIELD. This wasn’t dink and dunk to Kamara. This was an all out attack on the back end of the defense and a manhandling of the line. If you truly believe the Buccanneers were pressuring Bridgewater, we can’t even have a discussion.

  60. Cannon Says:

    Teddy could have eaten a sammich with all of the time he had to throw.

  61. lambchop Says:


    Where did I say “all day”?

    I said we got pressure, but he handled it.

    Kamara was almost a non-factor because we have the #1 rushing defense and probably schemed for him.

    Our secondary sucks, that’s for sure. But, the DL played as good as can be expected. Shaq and company aren’t getting 3+ sacks a game all season long without someone noticing.

  62. lambchop Says:

    Since reading comprehension is not a strong point here, let me just clarify – sh|tty secondary and a smart QB who gets rid of the ball quick and safely neutralizes a pass rush any day.

    Teddy would scramble if people were covered, throw the ball away, or make the read and get rid of it even if it wasn’t a 50 yard bomb.

    Jameis on the other hand holds the ball way too long, is indecisive, and risks way more biskits than Arians can toss. This Jekyll and Hyde performance always comes when we’re playing catch up.