“Not Clean Across The Board”

October 11th, 2019

Bucs run game coordinator/assistant head coach and offensive line overseer Harold Goodwin.

A former Buccaneer who spent loads of time in the trenches (not Ian Beckles) studied film of the Buccaneers’ offensive line against the Saints and came away with a firm assessment.

Burn the tape.

“Footwork, technique. Just not clean across the board,” Anthony Becht said of the O-line.

Becht told WDAE that it appeared to be the O-line’s worst game of the season.

And now the right side of the offensive line has lost two starters, guard Alex Cappa and right tackle Demar Dotson.

There was no sugarcoating from Becht on the impact of those losses for the Sunday morning game against the Panthers. “That’s brutal,” Becht said. He even proposed a radical change to stave off a potential horror show.

“Do you flip Ali Marpet to the right side just for the time being to get a little balance?” Becht asked rhetorically, noting an entire side of an offensive line lost is tough transition, especially for a unit trying to clean up its act after a rough game.

As Joe has written, forget the secondary and OJgate and last week’s neutralizing of Shaq Barrett, how the O-line holds up Sunday will be the key to the game.

21 Responses to ““Not Clean Across The Board””

  1. JGhoti86 Says:

    “Right tackle, Donovan Smith”?

    Somebody has number 76 on their mind today I see

  2. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Have Auclair at the RT hip to stay and help protect. ME,GC,OJ and Cam as your guys running routes. I wouldn’t even have Watson,Miller or BoBo run anything unless injuries. You have to be able to find mis matches with guys. We need to scheme better offensively.

  3. Son of Kobe Faker Says:


    Another incompetent coach from the 4-12 Jets and 3-13 Cardinals

    Do the math

    2018 we win 5 games and we try to improve by bringing in coaching staffs from 4 and 3 win bottom of the league teams?

    2024, 5 more years

    Hopefully you old timers can hold on to see another GM

    Having a eulogy full of curse words like Fvk Gump isn’t the nicest way to check out

    *hopefully we can find out the secret code before he checks out of what the hell Buc Realist is talking about by who the real fans are and what they know if they know”

    Son of Kobe Faker

  4. 813bucboi Says:

    when did d.smith start playing RT?…LOL…

    GO BUCS!!!!

  5. DB55 Says:

    Sadly last week was not the worst game. I think the giants hit Winston close to 20 times.

  6. buc15 Says:

    I like it Dewey

  7. pick6 Says:

    i know this is real life and not Madden, so i say this only jokingly – flip Donovan to the right, make an offer for Trent Williams, and get him a private jet to London tonight.

    oh, and on Monday Patrick Peterson’s suspension is over – wouldn’t he look good with a buccaneer flag on this helmet?

    Arians is about reloading not rebuilding, we can pull a season out of the trash can with a couple veterans standing in for players who will not prove there worth until Arians is back at his lake house in Georgia

  8. Joe Says:

    i know this is real life and not Madden, so i say this only jokingly – flip Donovan to the right

    Donovan Smith told Joe years ago he cannot play right tackle — in real life.

  9. jmarkbuc Says:


    Let us know when he can play LT

  10. jmarkbuc Says:

    Coaches, coaches everywhere and not a position group in sync.

  11. unbelievable Says:

    lol jmark.

    Isn’t that like McCoy saying he couldn’t play in a 3-4?

    Not wanting to, and not being able to are 2 very different things…

  12. PragueBucsFan Says:

    Nice pic. I thought of the baby vulture in the old bugs bunny cartoons…My mommy done told me…bring something for dinner

  13. TDTB Says:

    Smith has always been a right tackle. He and Licht are the only ones that don’t know it.

  14. DB55 Says:

    Jmark wins!

  15. RawDog Says:

    If the line has been playing as bad as it has, how big of a drop off can it actually be when two fresh linemen are put out there on Sunday? My guess is not much.

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Look at it this way…..Jameis has had plenty of experience in games with no or little protection….Sunday will likely be no different……he needs to get the ball out quickly….cannot sit there and wait for receivers to get open downfield….

  17. jmarkbuc Says:


    out quick…right? like would a swing pass to a RB kill anybody?

  18. JimmyJack Says:

    I’m willing to burn the tape. Our OL has defientally had better performances this year so there is good reason to believe they will rebound.

    I’m not even worried about the right side right now. Replacing Dotson could proove to be an upgrade and frankly shouldn’t be too hard. Then we got Earl and he was hand picked by this coaching staff. This guy is absolutely expected to be a solid Guard……Finding a decent backup guard is not nearly as hard as the last staff made it seem to be.

    Either these guys know what they are doing or not. Bottom line!!

    GOOO BUCS!!!!

  19. jmarkbuc Says:


    “he was hand picked by this coaching staff”

    That is proving, more and more, to be scary.

    Either these guys know what they are doing or not. Bottom line

  20. Bobby M. Says:

    I literally called this before the season…..ONE starter goes down, the o-line gets below avg real quick. TWO starters go down, its a dumpster fire. This team simply isnt built to compete. We never have any depth and we always have gaping holes….AND that’s with a QB on a bargain contract for the past 5 yrs.

    NINE draft picks in the secondary….not a single solid #1 CB. Its hard to make the case anyone in our secondary would be an upgrade for any other team in the league.

    Dotson has been on his last leg for half a decade…..Not a single replacement drafted in 6 yrs?

    SEVEN kickers in 6 yrs…..the list goes on and on. This GM is a joke and Arians will likely cash out early because of it.

  21. JimmyJack Says:

    Jmark…..Care to elaborate?

    We seem to have made quite a few good personal moves this off-season. Barrett and Suh being two obvisous ones that have both made drastic impacts…….We also seen they made no moves and relyed on returning players like RoJo and Cappa and those both seemed to work out.

    They seemed do pretty decent on pro scouting from where I can tell. I’m also kinda excited to see what happens at RT because we filtered through quite a few players at Tackle before we got to this Wells guy. They must like something about him or they would of probably dropped his ass too.