Dungy: “This Is Getting Ridiculous”

October 7th, 2019


Hall of Fame coach and Buccaneers Ring of Honor member Father Dungy is not a man prone to hyperbole.

It’s not his style. Not at all.

That’s why it was so profound last year when Dungy addressed Buccaneers players and told them they had the talent to make the playoffs. He told others that, too.

Father Dungy was talking more Bucs yesterday, actually he was doing in-game Tweeting to express his disgust for the Bucs’ failure with officials when they challenged Michael Thomas’ early second-half reception. Tampa Bay used its review challenge to claim it was offensive interference on Thomas in order to nullify a big Saints gain.

They lost Dungy was irked.

“Another obvious offensive pass interference by Michael Thomas in the Bucs-Saints game was not called and then not reversed on review. This is getting ridiculous, Dungy wrote at 2:45 p.m.”

Bucs fan “Ashlie” has the video of the play and Joe has shared it below.

Obviously, Thomas pushes off, but this kind of basic hand fighting is rather standard in the NFL. Joe can moan and cry along with Dungy, but Joe would prefer to take the angle that Vernon Hargreaves needs to be stronger to fight off Thomas, and to be a better hand-fighter.

Regardless, if the NFL has the review rule, they should get it right. They didn’t. Maybe a guy like Dungy calling out the league/zebras will help get things corrected, but Joe knows that’s just wishful thinking.



43 Responses to “Dungy: “This Is Getting Ridiculous””

  1. Tbbucs3 Says:

    The secondary is clearly not “fixed” as BA previously stated.

    And no Todd Bowels is not the problem.

    Jason Licht has been and will continue to be be the source of the Bucs defensive problems that have plagued this team for many many years now.

  2. Grt1 Says:

    Man Vernon is struggling. I’m rooting for him but it’s obvious that not everyone is cut out to be a NFL player . Hope he got his degree at Florida.

  3. DB55 Says:

    The team is too soft. You heard it yourself and that’s after he sent Gerald McIceCream McCoy out the door.

    VH3 basically quits on that play. You see it a lot from Dotson while pass blocking. Minimal effort.

    Then you have guys like Whitehead who is making dudes like Kamara go soft. First he hit Kamara so hard Kamara walked sideways for 4 yards before falling. Then he flips Kamara on his back and he lands hard. Kamara started running out of bounds for the rest of the game. Now that’s football, beat your man into submission lol.

    Let’s put it this way, there’s only 2-3 guys on this roster that I’d rely on in a street fight, Fox hole, etc

  4. Petty Officer Buc Says:

    My only issue is that Mike Evans CONSISTENTLY gets called for OPI for far less egregious push offs.

    Well my bigger issue is that VH3 can’t cover, so there is that too.

  5. DB55 Says:

    Around the 6:05 mark of the 4th you can see Cam Jordan get away with a face mask while sacking the Buc’s QB. The QB proceeds gets up off the ground by pushing Jordan’s face mask into the turf.

  6. Adrnagy Says:

    If I stop watching football is not because bucs are not a winning team is bcuz how the NFL , referees are calling the game. But Bruce said it clear its New York. Meaning the league. So I guess even the refereee doesn’t command the game anymore.

    I’m still psst off on the kickoff rule. Football is football ! If you don’t want to get damages don’t play it. Kick the got damn ball from the 20 and let the game roll. Don’t take elements of the game away.

  7. I Bleed Pewter Says:

    that’s clearly PI

  8. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Enough excuses! The Bucs have 2 of the best wide receivers in the NFL and the Saints found a way to cover them. Sure Godwin had good stats again but a chunk of that was garbage time.

    Our Defense other than in stopping the run, flat out sucks. A few non called PI penalties had zero affect on the outcome today.

  9. Prague Bucs Fan Says:

    The Dolman Law Group ad has blocked me from posting on android for years now. Have to go to my PC to post.

    The Bucs flat out got their *sses handed to them all game. No excuses. Out physicaled on every series and outcoached. Our game plan was terrible. They shut us down on offense what a pathetic display. Why is OJ not being targeted more? Brate? They cant double cover everyone. ME had 3 targets? WTF?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    While the play was still going, VHIII holds his hands out like “WTF” running down the sideline and that probably didn’t help. He should play the play and let the ref make the call. Like trying to argue law with a judge who has already seen what he will see. Do your part and appeal to the ref after the play is over.

  11. Evo2706 Says:

    @Prague bucs fan. Yes the law group sign has been an issue with mobile users. But once you type your reply on your phone. Turn your turn to landscape view and the submit content button shows up again ….

    I know I’m a homer as far as being a Bucs fan. But once I saw Thomas pushing off on his first 4 catches and it wasnt called. Then saw some of the holding the saints lineman got away with.. (they seemed to hold our interior D-Lineman most of the game) I knew it was the Bucs vs the saint & ref’s. And we aren’t strong enough for that yet.

  12. PragueBucsFan Says:

    Thanks Evo it worked

  13. VA Tom Says:

    Ha ha. It’ll get fixed, the next time Mije Evan’s pushes off in a game. Other teams shoving the Bucs around? Let’em play! Infuriating.

  14. D-Rome Says:

    VHIII is not a starting caliber CB in the NFL. He starts because it’s the Bucs. Another Jason Licht failure during this 5+ year reign of terror.

  15. SickofLosing Says:

    Definitely a push off, but vh3 was toast off the los anyway. I’ve never seen an NFL corner completely turned around as many times as vh3 was. MT completely clowned him, repeatedly. Sad showing by vh3 and the rest of the secondary. What do the Bucs do in the draft next year, the secondary is hot garbage but they’ve spent like 9 picks in 3 years there. O-line and d-line need help, but so to does the secondary. Bucs life.

  16. D-Rome Says:

    Prague Bucs Fan, flip your phone in landscape mode. The Submit Comment will appear.

  17. #1bucsfan Says:

    Excuses or not we gotta play better Oline couldn’t block DBs couldn’t cover an on top of that we are getting burned by the officials welcome to its a Bucs life

  18. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    People on here who think the bad ref calling did not impact the outcome of the game is crazy when you are talking about a game of inches. The refs have been controlling the games more then people realize. I would like to build a real-time voting system to keep the refs honest. Why don’t we use a statistical approach on reviews? We vote on everything else…

  19. BucDan Says:

    Refs missed three hands to QB helmet (two in one play; and the face mask);

    Broadcast showed a zoomed in perfect angle of Bucs recovering the ball on the punt and then during review, show a garbage non-angle that you can’t see squat. Original angle never showed again.

    Obvious OPI with an extended arm and flick of the wrist on the push; no call. And no post commentary from Blandino. That told me something.

    Ginn Jr. dunks the damn football on the goalposts in front of a ref and no flag thrown. Is that no longer a PF?

    Then I watch Dallas v. GB and as soon as Dak gets slapped in the helmet “Personal foul….”

    Per usual we get shafted by the refs. Two missed challenges cause loss of two timeouts and no more challenges, when it should have been no TOs lost and an extra challenge. Those are game defining mistakes by the men in stripes.

    O-line got worked after the middle of the third and game planning went out of the window on offense. How do we not slow down the rush with one of several screens?

    Defense was a joke to me. How does Edwards not shade Thomas all game ala Bell over the top of Evans with Lattimore?

    So disappointed to go from one week of great game planning on both sides of the ball, to absolutely falling flat.

  20. Buccaneerscotty Says:

    They definitely would have called Mike Evan’s for PI on way less than that! They hate the bucs and always have!

  21. ancientasbuc Says:

    The NFL is working very hard to discourage coaches from challenging DPI and OPI. This has been a setup from the beginning because it was coaches that forced the issue at league meetings. If they make it miserable, everyone will agree to get rid of it. The whole go to New York thing is a scam, too. The NFL was the only league that relied on the on-field ref to overturn his own calls and then this year they add in New York to create the illusion that another person is in charge. The reality is that they are asking him what to do. Deplorable and stinks and makes every game harder to watch. It is getting close to WWE level of game narratives.

  22. Ed Says:

    The non-reversals of the challenges is evidently not subjective because clearly that fumble was recovered by Bucs and clearly Thomas extended his arm to clear out Hargreaves, who singled out in one on one coverage would have graded out an “F”.

    You have to question why there wasn’t a defensive adjustment on Thomas. He is a good receiver who catches a lot of balls but he isn’t a deep threat and Bowles should have been aware enough to change coverage and make Bridgewater go elsewhere.

    Winston was under duress so where were the quicker passes and screens. He was taking way to long to deliver the ball. The announcers kept saying they needed to run some plays to get him into rhythm but never did. Under pressure Jameis’ inability to be more mobile as the pocket breaks down means play calling has to adapt by doing things to force him to get it out of his hands faster

  23. Bucs4821 Says:

    When I saw the headline I thought the story would be Dungy commenting on football operations… or lack there of…

  24. 813bucboi Says:

    clearly OPI…..

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  25. ChanEpic Says:

    The refs were BRUTAL yesterday. This non-call and that fumble that was recovered by the Bucs, but wasn’t really makes it hard to not think the NFL punishes small market teams with no-calls or weasly calls like the fumble call. It makes me soooo mad. That said, VHIII is not built for that outside #1 CB life.

  26. Pittsshore Says:

    Vernon quit on the play. Let the refs make the call, don’t act like a sissy soccer player

  27. BamaRich Says:

    Patrick Peterson on line 1

  28. Bob in Valrico Says:

    The referee doing the reviews needs forced retirement ,not a five year extension. Fox should get rid of Dean Blandino,he is referee apologist.

    No excuse for our team losing this badly, but it also an indictment on the coaching staff. They need to do something to try and stop the slaughter.
    Bring in extra blockers ,send out less receivers, Vh3 is not an island , so get him some safety help. At this point ,Scotty Miller is no DJAX and was a liabilty.
    Justin Watson is bigger, could be used as an extra blocker and his catch radius complements Jameis better.

  29. James Walker Says:

    You can’t “fix” what is beyond the team or the coaches control.

  30. Frank Pillow Says:

    Thomas’ push-off was less egregious than VHII’s coverage, which was like watching Pluto orbit the sun.

  31. buccaNEAR DOMINATION Says:

    Chris Godwin>Michael “Push Off” Thomas

  32. Frank Pillow Says:

    Yes, I intentionally left off an ‘I’…it’s still playing catch-up

  33. ocala Says:

    I agree with The Bucs looking into getting Patrick Peterson, but the Bucs can not give up a first next year. They have got to get a starting right tackle in the first round next year

  34. Pewter power Says:

    Db55 no wonder your posts are odd, toy game a problem understanding the English language. No one says the team was soft except you. Vh3 is weak though to get pushed like that. BA is complaining but will he do something is what I want to see. Sick of the big mouth do something about the worst pass defense in the nfl because IRA clear h3 csnt cover on the outside unless he’s at a Bucs practice

  35. ChanEpic Says:

    Ahh look, pittstain decided to show his ugly bigoted face. GFY cornball, nobody cares what you have to say about our team.

  36. ChanEpic Says:

    Ahh look, pittstain decided to show his ugly face. GFY cornball, nobody cares what the Na zis have to say about our team. How is this idiot still allowed to post here after his blatant stupidity?

  37. Negative Nancy Says:

    to be honest, doesn’t look to me like he actually pushed off as much as held off someone running into him.

  38. BA FAN Says:

    Homer Refs acted like they were protecting a bet on the game for the Saints. Yes we should have double covered Thomas with Ryan Smith who is fast enough to keep up with him stride for stride and Ryan is an experienced Special Team player who is tough and a good tackler and play Edwards above Thomas at all times. We could have shut him down just like the Saints shut down Evans. So we also could have pulled Evans and used a two TE set with Auclair chipping to protect D. Smith and then running a route and catching short passes and let Jameis get into a rhythm. Also use Howard the same way on the right side. Despite the refs we only lost by one TD and with the above few changes could have been the adjustment at half time that didn’t happen but could have won the game. Anyway we can spring it on them when we play them again. Then we will have JPP sacking their QB the whole game too, and White playing the MLB too.

  39. Brandon Says:

    No, that’s clearly a push off and clearly OPI. You can claim that players need to be stronger so players that hold them can’t do so … but they still call holding penalties. It is what it is… the play should’ve been reversed on replay. No excuses from the NFL, either make the call or don’t have it be allowed for review.

  40. unbelievable Says:

    Clear as day the NFL has colluded with the Saints to give them complete bogus calls and non-calls, week in and week out. Dallas got screwed last week playing against them too.

    And we have the most apathetic owners in the league, so nothing will change. They fight for nothing, and literally don’t care how pathetic of a team we field. At least BA found his balls after the game to call out the officiating.

    #NFLisRigged #NFLGamesAreFixed #GlazersDontCare

  41. Mike30#1bucfan Says:

    The Fix was on yesterday!!!!

  42. Denjoe Says:


  43. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    Fox should get rid of Dean Blandino,he is referee apologist.

    The referees are nothing more than a merry band of Roger Goodell’s freemason brothers. Proven over and over again.